Ready to Be His in Every Way

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Group Sex

No one knows what we do and they’d never believe it. I can hide how I feel as long as I can avoid looking at your hands. And you know it. You know what you can do to me, and you live it.

Today we had to travel with others, and though you were all but ignoring me in public, you knew I was watching you talk with your hands and thinking of the first time you made me cum. Your hands on my body like you owned me, your fingers inside me, touching me like I was built for you. I was lost in that thought at breakfast when my phone vibrated. It was you ‘I know that look.’ I must have been staring. Then ‘Go to your room. Now.’

I excuse myself to make a call. I have no idea what’s coming but I’m already wet and the anticipation is driving me wild. You knock on the door and as soon as you’re in you say ‘give me your key’. I don’t understand why and hesitate so you repeat it. When I hand you my key you say ‘good girl’ and I feel my world turn a little upside down. Jesus you’re so calm. ‘Take off your your panties, hand them to ’em and then get on your knees’..

I place my black lace panties in your hands, hoping you don’t mention that they’re wet and I kneel in front of you hoping that soon you’ll be inside me. You tell me to look at you, and do only as I’m told. You ask if I understand and I nod slowly, not trusting my voice. You unzip your trousers, slide your hand inside and I can tell you’re stroking your cock. I want to watch, want to touch you, but I’m mindful you haven’t instructed me yet. I try to keep my eyes on yours but the bigger your cock grows the harder it is to not watch.

You slide ümraniye escort your cock out and keep stroking yourself, holding it inches from my face. Jesus, I want to see you, your hand, your cock, I can’t help it, I look and then I watch, eager to be a part of it. When I look back into your eyes I notice you’re smiling. You reach out, slide your finger into my mouth, tell me to suck it like I would suck your cock, I wrap my lips around it, suck it into my mouth , run my tongue around the tip of your finger. I close my eyes, Jesus My pussy is throbbing.

You slowly pull your finger away and press your thick cock against my lips, push slowly just an inch into my warm eager mouth. You stay there, barely moving, while I lick and suck your head, trying to pull you deeper, eager to have more of you. I know you want more but you have amazing self control. Realizing you are in total control and I have none makes me ever hotter and I hear myself moan.

You let go of your cock and place your hands on my face. You hold me steady and push slowly and firmly in until your whole fucking cock is in my mouth and hitting the back of my throat. I can barely breathe. I look up, and when our eyes meet you slide out, move one hand to the back of my head and push back in hard enough to rock me backwards a bit. Slowly but firmly you press in to knock the back of my throat and then pull out until just my lips are wrapped around your head. Then faster and harder, fucking my mouth until I feel you grow, taste your salty pre-cum then feel your shoot your load into my eager mouth.

You give me your hand and pendik escort pull me up. I know I’m flush, barely able to stand, ready for you. You place your hands on my waist and turn me around so I’m leaning against you, my back on your chest, your hand moving around to my stomach, my breast, firmly pinching my nipple, your breath on my neck as you say ‘You didn’t do as you were told. Do you want your punishment now or later.’ I’m ashamed to say I want both!! Just the idea makes it impossible for me to speak. I don’t say anything and your hand moves lower to my bare pussy, you slide your finger over my lips, so wet, so ready, and then you slap my cunt. I growl your name, I love it, I want more.

You bend me forward over the back of the chair and step back. You rub my ass, knowing I would come if you touched me. You part my legs, stroke my pussy from behind, and I try to lean back against your hand. I’m breathing hard, dripping wet, and you ask again ‘Now or later, choose or you don’t get either, say it, what do you want?’

‘Now. Now, I want you to punish me, please.’

The first one is firm and lands center on my right cheek, when you take your hand away I can feel that my skin is hot. I think my knees might give way. You put your arm on my back pushing me harder against the chair. The second is a lot harder, I hear the smack and feel the warmth spread through my whole body. The next is lower, your fingertips so close I know they are wet from my dripping pussy. The last one is harder and lower still, I moan, as your finger slowly slides between my cheeks and just barely inside me, lightening bostancı escort explodes inside my head but before I can cum, you move back, take your hand away, say ‘that’s enough for now’.

I’m trying to process what you just said. You can’t mean that. But you’re getting dressed. You add ‘don’t wear any panties, don’t play with yourself, and i’ll see you downstairs in 5 minutes.’ You must be kidding, but you aren’t, I hear the door close.

Without a second thought I get my vibrator and lay down, press it firmly against my clit and then slide it easily all the way inside me. Instantly I’ve got it right over my gspot and vibrating on my clit. One hand holding it in place and the other hand over my head as if you were holding me down. I don’t even hear the door. But I feel your hand as you put it over mine. Thank god you came back!

But you don’t touch me, you take my vibrator out of my hands. You take it away. And you tell me to turn over. When the first slap lands I know you’re serious. This time your finger won’t slide inside me. As you spank me it’s like a chain reaction of explosions in my ass, my pussy, and my brain. Being under your control is hot as hell, yours to do with as you please, however you please, my checks burning and I know you can see your hand print. I should want you to stop, I need you to keep going, and without warning you’re walking to the door.

‘If you want any chance of cumming today do NOT touch yourself, leave your panties off, and be downstairs in 5 minutes.’

When I sit down in the car, my ass stings and I’m ashamed to admit how excited that makes me. You tell me to slide my dress up so my skin is against the leather seat and so you can touch me if you choose to. I’m silently begging you, if you to touch me and give me relief and in the same thought to take this further and see where it can go.

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