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Big Tits

Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 35 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 35 It was after 1600 when I got back for a shower. I felt really knackered. I’d come three times in an hour and I needed a rest. However I had an important duty to perform before that. I stood under the warm water and let it pour over me. Even though it was salt water it was refreshing. When I felt a bit livelier I dried myself, dressed and went to see Sir. I told him about Arthur’s limited, but very precise, requirements. “If all he wants is lots of spunk to swallow then we might be able to satisfy him with more than one of us. I had to come three times, and I’m sure he’d have willingly paid for more.” “What do you suggest?” “What about offering him Tim and me? If he likes them young he’ll surely pay well for twins. You could suggest it and see if he bites. You never know, he might even like three of us spraying his tonsils.” “You paint a pretty picture, Patrick. Let me think about it. How did Charlie do? I assume you’ve seen that he’s all right.” “Yes, he’s fine. It was very straightforward.” “How about Andrew – is he going to fit in?” I said I was sure of it, and that he was much more energetic and adventurous with the rest of us than Peter had been, although he had been no slouch, thanks to his big brother. “We’ll know more when he has his first few clients.” “Well, that will be tomorrow,” Sir told me, “he came in half an hour ago to report an approach. See he’s well briefed, won’t you.” I assured Sir that Andrew would not go into the field unprepared. “Thank you, Patrick, you’re a good lad.” I spent an hour in my elevator before knocking off for my meal with Charlie. “How did it go?” he asked. I described how all I’d had to do was come in his mouth three times. “You won’t have any left for me!” exclaimed Charlie. I told him he’d just have to wait until my balls had gone about their quiet business. He grinned. “I can just imagine all the little sperms rubbing their hands together to get ready for action.” “And can you imagine how disappointed they’ll be when they rush up my cock to find themselves several inches deep, up your arse.” “I think they’re more likely to feel highly honoured.” I squeezed his knee under the table. “Yes, you’re right. That’s the best place for them.” What nonsense you talk when you’re happy! After we’d eaten we went back on duty. Arthur travelled with me on one occasion, but we weren’t alone, so only the briefest of smiles passed between us. I got the glad eye from another guy, but we weren’t alone then either. I thought I would see him again later, but by 1945 it hadn’t happened. Just as I was about to go off duty who should get in but Arthur, this time on his own. “An interesting offer has been made to me,” he said, “and I think I have you to thank for it. Your man will tell you in due course, but I shall being seeing you again tomorrow.” “I think I can guess why,” I said, “and I will do my best to satisfy you, Arthur.” He patted my cheek. “I’m sure you will, Patrick.” If this went on I’d need a holiday. At 1950 the six of us had gathered in our cabin. This was becoming a routine, and one we all enjoyed. Six naked boys lay on our big bed. Alan asked Sam how his client had been. “You’ll enjoy this,” said Tim, snuggled up against Sam, “go on, tell them.” “I went in and he was lying on the bed. He had a robe on, but nothing else. He was American, and he was the blackest man I’ve ever seen. I’d say he was in his late twenties. You hear stories about black men’s cocks, so I was keen to see whether they were true.” “What stories?” asked Charlie, whose experience of these matters still had large gaps. “They’re supposed to have huge cocks,” said Tim. Charlie tucked this nugget of information safely away. Sam resumed his story. “I said I was Sam, and what was I to call him. ‘Leroy’ he said. ‘OK, Leroy’ I said, ‘what would you like us to do?’ He beckoned me over to the bed and when I was standing beside it he pulled me onto him. I put my hand into his robe and felt his cock. The stories are true, or at least they were in Leroy’s case. ‘Fuck me, ataköy escort Leroy, that’s the biggest cock I’ve seen. You’re not going to fuck me, are you?’ I said, knowing perfectly well that he was, and that I’d probably love every inch of it after the initial shock had worn off. Leroy made it crystal clear that that was exactly what he was going to do. You can imagine I was pleased, although I pretended to be a bit scared.” Tim reached out and put his arm round Sam. “Never mind, I’m here to took after you,” he said. As you know, Sam is the most gifted of the six of us, but only when it’s hard. The 8 inches he had on display then is exactly twice the size of his cock when it’s not on duty. But his 8 inches were a poor second to Leroy. “How big was it?” asked Andrew. “I didn’t measure it, but I would guess 10 or 11 inches, and quite thick. Most Americans are cut, but he wasn’t. Maybe black parents don’t do it. What was fascinating was when I got close to it, stroking and what have you before he fucked me. His ball bag wasn’t as black as the rest of him, nor was his arse crack. His cock was very black, but when I pulled his foreskin back his cock head was pink, not much different from ours. He didn’t have any hairs on his cock, or his arse. You’d have loved it, Patrick. Anyway I was admiring it and telling him how much I liked it, and he was loving what I was saying, stroking my hair and telling me how much he loved ploughing white furrows, as he put it. I thought I ought to taste it while I was down there as it’s not every day you get an opportunity like that. It tasted spicy. I licked the bit behind his cock head and he went wild. He told me to stop or he’d come too soon. I stopped of course, and licked his balls instead. Then he told me he wanted to 69 with me. Well, that was fine by me, but it didn’t work because he was about 6 foot 6 and I’m only 5 foot 8, so we didn’t fit. As he had his tongue not very far from my arse I decided I would drop a hint that a finger or three would be welcome.” “What kind of hint?” asked Charlie. “Easy,” said Sam, “I put two of mine up his arse.” “How did that go?” asked Alan. “He liked it, because he moaned. I felt around for his prostate and he went wild again. I like clients who appreciate what we do. He groaned and said that he needed to fuck me, as he put it, ‘right now’. He turned over of his back and I realised I was going to be invited to lower my innocent virgin arse onto his nighty weapon, or at least to pretend that that was what I was doing. From my position squatting over it it looked enormous. I lowered myself very slowly, my sighs of delight mixed in with expressions of worry in case I was split wide open.” “Did he get it all in?” asked Charlie. “Oh yes, I wasn’t going to miss out on a record-breaker. The last couple of inches hurt like buggery though. But by the time he’d finished I was happy with the whole hot length of it. He came with a lot if noise and a lot of spunk – jizz, he called it – spraying up my insides. It was a great feeling. I sank down onto him, trying to keep his cock in me. ‘You can rub one out on me,’ he said. It didn’t take much wit to work out what he wanted, so I rubbed one out all right. I said he was 6 foot 6 – well, my spunk must have shot 3 feet, because his cock was still up me when I came, and the first squirt hit his chin. ‘Oh yeah,’ he said, so he was pleased. I was going to lick it off but he stopped me. “No, no, Sam, this is for me. Off you get now. Get dressed and go.’ It was a bit sudden, I thought, but they’re often like that when they’ve shot a good load. I got into my clothes, with his cum still leaking from my arse, and was about to go. ‘Here,’ he said, holding out his hand. He gave me $20. ‘Thanks, Leroy, I loved it – every inch of it.’ and I was back here in the shower less than two minutes later.” “Sir will enjoy that tomorrow morning,” said Tim. “Not as much as I enjoyed it this afternoon.” “What do you think it is about boys that clients get turned on by?” I asked, hoping for a discussion. Alan said, “oh, that’s easy, they want someone who can come really often.” Sam agreed, “and nice young bodies they can perv over.” Andrew added that we were supple and could bend to reach bits that might otherwise be out of reach. “Like what?” asked a sceptical Tim. “Like this,” said Andrew who proceeded to get his tongue nearer to the head of his cock that anyone any of us had seen before – it was only about half an inch away. “Just think,” said Sam, “if yours was as big as mine you could get it in your mouth.” “An hour’s back exercises for you then,” said merter escort Alan. “I think it’s because we haven’t got much hair,” said Tim who, like me, had only a few pubes. The others had some growth, Andrew being possessed of the greatest coverage. “I agree,” I said, “and I reckon we all ought to shave. If it’s a boy’s body they want then maybe the younger-looking the better. What do you think?” Tim said he was up for it, and after a second or two Charlie agreed. Sam looked at Tim and Tim looked at Sam, and Sam then said, “OK, I will if you will.” That left Alan and Andrew. I didn’t want to put them under any pressure, so I said, “why don’t we four shave and you can see what it’s like and decide then.” This was agreed. All we had to do now was shave, and needless to say none of us had any razors or anything. It was obvious that none of us had started shaving our faces yet, so as well as not having a razor between us, none of us had the first idea about how to shave. We would need instruction – or, better still, we would need someone to shave us. That narrowed the field. It was now 2040. Ryan would be coming off duty soon, and he might be the best choice: he’d visited us before and needed only Sam and Andrew to complete his having fucked all of us. I told them I’d go and see if I could find Ryan and was pleased to see five wide grins, three of them perhaps slightly wider than the others. I put my uniform back on again and went up to the the galley. I knew it was a good time to catch him. They were still busy in the galley, but starting to wind down as most passengers had finished dinner. I saw Ryan and went over to talk to him. “Hello, Patrick, how’s things? What do you want this time?” I told him that the group in our cabin needed someone who knew how to shave to show us how to do it. “Aren’t you a bit young to shave?” I gave him a meaningful look. “Oh! I think I see. You mean … ?” I nodded. “Some of us have more than others, and some of us don’t want any at all.” He laughed. “That’s unusual at your age.” This wasn’t the place to expand on why we felt as we did, so all I said was, “if you come to our cabin when you finish here with whatever you need to shave us then each one you shave will no doubt wish to thank you properly.” His eyes widened. “How many of you?” “Four, maybe six.” “Fuck!” he breathed. It took him about three seconds to agree. “I’ll be there at 2230.” When I got back I told them what I’d arranged. They were happy at the idea that proper thanks would be expected. Charlie told Andrew that Ryan had been splendid company, and that he had a treat coming. Tim, who had been there when Ryan was fucking Sam and me, was also keenly looking forward to getting more acquainted with Ryan’s 9 inches. We had over an hour to wait, and it was hard, knowing that we were likely to have a strenuous night, not to anticipate it somewhat. It was Tim who told us all to keep our hands off our cocks, and to make sure that the next spunk that appeared would do so in Ryan, or at least in his presence. To pass the time until then each of us told the story of how he had been introduced to sex. I was touched that Charlie gave me so much credit when all I had done was take the cork out of the bottle – he had done the rest. You’ve heard how Tim and I started, but it was news to the others. “Sir is our priest’s brother – that’s how we got this job,” explained Tim after he had described the well-trodden downward path upon which he had been leading us for the last six years. “That’s how we got in under age.” Alan told us about his Uncle Bob had introduced him to sex. I could see that Sam was interested in this. “What about you, Sam?” I said, “was last week your first time with a man?” Sam nodded. “Yes. I fooled about with other boys, if course, but never with anyone more than a year or two older than me. I was 9 when the boy next door and I were on our own one summer evening after the other boys had gone home. We were playing in the woods further up the valley and he said he had something to show me. He pulled me behind a tree and drooped his shorts. His cock was sticking out of his pants. ‘Why is it poking out?’ I said. ‘Don’t you know?’ ‘No.’ He then started to wank and told me it was fun and felt good, and that I should try it. Well, I did, and mine got hard too. I didn’t remember it being hard before, and it certainly felt good. After a few minutes I stopped. ‘Why have you stopped?’ he said, ‘have you had the feeling? It didn’t look like it.’ I had no idea what he was talking about, but he ignored me and went in wanking. After about another bahçeşehir escort five minutes his knees wobbled and he said ‘oh! oh! oh!’ and his face went funny. I know now that he was having a dry cum but then I thought he was having a fit or something. ‘Are you all right?’ I said. He nodded. ‘That was a good one, the best yet,’ he said. When he’d calmed down I made him explain what had happened. He got hold of my cock and wanked me. ‘Stop, I’m going to pee!’ I said. ‘No you’re not, this is it, just enjoy it.’ He went even faster and then it happened. You know what it was like the first time – scary and fucking magic all at the same time. We did it a lot together after that. He was 11 then, and the first time he came with spunk was on my eleventh birthday. He was sleeping at my house after the party and it was the best present, only I couldn’t tell my mum of course. We went on doing it at every opportunity until he left to go down the pit when he was 15. Luckily by then there were loads of boys my age to play with, and two of them became keen wanking buddies. And then I met you lot, and things got a whole lot better.” Tim grinned. “Too right.” It was Andrew’s turn to tell all. “About a year ago I met another boy my age at work. We were working in a big shop in Glasgow – we’d been there for about two years in the warehouse. It sold furniture and our job at that time was humping bedding around, making the beds for the showroom and generally keeping everything tidy. You’d be surprised how many people lie about and jump on beds when they’re trying them out, and at the end of the day it takes quite a while to make everything look new for the next day. It was so fucking boring. We’d been doing it for about three months. Well one night – we worked from 4 in the afternoon until midnight – we’d done most of the showroom by about 10 and the supervisor had gone off home because he wasn’t well. My pal Will said he needed a break, so we both sat down on one of the beds we hadn’t straightened out yet, and he pulled out a cigarette and lit up. I didn’t smoke, but Will was for ever lighting up. He was leaning back against the head board and began to feel himself. ‘I get so hard sometimes,’ he said, ‘I need to pop one right now.’ I’d not heard the expression ‘popping one’ before, but I knew fine well what he was on about. ‘Me too,’ I said, ‘shall we both do it here?’ ‘Why not,’ says he, ‘no-one’ll know. Old Grumpy’s gone home and there’s only us here.’ So we got our cocks out and started stroking. After a couple of minutes Will looked at me. ‘Do you fancy getting out of our clothes and doing it properly?’ It was a warm night and we were hot with working, so I agreed. We both stripped off and we lay side by side leaning against the head board slowly wanking. There wasn’t any hurry. I looked at his cock. It was a bit shorter than mine, but a lot fatter. I don’t know what suddenly made me do it, but I blurted out ‘I want to suck it.’ Will grinned, ‘go ahead,’ he said, so I did. I’d never even thought about sucking another boy’s cock before, but suddenly the sight of Will’s put it into my head. Anyway, I sucked and he moaned and without any warning his cock lurched in my mouth and he came. I was so surprised I automatically swallowed. Will was so sorry, but I told him not to be so fucking silly. ‘If you’re really sorry you can suck mine tomorrow,’ I said. He looked disappointed. ‘Why not now?’ Well, he did and it was great, and we went on doing it every time we could. A few months later I had a week’s holiday and when I went back to work Will told me that he’d been wanking and Old Grumpy had caught him. ‘What did he do? I asked. ‘He said he’d fire me unless I sucked his cock.’ ‘What did you do?’ ‘What do you think – I still work here, don’t I?’ I smiled.” Alan asked what happened then. “Did Old Grumpy fuck him?” “I don’t think so, but I know Will had to suck the old bugger off pretty often to keep him sweet. I never had anything to do with him luckily.’ “Why ‘luckily’? You enjoy sex with men here all right.” “Yes, but the crew members have all been fit sexy guys with good bodies and nice cocks.” I pointed out that quite a few of the passengers would not be young, nor fit, nor necessarily sexy.” “True, but Old Grumpy was at least 70 and didn’t wash very often.” Now that we all knew each other’s history it was almost time for Ryan to arrive. The real fun was about to start. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 36 as we continue to race westwards. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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