Ravaged By Him

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Sophie knew what she was doing was wrong and even immoral but she couldn’t look away. She was so enraptured by the sinful sight of Connor sitting on his chair, naked, furiously jerking himself off as he watched a hardcore porno on the computer. He had no idea that she was there since she had been let out of class early. Surely, Connor had kept his bedroom door ajar to hear if someone had come home. But she had been so silent that he hadn’t even heard her.And she knew she was going straight to hell for admitting this, but she was so happy that she had walked into this delicious scene before her. She couldn’t take her gaze away from him as he fucked himself with his fist; he was facing away from her but he was angled back in his office chair so she could see his hand wrapped around his long, thick, pulsating cock that was completely drenched. He was so encapsulated in visceral pleasure that he was thrusting against his closed fist, jutting his hips upward and moaning. The wet, slippery sound of his hand working up and down his velvety cock saturated the still room until Connor gasped and went completely still.“Fuck me!” he hissed.Sophie felt like she was coming herself as she bit down her lower lip to suppress the whimper that almost escaped her. Connor’s hips jerked upward and a sexy, feral growl emitted from him before jet after jet of his white, thick cum shot out of him like a waterfall, landing on his sculpted abs and toned chest. To her complete shock, he began touching himself again, using his own spilled cum as lubrication. His entire body violently shook before he moaned and came even harder than the first time; his cum gushed out of him like a geyser, even landing on the hardwood floor. The erotic, sinful sound of his cum splashing on the floor forced Sofia’s knees to buckle and her virgin cunt to throb in painful desire. She imagined Connor’s heavy, full balls of fertile cum pumping inside of her womb and that mere image alone forced a tiny moan to escape her. She realized her mistake but it was too late; Connor had heard her and whipped around in his seat to face his silent voyeur. Sofia’s brain screamed at her to run away but her body stayed put, the yearning expression in her eyes clearly evident for him to see. When he finally recognized who had been secretly watching him, his eyes widened in complete shock.“Sophie?”His deep, sexy voice sounded so confused and…betrayed. Panicking, Sophie quickly darted down the hall and locked herself in her bedroom, throwing herself against the bed. Her heart was thundering in her little chest and her hands were shaking in a mixture of arousal and apprehension. Would he tell their parents about what had just transpired? While Connor was clearly in sync with his sensual, erotic side, her stepfather, William, was most definitely not; he viewed any sex outside of marriage as immoral and worthy of God’s punishment. If Connor told William of what just happened, she would most definitely pay the consequences…The knock on the door was inevitable. Sophie’s throat tightened and her eyes welled up with tears as she nervously walked to the door to unlock it and open it. She expected him to be glaring at her with his arms crossed, scowling even. When she saw the neutral expression on his handsome face, though, it completely took her back. He was fully clothed, of course, wearing a black V-neck shirt and ripped denim jeans.“How long were you there watching me?”His potent green eyes bore into her soul and it took everything in her to not lunge herself at him and kiss him. Fuck me, ravage me, own me, make me yours. But she couldn’t have the one person she wanted because he was off limits. He was her brother, regardless if she was adopted.“I-I’m sorry, Connor,” she stammered. “I shouldn’t have been doing that. That was wrong of me. Please don’t tell mom or dad about this. It won’t ever happen again.”A full minute passed in complete silence as they both gazed at each other intently. At six feet, two inches, Connor towered over Sophie, but he had never felt intimidated or threatened by him. Right now, though, she couldn’t deny the palpitating energy simmering between the both of them. Even though Sophie had gained some weight during her senior year, she couldn’t taksim escort deny that she had a scintillating figure with her C-cup breasts, wide hips, and round ass. A tremor ran through her body as he did something that he had never done before; his gaze wandered down her curvy body before settling back to her face.“You liked what you saw?” he asked in a low, raspy whisper. “Is that why you kept watching, knowing you were going to get caught?”Sophie’s cheeks burned and her clit throbbed incessantly at the sexy image of his cum gushing out of him, spraying himself and even the floor in his hot, thick seed. “Yes. I loved it. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”A few tenuous moments passed before he nodded. “I won’t tell mom and dad about this.”Relief swelled within Sophie’s cheeks. Until Connor chuckled and took a step toward her, keeping his gaze on her face. Excitement glimmered in his forest green eyes before he extended his right arm and caressed her left smooth cheek.“The sexiest thing you ever saw, huh?” Lust flickered in his eyes. “You know, I could easily blackmail you.”Sophie shivered in a mixture of excitement and dread. “B-blackmail me?”“Yes.” His long, lean fingers traced her jaw. “In exchange for our secret, I could demand you to do whatever I pleased. I could handcuff your little wrists together and feed you my cock and balls. Run my fingers through your hair and call you my dirty little cock whore. But it wouldn’t be a punishment for you, would it? You would enjoy every second of it.”She gasped and her eyes widened. “How’d you know I like that stuff?”He smirked as he ran his thumb over her plump lower lip. “I’m not like the other boys. I notice things. I’ve seen the type of books you read in your room.” He hummed. “Or I could make you touch yourself in front of me until you came twice. That would be fair.”Sophie gulped. “Okay. Okay. As long as you don’t tell them.”She was ready to walk over to the bed when Connor abruptly brought his hand down to her left wrist, squeezing it lightly. “No. You don’t have to do any of those things, Sophie. I’m not a selfish asshole.” He sighed and took his hand away. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said any of that. You’re my little sister. I should be protecting you, not hurting you.”The sound of the front door opening downstairs startled them both, grounding them back to reality. A sad smile grew on Connor’s lips before he laughed.“If only we weren’t brother and sister. I’d make you mine.”~~Ten years later~~If only we weren’t brother and sister. I’d make you mine. Sophie found it amazing how in ten years, so much could change. Moving out to college. Obtaining both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Getting married. Having kids. Getting further in her career. Yet those words that Connor had uttered to her ten years ago in her bedroom continued to haunt her psyche. Even though she loved her husband, Derek, with all her heart, they lacked that simmering, explosive sexual chemistry that she had experienced with Connor. She tried to get Derek to use her the way she craved; she longed to feel his strong hand wrapped around her vulnerable neck while he rode her face all night, but Derek didn’t have a drop of kink in his system. He was an amazing, devoted father and a fiercely loyal husband. He lavished her in beautiful, expensive jewelry and made sure that she wore the most elegant clothes.But she couldn’t deny the incessant, primal attraction to Connor that continued to haunt both her conscious and subconscious mind. Connor had also fared well in life; he was CEO of a small yet highly successful marketing agency and had married a stunning, bombshell blonde. She was everything that Sophie wasn’t; she was tall, fit, tan and every straight man’s fantasy. But Sophie’s instincts were telling her that she was not the kinky goddess that he needed, either.This myriad of thoughts percolated in her brain as she sat on the couch and sipped her wine, watching her family laugh, reminisce, eat and drink. Christmas was always filled with joy and celebration, but for some reason, this year it felt vacant and hollow. Something was missing. And she knew exactly what was missing…“There’s my little sis.” Connor’s sexy, deep voice immediately turned Sophie on, beşiktaş escort forcing her nipples to harden painfully and her little clit to pulsate at once. “Why is she all by herself over here looking sad?”Sophie avoided his gaze and glanced at Marissa, his wife. The hollow pit inside her chest expanded and expanded until it felt like she was going to burst into tiny, indistinguishable fragments. How she longed to be in Marissa’s place. She would make sure Connor’s every desire was met with genuine passion, enthusiasm, and vigor. But Sophie highly doubted that her stepbrother was into kink anymore, since Marissa was a devout Christian. Sophie hated to admit it, but she couldn’t deny the fact that Marissa had turned Connor into a completely different man; one that was extremely religious and not as close to his parents and herself since they weren’t religious fanatics, either.She finally set her tipsy gaze on Connor’s clean-shaven, handsome face. She took a long, hurried gulp of the cabernet and shook her head. “Just having a quiet moment. You know how impossible that is to have with work and having a family.”“I know all too well.” He glanced at the large dining room table where their combined families cheerily talked, laughed and ate. “Why don’t we sneak away downstairs and have some real drinks?”Sophie’s mind-numbing sadness dissipated immediately and quickly transformed into excitement. “Are you serious? The wife won’t berate you?”Connor laughed. “I’m allowed to drink as much as I want on the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Lucky me, right?”Allowed to? Clearly, through that brief, sexually tense encounter they had both experienced ten years ago, Sophie couldn’t deny that Connor was a dom at heart. The way he confidently had said those sexually explicit words to her proved that he relished being in control in the bedroom. So the fact that Marissa had complete dominion over her stepbrother’s every action completely shocked her. Thankfully, Sophie was quick to mask her disapproval and surprise and grin in genuine excitement.“Does that mean I get to drink the best long island iced tea in the world?”He winked at her. “You bet.”Connor laughed as Sophie literally jumped out of her seat and headed straight down to their parents’ basement, which had always been her favorite part of the house. There was a small bar nestled in the back right corner, along with a fifty-inch flat screen TV hanging on the middle of the wall, along with a large, beautiful, black pool table centered in the middle of the basement. Adrenaline surged through Sophie’s system at the thought of having some alone time with her stepbrother; it had been years since they had been able to spend some one on one time in this manner. And she couldn’t deny it; she still had an undeniable attraction to him, and she couldn’t help but feel that he explicitly avoided her because of their little secret…“I hope you don’t mind that it’s going to be extra strong,” he said behind the bar. “It’s been a rough week for me. I kind of just want to get fucked up and let it all out of my system, you know?”Despite her intuition telling her that it probably had to do with Marissa, she kept quiet about it. “Of course. You know I’d be the last person to judge you, Connor.”He grinned at her. “Thanks, lil sis.”She intently watched him as he seamlessly crafted their mixed drinks. God, he was exquisitely beautiful. Not just on the outside but from within. He was wearing a navy suit with a white collared shirt and no tie; she loved that he was so well dressed and took care of his appearance, even during family events. His raven hair was slicked back and buzzed on the sides and she swore that he got more handsome with each passing year.“All done,” he said as he handed her the cocktail. “Careful, it’s strong.”“Thank you.” She smiled at him. “Wanna sit down on the couch and watch the tube?”He shrugged. “Sure. I get enough of it at home with the wife, but it’s alright.”I can make you happy, she thought to herself as she joined him on the couch. She imagined herself kneeling before him, kissing his hardness through his slacks while she gazed up at him. Her heart raced as they both sat down next to each other and got themselves comfortable. She hadn’t been alone with him in such a long time; it had been years. They had never spoken about that incident, and even though it was a mere caress and exchange of words, it was the most sensual, erotic act that she had ever experienced.She didn’t bring that up, though; instead, she focused on turning the TV on and flipping through the channels until she found The Food Network. The last thing she should be watching since she was on a diet, but she knew that Connor loved food and that he was a huge foodie, so she left it there for him.“Cupcake Wars,” he said before guzzling down half his drink. “Who knew that such a silly idea could be so amazing.”Sophie nodded. “I agree. It’s a great show.”“You sound so sad.”Always the intuitive one, she thought to herself. She avoided his gaze as she struggled to restrain her tears. She had remained strong for so long, but now she couldn’t take it; she was finally succumbing to the sad reality that she was trapped in a marriage that left her feeling hollow and aching for those primal, kinky, voracious desires that haunted her psyche day and night.“Give me more whiskey and I’ll start talking more,” she playfully said.Connor took her seriously because he quickly stood up and walked over to the bar to grab the bottle of Jack Daniel’s. He poured a substantial amount of it into his half-empty glass and poured a good amount of it into hers. After a long chug of her potent drink, she felt herself relax and her inhibitions slowly fade away into the ether.“Thank you,” she said as she started feeling the effects of the alcohol in her system. “I guess it’s pretty simple. I crave things that are missing in my marriage.”“What things?”Sophie didn’t even hesitate or blink as she said, “Sex. Primal fucking. Endless orgasms.”Connor almost spurted out his drink. Normally, Sophie would have never replied in such a manner. But she was getting more drunk by the second and had nothing to lose. Her stepbrother seemed to be in alignment with her attitude, though, because he simply nodded.“He’s vanilla?” he casually asked.“Pure vanilla. Not even a hint of kink in his system.”“Have you talked to him about it? Maybe he has the same fantasies as you.”Sophie couldn’t help but laugh as she quickly finished her drink. “He thinks anal sex is kinky. It’s not! I need a hand around my neck while I’m getting roughly throat fucked. I need to get my hair pulled. It’s not a lifestyle for me. It’s who I am. And I’m never going to get it!”“You should never say never.”“But it’s true,” she said as her voice cracked and tears glimmered in her vision. “I just need to accept it. And get over it.”She set her glass on the coffee table and before she knew it, his right hand was wrapped around her throat, lightly squeezing. She gasped and her entire body shook in absolute arousal; she felt as if she were dreaming as she gazed into his blue eyes simmering with barely restrained lust.“You know, I went out that night and fucked a girl I met at the bar down the street so hard, pretending that it was you. I came three times, thinking of your beautiful face, your beautiful body, your beautiful mind.”Sophie was rendered speechless as he caressed her left cheek with his free hand. She moaned when he lowered his left hand down to her full B-cup breasts. Even though she had lost some weight in the past few years, she still retained her curvy, inviting figure. He gently squeezed her left breast and she shuddered violently, leaning into his touch. He quickly retracted both of his hands and sighed in both profound frustration and sadness.“We can’t, Sophie,” he tautly whispered. “In another life, I’m balls deep inside of you, fucking all of your holes and filling you with all of the hot cum you desire. But in this one, I’m your brother. Even if we weren’t married, we still couldn’t do it.”Sophie didn’t say a word as she leaned back against the couch and quickly undressed. She knew that she didn’t have a bikini body but she also knew that Connor wanted her by the prominent bulge in his pants. The way he was avidly staring at her with raw desire in his beautiful blue eyes compelled her to take everything off until she was completely naked. He moaned and shivered when she spread her legs, exposing the most intimate part of her body. She slowly brought her hand down to her slick, slippery folds and shuddered when her middle finger grazed her wet, hot core.“If you…

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