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My girlfriend broke up with me a week before we were scheduled to go on a cruise to Hawaii, so I found myself going solo on the trip. Fortunately, I had taken the “cancel for any reason” option on the travel insurance, so I was able to recover some of the expense. In some ways it was a blessing. She’d been turning into a pain in the ass lately, and by that point I was not entirely looking forward to the trip. The up side was that I found there was quite a bit of pussy available, a lot of it married, on the cruise. That’s a story for another day.

The trip went as planned, and I was able to see four of the islands in Hawaii, and some beautiful and interesting places. The last day, on Kauai, I was feeling quite run down, even a little feverish. I’m not normally one to get sick-I get two colds a year, and rarely anything more serious-but I was really feeling rotten. After boarding the ship for the four days at sea to Los Angeles, I decided to head down to sick bay-they call it medical now-and get checked out.

The staff there was helpful and professional, and mostly Brits, except for the dark haired nurse who took my information and vitals; she was from Spain. The doctor got to me in less than 20 minutes. I wish my own doctor’s office in the States was this efficient.

It turned out I had fever of 103 degrees, pretty high for an old guy. They tested me for flu, which came back negative, and for a few other things common in that part of the world. In the end, the doctor came back and said she would treat me for flu, as well as give me an antibiotic, just as a precaution. Then she dropped the bomb. “Oh, and, by the way, you’re quarantined.”

“What does that mean??” I asked, wondering if I was going to have a sign on my door alerting the rest of the ship to my condition.

“You’re confined to your state room. You’ll get free room service, and one of the nurses will be up twice a day to take your temperature.”

Hmmm…aside from not being able to participate in anything on the ship, the thought of having one of the nurses come up to see me twice a day wasn’t such a bad thing. Of course, they might not think it was so great, having to go up to check on a 60 year old sick guy. With my luck, though, I wouldn’t get one of the cute ones; they’d probably find the cruise ship equivalent of Nurse Diesel to monitor my progress.

“How long am I stuck for??”

“Til we get three good temperatures. Then you’ll be released. Oh, and don’t try to sneak out. We alert all the restaurants and bars on the ship to your status, so if you try to use your room card anywhere, they’ll send you back to your room.”

Crap. They don’t fool around on this ship. I can’t say I blame them, though. Almost 4000 people on the boat could make for a health crisis in a big hurry. Oh well. Fortunately, I brought lots to read.

I was at medical late in the afternoon, so my first check would be the next morning. I was pleasantly surprised when my nurse came up around 9:30. I was already up and dressed in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt when she arrived.

“Don’t you look tropical,” she said, fixing her blue eyes on me. I had lucked out. She was quite appealing.

“Well, if I can’t play, at least I can look the part. Besides, it’s pretty comfortable out on the balcony. It’s going to be 80, or, um, 26 for you Brits, today.” I looked at her name tag. Hannah, it read. The cruise line puts the employee’s home country on the tags, but I could tell she was one of the Brits by her accent.

Hannah laughed at my reference to the Celsius temperature. “That’s pretty good. Most Americans don’t have a clue about our temperature readings. Let’s see how yours looks this morning.” She pulled out one of those thermometers they stick in your ears, moving close to me as she inserted it. I could feel the warmth of her body as she stood next to me, a hint of perfumed shampoo wafting to my nostrils from her short blonde hair. It was starting to get to me. I’d probably have had a full hard on if I hadn’t been so sick.

“Still a little warm, I’m afraid. Thirty nine.” A quick calculation made that 102.2 F. “How are you feeling,” she asked, looking into my eyes, first unaided, then with the device that lights up the inner part.

“OK, kaçak iddaa well, actually, a little warm yet. I slept a lot last night.”

Hannah looked in my ears. “That’s good. Are you staying hydrated?? You’ll lose a lot of water with a temperature this high.”

“Yes. I’m driving my steward crazy filling my ice jug.”

Hannah laughed. “That’s good. It will keep you from getting dehydrated. Don’t forget, keep taking your meds til they’re done. Anything else I can do this morning??”

I immediately thought of a dozen acts of debauchery that I’d have been glad to have her participate in with me if I had only felt a little better. “No, thanks. I’m fine, at least as well as can be expected.”

“That’s good,” said Hannah, smiling as our eyes met. “I’ll be back around 6:30 this evening to see how you’re doing. Don’t forget, keep up the water.” I saw her to the door. “Have a good day, Mr. Barrett.”

“Please, call me Tom.”

Her look softened. “Have a good day, Tom.” Our eyes lingered on each other as she turned down the hall.

Damn, I thought. If that’s Nurse Diesel, I’ll have a full tank. Hannah, it turned out, was gorgeous. She was tall, maybe 5′ 8″, and slender, even slightly built. She had small tits, A cup at best, a narrow waist leading to only slightly wider hips, but a sweet looking ass, as best I could tell in scrubs. Her face was pretty, framed by not quite shoulder length honey blonde hair that was crimped at the ends. Her eyes, a light blue, captivated me. For a brief moment, I hoped I’d need her attention the rest of the cruise.

That evening she came up around 7, and we again shared some banter. I was still in the 101.5 range, so stuck at least til the morning after next. I teased Hannah about coming up late that evening, maybe I’ll have a better temperature by then, and she could tuck me in. She laughed, but gently declined the offer. She did put her hand on my arm as she left, and again our eyes met for a longer moment than I’m sure was the case for most of her patients.

The next morning she came up around 9:30. She noted I was looking a bit brighter, probably the result of the antibiotic kicking in. My temperature had come down to 37, normal. Hannah congratulated me, telling me if I had two more like it, she could release me back to the ship.

“You better warn everyone I’m back on the loose.”

Hannah laughed. “We do advise the restaurants, etc, that you’re now allowed back in. As for everyone else, they’re on their own.” She looked into my eyes. “But you’re not so bad. It’s actually been fun coming up to see you.” Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me.

“It’s been fun having you come to check on me. If I had to be quarantined, you’d be the person I’d want to see every day. I was afraid I’d have some old battleax whose idea of a good time was giving enemas.”

Hannah laughed out loud.” We hardly do that much anymore, at least on the ship.” Her voice dropped. “But for an extra charge…” She jabbed me with her elbow.

I smiled. “Not my thing, sorry. You’ll have to get your jollies elsewhere on that.”

Hannah laughed, looking at me. “I like you. You have a sense of humor. I don’t always see a lot of that on this job.”

“I look at it this way: there’s a lot in the world that needs to be poked fun at. Illness, at least my own, is fair game. Just because I’m sick, doesn’t mean I have to be a cheerless grump. I had my gall bladder out last year, and I was in the bed, but the floor nurses were the ones in stitches. Besides, I love seeing you smile.”

Hannah beamed at me. “Well, you’ve been fun. I wish everyone was so easy to get on with. It really makes my morning to come up here. I almost wish you weren’t getting better.”

“Hey, ya never know. I might come down with something else. There are still a few more days on this cruise.” Hannah smiled as I walked her to the door.

“I really need to get going, I still have a few more calls to make. I’ll see you this evening, Tom.” She took my hand momentarily as she backed out into the hall, and again our eyes met. She squeezed my fingers, and she was off.

Hannah’s evening visit was more of the same. She left me with the remark that if my temp was normal in the morning, kaçak bahis I’d be free to roam once more. I laughed, and we squeezed hands again as she left. I’m going to miss her, I thought as I watched her skinny, shapely ass walk toward the elevator.

The next morning arrived, and Hannah was a little late, not getting to me til around 10:15. I was getting nervous, afraid she’d been reassigned, or had the day off. Not so, it turned out.

“I was saving you for last, so if we got into our usual exchange, I wouldn’t be holding up another patient. I had three to release besides you this morning, and they’re quite anxious to get out of their staterooms, as you might imagine,” explained Hannah. I had gotten back in bed, and had on only a pair of boxers. I sat up so she could get good access to take my temperature. “So, how’s my favorite Yank patient today??” she teased me.

“Feeling much better,” I said, as she stuck the thermometer in my ear. As she held it, I was able to get a view down the front of her scrubs, the neck line seeming to be a little lower than the previous two days. She was wearing a tank under it, but it fell so I had a clear view of her small mounds, with their puffy pink nipples poking up. I started to respond, as any guy would.

Just then, the ship pitched, sending Hannah into me. She reacted quickly, putting her hand on my bare chest to steady herself. It also put her face up to mine. She didn’t pull away immediately, and her nearness was overwhelming. I turned mine to her and kissed her. She responded tentatively at first, then more aggressively, and our tongues tangled. Another swell rocked the boat, and her hand slid down my chest, and she again reached to steady herself, this time her hand landing on my stiffening cock. We broke our kiss, Hannah’s hand firmly on my erection.

She stroked gently thought the blanket. “I’d say you’re feeling much better.” I kissed her again, this time reaching for the bottom of her scrubs, taking the blue top, and making sure I had the tank she was wearing under it in my grip. I pulled them up, Hannah leaning to me to help me get them over her head. I pulled her to me, taking her small left breast into my mouth, gently tugging on the puffy nipple. I rolled my tongue over it, feeling it grow in my mouth. After a couple of minutes of my attention, Hannah’s body stiffened, and she grabbed my shoulder. I pulled away to see her nipple had swelled considerably, now almost the size of a small strawberry. She smiled at me.

“I love when a guy sucks my tit like that. Drives me mad.”

“Then let me have the other one,” I said, taking the right nipple in my mouth. I gave it the same treatment, soon bringing Hannah to another knee weakening come. She stood up straight and kicked off her shoes, then looked into my eyes. As our eyes met, she grabbed the sides of her scrub pants and pulled down, taking her panties coming off with her pants. I was now face to face with her opening pussy, which was covered in a thin patch of honey blonde hair, a little darker than the hair on her head. She reached down to pull the blanket away from me, then ran her hand down my chest and belly.

“I love a hairy man,” she said, just then getting to my boxers, which were tented out. She reached into them, playing in the thick hair around my cock. “Mmm…love a hairy todger!! I see a lot of guys who shave, they all look like 12 year olds. Kind of a turn off.” She pulled my boxers down, my cock springing out into the open. She stroked it a couple of times, making the head flare.

“Ooh, this is wonderful,” she said, climbing on the bed and straddling me. “I bet it will spread me nicely.” She put the head at her opening, and I watched it go in, feeling it push her labia wide. Hannah winced at the feeling of it opening her up. “Mmmm, love that!!” I watched my shaft slide between her now spread pussy lips, disappearing into a patch of curly blonde hair. She slid down til I felt my balls hit her ass. She wiggled her ass as she settled on my cock, and smiled at me.

“This is a most interesting therapy regimen,” I teased her.

Hannah smiled. “Always happy to be of service to our best clients.” She started to ride me, first leaning forward so we could kiss. After feeling illegal bahis like crap for several days, feeling her body next to mine, and her pussy around my cock was like heaven. As we kissed, her tits rested on my chest, those strawberry nipples rubbing into my soft hair. I pulled her to me. It was obvious her tits, despite their small size, were quite sensitive, and I could feel her nipples poking into me.

After a few minutes, Hannah sat up, and I was able to see my cock going in and out of her. I took her hands, supporting her as she leaned back. This gave me a hot view of the action, as well as changing the angle of my cock inside her so I was now grazing her G spot. Two minutes later, her hips thrust at me, and she came, her pussy soaking my cock, its juice flowing out and onto my crotch and down my balls. We slowed for a minute for Hannah to recover, then she pulled herself to me.

I was getting close by then, my dick swelling inside her. Hannah knew it as she felt me push deep as she changed position. She kissed me, slowly stroking her pussy up and down on me. I felt her labia on the base of my cock, as if she were trying to suck it deeper into her.

“Come inside me. It’s alright,” she whispered in my ear, then kissing me again. We kissed deeply as my cock began to pulse in anticipation of blowing inside this sweet angel of mercy. We broke our kiss, and I fixed Hannah’s eyes on mine.

“I’m coming, Hannah. I hope it’s really OK, because it’s been almost a week, and I’m going to completely seed your pussy. I’m not firing blanks.”

Hannah’s eyes got a worried look, and she bit down on her lower lip. I pulled her hips to me, my cock now at the entrance to her womb, and let go. She closed her eyes as I blasted her cervix with six or seven strong ropes of semen, loaded with millions of sperm. I kept coming til it was spilling out around my cock, dripping down my balls and onto the bed.

Hannah’s eyes had opened wide after about the fourth blast of come, and I felt her hips shake as she came in response to the barrage of come on her womb. “I love when a guy fills me, but damn!! I never expected a load like that!!” Her eyes got dreamy as the last of my come escaped my pulsing dick, and she collapsed onto my chest.

We kissed softly until my cock softened up. Hannah slowly rolled off me, lying next to me on the bed. A moment later, a long drip of come spilled out of her pussy, rolling down her thigh onto the sheet, making her giggle as it made its way down her leg. We kissed more, then she realized she needed to get on with her rounds.

“You’re not late for anyone, I hope,” I asked.

“No,” she said, standing up, picking her panties out of her scrub pants. “I planned my day so I could take my morning break here if I needed to.” She went into the bathroom, a long drip of sperm leaking from her blonde pussy and rolling down her right thigh. “Mind if I use one of your washcloths??”

“Not at all. I bet you’re pretty sloppy right now.”

“Ha ha, you have no idea.”

“I do, actually. I may be an old guy, but I know what I’m capable of. Too bad this didn’t happen 30 years ago. You’d be feeling it til you were halfway around the world.”

“I’m sure,” said Hannah, emerging from the bathroom, her bush wet from her attempted clean up. I could see my come still hanging on her labia, which were slightly protruding from her outer lips. She stepped into her panties, pulling them up over her still messy cunt and pubes. “I’m going to feel you with me all day, at least.” She pulled the waistband away, looking down into them. “I think these will be soaked through in an hour’s time.” She smiled at me. I picked up her pants and handed them to her, and she pulled them on over her panties, then found where I had tossed her top, and put it on. She smoothed herself, and stepped into her shoes. I looked at her, taking her hand.

“Thanks for taking care of me. I feel much better.”

Hannah laughed. “I’m sure. I’m glad I could play a part in your recovery.” She smiled.

I found my boxers, slipping them on. “I’ll walk you out,” I said, standing. Hannah took my hand, and kissed me, a long deep kiss that I didn’t want to end.

She opened my cabin door, taking a quick look up and down the hall. She leaned in, giving me a quick kiss. “Bye, Tom. Be well.”

“Bye, Hannah. Take care of yourself.”

I need to get sick again. Wonder what I can come down with tomorrow.

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