Quiet Nights In

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It started with the exchange of pictures. You a breast or breasts or a full shot in underwear. He, usually his erect penis, once with cum dripping out of it.

That one provided you with a good night’s masturbation material. Imagining yourself there as he pumped his cock into your eager and willing mouth, cumming down the back of your throat and over your face. You leave the cum dripping down your face onto your breasts as you lean across and lick the last remaining drops scooping them out of the top his urethra with your tongue.

On another occasion he’d asked for you to send him a photo at 3pm in the afternoon of you thinking about him. Again, this request had provided fertile masturbation material as you planned the photo. His favourite set of panties pulled to the side a wet finger tracing your intimate lips, perhaps pulling them apart partly revealing the pink glistening enticing flesh underneath.

The picture turned out better than you could have hoped for as by the time you came to take the photo you had been thinking about it pretty much non-stop all day, so the panties had a very obvious wet patch which could easily be seen on the picture.

He showed his appreciation for the photo by immediately texting back with an obvious swelling in his trousers and that you had made his boring meeting much more tolerable!

That night when he came in he didn’t even let you turn round from where you were chopping the vegetables for that’s night dinner, but just lifted your skirt, pulled aside those same sodden panties and entered you, bending you over the kitchen counter. The movements were fast and furious. Urgent. He grunts and thrusts as he cums. Whispers how hot you are and how much he loves you.

After dinner you snuggle on the sofa watching a film. Him sat up, you with your legs across his lap, lying back on the arm of the sofa. He pulls off your panties and then with his right hand starts rubbing your pussy with his thumb, occasionally pressing at the opening but never quite entering, just teasing.

In the other he holds your panties, sniffs and then sucks at the wet material a mixture of yours and his cum. The sight of this makes you noticeably wetter. He pushes his thumb inside you. You can’t help but gasp a little. He then leans across and presents the dirty panties to you.

You tentatively lick the wet patch. He smiles, you lick a bit more fervently. In one move he pushes the your dirty panties into your mouth and repositions himself so his head is between your legs. He moves his thumb to your arsehole as he tongues the inside of your sopping hole. You lie back to enjoy this, all the while sucking the cum out of your panties.

It’s not long until you’re on the edge. He senses this and quickly thrusts his cock into your inviting flooded hole. You both cum in a couple of minutes. You spend the rest of the evening with him idly teasing you, wiping up his own cum with his fingers and occasionally presenting them for you to lick and suck.

A few days later after he has already left for work, you get up and notice a package has been left for you. In it are a new pair of panties, a blindfold a pair of cuffs and a small vibrator.

A note with the package requests you to put these items on at 4:30pm and be ready kneeling by the end of the bed, with your legs open. The vibrator is to be put on the lowest setting.

The rest of the day goes very slowly. Everything feels like it’s just a precursor for this afternoon’s entertainment. At 3pm you get in the shower, ensuring everywhere that should be hair free is. For some reason this meant rubbing your pussy quite a lot. It’s a long shower.

Although you masturbated you didn’t come. The lust for later is intense. By 4:25pm the make up is on, the items from the package laid out on the bed. First the panties go on. Black wet-look, silky feeling with just a couple of straps criss-crossing the bum. The vibrator fits in a pocket in the panties right on the clit. Even at a low setting the vibrator feels quite powerful. Before you have the blindfold in place the vibrator is eliciting a warm moist reaction from you.

Finally, the cuffs are locked in place behind your back. No going back now. All you can hear is the low hum of the vibrator. With the blindfold on, there is nothing to distract you from the constant vibration and the orgasm beginning to well up deep from within.

A few minutes later the orgasm blossoms and bursts. You cum hard but there is no relief, the vibrator keeps on doing its thing. There’s no way for you to avoid it. The excruciating pleasure continues. It’s not long until another orgasm rips through you.

When you feel you are almost at your third, you hear the key in the front door. That sends you over the edge.

As you are recovering, you hear his footsteps. He seems to be taking his time. You can sense him in the room, the vibrator is still on. The hum now seems deafening to you. Your body is shaking.

You suddenly feel his hand on your breast. He presses it into you, then pulls at it görükle escort as if trying pulling it off your body. He repeats this with both breasts. After a couple of moments, you feel the other hand brush across your panties just the other side of the material to where your aching pussy is. It’s too much the fourth orgasm is upon you. You shudder with the force of the orgasm.

Before you can recover you hear a zip and a rustle of cloth then something pressing against your lips. You open your mouth/

“Just kiss it” he says.

You begin kissing all over the head and down the shaft.

“Lick it” he says.

You begin tonguing the shaft, tip and balls.

“Suck it” he says.

You put the end of his cock in your mouth and gently suck.

“Harder” he says.

You suck harder. You feel the cock grow and grow in your mouth.

“Take it all in” he says.

You begin to try to take the whole length. You can feel his pubes against your nose. You feel him gently yet firmly push the back of your head towards him. The cock makes you gag. He lets go a little, you withdraw down the shaft slightly.

“I didn’t say stop” he says.

You begin sliding the cock back down your throat. Again, his hand reaches for the back of your head. This time he pushes you until you are choking slightly then releases, then pulls again until you are gagging. He spends several minutes playing with the space between you gagging and not gagging. This and the vibrator are helping the fifth orgasm build.

Soon he has abandoned all delicate gagging and is now simply holding your head still with both hands, kind of gripping your hair and ears, and is pumping his cock in and out of your mouth in slow long rhythmic motions. The tip almost coming free from your mouth on the out stroke and feeling like it is in your stomach on the in stroke. It is all you can do to stop yourself from actually puking.

Although his tempo gradually increases the length of motion does not waver. As his speed increases, so your orgasm builds. At the moment of your orgasm his cock is rammed as far down your throat as he possibly can. Your teeth are up against his abdomen, his balls pressed under your chin, his salty liquid pouring into your stomach.

You both sleep soundly that night.

You are little disappointed when there is no message or package waiting for you the next morning. When you pick up your soaking wet panties from the previous night, the memories start flooding back to you and you can feel yourself getting wet again.

Feeling naughty, you slip the blindfold back on, put the dirty panties in your mouth and get on your knees in the same place as last night. You then finger yourself to an almighty orgasm.

You then send him a picture of you with the panties in your mouth and wet fingers at your pussy. He sends you back a short video of him pounding away at his cock with his fist, exploding over the toilet cubicle from which he was masturbating. The sex that night is passionate and satisfying.

A week or so later, there is another package and set of instructions when you wake up. This time it is the same blindfold and handcuffs but a different set of panties (blue ones this time) and an anal vibrator.

You are wet before you even start to read the instructions. You read them with one hand absent mindedly stroking your clit and lips. This time you are to kneel with your head to the ground arse in the air.

Much like before the whole day feels like you are building towards 4:30pm. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Your mind keeps returning to what happened last time and what might happen today.

At 4:30pm, your head is touching the bedroom carpet, your arse is high in the air. Your panties are already becoming visibly wet from the work of the vibrator and the sense of anticipation. This time the vibrator doesn’t make you cum. Instead it is just constantly teasing, the orgasm always just out of reach.

You hear him come in. The anticipation rushes through you. One step nearer to orgasm. You feel hands pull at your panties being pulled down slightly. Just so your pussy and arse are showing. This makes you feel even more exposed and vulnerable. The orgasm edges nearer. He slaps your arse. Each cheek, one, two. Pause. Repeat. The noise is loud. Your arse stings.

You feel his tongue on your pussy, his nose pushing the vibrator further into your arse. After a moment he withdraws and quickly deals another two blows, quickly followed by two mores. It really stings and you think about telling him to stop but you don’t. You know how wet you are.

Suddenly you feel a quick slap on your pussy. It almost takes your breath away. Two more follow in quick succession and then the tongue is back, licking and caressing the recently slapped, delicate flesh.

Almost without warning his cock is pushing against your pussy. Entering you hard and fast. He holds you hips tightly and pounds into your pussy. Instinctively you raise your head. He immediately bursa escort bayan and forcibly puts your head back to the floor then carries on pounding. You orgasm against him hard and fast.

He stops for a moment, his cock deep inside you, one hand holding your head on the floor, the other gripping a hip. After a moment he pulls out. Pulls out the vibrator and replaces it with his massive cock. You gasp aloud when he enters you and with every subsequent thrust. He takes his time enjoying your little tight hole gripping his cock, which feels so much bigger when squeezed into this hole.

You slowly relax as his rhythm increases. He is holding you by your handcuffed hands, forcing you down to the floor. You so wish you had a hand free to help yourself to another orgasm. But this is his time now.

He works his way up until he is pounding you harder than he was when he was in your pussy. Your arse is on fire but you welcome the burn. Your tits are squashed into the ground, rubbing back and forth which each stroke. Eventually he comes, thrusting deep inside, pulling the handcuffed hands back and lifting your head off the floor.

He soon withdraws and places you back kneeling with your head down. Panties still down around your knees but now there is cum dripping out of your arsehole over your pussy and trickling down your legs. You hear the sound of a polaroid camera. The thought of the photo of you in this compromised position gets your juices flowing freely again.

He pulls your head up by the hair. You feel his cock being shoved in your mouth. You accept it eagerly. Sucking and licking. The thought of where his cock had just been makes you incredibly wet. Soon he is rock hard again.

This time he lies down and makes you ride him. Arms still cuffed behind your back. Tits exposed and thrust forward to receive intermittent slaps of encouragement, which make you ride him harder.

He can see you are about to cum and he tells you to wait until he is ready. You slow your pace and build it back up before having to stop yourself again. Luckily by third time he is ready to cum too. You come together. He squeezes you and kisses you passionately and urgently.

Another week or so goes by before another package is left. Again, just the sight of the box is enough to get you started. This time, along with the blindfold is a dog choke chain and a leash.

The instructions are to be kneeling, legs apart, facing the front door at 5pm. The chain should be around your neck and the leash should be held in the open palm of your left hand.

Once again the day builds slowly up to the appointed time. The urge to masturbate has been strong but you have resisted. By 5pm as you get on your knees, blindfolded with the chain around your neck and the leash in your left hand your pussy feels swollen and wet.

You don’t have to wait long until you hear the key in the door. The moment of anticipation before you can confirm it is indeed him is so frighteningly exciting, that it alone could almost make you cum.

As he takes the leash, he whispers how beautiful you look.

The gentle tug at your neck indicates for you to stand. He turns you around to face the wall. He is standing behind you. You can feel his still clothed, hard cock rubbing into your back. He brings his hands up to your breasts. Squeezing them. Pinching the nipples, making you gasp.

One hand continues this, the other slips further down your body and strokes your freshly waxed pussy, tracing the smooth skin. With that hand he then reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. You feel the cold chain against your body momentarily before you feel the clamp close over your erect nipple.

The first rush of pain is strong but it quickly gives way and translates to an increased wetness. The second clamp is attached with a similar reaction to the first. You can feel the chain dangling between your breasts and down your body.

A third clamp is then attached to your swollen clit. This clamp almost takes your breath away but still your pussy steadily continues to flow. He pulls you close again. This time you can feel his hard cock, still clothed in your hands. The feel of that hard cock increases your desire. You love his reaction to your predicament.

You instinctively begin to squeeze and rub. He allows this momentarily. You feel a tug on the leash, your leash, the chain tightening a little around your neck. You follow the pull across the room and then up the stairs. With each step you can feel the chain connecting the clamps bounce off your body and with that bounce the gentle yet excruciating tug on your nipples and clit.

Once in, what you assume to be the bedroom he gently pushes you to the floor. The pull on the leash indicates for you to lean forward on all fours. The chain hanging down from your body. The weight of the chain adding to the torment in your nipples and clit.

He is behind you now. He spanks your arse three times on each cheek before slipping two fingers into your pussy and bursa escort begins finger fucking you. He tightens the grip on the leash, shortening it, tightening it. You can feel the choker pull across your throat, exerting pressure, not enough to restrict breathing but enough to know that if it tightens further it will start to impact.

You are lost in a haze of pain and pleasure. He stops fingering momentarily. Gives your arse another three strikes on each cheek, making your body jump with each blow, increasing the swaying of the chain and the tugging on your nipples and clit.

He then inserts his fat thumb inside your pussy, stroking lips with the rest of his hand, squeezing and pulling your pussy. After just a minute, he withdraws his thumb only for it to re-enter your body, this time in your arsehole with two fingers slipping easily into your swollen, wet pussy. All three digits move in synchronisation, in and out, over and over.

You hear the sound of a vibrator being turned on. You then feel it, not against your body but against the chain, sending vibrations through to your nipples and clit. You feel your orgasm start to build but before you can climax, the hand withdraws, and the vibrator is removed.

You are left slightly breathless on all fours, the chain hanging from your nipples and clit swaying slightly, your pussy and arsehole feeling nicely abused. Your juices are flowing freely.

Something is pressed against your lips. It’s his fingers. You greedily suck at them, drinking in your own sweet nectar. The thumb is then presented, which you suck at too, the slightly bitter taste increasing your flow.

You then hear him undressing. His aching cock is presented to you. You open your mouth wide. It’s just enough to fit his head past your teeth. He makes no effort to move, so you start rocking back and forth so your mouth goes up and down his shaft, making the chain sway and increasing the pain and your pleasure.

After a few minutes he withdraws his cock, walks around you, kneels down and enters your pussy. He fucks you hard, the chain swaying back and forth with his movement. He then shortens the leash tighter than before. You can feel the chain starting to constrict your breathing slightly, it feels like blood is rushing to your head.

Soon he starts cumming. The volume is huge. Even before he has stopped spurting, the cum is being forced out of your pussy and down your legs.

Once he is done, he removes the clamp from your clit. The blood rushes back in, your relief is tangible.

“Now,” he says, “you get to remove one clamp every orgasm I have. The quicker you can make me cum the quicker you can remove them.”

The clamps are really starting to become more pain than pleasure now. You think for a moment about how to get him hard and going again. You sit up, reach down to your pussy and start fingering yourself, stopping every now and then to lick his cum from your fingers.

After a couple of minutes, his hand joins yours, fingering you and feeding you cum. A few minutes more and you can feel his hard cock pushing against your lips. You open your mouth and take him in, licking and sucking.

With your wet fingers, you reach behind him, find his arsehole and slip one then another finger into his arse. You hear him groan.

“Fuck my face.” you say.

“Beg me” he says.

“Please, I beg you, fuck my face” you say.

He needs no second invitation. He grabs your head much like the night a few weeks ago, ramming his whole length down your throat, back and forth, in and out.

Luckily for you it doesn’t take long before he is cumming down your throat. You gag, finding it hard to swallow with his cock so far down your throat, bringing some back up into your mouth.

He withdraws his cock, then is on his knees in front of you, kissing you deeply, licking his cum from your mouth. With one hand he undoes the clamp from your right breast and then drops his head kissing it gently, tenderly. This just reminds you how much the other nipple is now hurting.

How to get him hard and cumming again? You think.

You drop your head to the ground, which also provides some relief to your clamped nipple and say to him;

“Spank me, I beg of you”

Again he needs to second invitation, he starts spanking your arse, smack, smack, smack!

Occasionally a blow catches a bit of your pussy. Although this hurts a bit more it seems to turn you on more than the smacks to your arse. After a few minutes you ask him if he is hard yet. Luckily he is.

“Fuck my arse hard and fast, my love, I beg you, fuck my arse without mercy” you say.

He immediately starts to position his penis near your hole. You reach back, slip your middle finger in then out of your arsehole. You then add another finger, in and out. You then reach back and taking hold of his rock hard cock, guide it into your arsehole. He begins fucking you hard straight away, pounding you like a jackhammer, pulling your leash again, choking you.

You start fingering your clit. Before long you cum, your body shivering, gooseflesh rises and falls your arsehole tightens squeezing the cock inside you. He then pulls out and cums all over your back, and arse. He starts to rub it in with one hand and removes the remaining clamp with the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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