punishment 3

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Cum Swallow

punishment 3it was quiet in the house for a month until a phone call from the school about scot they found d**gs in his locker he is suspended from school while they investigate’scot take your clothes off and go stand in the middle of the garden facing brians house for 10 minutes’ kevin says ‘you know the rules your punishment will start now’scot knows better then to try to argue strips goes out into the garden facing brians house he puts a hand in front of his limp cock’hands on your head’ sally tells himscot puts his hands on his headjane go round to brians house tell him to look out the window ask if he wants to come round and help with scots punishment tellhim the next time you or sarah misbehave he can help with your punishment as well’please dad don’t send me he saw ne nude in the garden last month”thats why you get to go round ‘ kevin smiles ‘so unless you want to join your brother do as i say’jane goes to fetch brian , sarah kevin and sally watch scot through the window’the punishments don’t seem to be working they just keep misbehaving ‘ sally says ‘ah yes but we enjoy punishing them don’t we ‘ kevin laughs he looks at sarah ‘all except for you are you really as good as we think or have you just not been found out yet you really seem to enjoy punishing scot and jane almost as much as we do i think you are a bit of a slut ‘sarah smiles but desn’t say anythingjane comes into the room followed by brian’hello brian i know you would probably enjoy punishing one of the girls but today its scots turn did you enjoy watching jane in the garden last month ?’ sally asks ‘not half’ brian smiles ‘so whats scot done wrong? and hows he to be punished ?”he has been caught with d**gs at school’ kevin says ‘as for his punishment it has begun he is in the garden nude now but its time for him to come in’kevin knocks on the window scot turns kevin beckons him in’keep your hands on your head ‘ sally says as scot walks in’you like d**gs so much take these’ kevin hands him 2 tablets’what are they?’ scot asks ‘just swallow them’ kevin saysscot takes the tablets and swallows them’good now sit down on this chair’ sally says scot sits ‘hands behind your back legs spread ‘ sally saysscot does as he’s told he’s not sure why but his cock starts to hardensally ties scots hands behind his back and to the chair the ties his legs to the chair legs scots cock is very hard now pointing straight up in the air ‘those tablets were for your cock ‘ kevin says ‘they help it to stay hard you should really izmir escort bayan only take one but you had 2 so your cockshould hopefully stay hard or hours you see our punishment is to be wanked off’scot grins’makes you happy does it’ sally says ‘well maybe the 1st time it will”what do you mean the 1st time ‘ scot asks ‘well we are going to take turns wanking you off one after the other no breaks for you each of us will wank you until you cum ”please no please don’t that would get very sore”yes and maybe we will all wank you off more that once ‘ kevin smiles ‘but the pills should keep you good and hard but not take any of the feeling away’sally goes and gets a glass with a straw in it and puts it next to scot ‘all your cum is going in this glass when we have all had enough of wanking you off you get to suck all your cum up the straw and swallow it”so who wants to go 1st ?’ sally says ‘brian you are a guest in our home would you like to start?”i think thats a great idea ‘ kevin says ‘that way i don’t think scot would even enjoy the 1st one ‘kevin laughs’uh are you sure about this ?’ brian asks’come on just wrap your hand around his cock and wank him until he cums ‘ sally says ‘like you wanked yourself off when jane was in the garden last month we all saw you spurt your cum up the window’brian takes hold of scots cock and starts wanking him slowlyscot squirms but sally tied him well so he can’t get out of the chairbrian starts wanking scots hard cock faster gripping it tightly using long strokes up and down the hard shaftscot groans as brian wanks him faster and faster ‘you must tell sarah when you are going to cum so she can catch your cum in the glass ‘ sally says ‘if ou don’t and you cum on the floor you will be licking the floor clean’brian wanks scots cock faster scot groans ‘i’m going to cum’sarah holds the glass in front of scots cock as scots cock starts spurting wads of cumbrian lets go of scots cock sally takes the glass from sarah ‘you barely covered the bottom i was hoping for you to fill this up before we are finished ”who’s next ?’ sally asks’me i think’ kevin says taking hold of scots cock ‘please it hurts ‘ scot says’yes and we have only just begun’ sally smileskevin wanks scots cock fast gripping tightly to cause scot the most discomfort’how does it feel do you think you will do d**gs again ?’ kevin says taking hold of scots balls and squeezing them as he wanks scots cock faster’no i won’t i promise , i’m going to cum ‘scot sayssarah holds the izmir escort bayan glass in front of scots cock and scot cums into the glass ‘please no more my cock is really sore please stop please cane me instead’ scot begs’me next ‘ sally laughs taking hold of scots sore cock she takes a tissue and wipes the head and shaft 1st so his cock is dry as she starts wanking him off ‘i bet thats worse ‘ sally smiles wanking his cock with big strokes pulling down hard then up to the tip on each stroke she fondles his balls with her other hand’when you are done with scot my cock needs some attention honey ‘ kevin smiles standing with his cock poking the front of his trousers ‘and i think brian could do with some relief he looks a bit uncomfortble maybe one of the girls could jerk him off ?”uh i will’ says sarahkevin laughs ‘i knew you were a slut’scot groans as his mothers expert hands wank his cock ‘i’m going to cum again’sarah holds the glass in front of scots cock as scot groans in pain and cums again into the glass’so sally is going to wank me off sarah is going to wank brian off jane will have to wank scot this time if he cums before us you keep going but get ready to catch it in the glass as sarah will be busy’ kevin saysbrian and kevin get their cocks out as jane starts stroking scots cock she smiles she only wanks the top of his cock which is already really sore squeezing the head as she just wanks the tip scot squirms but can’t get away from her handsarah takes hold of brians cock and is surprised at how big it is she has seen scots and kevins a few times now but brians is much bigger’brians cum and kevins cum can both go in scots glass to help fill it up faster’ sally says wanking kevins cock’please no its bad enough having to suck up my own don’t make me suck up anyone elses ‘ scot groans in pain as jane digs her nails into the tip of his cock as she wanks it’the more cum that goes into the glass the faster it fills up for you ‘ kevin smiles looking down at sallys hand wanking his cock’better get the glass ready this girl knows how to handle a cock’ says briansarah picks up the glass in her other hand holds it in front of brians cock as brian cums groaning and thrusting into sarahs fist’oh bro thats disgusting it looks lumpy ‘ sarah laughs ‘ you may need to chew on it”i’m going to cum again ‘scot groanssarah holds the glass in front of scots cock as he erupts into it again’i didn’t know cum was different ‘ sarah laughs ‘yours is runny and brians is thick and chunky ”you wank scot off next ‘ sally says to sarah as she keeps wanking kevins cock’sarah takes hold of scots still very hard cock its going an angry shade of purple now scot is crying as sarah starts wanking him off’get the glass ‘kevin says i’m about to cumsally holds the glass in front of kevins cock as kevins cock spurts thick wads of cum out’how does your cock feel now scot?’ kevin asks ‘mines tender and i only came once thats 4 times for you now’ he laughs’when sarah has made you cum we can go round again starting with brian wanking you again ‘ sally smiles ‘please no please no more i will never misbehave again ‘scot says tears running down his face’sarah squeezes scots cock hard as she wanks him making him squeal she takes his balls and squeezes them as she wanks him faster and faster gripping his shaft tighter and tighter’i’m going to cum’ scot says sarah grabs the glass as scot groans and cums into the glass for the 5th time’well should we go round again ? ‘ sally asks ‘brian do you want to wank him again ?”uh no i don’t think so’ brian feels sorry for scot ‘ i think i will get going thank you for inviting me round to help it was fun”sarah show brian out while i wank scot again’ sally says taking hold of scots still hard cock and stroking himsarah shows brian to the door taking hold of his cock through his trousers and squeezing it as the get to the door ‘thank you for letting me wank you off ‘ she smiles ‘i hope to get to do it again soon’ brian leavessarah walks back in sally is wanking scot really fast he’s crying in pain ‘please no more please i’m going to cum again’sarah gets the glass holds it in front of scots cock scot squeals as he cums into the glass’do you think he has learned his lesson’ sally asks licking a drop of cum off her finger’i think so sarah hold the glass for him and the straw so he can suck up all that cum’ kevin sayssarah takes the glass holds the straw for scot to take it in his mouth ‘suck all that cum out of the glass and swallow’ sally saysscot sucks all the cum up gagging as some of it is lumpy as he swallows it all down’next time we will use tabasco sauce as lube i bet that will really sting and if brian comes round you will be sucking his cock so i suggest you behave from now on ‘ sally says’now i think i want to fuck sallys ass in front of scot when i’m ready to cum i’m going to pull out and scot can suck me off to finish ‘ kevin says ‘girls you can stay and watch if you want”uh no thanks ‘ jane says going to her roomsarah stays ‘if you are going to stay you can wank scot off one more time onto the floor so he can lick it up ‘ sally says bending over the table and reaching back spreading her ass cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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