Rachel Seduces Sarah…

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Rachel Seduces Sarah, Who Seduces Her Brother

* * * * *

Rachel arrived in Paris. She had committed herself to work at a shelter for orphaned immigrant children and she was looking forward to helping those children.

Rachel checked into the opulent Sheraton Hotel near the Eiffel Tower, knowing this would be her last fun expenditure for the next year.

A beautiful, hotel worker carded her hotel room. Her name was Sarah and she was the sexiest thing Rachel had ever set her eyes on. “Is that all madam”, Sarah said in a pussy licking accent, that made Rachel begin to drip, to pour out her wetness.

“I should just tell her,” Rachel thought. “Fuck it. I’m sick of my bashfulness.”

“I want to make love to you,” Rachel said, launching into the greatest sexual risk she had ever taken.

“Yes Madam. I would like to fuck you. You have $100 U.S.?”, a strange question Rachel thought for a hotel like this. “Why yes”, and she searched through her pocket book.

Rachel looked so seductive to Sarah, who had seen and made love to a dozen women since her 16th birthday, and first day at the Sheraton. Today was her 18th birthday, and she would make it a good one. Today she would explore Rachel’s body and uncover the mysteries of her cunt, her ass, and her mouth.

Sarah leaned forward and unabashedly kissed Rachel’s ear. She whispered to her, “I am inside of you, now. Feel my tongue in you.”

Rachel leaned back against the bed. She collapsed onto it and simultaneously passed Sarah the $100. Sarah plucked the $100 out of her hand, and dropped it into her apron.

“I am finished for the day. I have no plans until tonight”, Sarah said. “It is my birthday.”

Rachel was melting, melting, into a puddle hearing this French nymph’s manipulation of English through a filter of the most sexy, childlike accent she had ever heard.

Her words were fucking her pussy. Sarah’s tongue, teeth, pallet – all those things in her mouth that formed a word, were ravaging Rachel. She felt as though sentences were pumping her swollen lips, and grammar and punctuation were sucking on her little but might clit.

Sarah called the front desk and told them that she was done for the day. A short but evident conversation in French followed. I caught a couple of words I had learned from a La Belle song in the seventies – voule vuquu che avec….. .something about sleeping with me!

The front deskman, Richard, knew Sarah well. $50 would be his after a pretty much effortless task. Richard dug into his locker and pulled out a bag that looked custom made. It was hard on the outside and would easily be protected by a gunshot, or the damage caused by being sucked out of an airplane at 30,000 feet.

Richard headed over to the elevator and pressed 27 – floor 27. The elevator started to rise and Richard began to remember the first time he had made love to Sarah. They had started here on the same day, only two years ago.

Their parents has spotted an advertisement in La Press looking for hotel workers and the next day Sarah began her job as assistant hotel hospitality associate, and Richard, her older brother by two years, became the front desk clerk.

It was the perfect setup. Like every other hotel, there were always vacancies and Sarah and Richard would sneak off to one of the presidential suites, and smoke a joint and watch porno.

After a while Richard began to watch Sarah instead of the TV. After a few minutes of every movie, especially the lesbian ones, she would start rubbing her crotch, and pulling up her dress. Her breathing grew heavier and heavier, and so did mine.

Sarah had no inhibitions, ever. She was lying in front of her brother and her finger was deeply impaled inside of her cunt. She had two fingers inside her now, and she was attacking her clit with strokes, pulls and rubs — I was afraid she’d yank it right off.

I sat and watched and my penis pushed against my pants. She had three fingers inside her and she looked at me. Shit. I’m dying. Her eyes made me melt.

Richard, I want you to put your finger in my ass. My head blew off my shoulders. “Her ass”, I thought. Why couldn’t I stick it in her mouth,”

Richard moved over because she was a South Pole magnet and he had become the North Pole. She raised her legs into the air and he smelled her juices and saw her lips, imploding and exploding from her fingering.

He was dying. Do you know what it is mecidiyeköy escort for an 18-year-old guy, watching a 16-year-old beauty masturbating? Do you have any idea what it is like to watch your sister, who you love deeply, and have always been seduced by, frigging herself?

This was greater than my Bar Mitzvah!!

The young man, with deep, dark brown eyes,and jet black long hair, moved forward because he trusted her. He jelled his middle finger with KY and found her hole. Slowly but deliberately, unlike the actions of an 18 year-old, Richard pushed his finger up into her ass.

Sarah was passing out. And coming back to life. She was crying, laughing and yelling and whispering like an absolute madwoman, like a fox or a wolf or a coyote. Her cunt was dripping out of control and a shower of juices rained out from inside of his sister.

I could barely keep my finger lodged in her ass. She stood up while all this was going on, her back to me – and I stayed with her. She began to sway back and forth. Slowly, Sarah leaned against the wall and bent over.

She looked back, as far as she could and said, “Richard put your cock in my ass.”

“There is a God. There is a God,” Richard said aloud. He wished his friends could be here with him.

His cock was at her entrance. She was bucking.

His cock was an inch inside of her, she was wild.

His cock was pushing deeper and deeper and deeper and he was 2 inches inside of her and her nails were destroying the wallpaper.

He felt her wetness and moved deeper. He made love to his sister and he was making love to her like he had never made love to anyone’s sister.

Richard was now four inches, five inches inside of Sarah’s ass and he had three more inches to go. His balls were tight.

Sarah pushed back onto her brother’s cock. She pushed the other three inches inside of her and was now filled up with her brother’s cock. He moved. He stopped. He fucked her and he would stop.

He started to move quickly and Sarah was cooing. He moved quicker and shoved it deeply inside of her thing.

“Richard faster, faster, deeper, harder, harder baby. I love you brother.”

He did. He lived up to it. He was making love to his little sister and watching her breasts sway and watching her silky black hair hang to the side of her head, with a sexiness of a passionate porn star.

Her feet made him harder. Her fingers made him want to cum. Her belly, her ass, her birthmarks and her scar from the fight she had with Boo Boo Barker when she was only five, and didn’t take shit from anyone – even then.

“Oh fuck me. FUCK ME, RICHARD. FUCK ME, “Sarah yelled. Banking from the walls and the ceiling were coming from all over. The guest in adjacent rooms were cheering them on. Her telephone began to ring and she grabbed it.

“Go, Sarah. Go”, shouted Marie at the front desk.

This was an exhibition that everyone was waiting for. They were all part of it and the brother and sister were celebrating life.

Richard could feel it coming. He was about to cum and so was Sarah. He told her, like a little boy, he was going to cum. A little boy who loved the bike his mom brought him. He was safe and protected by his sis, and this was fun, safe sex.

She said, “okay”….”go Richard”…..”Me too”.

Together the poor children from an awful part of town came. Together, in the greatest hotel in Europe, with friends all around them, they began to cum and cum and cum like the openings of the heaven during the greatest rainstorm you can remember.

Her juices flowed out of her pussy, down her legs and they were combined with the ooey gooey cum of her brother, rolling to the floor.

His eyes were lost in the back of his head, and her ass was raw and red. He slapped her cheeks and she moaned and yelled. The girl in the telephone was jacking off and the folks next door had stopped to do the same.

She came more and more and didn’t seem like she would ever stop. Richard was lost in an ethereal realm and time was gone, and space had disintegrated.

But still deep in his mind, he thought, “God, I wish my friends were here.” Boys will be boys.

10 minutes had passed and Sarah and Richard finally stopped cumming. The girl on the phone and had three orgasms, and cum was seeping through the walls from the guest’s fucking and jerking.

The elevator arrived at the right floor. Richard handed Sarah the bag. She kissed taksim escort him and told him that she was so thankful that God had placed the two of them together, in one family, from the same loins. Sarah was wild like that. In the middle of the day, she would say philosophical things, or stuff that most people only hear at their wedding or read in their own obituary.

“Do you believe in God,” was one question she asked me during a boxing match we went to.

“Have you ever thought about fucking Dad”, was another she asked me at synagogue on Yom Kipper.

“You know I once tried to kill myself,” she told me while we were walking down the aisle, at my cousin Franny’s wedding.

I learned to accept it and celebrate it, because know one else I had ever met had been so connected to heaven, on this earth.

Richard headed back down the elevator. A Lions Club member asked him for directions to the local Home Show.

Rachel couldn’t believe this was happening. Sarah had stripped her of her clothes and was rubbing oils all over her body. She watched as Sarah’s long nails, masked in red nail polish rubbed the Japanese lotions, burny, into her nipples.

She stared longingly as Sarah’s hands, together, rubbed lower on her body, and eventually arrived at her feet. Rachel had never, ever had some suck her toes and Sarah was, like they were fugicles.

She sucked the little one and moved to the next one, but sucked them both together. Her soft hands rubbed my other foot and massaged up until my knee and came back down to press skillfully into the arch of my foot.

Her mouth had sucked in all my toes and my feet were full of her saliva. T feeling of unbelievable happiness, and sexiness was running up and down my spine and feet, with no stop in sight.

I moved my hand down to my pussy and started to masturbate. My back arched and Sarah sucked harder. One of my fingers was inside of me, and then two, as I playfully squeezed and pinched my clit.

I had never been this hot and Sarah knew it. She was so aware of my every reaction and every sound, and she licked and sucked my toes and she bathed in the brilliance of the moment herself.

I could see that her other hand was now making love to herself.

The smells in the room had become fantastic. The smells of love were everywhere. My orgasm was here and Sarah deep throated my food. It was deep inside of her, like a cock hitting her tonsils.

I was cumming and I was close to death. My cunt had burst and I began to cry with joy. Her tongue found parts of my toes that were like dozens of little clits…my hands were soaked and Sarah knew when to stop. Oh god. Please think about your best orgasm, right now. That was mine. remember. Remember. think. Close your eyes and think.

I had experienced my greatest orgasm ever and my body was stretching and yawning in the sexiest fashion – making Sarah aware of my love for her.

The hotel employee opened the box. Inside it looked like a rifle case from Dirty Harry, but indeed the attachable pieces were not from M-16 or an AK47, but from the most creative vibrato collections I had ever seen.

It had double Heads, single heads, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inches, 14 inch attachment, an anal probe, electic, vibrating balls…. my god, it was the proverbial Sax 5th Avenue of Sexual toys.

Sarah lay my head back on the pillow and kissed me ever so slightly on my lips. “I love you too,” she whispered in my ears.

“Mon ami. I love you,” someone said.

Once again, she poured lotions and oils on my body, holding the bottle a few inches in the air. They dripped between my breasts, and down to my lips. The feeling was overwhelming and I felt my body begin to shake with excitement.

My eyes were shut; I heard a buzzing and I opened them to find the vibrator operational. Four or five heads were operating at the same time, extending from one single base.

Some how, the vibrator would enter me every which way conceivable. Sarah brought the machine down between my legs.

Methodically she took the double-sided dildo and brought one side to the opening of my vagina. It was the jelly type I loved, with a nice think head and enough length to fuck me with a good seven inches. I knew where the other side was going.

After that, Sarah adjusted the anal probe and lifted my legs up into the air. With one very poetic thrust the dildo and anal probe found their marks. neither of beşiktaş escort them were humming yet but they were lathered with KY, and she began to push.

I grunted like an animal as the anal probe (a.p) pushed into my ass and as Sarah turned up the spped. It was the deepest, grunt I had ever heard from my lips and the feeling inside of my ass was everything I had wanted.

Together the dildo and the anal probe pushed. I watched this incredible contraption as a little spinning wheel popped out from the base, which was exactly adjacent with my clit. It was, what seemed a spinning wheel of feathers, and velvet and as it touched my clit, I felt faint.

The greatest part was that very warm water and oils flowed out of the base. They entered me, with the dildo and a.p and clit wheel.

Sarah swung her legs up over my head so that her pussy was directly over my lips. Slowly she lowered them onto my mouth and I, for the very first time, tasted a cunt.

I swore that this was heaven, and was convinced an angel had come by to swoop me up. Maybe I was in an accident and I’m unconscious.

I was adventurous with Sarah’s lips and was playful when I found her clit. I latched onto it like it was a chocolate Popsicle and then entertained myself by putting, one, two, three fingers inside of her.

She was leaping up and down and this only helped my movement. My mind would go in and out of her, and then back to me.

I continued to suck her, but did so perfunctorily, so I could go back down to my middle. The machine was working a miracle.

Inside of me, flowing into my every whole was the greatest sensations one could imagine. My ass was so full with the a.p. and I swear, it touched the dildo inside of my pussy.

Sarah swung around again, professionally took the other side of the dildo and eased inside of her cunt.

She reached down to control my clit, to message it and urge it to grow, and I did put my finger in her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a cock. Our bodies were one, and our breathing was as in sync as racing horses at the Preakness.

I kissed her recklessly and had to tell her how much this was meaning to me. She shouted back, “I know. I can see.”

We laughed uncontrollably and this increased our sexual excitement. We were laughing out heads off and for some bizarre reason, came closer and closer to cumming.

My ribs were hurting. My cunt was throbbing. Sarah was crying with tears and I could see from her humping that she was about to cum.

Together, Sarah and I, blew up. Our cunts pushed that dildo out at one another, and vibrated our flesh. We were cumming and it was grand. I watched Sarah’s lithe body move, jump and spasm. her eyes were now glazed and her lips were pouting. My God. She is perfect.

She watched back and could see my gratefulness and happiness. I clutched her with my legs and I pulled her closely to me, pinching her heartshaped ass. We were soaked with each other’s wetness and our bodies had reached and perhaps, crept over the edge. And then it stopped.

I eased into the afterglow and so did Sarah. She wanted more, I could see, but I wanted this warm feeling, which I’m told is like heroine, filling your body.

Wisely, Sarah snuggled up to me and turned into a little girl. I held her in my arms and we fell asleep.

The next morning Sarah was gone. I showered and dressed and took the elevator down to the lobby. Today was my first day at the orphanage. Life would be different.

I went to the front desk and very nice guy assisted me. I paid my bill on VISA (for the air miles) and the guy said, “Thank you for staying at the Sheraton. My name is Richard, if you would like to call the hotel, about something you may have forgotten.” He winked and smiled. Richard slid Rachel an envelope. She opened it, and it contained $50.00. She looked back and him, and smiled. “He looks like Sarah,” She thought lovingly.

I climbed into a taxi and we drove away from the hotel. At the orphanage I tipped the driver very well. He turned around, and said in the loveliest male French accent, “madam, a lovely flower like you will bring life into these poor, wretched children’s heart.”

I climbed out of the cab. I love the French. 9/10th of romance was given to the French and chivalry and sexiness is in their ownership.

I was met by a little girl at the door of the orphanage, with long black hair and an exquisite, sly smile. She invited me in and grabbed my hand. The little girl seemed so full of life. She was shining.

As we found my room, I looked down at her to thank her and discovered that she looked very much like Sarah. My job had begun.

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