Raise the Bar Maid

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I was playing a gig with my band in this social club down the road, during which I glimpsed a look at the pretty barmaid, and noticed her strikingly beautiful face. She was working behind the bar in the club which had a strict dress code: wear black. Whilst complying, she could at least dress quite casually and indeed flirtingly: Short black pleated skirt, black stockings or tights, black scooped front top, lace push-up bra and matching silk thong, black slip on shoes.

After serving me some drinks after the gig, I caught her eye, or rather she caught me eyeing up her lovely legs from over the counter during a quiet period. I apologised and explained I was just wondering whether she was wearing tights or stockings. She stood back and teasingly lifted the front of her skirt a little, drawing it up the front of her thighs. Just at the height where I would have found out, she stopped and dropped her skirt. I was disappointed and showed it. “Want to see more?” she asked teasingly. “Oh yes please” I answered eagerly. She lifted the bar and beckoned me through.

She led me around through to one of the empty lounges: the doors were locked and there was only a little light from behind the bar. She stood in a secluded corner near the padded lounging chairs around the edge of the room and turned to face me. “You can look” she teased as she lifted the front of her skirt up again, “but you can’t touch…”, her tone leaving the sentence hanging. I drew close to her then knelt down as she displayed more thigh until, glory be, the lace tops of her stockings were uncovered. She shimmied the skirt a little from side to side but didn’t move it higher. I looked up at her. “Can I touch?” I asked. “Not yet. Not without kissing”. I stood up, towering over her frame, my body close to hers, her breasts rising and falling delightfully in her top, with a lovely creamy cleavage displayed to my gaze. “Can I kiss you?” I asked softly, my face approaching hers. Her eyes scanned up and down my face from my eyes to my lips, her breathing deepened as the tension increased. “Yes” she finally breathed.

I leant down to her and slowly closed the gap, until our moist lips touched gently. She gasped quietly as I kissed her lightly and tenderly, moulding my firm lips over her soft lips. I drew back slightly, just to gaze into her heavily lidded and dark eye-lined eyes, before closing my mouth back down onto hers. She raised her face to meet me and I moved one arm behind her back and the other down to her waist at the side as I held her steady for our kiss. The kiss was gentle and wet and sensual. She started deepening it and I felt her tongue flick out and brush around my mouth. I met it with mine and I held her tighter. Soon we were snogging deeply with our mouths clamped against each other and our tongues battling inside each other’s mouths.

My arms held her curvy body tightly against mine and I could feel her soft round breasts pressed against my chest. I moved both hands down to her narrow waist and held her firmly there while her hands went up and around my neck as we continued snogging. I could feel her short skirt rubbing against me and the lace of her bra pressing into my chest. As we deepened the kiss, my hands slid around her waist to the back and then firmly pressed into her as I smoothed them down over her tight bottom. She moaned into my mouth as my large hands softly but firmly cupped over the firm cheeks of her round, pert bottom through the skirt. I squeezed her firmly to me like that, her breasts mashing into my chest.

She wound her arms tighter up around my neck and held on as my hands held and squeezed her nice arse. Then I got bolder and slid my hands firmly down her legs, under her bottom. The short skirt ended and my hands went down the backs of her thighs until I reached her knees. Then I started sliding them up, under her pleated skirt. Her legs felt soft and smooth through the sheer nylon until I reached the deep lace at the top of her stockings. We continued our sensual snog as my hands explored her thighs under her skirt, sliding over the lace, then exploring upward.

I stroked over the softness of her thighs before my warm hands cupped under her bottom cheeks. I could feel a lot of naked flesh under her skirt:- the thong did not cover much more than her crack, so her tight bottom was now bare to my fondling hands. My palms cupped her smooth cheeks and gripped them firmly. She squealed into my mouth as my large, strong hands firmly squeezed and moulded her young, round bottom in my hands, spreading them and holding her body firmly against me by her bum cheeks.

She suddenly held onto my shoulders and broke the kiss to gaze into my eyes. Then she jumped up and gripped her long legs around my hips, holding on to me. I was only too happy to hold her up by gripping the naked cheeks of her arse, as she ground her hips and breasts against my front, then drew me close and we started kissing again. I could feel the front of her crotch gently grinding against me and my cock was growing larger in my trousers underneath her. As it grew longer, firmer and harder, I started bahis siteleri bumping it up against her crotch under her skirt, nudging her panties. She broke the kiss, held on tight and gasped as she felt my hardness nudge against the soft silk of her panty covered pussy. She was getting hot and bothered with me nudging her there and my hands palming her naked bottom under the short skirt.

I tottered backwards under her assault until the backs of my legs hit the lounge seat and I lost my balance and sat down suddenly with her straddling my lap. The force of the landing forced a gasp from her as my hard cock nudged firmly up against her panty-clad pussy and tried to push into her. She untangled her legs from behind me and knelt up a little as she kissed me more tenderly with her arms still around my neck. Now I didn’t need to hold her up by her bottom, my hands stroked her naked bottom and thighs under her short skirt, occasionally holding her hips firmly under the garter belt and moving her groin over my hardness, grinding her against me.

Suddenly she jumped up off me and knelt down on the floor in front of me and pushed my knees apart. With a wicked smile, her hands went to my fly and quickly released my long, thick rock hard shaft from my shorts and trousers. She gasped at the sheer size of it but then held it in her delicate hands before her tongue darted out and slurped over the bell end. I closed my eyes in bliss as she licked around the end, before placing her soft lips over the end and sucking it into her wet mouth. She ran her tongue around it, holding the bulbous tip between her lips, before pushing her head down and starting to swallow my cock. It felt lovely and silky sliding up into her warm mouth. Her saliva allowed it to slide easily into the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on my tip, keeping it within her mouth as she sucked.

Then she looked up into my eyes before closing them, positioned her head over the end and pushed slowly down. She must have taken a deep breath because she kept sliding her mouth down onto my shaft for ages. I felt the back of her mouth expand, and then I was sliding down her tight throat. She opened her eyes and pushed down as she gobbled up my length, going deeper and deeper into her throat until my entire, large length was buried inside her mouth, her nose pressing against me. I gasped out loud at the feeling. She closed her eyes and held still for a few seconds, before withdrawing it slowly until she popped it out of her mouth and gasped a lungful of air, breathing deeply. Still holding my cock, she stroked the saliva covered shaft until she had regained her breath. Then she located her lips over the end and plunged her mouth down on it again.

It felt wonderful as she deep throated me with long, slow strokes up and down. She plunged her head down, engulfing my large cock with her mouth and sliding it down her tight throat, then pulling up and repeating. Occasionally she went shallow to gasp a deep breath, but never let my tip pop out from between her lips. After a few minutes of this blissful blow job, I looked down at her as she continued to slowly bob her head up and down, holding the base as it emerged. I could see her breasts rising and falling with her breaths and I reached out to hold them. She grunted as my warm hands cupped her large breasts through the top and lace bra. I squeezed them gently as she sucked me, moulding the shapes gently in my palms. I could feel the the shapes of her hardening nipples through the lace of her bra. I began to squeeze them more firmly, squashing them into her chest, then drawing them out towards me to pull on them and tweak her nipples through the material.

She was working magic on my hard cock, making it swell and throb in her mouth. Still keeping her mouth over my cock, she swivelled sideways until she was kneeling to my side on the lounge seats. This gave her a better angle to my cock and enabled her to swallow even more into her throat. It also allowed me to release one of her breasts and run my hand down her back to her skirt. I squeezed her bottom through the skirt, then wasted no time delving under the hem, sliding up the back to pat and fondle her pert bottom which stuck out as she knelt, leaning forward over my lap.

I stroked and squeezed the naked flesh of her bottom firmly in my hand. My fingers found the narrow strip of lace at the back of her thong and slipped underneath. I stroked them down through her groove and she gasped as I ran my fingertips over her bum hole, before exploring lower still. She bobbed up off my cock and gasped as my fingertips dipped into the warm moisture of her pussy crack. She felt warm and wet. I slid my fingers lower, teasing her pussy lips as I went. She closed her eyes and pause a little, still stroking my cock, but concentrating on the feeling of my fingers on her pussy. I slid my hand lower, the fingers delving deeper into her slit, until the tips bumped into the hood protecting her clit.

She gasped aloud as my fingertips circulated over the hood, teasing her clit out and diddling it with her own canlı bahis siteleri wetness. Then I hooked my middle finger and slipped it into her pussy. She moaned as my long digit easily slipped into her tight passage, thrusting deep. I gently moved it around inside her and she got used to the feeling, so she positioned her mouth over my cock and resumed sucking me. As she enveloped my cock, I worked my finger in and out of her tight, wet pussy. I continued to fondle her breasts with my free hand, holding the down-thrust shapes and squeezing up into her, while my finger started pumping in and out of her dripping hole.

We worked up a delicious rhythm between us, her head bobbing up and down with my cock buried in her throat, and my long finger sliding in and out of her pussy. I inserted a second finger and sped up the pumping, driving her into a frenzy. I tweaked her nipples sharply, making her squeak around my cock. She gobbled me up and kept up the steady pumping of my cock in her mouth. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer at this rate and I worked her pussy, trying to get her to come.

I must have been close on both counts when she suddenly pulled her mouth off me and prised herself away from my invasive hands, and stood up. The look of disappointment was clear on my face as she stood there facing me, panting hard with her delightfully full breasts rising and falling high on her chest. Then she reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. I pulled her waist to me before lifting the front of her skirt to reveal her lovely pussy.

I held her skirt up with one hand and held her bottom with the other and leant forward. My lips came down on her pussy and I kissed her gently there, making her gasp quietly. My tongue darted out and I licked up the full length of her wet slit. She whimpered as my tongue slipped between her lips and slurped up to her clit. I flicked and licked the tip of my tongue over her clit, making her shudder, before lashing it firmly from side to side and up and down with my warm, wet tongue. He knees almost buckled under this onslaught.

I brought her nearly to the brink of an orgasm before cruelly withdrawing my tongue and leaning back. I let her skirt drop, but placed my hands on her hips, under the short skirt and guided her forward. My knees nudged hers apart and she was forced to open her legs as I positioned her closer. My cock stood up towards her, all hard and throbbing, coated with her saliva and pre-cum oozing from the tip. She trembled as I held her suspended over the tip by my hands on her hips. The tip of my cock just touched her, such was its length. I flexed it up and down, rubbing gently through her slit, nudging it down her crack and up to her clit, where I bumped it into her a little.

Then I located the bulbous head at the wet entrance to her pussy. I very slowly, very gently lowered her down, so that her pussy lips engaged with the tip of my cock which started spreading her wide. She gasped as she felt my cock push slightly into her, spreading her pussy wide around it, but the lubrication helping it do so. I continued to slowly lower her down onto my, my cock slowly easing into her tight young body. She rested her hands on my shoulders as my hands on her hips, guided her down, her pussy engulfing my hard shaft little by little. She was breathing fast and shallow now, as she felt the large invader stretch her insides and continue to slide deeply up inside her. I stretched her tightly from inside as I slid up deeply into her young, luscious body, causing her to catch her breath and open her mouth and pant in little gasps as she continued to drop onto my impaling shaft, filling her up completely. I pulled her slowly down until the head of my cock bottomed out firmly against her cervix, throbbing hotly against her sensitive walls inside. Her mouth was wide open in incredulity as my hands went under her skirt around to her pert bottom and pulled her tightly into my, making my cock stir deep up inside her body.

I held her tightly there, allowing her body to grow accustomed to the large fleshy invader deep up inside her. She rested there, her arms on my shoulders as she got used to the feeling of being so full up of throbbing hot man flesh. I could feel her body trembling around my pole. Then, reaching up under her skirt, my large, strong hands encircled her narrow waist just above the garterbelt. I lifted her ever so slightly up, her tight pussy gripping my thick shaft, not wanting to let me withdraw, before I gripped her there firmly and forced her downward onto my pole. At the same time, I firmly thrust my hips upwards and into her. She squealed loudly, thrusting her head back and her breasts into my chest as my bulbous bell-end speared through her tight but ultra-sensitive cervix, slipping through and allowing the final inches of my cock to be buried deep up inside this sexy young girl.

She sat there whimpering for a while, her head back and her eyes closed, not quite believing the intensity of the feelings inside her; and she hadn’t even cum yet! Once she had got over the shock, canlı bahis she gasped “Oh-my-God! You’re soooo deep!” at me before whimpering helplessly on my dick. I withdrew my hands from under her skirt, allowing it to flop back around her hips over my legs. I held her tightly around her narrow waist with one arm, and the other went around her shoulders. I ever-so-slowly drew her up, off my cock. The round head slipped with a plop from between the tight lips of her cervix and she gasped “Oh!” as she felt her muscle contract back and her slippery love tunnel expand as I lifted her up: she was helpless to lift herself at this time. I raised her up, rocking my hips down, drawing my cock back down through her sensitive passage, stretching her tight walls with my bulbous head as it went. She calmed down a little as she felt me just held inside her pussy lips.

Then I gripped her lithe body tightly and she screamed as I firmly plunged her down fully onto my cock and thrust up into her again, penetrating the depths of her pussy, through her cervix and into her womb again. Her head tossed back, splaying her loose hair everywhere. Her mouth opened in passionate surprise. Her eyes clamped shut then opened wide in shock. Her hands let my shoulders go and flailed out to her sides. Her pussy gripped my shaft in a wet velvet glove. Her high-heeled feet were lifted off the ground as I urged my body up and into hers. Deep, deep up into her young, tight, slippery pussy.

I held her tightly by her waist and shoulders with my throbbing cock embedded inside her, rotating my hips to stir my flesh inside her. She whimpered gently as she felt her full insides being massaged by my rock hard dick. I started lifting her up and down on my cock, slowly but surely shafting her young body. She squealed each time I dropped her back down, expanding her insides. She was becoming overcome with the sensations. My cock must have been rubbing firmly past her G-spot as my tool slid in and out. Her clit was squashed into my front as I bottomed out each time. She flopped about as I thrust into her, fucking her firmly up and down my slippery pole, coated with her juices, clutched tightly by her velvet tunnel. I was driving her towards a great orgasm, and I could feel the pressure in my balls increasing under the sensational onslaught. I started thrusting faster and more firmly up and into her, pistoning her lithe form up and down on my hardness, fucking her good and deep. She started squealing her passion at me as I pumped her hard and fast and deep, so deep, popping into her cervix with each thrust, which made her squeak louder.

Just as we were both about to explode, I held her down firmly and stopped. She opened her mouth and panted in disappointment, clearly still highly aroused and desperate to cum. I quickly grabbed her bottom and thrusting forward, lifted her in my hands and stood up, with her still impaled by my rock hard pole. She gasped as her weight bore down onto my dick, squeezing her clit firmly as I shuffled on my feet, turning us around. Then, still holding myself deep inside her, I lowered her backwards toward the wide couch, before dropping her and my weight pushed her down with a grunt and a sharp squeal as my weight drove my cock through her cervix yet again. She was on her back on the wide lounge seats with my cock pinning her down. Her arms went above her head in abandon. Then I leant back a bit and gripping her calves firmly and held them up, pushing down and back so that her thighs folded back towards her shoulders and her thighs spread to either side, causing her pink and shiny pussy to both lift up and thrust towards me. She was effectively pinned to the seat with her feet in the air and her pussy exposed. I withdrew a short distance to remain shallow in her sopping pussy and carefully scooted her back to the edge of the seat. I held her thighs firmly down and spread, keeping her body firmly still while my cock head throbbed just inside her.

I adjusted my stance and leant forward to ensure that I could sink my stiff cock into this beautiful girl to its full depth. Opened mouthed in disbelief, she watched her body swallow up my long, thick fleshy monster as her thighs were pinned back on either side of her lovely breasts and I bent my knees to penetrate her fully. Sure enough I encountered her cervix again and she whimpered as my hot cock-head bumped against it, pushing her further into the seat.

Then I gave it to her. “Oh!” she gasped loudly as I started thrust up and down into her, holding her down firmly by her legs, and jabbing into her depths with my full length. She started squealing hard as I pounded her over-sensitive pussy, pushing her into the seat as I screwed into her firmly. She was helpless under me as I fucked her hard. Her head tossed in passion and her hands and hair flailed about around her head. I reamed her young body with all my strength, building up a terrific tempo. She could feel my cock nudging into her cervix and expanding it a little before withdrawing for the next thrust. Her breasts bounced and heaved in her thin blouse, threatening to burst the buttons. I pounded her pussy, rubbing firmly across her G-spot and sliding and bumping her throbbing clit. My large cock pistoned in and out of her slippery tunnel, which clenched my hot tool like a wet velvet glove.

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