Rainha’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Rainha woke up and felt the thick moist air of the Amazonian jungle envelope her bronzed body. It made her feel alive. It was impossible for Rainha to know there was whole world of civilizations beyond the jungles deep inside her native Brazilian Amazon. It was also impossible to know how those jungles would one day prepare her for that world far beyond the remote tribe. She had heard stories about strange lands and people beyond the edges of the thick remote jungle she called home, but they were impossible to imagine. Whatever other worlds were out there, she loved the jungle.

Rainha had always been filled with adventurous curiosity. She knew the jungle as well as anyone in her tribe. As far as she was concerned, it was her jungle. She knew the maze of endless paths and geography surrounding the tribal huts of her remote village her whole life. She loved to hike, run and discover, conquering the natural obstacle courses of branches, vines, boulders, rivers and cliffs. She had a fascination with the lush plant and exotic animal life, learning the intricacies of each. While most females stayed close to their family huts, she lived for the endless encounters and adventures of the thick jungle. She had the heart and imagination of a warrior. The jungle was her home and made her feel alive.

As a young woman, Rainha’s body blossomed like an Amazonian flower, accentuated by her natural muscular strength from her regular jungle excursions. She was a statuesque 5’8″. Her raven hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back. Her face radiated confidence through her large brown eyes, high cheek bones and broad smile. Her dark fit body glistened from the constant humidity. Like others in her tribe, she wore only a small animal skin loin covering. The limited clothing made her more agile in the jungle. The young men in the tribe were mesmerized by her. When she stopped to look at them, she felt things in her body she had never experienced.

Tribal courtship games routinely made young women the prey and possession of young warriors. The unclaimed young women were frequently taken advantage of, especially when they ventured into the concealment of the jungle. Intercourse was never allowed in these courtship practices to prevent tribal shame of pregnancy before possession; anything else was allowed. The victory of the men was not only using the women for their own sexual satisfaction, but to show their dominance by bringing their prey to climax. The prize for the conquest was taking their loin, forcing the squaw to return to the village fully exposed for the community (and other men) to see. It was one reason why most women rarely risked going into the beauty and dangers of the jungle alone.

The women were not without their own innate powers in the courtship games. They knew how the tribal traditions worked. To shape their own destiny, the women learned to play the long-established native games to tease and attract the warriors they wanted. If they were going to be taken, then it was up to them to use their powers to be taken by the warrior they wanted. The seductress’ primal taunts would be used to attract their targets, leading to natural sexual exploration of one another’s bodies behind the lush thick foliage of the jungle. The women were usually defenseless to the physical power of the young warriors who pursued them; the warriors were helpless to their prey’s well-honed tools of psychological seduction. These primitive courting customs intensified experiences of attraction and pleasure. Beyond the pleasure, the woman’s purpose was to convince her targets that she was worth fighting for. When old enough, the young men would publicly battle each other to take or steal possession of the woman they desired. The tribe’s code allowed battles to continue until a young woman was successfully impregnated to secure possession.

Rainha was not like the other women. The usual flirtatious tribal customs were unnecessary. She was beautiful and strong. She didn’t need to lure anyone. She rarely toyed, but every man wanted her. Secretly, every woman wanted to be like her. Her tall, fit curvaceous body and daring courage for life made her irresistible.

Unlike other young women, Rainha regularly ventured deep into the jungles on lone excursions. The endless adventures, beauty and discoveries of her jungle called with magnetic force. Other women would never make themselves vulnerable to the dangers of the jungle or the warriors who would easily pursue them if they did. Rainha was unafraid. Only once did a young warrior catch her off guard, ambushing her unexpectedly as she studied an exotic bud of a large jungle fern. The young warrior stocked and tracked her silently as they are taught for large animal hunts. When he saw her guard was down, he leapt silently like a cat. She fought hard, but the warrior had been too quick to secure the hands and feet of his prey, using thick vine hanging from the tree above. She was helpless to him removing her loin covering coffeedonutfest.com and caressing her body. She knew her amorous attacker well. They used to play childhood games when they were young; but now the games had changed. She was helpless to him using his strong fingers and thick exposed dick to bring her toward climax without penetration. Her body betrayed her mind’s resistance. She felt her dark nipples thicken and tighten, standing a full inch in front of her as if begging her attacker not to stop. She was powerless to the growing climax building within her. Suddenly her body quaked in defeat to the triumph of the warrior. She tried to remain silent, but her voice whimpered, betraying the secret of her pleasure. Her body quivered powerfully; she was soaked in her own sweat; endorphins of pleasure filled her from head to toe. After his conquest, she was powerless to him using her body again and again to pleasure himself. His thick white cum mixed with her sweat to paint the canvas of her dark skin.

He tied her loin to his own, relishing the tribal custom to keep as his prize. He used his machete to cut the vine above them, leaving enough to hold as he would lead her like a mule into the village to publicly boast of his triumph. Her hands remained tied in front of her. Rainha had never been exposed to the village before; it would be a source of the warrior’s great pride before the jealous eyes of the others. The tribal leaders would respect him as the first to conquer the near-goddess Rainha. In the games they had played as children, Rainha almost always won; that no longer mattered. Today he was the victor in the game that counted and she was his prize.

He decided to keep her hands shackled by the vine to add to the drama of his victory over her. He untied her feet, and pulled the vine to help her to stand. He offered an impish smile, anticipating what their return to the village would mean for him, and for her. He took hold of the vine leading to her shackled wrists and began down the familiar path toward the village. He knew the tribal custom gave her no choice but to submissively follow; but he should have known she was not like the other women who followed the tribal customs.

Rainha could not deny the pleasure she enjoyed by her captor. She would not let the pleasure be spoiled by the humiliation of being paraded naked into the village as a prize for all to see. She smiled as she watched the muscular young warrior walk with pride in front of her. She held no animosity toward him; he only did what the tribal customs encouraged. She was frustrated that she allowed herself to be caught off guard by him, even with the pleasure of it. She wouldn’t let that happen again. As she followed behind him, she couldn’t help to admire his body; she felt her arousal continue to stir within her. Her own sexual desires would match that of any warrior in the village. The muscles of his bare back and ass rippled as he walked. His guard was down and she knew he was vulnerable. He was weak after emptying his cum on her again and again. She watched as he led forward blinded by the pride of victory. She would catch him as off guard as he had caught her.

She saw her opportunity as they walked under a thick vine hanging like a loop under a branch just above their heads. Rainha silently leapt to grab it with the calm stealth movement of an Amazonian jaguar. Before the young warrior realized what was happening, she pulled the vine down in front of him and yanked it back, twisting it tightly around his neck as she pulled. He dropped his machete and raised his hands up in a natural defensive response as he felt her land on his back like a cat pouncing from above. She twisted and tightened the noose around his neck while her long legs wrapped around the front of his body and through his legs. He was incapacitated by the force of her landing on him, causing him to fall forward with her full weight on his back. Unable to soften the blow, his head hit hard, dizzying him. It all took less five seconds. Rainha released her legs, planting her knees into the center of his back as he landed. His bulging arms tried to fight, moving back and forth to find a part of her to take hold of. She continued to press her knees into the center of his muscular back as she twisted and pulled the vine until his body fell unconscious beneath her.

When he awoke, he felt dazed and disoriented. His body began to sway gently from his movements. He realized he was hanging upside down like an animal by vines tied around each ankle. His legs were spread. Rainha had cleverly wrapped the vines over branches above to create pullies to easily hoist his body into the air upside down, as warriors often did with large jungle hogs. The warrior’s head was three feet above the ground; his hands were tied behind his back.

As his eyes cleared from unconsciousness, he saw his former prize Rainha standing in front of him, eating some fruit. Her pussy was now covered again by her reclaimed loin skin; his loin skin was tied to hers as if he were now her prize. He realized he now hung naked from the tree. No woman had ever taken the loin of a warrior as a prize. It would have been against the customs of the tribe; it had never been done before. The tribe would chastise her for it, never allowing such a precedent to be set. Yet for them to know, he would have to tell them he had been overtaken by her, awakened naked, hanging upside-down from a tree with his loin covering tied to hers. He would never subject himself to such tribal ridicule and humiliation, especially by the other young warriors. He hoped she would not tell anyone. For now, he was completely vulnerable to her power over him.

She looked lustily at him. The tables were now turned. He had used her again and again for his own pleasure and satisfaction when she lay helpless. Now it was her turn to do the same for herself. She stepped closer to his body and ran her fingernails up and down his chest and muscular abdomen toward his soft spent dick. Her seductive caress caused his dick to begin to move and grow on its own.

While he had been unconscious, Rainha had collected some leaves and fruit from a Chuva Doce tree, named for the “sweet rain” of nectar that drip from them. The moist green leaves worked as a stimulant and aphrodisiac to the touch or if put in a tea; the fruit were filled with sweet concentrated nectar that had many uses, including as an intense aphrodisiac. It was the reason scientists classified it as the Hymenaea. Rainha picked up one of the thick moist leaves and smiled as she held it in front of her captured prey’s eyes. He squirmed, knowing what the touch of the leaf would do to his skin; yet his dick immediately grew hard from the anticipation of it. She slowly began to rub the leaf on his arms, back and ass, causing the nerve endings to immediately tingle. She continued to methodically bathe the front of his body with the moist leaves, coating him with a thin layer of the stimulant. He felt his body begin to come alive added to the experience of blood rushing to his head. She moved slowly, allowing time for the oily nectar to take effect on his skin. His body buzzed, almost vibrating from the effects of the sweet oil covering him. The aphrodisiac coating his body caused his dick to ache for release, yet she hadn’t even touched his cock with it yet.

Rainha picked up a new fresh leaf, glistening with the thick nectar. She wrapped it around the young warrior’s firm dick and slowly began to stroke his long hard shaft. The leaf glided easily up and down his cock, coating it with a new layer with each pass. The warrior bucked from the effects on his already sensitive dick. She watched his face as she brought him to the edge of climax and then stopped. His body squirmed involuntarily, begging for release. The aphrodisiac stimulant kept him at the edge of climax, only allowing a slow gradual subsiding when she paused her torment. With a new leaf, she would bring him up again, denying the pleasure of release. She repeated the torture again and again, each time bringing him to a new level of desperation.

Finally, Rainha laid the leaf down. She watched with devious pleasure as his body squirmed and his long ten-inch manhood throbbed as if doing its own tribal war dance. The bulby head was red and stretched tighter than he had ever experienced. Rainha picked up one of the white fruit pods filled with fresh nectar and held it up before his eyes. The nectar that seeped from the leaves was powerful; but only a fraction of the concentrated nectar in the fruit itself.

Rainha broke open the end of the flowering pod and looked up at her captured warrior. He let out a cry in anticipation of its effect on his body. It had a overpowering sweet aroma that was itself intoxicating. She reached behind his head, swinging him forward just enough to deviously squeezed the fruit in her hand, emptying the thick juices down his throat. He choked at first before he had no choice but to swallow the nectar down the back of his throat. The leaves were the perfect dosage for a subtle high; drinking the nectar straight was known to cause intense sexual highs and hallucinations. His body convulsed as the drug began to seep into his blood stream.

While still semi-conscious, he watched Rainha open another pod, emptying its syrup onto one of her large round firm tits, causing it to glisten. She did the same with the other. Her dark nipples immediately tightened and tingled. She then slowly reached for another large pod and poured it onto her long thin fingers before moving her hand to her pussy. She tenderly worked the nectar in, allowing time for its legendary effects to take her to another world. She had done this often when alone in the jungle. Today she would use it to intensify the pleasure of using her captive warrior’s body to pleasure herself again and again. Rainha moaned with delight as her entire pussy buzzed with pleasure.

Rainha watched as her captive warrior began to move in and out of consciousness. In consciousness he saw her glistening dark Brazilian body standing in front of him; in subconsciousness, he moved into deep sexual hallucinations that took control of his mind and body. As one final act of preparation for her conquest, she took the largest pod she had harvested and held it between his muscular legs, over his enormous virgin dick. She used her fingers to break open one end, allowing it to empty over his desperate cock. It flowed like an Amazonian waterfall over him. She watched his body convulse in reaction just from the touch of the nectar to his skin. It completely coated his balls and flowed down his long cock. She reached her long fingers out to take hold of his tender sore spent balls, mercilessly squeezing tightly to work the nectar in. He winced from the mixture of intense pain and pleasure. She opened another pod, filling her hand with the thick sweet sap before applying it directly up and down his long shaft. Her movements were calculated to bring and keep him to the most desperate edge of climax he would ever experience. She smiled deviously; he let out an involuntary war cry.

Rainha moved in closer to him, inching her pussy toward his face. He was conscious and desperate. She positioned her wet pussy in front of his mouth the way many warriors put their dicks in front of their female prey. “Lamber!” (Lick!) she ordered. “Bebida!” (Drink!)

The warrior looked up confused. Warriors ordered that of women; he had never heard of a woman ordering it from a man. Rainha was not like anyone he would ever pursue.

Rainha slapped his dick. The warrior screamed. She slapped it again.

“Lamber!” she demanded in a calm but stern voice. “Bebida! Me faça cachoeira!” (Make me cum like a waterfall!).

The warrior did the unthinkable and submitted to her demands. His tongue obediently reached out to her still nectar-coated pussy. The taste of it intensified his own arousal from the drug. Rainha moaned as his tongue worked to pleasure her again. She reached down and pushed the back of his head toward her so his lips were pressed against the sweet soft crevices of her pussy. His tongue toyed with her firm clit. “Pleasure me as if your life depends on it,” she said in her native tongue, “because it does.”

The warrior knew Rainha wasn’t bluffing. She could leave him there hanging defenseless in the middle of the thick jungle, or worse. He would do anything she wanted to earn his release. Rainha suddenly pushed her fingers more deeply into his long hair, grabbing it to pull his mouth harder into her wet pussy. Her pussy grinded against his lips as her body bucked. The orgasm began to overtake her. “Mais difíceis!” (Harder)! “Mais rápido! (Faster!)

The warrior could taste Rainha’s cum mixing with the sweet rain nectar. He had never tasted anything more enchanting. It was intoxicating and irresistible. He could not get enough, tapping and lapping up every drop from her pussy.

As he finished her the first time, his cock bounced and danced in front of her thick lips. Rainha leaned forward, first licking his head before sliding her lips down the length of his shaft. The entire length and breadth of his throbbing cock disappeared between her lips. He let out another cry as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her warm throat. He was so close to cumming. Her tongue massaged his length as her lips moved up and down its length. She would stop to torturously suck the head of his cock whenever she reached it. She masterfully continued until she felt his cock thicken on the brink of climax, repeatedly denying him the pleasure of release. His body squirmed and would begin to swing like a pendulum from her cruel torture of denial.

Rainha picked up another Chuva Doce pod and pushed it into her pussy. She used her vaginal muscles to break the hull, allowing its juices to fill her. The drug moved her to a deeper high while lubricating her womanhood. She took another pod, opened it and applied the sap to the outside lips of her pussy. She could feel the pleasure growing like a wave off a shore.

Rainha leapt to take hold of a vine that hung between the warriors spread legs. She pulled herself up, climbing the vine as she had countless times like natural ropes in the jungle. She liked the familiar feel of the thick, firm soft vines in her hands. She had imagined many times what it would be like to have a man whose dick was as thick and long. She had used them many times to pleasure herself on her lone jungle excursions. For now, it was just a rope to climb to position herself for her next pleasuring. She easily pulled herself up the vine, positioning herself above her captive. Some of the sap from her pussy dripped onto his dick below. She slowly lowered herself until her pussy hovered six inches above his swollen sack. She loosened her hands, allowing the full weight of her body to slide down the vine until her pussy landed on his sore tender balls. The warrior let out a scream. She used her pelvis to grind over him. The warrior squirmed from the torture.

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