Reagan Needs Cheering Up

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“Oh, hey, sis,” he said, coming to her. “How are you? It’s been too long,” he added, hugging her. “Where’s Britney? I thought you would’ve brought her with you for the holidays.”She stayed silent for a moment and slanted her head down.”Wait, Reagan, did you two break up?””Yes, John,” she muttered, peeking at him. “I don’t know what happened; she just ended it not even an hour before I left. She didn’t want to be with me anymore, I guess she’s been unhappy for a while, but fuck, I don’t know what happened. I know she liked you, and she was finally gonna meet Alice here too. We’ve been together for over two years now; maybe I should’ve proposed to her. You know she did make me feel great, but…” she got out, before leaning back to him.She cried, and he consoled her. I couldn’t add a single word because I only met Reagan a couple of times and never met Britney. They stayed up and hugged each other for a moment as no one uttered a word.After that moment, he brought her to the couch with me as she was in the middle. “You remember Alice.””Yes, hi, Alice,” she said, wiping her face and peeking at me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring woos to the holiday season, but I didn’t see Britney just ending things all of a sudden.””No, it’s okay, Reagan,” I made clear, rubbing her leg. “I wouldn’t know what to do either in your position.””You can hug her, Alice; my sister won’t bite.””Well, that old joke is biting people on the ass, dude,” Reagen giggled, hugging me.Needless to say, we shared our first sister-in-law moment, and it went well. I still couldn’t be sure how she felt, but I rubbed her back and hugged her somewhat tightly too.After a moment, she leaned off me. “Alice, if you think for one second that dating a woman is better than dating a man, I’m sorry to say you’re wrong.””Okay, if I ever divorce your brother, I’ll keep that in mind.””I love you,” she stated, before pecking my cheek.”I love you too, Reagan; I’m sorry things didn’t work out with Britney. I never met her, but she’s got her head up her ass.””Well, thanks, I appreciate that,” she giggled. “I’m sorry I haven’t come out here more; you two have been married for over two years now, I should’ve made more of an effort.””It’s okay, Reagan, I understand. You were at the wedding at least, so I’m okay. You’re a beautiful woman, and I’m sure you’ll attract some other woman soon. I love your curly brown hair, so I know what John’s hair would look like if it was long and curly,” I complimented her, rubbing it.”Thank you; you’re stunning too. John definitely lucked out; it looks like your boobs have just gotten bigger since I last saw you.””Thank you, I guess,” I laughed, breaking eye contact. “I’ve probably gone up a cup size, but no, I’m not pregnant.”She pecked my cheek again, and then they caught up for a little while. I left them alone for a little while, but stayed not too far. I stood at the kitchen counter and watched them chat. After a few minutes, it seemed like she was feeling better.The next day, John and I woke up to hear her crying again. He got dressed and went to console her also. Again, I couldn’t be sure what it was like to be in her shoes, but I still felt for her because she was family.”Okay, I love her, don’t get me wrong, but it’s Saturday, and only a few days until Christmas, so what can I do? What can anyone do? Everyone wants to be with someone during this time of year, but she’s my sister-in-law,” I whined, getting dressed.After ten minutes, John came back in there with me. “Well, Reagan is still feeling upset. Apparently, she was even downplaying the breakup last night. I’m supposed to go hang out with Mitch and Cameron, so would you mind if she went out with you and your friends today?””Well, she’s never met Haley, Alexandra, or Claire; she’d just be the fifth wheel. With her feeling depressed, I can’t see her not seeing that fact. You know what, I know she’s your sister, but I think she just needs to get laid,” I told him, doing my hair.”What the hell, Alice?””Come on, just because she’s your sister doesn’t make her less of a woman,” I whined, glancing at him. “She’s twenty-nine and just broke up with her serious girlfriend. I’m not saying she needs to meet the one right now, but someone to make her feel better. Even if it was just a one night stand, it’d make her feel better right before Christmas comes and goes.”He sighed. “Even if that’s true, that’s all on you, Alice.””How is that? We’re not that close; she even admitted she hasn’t visited us since our wedding. So, maybe you should decide whether you want to spend time with your sister or friends. Which is more important?””How am I supposed to get that done for her, though? It’d be screwed up enough if she wasn’t into ladies, but she does like them. What am I supposed to do, take her to a lesbian bar tonight?””Maybe.””Wouldn’t that be awkward, though?” he pondered, coming to me. “Yes, but again, your sister and I aren’t that close. I truly think it’d come better from you, that’s all.”He covered his face with both hands for a moment and shook too. He knew I was right, but he didn’t want to admit it.After another moment, we heard a knock on the door. “May I come in?” we heard Reagan ask.”Sure, sis,” he answered, opening the door.”Hi,” she greeted us, walking in there. “Well, I was just hoping, Alice, that maybe I could hang out with you today if you don’t mind,” she wondered, coming towards me.”Well, I’m hanging out with some of my friends today, and you’ve never met any of them.””That’s okay, but may I ask you something, not Demetevler Escort as sisters-in-law, but just woman to woman?”I took in a deep breath. “Sure.””Are any of your friends single?””Yes, I guess. Would that peg your interests?””Maybe, if that’s okay, that is. I mean, I know they’re your friends, but I think I need some pussy.””Whoa, sis,” he protested, plugging his ears. “I don’t need to hear that coming from you. Well, it’s decided, you’re gonna hang out with Alice and her friends; I wish you luck in your sexual conquests. Truth be told, I thought you’d need some more time than that, but hey, you’re you, and I’m me, right?””Yes, smart-ass.””Okay, I’ll see you both later,” he added, before kissing me on the lips and her on the forehead.He left a few minutes later, and then she came to me. “I appreciate this, Alice; you’re the best sister-in-law ever. Who did you have in mind?”I turned to her. “Me,” I answered, before placing my hands on her head and kissing her.I got in a five-second kiss before she pushed me off her. “Whoa, what the hell, Alice?””I think you need a sure thing, and once you get it, you’ll remember what went wrong with Britney; go back to her and make her remember why she loved you.””But with you, Alice? You’re my sister-in-law, not some random chick.””I know, but you’re family, and you do anything you can with family. It’s simple as that,” I made clear, taking her hands. “Now maybe we should fuck, and then go meet my friends. I’m sure you’ll feel much better by then. I’ve never cheated on your brother before, but I’ll make an exception for you. Granted, you got here last night, but I can tell you’re completely depressed and in desperate need of a beaver as you said,” I explained, bringing her hands to my tits. “I’m not looking to have the holidays get ruined, and judging from how much you’re vibrating now; you love the idea.””I do, Alice, but this is still wrong. You might be gorgeous as well, but you’re still my sister-in-law, though.”I sighed and took her to the bed. From one second to the next, I just saw the sexually frustrated and sad woman she was. I rubbed her leg ever so slowly for a moment and felt her vibrate a bit.”I can keep a secret, Reagan, if you need cheering up because of Britney, I’ll extend something extra sweet to you if you’d like. Yes, it’s wrong,” I agreed, before leaning to her. “But, oh, so right, I think.”I stayed that close for a few seconds, but she closed the gap. She kissed her slowly and even placed her hands on my neck. We kissed each other ever so slowly, and we both shook quite a bit, and she didn’t seem to have an issue after that.After twenty seconds, she calmly parted her lips from mine. “This is very sweet of you, Alice.””There’s a reason your brother married me, Reagan.””Just don’t let him find out about this; even though this is the best sentiment I’ve ever experienced, he won’t like it.””I can keep a secret,” I muttered, before calmly making us both go down.I got on top of her, and we continued to kiss each other. Our tongues met several times, but we didn’t speak. I didn’t know what to say about all this, except I loved John so much that I’d cheat on him with his sister to make her feel better.She was right, John still wouldn’t like this, but I was okay with it for some reason. I kept my hands on her shoulders, and hers stayed on my neck. It didn’t appear either of us had anything to say; our actions said it all.We never increased our speed on kissing and enjoyed it extra slow. We both kissed each other that way and had a great time doing it. Needless to say, my heart began racing after a couple of minutes, and I felt closer to her too.After five grand minutes, she gently pushed my lips off hers and brought her lips over to my neck and shoulder. Even though my top, she smooched me and surely let her heart grow as well. She even took one of my hands and brought it to her crotch as she kept doing that.”You’re rather wet down there, Reagan.””A little cheering up goes a long way, Alice.”I rubbed her there for twenty seconds and had her jiggling a bit more. I let my eyes go back and forth between her face and pink poke-a-dot skirt. She was right; I could tell she felt better by the second.As she placed her hand on mine, it became even more apparent. As if that wasn’t enough, she even tugged up her skirt and exposed her panties. I saw them and jolted while cheesing. Once she did that, she proved to me that she thought this was wrong, but worth exploring.Even with that idea out there, I decided to pull her up with me. I held her up with one hand and let my other one on her panties. I felt her juice, and the thrills surge throughout my body too. She spread some more love with kisses, and as she did, she blindly undid my shorts.She couldn’t see my underwear, but managed to sneak her hands into them, but she only felt my thighs then. She quickly found out that was gonna make me twitch a bit, so she evicted them so I wouldn’t let go of her.She giggled, but then encased her arms around me while keeping her lips on mine. Our boobs went together rather perfectly as they were nearly identical. We both still had our tops on, but they did feel rather good.After three minutes, she parted her lips again. “You have my underwear drenched. Do you mind if I investigate yours?””By all means, yes,” I answered, letting go of her and laying down on my back.Before she went to my crotch, she came to my lips and kissed me again. She pecked her way down Otele Gelen Escort to it, which included several kisses on my tits. She gently grabbed my shorts and tugged them off me.She viewed my underwear with widened eyes, but didn’t talk. She felt my pussy through them, and I felt her rattle even just through her fingers. So, as a direct result, my panties got even wetter.I saw her slather her lips nonstop as she couldn’t view my face. I seemed to woo her without words and just my body. After getting high on her eye candy, she wanted to extend the favor, so she stood up and helped me up on my butt.I knew what she wanted, so I undid her skirt, and it fell off her. She pulled on the straps on her undergarments and lowered herself to her knees with me. She brought my hands to the bottom of her top, and I wasted no time getting it off her.She did the same for me, and we soaked one another’s bodies for a moment in just our bras and underwear. Regardless if it was wrong or not, there is no denying that we were attracted to each other. She placed her palms on my butt, and I did the same.Our lips came together again so we could feel each other’s figures even better. We both jolted a bit, but we didn’t utter a word. We just kissed each other like lovers for a few more minutes, but that time, I let my lips off hers.She featured a nervous look and looked down at my boobs, but not in a sexual way. I could tell that she wanted me, but she still met an immoral wall, though. Certainly, it wouldn’t matter if we stuck in toes or dove in headfirst into this adventure, either way, we were still over the line.So, I grabbed her hands and brought them to my back. That made her smile, and then she undid my bra. I took it off myself for her, and I wasted no time stealing her hands again to transporting them to my breasts.”Do you like them, Reagan?” I pondered, covering her hands with mine.”I love you, Alice.””I love you too, Reagan,” I replied, before kissing her and bringing my hands back.I took off her bra as well and made her take her hands off my bosoms just long enough for me to get her bra off too. We both felt one another’s hooters for a few minutes and soiled the bed like mad.Even though our panties, we got it good. The sexual attractions soared, so we needed to clutch each other’s melons quite hard. Neither of us seemed to get uncomfortable and just reveled in the feel of foreign titties.We leaned to each other several times and kissed, but didn’t speak for the time being. After five boob playing minutes, she licked my lips swiftly before she calmly leaned to my jugs. I let go of hers and placed my palms on her head.She angled her head up and viewed my eyes as her tongue landed down at the bottom of my left nipple. It felt so good that it hurt, and she certainly loved it. She was already lit, but I witnessed her light up like a bonfire.She cheesed and needed to kiss me again. “You’re sweet as a chocolate bar with ten pounds of sugar.””Are you calling me fat?”She calmly leaned to me again and kissed me before she gently pushed me down. As I was on my back, she arched her back towards my rack again and grabbed onto both of them. She let her tongue out to my right boob that time, but grabbed both of them.She licked my nipple and made me plop my hands on her head yet again. She lied down on top of me then and began slathering my nipple while looking at me. Neither of us talked, but we kept our mouths open.We just licked and rubbed different surfaces. We maintained eye contact as if our lives depended on it, but she certainly made it hard as I felt her slick tongue on my nipple. She let it fling ever so slowly, and as I knew I was getting her stomach wet, the situation got even hotter.There were many things I wanted to say, but I didn’t let a single word come out. I just lied back and let her feel better with me as the sexiest tool ever. I caressed her head nonchalantly and even pulled her hair a tad.She moved her mouth around calmly as well, ensuring she’d get tongue all over my nipple. She seemed more than content with that one then, so I didn’t mess her up and let her soak in all the love she could with one then.I surely wanted her to spread the love all over my body, including what lay beneath my red underwear, but at the same time, I didn’t want to push her. She had me quaking the bed a bit from licking my nipple alone, but just as I wanted, she gave me more.She lifted her head and came up to kiss me again. I was gonna speak, but she placed a finger on my lips. After a few seconds, she brought her lips down to my other tit and licked my nipple without breaking eye contact.She used more pressure that time, making me close my eyes. I also slanted my head back and shuddered even more. She failed to touch me anywhere else, but still kept me rather satisfied at that moment.I knew she wanted more, but she kept herself on a leash for the time being. Even if it was a sure thing, she still wanted to go somewhat slow. We made out quite a bit before we showed skin, and once our bras came off, she wanted to spend some quality time with my melons.She licked my nipples a whole lot, but also kissed them all over as well. So, she left traces of saliva all over my rack, and I loved that. I kept my hands on her head the whole time, even when we kissed each other.She seemed to enjoy that, most likely because it installed a lot of intimacy to the situation. Her hands remained at the bottoms of my moneymakers, and she Balgat Escort squeezed them too from time to time.I couldn’t help but giggle as she tickled me more and more. With every passing lick, she got a little more cum to escape my panties, so she had me loving her more and more. I felt more than titillated by her, which made her invincible to me.I pressured her head a lot, but she showed no signs of discomfort. I felt her lips and tongue on both of my nipples over and over again. All the while, I felt her stomach getting as drenched as a puddle.I couldn’t help but let a few tears out too, and she seemed to notice right away. She angled my head back down to hers and kissed me yet again. We kept our lips together for another moment, but then she rose a bit and let her tits hang over my face.”Go ahead; they won’t bite.””You’re funny,” I praised her, before grabbing both of them and licking her right nipple. “Well, I think we both have perfect sets of boobs, in size, nipple size, and placement.””I think about that every time I see myself naked, and Britney’s smoking hot body too. Well, I guess not anymore.””No,” I objected, pulling her back. “You’ll get her back come hell or high water,” I made clear, prior to licking her nipples some more.”I hope you’re right,” she moaned, pulling me back a tad with her hands on the back of my head. “Because you’re wooing me like nobody’s business. You’re the best sister-in-law ever, I swear. I’m a horrible sister-in-law; I’m so sorry I haven’t visited,” she fretted. “I love you, Alice.””Don’t feel bad,” I consoled her, kissing her again. “I love you too,” I stated, before licking her nipples.”Nothing and no one can replace family, but at least you’re barely family. That came out wrong.””I understand.”She patted my head as well and kept constant eye contact too. Both of my hands remained on her boobs, and she couldn’t resist, but to slather her lips. Just like her, I went to both nipples, but didn’t tease one of them, though.We both rose as much as we could, and after much struggle not to give in to temptation, I grabbed onto the straps of her underwear. I only pulled on them outward, but not downward, though. I indeed wanted to, but I wanted to wait for her.For the time being, I relished the feel and the intimacy that came with it as well. Reagan’s panties weren’t just fabric she kept over her butt and cherry, but like a symbol for what was to come, which was her butt and cherry.They didn’t distract me though, I paid extra good attention to her nipples and kept licking them ever so slowly. I spent roughly thirty seconds on each and then switched. Even though I had my own to feel, hers were so much better and lifesaving too.”Did you want to see what lies beneath my underwear?””We’ll both see each other in due time, Reagan,” I made clear, grabbing her butt.”I hope you don’t make me wait too long because you have me wanting to showboat now.””Wow, you are the female version of John.””We both have our goods and bad.”I even let my hands into her panties as well and felt her bare butt. Unlike me, she didn’t just twitch; I could only guess because she was a lesbian, and I wasn’t.”Well, I do love John, I love him like a brother, so I hope you at least break this out as a surprise with some other woman down the road.”I nodded, but closed my eyes then. I sucked on Reagan’s left nipple as hard as I could, and that certainly got the reaction I wanted. She pressured my head as hard as she could, convulsed a bit too. She still had her underwear on, but that wasn’t about to stop her juice from getting me.I grabbed her butt cheeks as hard as possible, wiggled right along with her. I failed to let my hands move towards her snatch, but I certainly desired to, though. I couldn’t see her, but I confident she was crying.I didn’t confirm it, but I knew it. I sucked so hard on each of Reagan’s nipples and caressed her butt that it was all but guaranteed. Her hands kept moving on my head in the same paces and attacked my head with her breath.”Oh, eve Britney didn’t make me feel this good, Alice, damn, I love you.”I didn’t reply to that, but then she had to yank my head back up to hers. We made out again as we both massaged each other’s backs and scrubbed one another’s tits with each other too. Her tongue made a few more appearances in my mouth, but I didn’t mind.I tried to keep up with her, but she was off her leash when she got off her leash. She got off me, sat on the end of the bed where the wall was, and tugged me to her. I turned my head to her, and we began making out yet again.She decided to let her hand come down onto my stomach only that time. “I want to feel it before I see it,” she whispered, prior to letting her hand into my panties. “Again, John can pick his ladies,” she moaned, rubbing it.I shuddered and lay as flat as I could on her. I felt her submerged twat again, but on my back that time. She moved her hand very slowly, but still got my pussy fascet to go off in a big way. Once again, I couldn’t look at her, but she still delivered kisses to my neck and cheek.She only let her palm go up and down on my slit for the time being, but it was still amazing. I had to bite down on my bottom lip, too, because I knew I’d moan like a wild beast if I didn’t. Although, as I showed signs of doing that, she turned my head to kiss me again.That only made me quake even more, and tears formed on my face again too. Something needed to give indeed, but then her hand gently came out of my panties. I let out a deep breath and looked at her again.I watched her suck off all of my juice. “That’s the sexiest thing you’ve done yet.””And what about this?” she asked, moving her crotch out from underneath me.She grabbed my hand as well and stuck it into her panties as well. So, we both fingered each other while keeping constant eye contact. We also shot each other the lustiest yet loving look possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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