Rachal-Caron Ch. 03

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Whatever way I looked at it, I was hooked on Nikki. Oh, I liked guys too, but for this period of my life, it was all about Nikki. It was my young seductress best friend who had immersed me in an entirely new way of life. And I can’t say that I looked at any other girl that way. Until we spent the day at Sarah’s, that is.

As girls do, the three of us compared ourselves in our swimsuits. Sarah and I were around the same height, and whilst I thought I looked okay, she looked sensational. Her 34-C breasts were more than ample on her small frame and I surprised myself by how much I stared at them. The first stirrings of sexual arousal, I guess.

And her large, expressive brown eyes were a knock out. Up to that point, I hadn’t known her well. But I was well and truly smitten with the curly, brown haired beauty.

After our last experience, Nikki and I had continued as friends, knowing what we had done but without specifically speaking about it again. I thought about it every day, wanted it every day, but was far too shy to attempt to initiate anything. And so that’s how it remained between us. Until we slept over at Sarah’s house, that is.

If I had been aroused by my two previous experiences with Nikki, they were nothing compared to what happened that night.

The three of us had stayed up late to watch a movie and it was late when we went to bed. Sarah, of course, was sleeping in her own room. Nikki and I were sleeping together. And we were sleeping in a double bed at that. My level of arousal was high from spending time with Sarah. It increased further at the thought of what might happen with Nikki.

The light from the hallway shone through the glass pane above our bedroom door. It created a subtle shade of grey in the room that meant we could clearly see each other. When Nikki suggested we sleep nude, the thrill that ran through me made me feel faint.

She was waiting for me, sexy and naked on top of the covers, when I came out of the bathroom. When I looked down at her perfect body, I desperately wanted to touch myself.

“Okay, Rach. I want to try something,” she softly said, sitting up.

“What?” I asked.

“Are you up for it?” she said, ignoring my question. Her eyes were glinting with excitement.

“Y… yes,” I conceded. “But what?”

Nikki smiled. It was almost devious. A smile of control. “Lie down,” she whispered.

I did, settling back into the comfortable mattress. I was güngören escort already wet at the thought of what was to come. Nikki’s sat in front of me, straddling my thighs so that I could feel her pussy on mine. That felt sensational. She placed her legs over my thighs in a way that pinned my legs apart. I gasped as I opened wider. Leaning forward, she took hold of both my wrists and pinned them by my head.

“Don’t move them,” she commanded. “Do you hear?”

I nodded. The submissive position only served to increase my excitement. She leant forward, her pussy and tits coming into contact with mine as her soft lips planted butterfly-like kisses along the top of my shoulders and on my sensitive neck. I shivered with arousal

“Good, Rach?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Close your eyes,” she ordered. “And keep them closed.”

I did, enjoying the feel of her tongue as it flicked across my skin. Then I felt her hands on my wrists again and before I knew what she was doing, I felt tightness. My eyes jerked open as I realised that she had tied both hands to the bedpost.

I tried to move them, but the belt from her dressing gown was surprisingly strong. My heart pounded as I realized how helpless I was, partly in concern but also from excitement. The familiar warmth filled my stomach and ran down to my pussy.

“How does that feel, Rach” she asked.

The wild look in my eyes must have given her my answer, because she smiled an eerie sort of smile and traced the tips of her fingers along the underside of my tits. I shuddered and felt my nipples grow hard in an instant. Nikki’s teasing continued for some time, until she moved her fingers higher and ran them around the full swell of my tits. I could hardly breathe.

They traced large, invisible circles before arrowing in on my nipples. My body trembled uncontrollably under her delicate touch. The tingling warmth in my loins became a smouldering fire, and I licked my dry lips as her fingertips took control of my diamond-hard peaks.

I closed my eyes as Nikki dipped her head and took first one, and then the second nipple into her mouth. I wanted to stroke her hair, but the restraints holding my hands kept me in check. I opened my eyes again in frustration, and my heart stopped. There was a shadow in the doorway!

I was speechless, my eyes bursting out of their sockets as I strained to see. Just as I recovered sufficiently to think about eskort şişli warning Nikki, the figure slipped into the room. Sarah raised a finger to her lips, to silence me.

Nikki had been giving her full attention to my tits and hadn’t seen the extra beam of light as Sarah entered. The sexy brunette simply slipped into the wicker chair near the door, where she had a clear view of Nikki and I. My eyes pleaded with her to leave, but she simply shook her head and sat back quietly. Had I not seen her enter, I would have had no idea she was there.

If I was to speak, to warn Nikki, now was the time. But for some reason that still surprises me even now, I stayed silent. Quite simply, Sarah’s presence took my sexual arousal onto a new dimension. Nikki felt it, I’m not sure how. Perhaps the way I arched my body? Pushed my tits against her working mouth? Wrapped my legs around her back? Sent out little chipmunk noises?

“That’s it, baby,” Nikki groaned as my whole being responded to her lips and tongue.

But it wasn’t just her lips and tongue I was responding to. It was the sensual sight of Sarah, pushing herself back into that wicker chair, her eyes on me. One hand had sneaked underneath her nightgown to her pussy, the other was on the outside of the material, gently caressing her breast. Oh, Fuck!

I was helpless for the pleasure of two women.

Nikki eased herself upwards and as she did, she stared me in the eye whilst her hands forced my thighs apart. I willingly unhooked my legs from her back, wanting the pleasure that awaited. Wanting Sarah to watch my pleasure. My body was burning.

Nikki’s hands retreated from my bare breasts and traced patterns along my inner thighs. Softly at first, then pressing a little harder with each pass. I moaned, not daring to look at Sarah when my young lover was staring at me so intently. Her fingers ran from my knees to the edge of my pussy and back again.

“Want it, Rach?” she murmured.

I nodded.

When her fingertips touched my pussy, my body jerked upwards.

“God, Rach, you are hot for it tonight!” she smiled.

If only she knew. When she lowered her gaze to watch my pussy squirm, I looked past her at Sarah. The beautiful brunette’s eyes were narrow slits. Her legs were wide apart now, both feet firmly planted on the floor. The fingers beneath her nightdress were moving in small circles. Oh, Fuck!

My excitement was such that my thick, esenler escort flowing, essence immediately coated the tips of Nikki’s fingers as they pressed inside me. I realised I was moaning constantly. Aroused by the fingers. Aroused by Nikki. And aroused by Sarah.

I was unable to help myself from writhing under her delicate touch. I was entranced by the eroticism of the situation. I moaned louder as one hand fingered me and the other reached up and cupped my naked breast. Nikki kneaded on the firm swell and tweaked my pulsating nipple. And as my moans increased, so did the speed of Sarah’s hand.

When Nikki began to lower her head, I lifted my ass from the bed. I was anxious to meet her. Sarah’s brown eyes were wide open now and even in the dim, grey shadow I could sense her acute arousal. My eyes narrowed as Nikki’s mouth reached its goal. Her lips closed in on my clit, and she looked up to hold my gaze as her mouth tenderly devoured the sensitized nub. I almost came unglued.

My legs went around the top of her back, urging her closer. She responded to my heaving arousal, her lips and tongue now teasing my pulsating clit. I lifted my hips to rub my aching sex harder against her fantastic mouth. My arousal was such that my juices were coating her working lips and she eagerly swallowed the mixture of my creamy wetness and her own saliva.

My body and mind could not comprehend the tongue fucking I was being given whilst the sensual Sarah was masturbating on the chair, watching us. I looked across at the brunette and could see that she had raised her nightdress. Her hand was available to my gaze; finger-fucking herself to oblivion. Getting herself off on my pleasuring.

The sight was so sexy, I couldn’t hold back. I came. Came for Sarah!

But that description does not do it justice. I didn’t just cum, I erupted. My body wildly jerked in uncontrollable spasms. My surging essence smeared itself all over and into Nikki’s mouth and face. Somehow I looked at Sarah in the midst of my orgasm and saw that her body was bent over, shuddering. She had reached her goal too. By watching me! Oh, Fuck!

That sight sent a second orgasm rocking through me and Nikki quickly slithered up my body, planting her hand across my mouth.

“For goodness sake, Rach,” she gasped. “You’ll wake the whole house!”

She planted her mouth over mine to quieten me down and we kissed for a while. When she licked my neck, I glanced over her shoulder and saw an empty chair. My phantom lover had left. I could taste myself on Nikki’s face and lips. I imagined the taste was Sarah’s juices. I knew then that I needed to taste them, taste the brunette, taste Sarah. I wouldn’t rest until I had.

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