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QuaverChapter 1: The Green AlbaThe room is deaf and silent, the only thing you will hear are the ticking of the clock and the sound of computers clicking. It’s really a slow day here at LifelineIT, a computer specialist shop at downtown Detroit. I was assigned at the repair department. There are only three costumers today, the two clogs in the cartridge and the other one only wants consultation about her pc overheating. Now I am stuck making “reports” about the store’s inventory which sucks because it’s not even my job but at least my job pays the bills.I’m done with my work today with 8 minutes to spare so I head to the employee’s lounge to have a coffee. I was pouring the hot water for my coffee when I felt a hard pat on my shoulder.“Hi Greg! Already done for today?” Alfred said with a slight grin.“Yeah” I gave him half-hearted smile.“You have plans for tonight? We’re going to Northern Lights at West Baltimore.”“Uhm… It’s pretty far from my apartment from Midtown” I said with a sigh“Come on its Friday! The day to hook-up and get crazy” He said enthusiasticallyAfter a second thought, I said “Ok, I’ll go”“Cool! But were leaving after Sarah’s shift. Our dickhead boss wouldn’t give her a break” “Mr Orlando isn’t that bad, he just need to…”“Get laid!” Alfred interjects.We laugh hard; we stop when other people look at us suspiciously. I never had a good laugh for a while. “I better go. See you at the lobby at 7:30”“Ok see you.”As Alfred walks away he glance back at me and gave me a whole hearted smile, I smile back and then he continues to walk away.I check him out a little, Alfred is tall around 5’9, lean with good muscle definition, he’s tanned, he is always clean shaven leaving a 5 o’clock shadow, hazel eyes that matches with his dark blond hair. His biggest asset is his smile that can light up the room whenever he goes.*******I am Graham Villamonte by the way Greg for short. I’m 29 years old I was born and raised in the Philippines but I decided to work overseas here at Detroit Michigan when all hell breaks loose on my life. Long story short, my parents and family will never accept me as who I am, a gay man, so they disown me.I don’t have many friends in my workplace, maybe because I’m not easy to look at. I am 5’8, big build, a little soft in the middle but I don’t classify myself as fat maybe I’m just stocky. I am tanned “naturally”, I have visible tattoos on my left arm, I have a goatee but no mustache, a shaved head and a nose piercing. Yes I look like a guy that will mug you when you got lost in a dark alley.Nobody asks me if I am gay, well look at me I look like Stone Cold from WWF, so I just keep it to myself.*******It’s almost 7:15 so I went down to the locker room to change to my casual clothes. My house at Midtown Squares are quite far so I always have extra clothes on my locker. As I stripped down to my boxers, Damien arrives.“Hi Greg,” He said with a seductive tone.“Hi.” I said with a reluctant smile.He walks in front of me and ask “Do you have plans for tonight?”“Yes” I shifted consciously. “I will go to a bar with Alfred”“Ah” he said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.“At what time will you go?” He asks as he steps closer to me.“7:30” I swallowed nervously.“We have some time. Do you want to play a little?” He whispers in my ear.“Yeah” I said frantically.Damien is really cute, He is your typical twink, small man around 5’6 with a slender frame, blue pınarbaşı escort eyes, unblemished skin with no facial hair. “Fuck I’m getting hard” I said to myself.My Dick slowly made a tent out of my boxers as Damien touches my hairy chest softly with his hands. “Somebody is eager to get started” He chuckled.“It’s been a while” I said.Damien and I first had this “sessions” as he called it last Christmas party of 2013. I was drunk and horny, Damien took advantage of that and now here we are. He’s about to suck my dick in the locker room with the door open and anyone can come in at any moment. Not that I’m complaining.Damien pulled my boxers off and my dick flop to my belly. I have an average Joe 6’8 but very thick circumcised with a big purple head. Damien gently jacked me off and precum is oozing out of the tip of my dick obviously need of relief.“Wow it’s like a faucet” he said it with a sexy tone.“Suck it” I commandedDamien wastes no time. Damien licks the tip of my dick with his lips mixing my overflowing precum with his saliva in his hot velvety mouth.“Fuck” I muttered.Knowing the pleasure he cause, he devours my dick with his mouth inch by inch. I moaned when I feel hitting the back of his throat. He sucked my dick with his hot mouth all the way to the base. “Wow the boy has skills”. Damien sucks my cock slowly at first then he speed up his tempo. “Oh yeah just like that baby. Deep throat that fat cock. ”I groaned disappointingly when he pulls his mouth out of my cock.“Don’t stop” my tone rises slightly.Damien’s tongue was all over my dick, teasing me as he knows I’m about to nut. I moan with pleasure when he sucked my balls then licking it with his hot tongue while he jacked me off.“Baby finished me off”I begged.With a smug on his face, he sucked my dick eagerly. I am getting close so I grabbed his head and I thrust my dick in his mouth. I am so overpowered by pleasure that I didn’t mind if I was hurting him as I thrust my dick forcefully to his mouth. A few more thrust and I exploded my cum inside his mouth. As I enjoy the moment, Damien pushes my hand on his head and backed away. Damien chokingly spit my cum on the floor.“Greg you don’t have to be so rough!” he exclaimed.“Sorry Damien I just got carried away” I said laughingly. “Hmm…” he hummed dismissively. Then he goes to the faucet to gargle the remnant of my cum.I didn’t mind that he didn’t drink mu cum, well who would? I would never drink somebody’s cum because that’s disgusting. I tear a tissue from the stall to wipe my dick then the cum-spit on the floor. I walk towards Damien and patted him in the shoulder.“You did good Damien, I’ll take care of you better next time” I said with a wink.Damien chuckled “Ok, get dressed and get out of here, they might think something is up.”I quickly put on my tank top with a black polo shirt with a pair of trousers. I quickly get out of the locker room after waving at Damien goodbye.*******I join the others at the lobby. There are four of them, Amethyst “Amy” the blond one, Marcus Amy’s boyfriend, Christian the office queer and Alfred. Alfred noticed me then walks towards me.“Where have you been? I was looking for you.” He asked with a raised brow.“I just change a while ago at the locker room” I said casually as possible. “Shall we go?”“Not yet Sarah is still there.” He said like he is annoyed.“It’s already 8 I’m starving” I stretched while rubbing my belly.My tank top and polo shirt is a bit short so as I stretched my hairy belly was exposed. Alfred gasp, I see him clearly staring at my naked spot. He blushed and he turn his head away when I he see me looking at me. I was grinning and I felt a little sexy that a guy like Alfred will check me out. We got suspicious stares from the group. Alfred is beet red blushing and I can’t wipe the grin out of my face.We stood at the lobby bullshitting around for a few minutes when Sarah finally arrived. “Hi Sarah” Christian said. “Why do you take so long?”“Mr Orlando gave me extra work today” Sarah shrugged.I saw Sarah’s eyes it is bloodshot red, she obviously cried hard. She didn’t change at all, her clothes are all wrinkled and I saw marks on her neck. I don’t want to ask about it but I have my assumptions.*******We arrived at Northern Lights at 8:45 thanks to traffic. The bar is full obviously because it’s Friday and the line extends two blocks away. “I don’t think we can get in?” Amy said“Don’t you worry babe I got you” Marcus said, he then lean and kiss Amy passionately.“Ugh! Get a room.” Christian said.Marcus laughs and flips him off. “I know a guy here, he can let us in.”“Then hurry! The some of the guys here are creeping me out” Christian said as he folded his arms and look around nervously.Marcus walks towards the bouncer, they look at us and they start to argue. “Come on man you owe me remember? You can never hit off with that Latina bombshell without my help”“No man, if the boss finds out that I’m letting people in beyond limit he will fire me!”“Man just this once, it’s Friday and my friends are here and I’m trying to impress my girl.”“Who?”“The blonde one”“Man! You’re hitting that?”“Yeah! So will you let us in?”The bouncer thinks for a while and said “OK man just this once. If I get caught I will tell that you and your folks sneak in.”“Thanks man” Marcus patted his shoulder and signaled us to come inside. We heard a whine from the people on the line but we didn’t seem to care.*******We sit on the table near the liquor bar. It is loud and noisy, but the bar is full of life. We are so starved that we ordered right away. The ladies and Christian ordered Grilled Chicken with chard greens and for us men we ordered their best steak. I am just finishing my dinner when I felt uneasy, that someone is watching me. I look around and see that a man sitting alone at the bar drinking his scotch. I presume that he is an older guy maybe in his forties or late 30’s. He has a salt and peppered beard and mustache that is connected to his short straight formal hair like George Clooney. He has the same build as me only taller. He dressed very formal despite being on a bar. He wears a long sleeve polo shirt with a loose necktie with dark pants and leather shoes.Man the guy creep me out! He looks at me like he’s undressing me right on the spot. He smirk at me and lifted his glass. I cringed and growled; I am so annoyed! Alfred and my officemates look at me with confusion.“Is there anything wrong?” Alfred said.“No it’s nothing” I said casually.The two waitress walk to us and handed over the desert. We all ordered chocolate cake which looks very appetizing. The brunette waitress looks at Marcus like a high school girl which makes Amy very uneasy. Marcus tries his pull his best behavior but Marcus can’t help but to flirt back. Amy looks pissed; Marcus will be hearing from her tonight. Then another waitress comes by and handed over a whisky to me. “Sir someone buys you a drink.” She said with a grin.Looking confused, I asked “Who buys this for me?”“The one on the bar.” She said pointing her head at the right side of the bar then head out.On the right side of the bar there are only three people: the pass out drunkard, the hot read head and the old creep from before. Everyone looks the same way I’m looking. The red head raised her glass at me.“Man that red head is smoking!” Marcus said playfully, which earns him a shove in the gut by Amy.“It’s still early, but someone is eagerly checking you out.” Christian said teasingly.Sarah just smiled but Alfred is frowning. I don’t know if he’s jealous or just pissed at other stuff so I didn’t assume. “What’s wrong bud?” I said sympathetically.“No it’s nothing” he quickly said.*******I know that the read head girl didn’t buy me the drink, but that creepy weasel that keeps looking at me maliciously. I want to get to the bottom of it and kick his ass while at it. My office mates became dizzy and disoriented. The girls and Christian can’t handle their drinks very well. They call it a night when Christian says “I feel like throwing up.” They stand up and get ready to leave but I can’t leave just yet.“Greg its late aren’t you going home” Sarah said.“Not yet, maybe if I’ll stay longer I can hook up with someone tonight” I said promiscuously.“Yeah man! Don’t let that red head get out of your sight ok?” Marcus said, he leaned and whispers in my ear “Tell me all the detail next week” he smirked and Amy growled lightly. “Ok buddy see you next week.” Alfred said with a clear disappointment in his face. His reaction makes me feel a little hurt inside.I walked my office mates to the door and waved goodbye.*******It’s already 11:30 when they left. I went to the bar and ask the waitress from before the kind of whisky she gave me so I can buy another round. She said it is a Scottish whisky, so I went to the bartender and ask for their finest Scottish whisky. I search the bar for the old creep; there was no sign of him. Then a big guy looking like a bodyguard startled me from behind.“Sir a VIP wants to see you, follow me.”I follow him to the VIP room and I see him. He has his eyes close while savoring the aroma of his liquor. “You came looking for me?” he said with a low baritone voice without looking at me.“I came here to give you this” with a raised brow I handed him over the whisky.He looks at the drink and grin. Then he looks at me and said “Thanks”I think I swallowed my tongue. He has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen. Those Jade green eyes look at me. No! Look through me. Those gaze pierce through my guts. I’ve felt my knees trembling that I never felt before. I recollect and gather myself together before I could fall.He chuckled at me, mocking my moment of weakness while he soothes his beard. I am so pissed and embarrassed at the same time. He keeps his smug grin and eyes locked at me and I finally lose it.“Listen here you old creep! I don’t know what your deal is but if you keep that smug in your face like a smart ass I would be more than happy to wipe it off for you!” The big bodyguard tries to stop me but the man raises his hand ordering him to stop.The man’s toned his smile a bit and said “Can I offer you a seat?”I stood firmly and said “Not before I know who you are.”The man stands up. I tried to be unfazed by his height. He is 6’3 I think. He led out his hand and said.“Good evening, I am Logan Clark.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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