Punishment Weekend Ch. 02

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(A fantasy written by me for fun. It contains spanking and humiliation, so beware. All characters are 18 or older.)

Punishment Weekend – Friday Night

Molly is spanked

Barbara, or Babs, as everyone calls her, came into the house just as I sent her sister Molly to the corner. Molly was waiting to be spanked for over spending on her credit cards. My name is Andy Wilson and I am Molly’s husband. I do the spanking in this family.

Barbara was Molly’s older sister, 47, 5:8, a duplicate of Molly except a fuller figure. She was divorced, lived next door to us and had three daughters all living at home. Susan was 24 and worked as a teacher in the nearby elementary school, Kathleen (21) attends college, and Annie was 18 and a senior in high school. Barbara was a real estate broker. All four have been disciplined by me over the past few years, the 3 daughters at their mother’s request, and Barbara because she sometimes acts like a ten year old.

As I heard the click of Barbara’s high-heeled shoes accompanied by the squeak of Beth’s tennis shoes coming across the hard wood floor of the foyer, I could see Molly pressing herself into the corner. Tears trickled down her cheeks, her little girl under panties at her ankles, skirt tucked into her belt, she was ashamed and humiliated to be seen by her older sister.

‘I came over because the mailman left this credit card bill in my mailbox and I wanted to give it to you,’ she announced.

Barbara saw Molly standing in the corner, sniffling, with two red palm prints one on each bare cheek and her panties turned inside out at her ankles.

‘Whoops am I interrupting something?’ she said with a slight smile.

‘What did she do?’

‘She overspent her allowance again, and then to compound matters she lost her temper,

and used some not so nice language,’ I answered noting the smile on Barbara face.

Barbara loved to tease her younger sister and couldn’t resist now: ‘Well it appears as though my little sister is going to get her bare backside spanked in front of the whole family! I know I’d just die of shame. I’ll bet she really learns a lesson. Can I stay and watch?’ She teased as she spoke in a condescending manner.

Molly looked over her shoulder and shouted from frustration: ‘DAMN it was her fault, she said the prices were too good to pass up and besides she said it was my money and I could spend it anyway I wanted,’ she yelled.

That was it; I had thought I had broken Molly of her annoying temper tantrums, but apparently I had not. She had lost her temper once too often tonight. The girls eyes were big as saucers in disbelief, even Barbara was in shock to hear Molly lose her temper.

I went over to the spanking chair and sat down.

‘Young Lady come over here and stand with your bare backside facing the couch,’ I ordered in a firm no nonsense voice.

Molly burst into tears as she heard me speak and she began to plead to be spared the humiliation of a spanking in front of her daughters and big sister. ‘Please Andy! Don’t do this to me, please! I a-am so sorry, please take me to the bedroom, please! I’ll just die of shame if they w-watch me get spanked,’ She sobbed and stammered like an 8 year old.

I was now really annoyed at Molly’s disobedience and indicated with my finger where she was to stand, ‘Now listen to me carefully Young Lady! You have been disobedient, disrespectful, rude and mouthy and you are going to get your bottom blistered for your actions! Now I don’t want to hear any more begging or pleading. You are going to get a sound paddling on your bare cheeks and everyone is going to witness a 44 year old Mother treated like an eight year old juvenile.’

Tears poured down Molly’s cheeks as she shuffled over to where my finger was pointed. Panties still gathered at her ankles, bare backside on display, and her back facing the couch. I waited realizing that Molly was in a great deal of mental turmoil at the prospect of getting spanked in public.

‘That’s better Missy!’ Molly knew that the entire room was watching xslot her. Sitting back in the spanking chair, I said. ‘Young Lady turn around and I will unhook your side and back garters.’

Molly was so ashamed that she wished she could die! Sobbing openly now, she shuffled around and stood with her back facing me. I wasted no time and quickly unhooked all four of the garters that held Molly’s nylons at the rear and side of the garter belt. Her nylon stockings sagged down in back exposing her bare thighs.

‘Now Young Lady, I want you to continue where you left off before Barbara arrived,’ I said.

‘Stand in front of your daughters, and ask Karen for the hairbrush and thank her for getting it, and thank Beth for laying out your discipline outfit.’ I said in a no nonsense voice.

‘I also want you to apologize to your daughters and Barbara for the scene you created in the kitchen and the living room,’ I said.

‘Yes Sir,’ she said quietly as she made her way over to the couch where the girls were sitting.

Her face flushed with embarrassment, her skirt still raised to show her little girl undies, she stood in front of couch and started to stammer out an apology.

‘Karen, Barbara and Beth I am sorry for being so rude and disrespectful thank you for getting my hairbrush and laying out my discipline outfit,’ By this time Molly was blubbering like a 8 year old.

The girls kept their composure and said nothing; however, Barbara just couldn’t resist and said; ‘Little sister look at you crying like a baby! You are going to get spanked now! I know I’d just die of shame! But I bet you really learn a lesson! You must really feel like a naughty little girl.’

‘Barbara, I won’t have you taunting Molly,’ I said.

‘I think you need to be brought down a peg or two,’ ‘Karen hand the hairbrush to your Mother, and go to the kitchen and get another chair.’

Barbara’s face immediately lost its taunting smile and got red with embarrassment no one knew that I spanked her except Molly.

Karen got the chair as she was told, I pointed to where I wanted it, which

was to my left just in front of where I was seated.

I said: ‘Barbara you think that you are immune from a good old fashion spanking. You have been teasing Molly all night, and after I finish paddling her fanny you are next.’ My daughters could not believe Aunt Babs still was spanked.

She was dressed in a white blouse, a red skirt with red heels. She looked very dignified and business-like: ‘Now Barbara, lift up your skirt to your waist,’ I instructed her.

She hesitated for a second, saw the stern look on my face, and reached for the end of the skirt and slowly lifted it up her long legs. Inch by inch her legs came into view. Surprise! Surprise! Her skirt reached the top of her thighs I saw that she had on clear stockings attached to a white spandex panty. The type that is form fitting and holds her tightly together.

I could hear the girls gasp, as they saw their aunt exposed in this manner. The garters of her spandex panty were located half way up the legs, pulling tightly on her nylons. The overall effect was to give her a rather trim figure. I could see the embarrassment and apprehension reflected in Barbara’s eyes.

‘I told you Barbara to pull your skirt all the way up!’ I ordered.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, as she fumbled with her skirt and slip. She rolled them until both items were bunched at her waist, exposing the waistband of her spandex panty.

In a firm voice I said: ‘Babs make sure they stay bunched at your waist. Do you understand?’ Nodding her head miserably, Barbara held her skirt on either side and waited, with her head hanging in shame. I could see my wife crack a small smile, even though she was in same predicament.

‘Karen go get me three safety pins, I’m going to pin your Aunt’s skirt and slip up in the back,’ Karen quickly got the safety pins and handed them to me.

‘Come over here Young Lady,’ I pointed to the empty chair.

I now had two grown xslot Giriş women feeling like children, both sobbing, one with her bare backside on display the other showing off her panties.

Barbara stood next to the other spanking chair, which was to my left and in front of me facing away from the couch, where her nieces were sitting. Molly was still standing with her nylons dangling in back; her skirt and slip bunched around her middle and her cute little girl panties at her knees.

I walked behind Barbara and took a fold of her slip in my left hand; I then slipped the safety pin through the material and through the material of the skirt onto her blouse midway up her back. Opening the second and third pin, I repeated the same procedure twice, placing the pins at three locations across my sister-law’s back to ensure that her skirt would be supported and held away from her bottom.

I finished and she was left standing with her white, tight spandex panty fully exposed, the garters of the panty tugging upward towards her stockings. Barbara was totally mortified as she now realized her nieces now knew she wore a type of girdle to minimize her full figure.

I let both of them her stand in the center of the room on display for about 5 minutes. The room was hushed all you could hear were two 40 year olds quietly sobbing. Barbara tried to say ‘I’m so sorry, S-ir’, but could not get the words out, she was so humiliated.

I rose from the chair where I was going to spank Molly, and walked over to the other chair and sat down with Barbara to my right. I reached up and worked my fingers into the waistband of the spandex panty pulling the tight spandex girdle inside out over Barbara’s full hips.

I tugged he tight panty working it over her full buttocks and on down her legs until the waistband was below Barbara’s knees. The legs of the spandex panty had turned inside out and the garters dangled loosely, still attached to her clear nylon stockings. Her white nylon panties, under her girdle like garment, stretched tightly over her plump hips and buttocks were all that remained to be removed.

I stood up and grabbed her earlobe making her bend over the seat of the chair, as if she were to be spanked, but without benefit of a lap.

Her hands touched the floor on one side of the chair. She lowered her head until her face was only inches from the floor. Her back legs were straight, heels together to protect her modesty. Her plump, panty covered buttocks were sticking straight up waiting to be spanked. I then said: ‘Barbara, I want you to lower your own panties inside out down to your knees. DO it now!’

She reached behind her and hooked the waistband of her white nylon panties with her thumbs and began to tug her panties down. She had to slightly lift off of the chair to work them down over her hips and backside. The panties stopped when they were wedged behind her garters in front and dangling almost to her knee hollows in back.

Barbara moaned loudly as she felt the cool air. She knew that her bottom was now completely naked and realized how silly she looked. I gave her a sharp slap on her right and left buttocks, which made her jump and brought her back to reality.

She now resembled her sister, whom she had made fun both had bare hind ends, both had two red palm prints one on each cheek, both felt like children about to be disciplined, and both were being punished in public if front of their daughters or nieces.

I decided to spank Molly first, so I called her over as I sat down on the original spanking chair. Tears streaked her face as Molly stood in total humiliation, still holding her skirt bunched around her waist the hairbrush in the other hand, her bottom bare and ready to be spanked.

Molly felt like her Daddy, not her husband, was going to spank her and she was 8 years old. I looked at her and said in a loud, sharp voice. ‘Now don’t you feel ashamed of yourself, Molly? Here you are, 44 years old, mother of two college girls, and you are about to get your bare bottom spanked just like xslot Güncel Giriş a little school girl.’

I then rolled up the right sleeve of my white dress shirt. Whenever I begin to roll up that sleeve, the bad girl always breathes a deep sigh, as she now knows what is in store. Then I grabbed Molly’s ear again, I began to pull her towards my waiting lap.

Molly draped herself across my lap like a naughty girl. To the right her shapely legs fell away and the tips of her pumps dug into the rug. To the left she stretched as far as she could until her nose was inches from the floor. She still held the hairbrush in her hand. I rested my hand casually on her firm bare backside.

‘Embarrassed?’ I said.

I could barely hear her sob ‘Yes Sir.’

‘Good,’ I answered. ‘You should be.’

I had decided to give her a hand spanking first as a warm up to the hairbrush. In the classic spanking position, naughty girls all act the same whether they’re six or sixty. They

clench the cheeks of their bare behinds to minimize the target area, and squirm and wiggle as if trying to make it difficult for the punishing hand to strike effectively.

My Molly fit the description perfectly, lying jackknifed across my lap, her nylons and panties still bunched at her knees, her skirt and slip now pushed up to her shoulder blades. Not a trace of maturity – just a bad girl about to be spanked by her husband.

I raised my hand and held it for a moment high above her generous backside. She knew

exactly what was coming. I heard her swallow.

WHAP!! I slapped the middle of her cheeks good and hard with the flat of my

hand. Her legs tensed and straightened a little and I heard a rush of breath, as if she was relieved that her punishment was finally beginning.

I didn’t give her time to relax. I lifted my hand again and spanked her once more, even harder, right on the same spot. The loud SLAP! from her firm, solid backside filled the room. This time her right leg briefly kicked up, then quickly returned to the floor.

I lifted my right hand and paused. Then I energetically began spanking her bottom again. I slapped up, down, then across from one side to another.

By this time I landed a half dozen stingers on her writhing bottom, a prolonged screech of pain escaped from Molly’s lips as she became aware of the cumulative effect of the painful stinging smacks.

My hand was rising and falling at the rate of one swat per second. I kept up this pace without interruption for at least two minutes, as every inch of her bare bottom and upper thighs quickly took on a bright pink glow. The intensity of the sting was very evident as Molly began to cry louder.

‘Just listen to you carry on! One would think you never got a spanking before Missy. I’ll give you about thirty seconds to compose yourself before I continue. This is only a warm-up, you know. I am going to use the hairbrush next. I won’t tolerate your temper tantrums.’

I looked around the room and saw my two daughters with their mouths wide open, they

had never seen their Mother spanked before tonight. Barbara was still over the other spanking chair bare-bottomed awaiting her punishment, I could see her cheeks clenching as Molly was being spanked.

With that I continued the spanking and two minutes later Molly’s fanny was one continuous red glow from the top of her hips to mid-thigh, with special emphasis on the crease at the bottom of her cheeks where she sat. Her crying and blubbering where at an all time high by the time I ceased the warm-up. All attempts at self-control in front of her daughters and sister went by the boards after the first thirty seconds there was no question about it, I was getting my message across.

I decided to let Molly regain her composure and to deal with Barbara in the same manner. I pulled her upright; Molly could do nothing but stand trembling and crying doing a funny little girl dance from one foot to another. I assisted her in stumbling over to the corner: I placed her into the corner with her nose buried against the wall

‘Young Lady you are to stand in that corner, while I deal with Babs, keep that naughty bare bottom on full display! No rubbing or touching your red bottom,’ I gave her a hard hand spank to drive my point home.

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