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He slammed the front door shut and charged through the hallway to the back of the small house where his sub would be working in the office. Since she was given the opportunity to work from home that day, he was kind enough to let her sleep in, but left a note with simple instructions.

“Good morning pet,

I will be coming home at some unknown time today, at which I expect you to be in the sheer tank top, a tight thong, and high heels. Your leather collar must be on at all times, and same for your ankle and leather cuffs. You do not need to greet me when I get home, rather, continue with your work…but your pussy must be wet at all times. Be prepared for anything

yours truly,


She heard him plowing through the hallway, and thought something was terribly wrong. When she swiveled around on her desk chair, it wasn’t long before he came in, grabbed a thick handful of her hair, and pulled her roughly out of her chair hard enough so that she lost balance. She stumbled and waved her hands frantically to catch her balance, but was caught by the wall, her head pressed roughly against the white grains. He yanked her thong up hard, giving her a nice camel toe against her slit, and spanked her pale ass cheek hard. She didn’t know what to say, the movements were so sudden, but she spread her legs obediently.

With one hand still grasping her hair, keeping her at full attention, he slid his free hand between her legs and up against her pink lips. He pressed the material from her skimp undies deeper inside, pressing for moisture. Though her panties were wet, she was not as wet as he’d hoped. He released a faint growl under his breath and by her hair, pulled her away from the ground and pushed her straight down. She didn’t have time to lock her legs so she could stand, and she fell to her hands and knees. For a moment, he pulled her back up so her arms dangled at her sides, and grizzled into her ear, “you’re going to crawl to the bedroom briskly, but with good posture.” He bit her neck, enough to make her struggle a little away from him, then pushed her back to all fours.

She started crawling very quickly towards the door, much faster than he desired. He quickly caught up, and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her back hind-side. “What did I just say? Maybe I need a short lead on you to keep you where I want you…we need to practice…but I don’t have time for that today. görükle escort Go, slut. Do it right.”

He shoved her forward, and she crawled a little more slowly, dramatizing the movement of her hips for his pleasure. He watched her cheeks push up and down with each movement, her large breasts swaying ever so slightly out from underneath her with each step. On the way out, he grabbed the bullwhip hanging on the back of the door. He liked to keep an implement or 2 in each room in case he should ever need it at short notice. To keep her focused, he let the tapered end slither down her back and over her lovely hump. Her back arched, pushing her ass out more towards him. He smiled for the first time that day.

When she reached the bedroom, he grabbed the chain lead hanging from the wall among other crops and accessories. He hooked his finger into the D ring on the front of her collar and pulled her up. She was allowed to fully stand for only a second before he pulled her back towards the bed in such a way she fell head first toward the covers. As much as he wanted her to take proper form, offer her ass and what she had, he wanted to just take it from her.

He gained a new grip on her hair, exposing her thick black collar. He pushed her head down and to the side so he could hook the chain to it. He could have her wait there while he sought more toys, but he didn’t want to give her the slightest moment to think about what was happening. Quickly, he slipped the chain under her body, between her breasts and between her legs, and pulled so that her face would stay pressed to the covers. While pulling the chain with one hand, he shoved her ass forward to gain better access. Both her holes were glistening, she was now soaked. “Looks like someone’s all wet from being pulled around like a little pet, isn’t she?”

Her cheeks blushed red. She always got embarrassed, and yet even more turned on whenever he pointed out how much she loved the dirty ways he sometimes treated her.

Condom in pocket, and the double-ended snap hooks in another, he was prepared. Her ass stayed in the air as he let go to grab a hook and pull her arms together. Luckily she was obedient, as he didn’t have time to deal with her occasional struggling. He clipped her leather cuffs together behind her back with one hand while pulling the chain lead further down, stepping on it so he could use both hands to bursa escort bayan prepare himself.

He gave her 20 firm spanks on the ass, turning each one a slight shade of pink. He wanted to continue, but knew he was strapped for time. She laid on the bed helpless, though without struggle.

“what a good willing fucktoy she’s being today…we’ll see how willing she is very soon…” he thought to himself.

He angled her ass up higher, and with practiced aim, he pulled the thong to the side and thrust his thick pulsing cock into her slippery tight pussy.

“MMHMMM” she groaned in pain, not quite ready for his thick head. Her little body tensed against his will and she tried to pull off him. He ignored her body and used both his hands to pull her pelvis back toward him. Her body twisted slightly, her arms falling off to one side. He let himself sit inside for a moment, only to feel the pulsing and fighting her inner pussy walls were attempting. He reached under and gave the chain a little pull, the fluffy covers swallowing her face so she could just barely breathe, and see nothing. When he felt her juices flowing, he pulled out, enough to lube herself with her own juices, and then thrust back in.

He fucked her tight pussy harder as it loosened for him. Her body fell a little more limp, though he kept the chain taught to keep her attention, and her ass in the air the way he wanted it. His legs slapped against hers roughly, he could feel her cervix, his head banging it consistently. She moaned from a mixture of pain and pleasure while he used her body simply for his pleasure. He fucked harder, fucking her to cum…not to please..not to be pleased…but for the simple purpose of release.

Though she was doing little work, her body was sweating, worked by his cock. He thrust harder, pulled her body continuously into his, slamming her, their fluids echoing smacks through the house, but he could not finish as quickly as he thought.

He was almost set off. 5 minutes left before work, he was not about to blue ball himself.

He pulled out, and shoved his fingers into her now loosely spread cunt. He scooped up a couple fingers-full of natural lubricant and forced it inside her ass. He repeated this twice, ignoring her fearful gasps and whimpers. She attempted to kneel away, but he grabbed the clip holding her cuffed hands and pulled her, sliding her back towards bursa escort him. Finally he started forcing his pussy-lubed cock into her tight anal entrance. She tensed and struggled, but he only pulled on her leash and smacked her ass a few more times to distract her enough to relax…and she did. Her little anus sucked his throbbing cock right up in a matter of moments. He released a semi-evil laugh of triumph while grabbing her hair, raising it slightly so he could hear her better. “That’s right, you’re just a little fuck-toy today. You have no say, little slut.”

He stroked his cock with her ass slowly at first…he wanted to feel every anal muscle squeezing around his cock. He shoved 2 fingers back into her drizzling pussy, and she let out a deep moan. He smiled and began fucking her harder now, using her ass to jerk off his cock. He thrust deep, pulled her ass into him so she could not restrain, and released his juicy fingers so he could tangle his hand in her hair once again. She groaned, screamed, whimpered.He was close. So close. “If you don’t quiet down, you’ll be gagged for the rest of the day!” He thrust harder, her ass seemingly getting tighter around his cock, her little body helpless beneath him while he took her, took every bit he wanted of her…she had no say, no will here. She was a fuck-toy…

…A fuck-toy he defiled. He pulled out, releasing her chains and main to control himself. He tossed the lubed protector aside, and his cock spat across her ass, up her lower back as her hips fell to the bed.

When the painting of her skin, and deep moaning of the beast had stopped, he reached down to gently pet her tender lips. He could barely feel the heat of her body, for her lips were engulfed and layered by her thick juices. Nonetheless, she felt it and twitched violently, kicking her foot up to her inner thigh to protect her loins. He chuckled to himself lightly. He was impressed how stimulated she now was. In previous encounters it always took a bit of clitoral attention. *I broke her* he laughed inside.

He checked his watch. 15 minutes…not too bad. He clicked her wrists free, her arms falling to her sides, and then tossed her chain back up over her back so that it still was wrapped around her, He straightened and redressed himself. Her right buttock received a gentle kiss before he headed for the door. Before leaving, he turned around to admire his sub.

She was free, yet her body lay there limp, briefly but strongly used, tender holes sore, and her skin, glazed, was claimed by his scent across her back. He knew the next time he walked through the door, she’d probably throw herself at him. He couldn’t wait to come back for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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