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“What was that you just said?”

“I said, Max quit the abseiling club. It was quite an anti-climb-Max.” Percy stuck his tongue out, grinning at Karen.

“So you made a pun, right?”

“So what? You’re going to pun-ish me or something?”

“Now I definitely am!” Karen slapped his ass and glanced around the kitchen, looking for something to inspire her. Percy stood with that grin on his face, running his tongue over his top teeth, waiting. “Ah-ha!”

“What?” Percy blinked at her as she thrust the pair of brown oven mitts into his hands. “Oh, I’m so scared!”

“You will be. On!” Karen gestured for him to put them on. Percy did so, curiously watching Karen, who smiled with satisfaction. “Your room. Now.” Percy’s room was right next to the kitchen, so he turned and tried to grab the doorknob, but the gloves stopped him from getting a grip.

“Err…” Shielding Karen’s view, Percy tried to slip one glove off to get a hold of the handle…

“What are you doing?”


“Put that back on!” Karen laughed as Percy hurriedly tugged the mitt back on. “I can’t trust you for a second, can I? Hmm.” She opened the door for him, and pointed at his bed. She followed him in and sat next to him a moment later.

“What are you hiding?”

“This.” Karen pulled the roll of duct tape she had picked up out from behind her back, grabbed Percy’s left hand and quickly taped the bottom of the glove tightly round his wrist. As he inspected the tape with surprise, she did the same to his right hand. The tape wasn’t touching his skin, but the loops round his wrists made the gloves impossible to remove.


“I can’t trust you to keep them on yourself. Now, you don’t have a choice.” Karen smiled wickedly. “Now undress me.”

“Okay!” Percy’s eyes lit up – Karen was wearing a tight white blouse that exaggerated her huge boobs and he’d been fantasising about ripping it off her since he first saw it that morning. Excitedly he fumbled at her top button… but couldn’t get a grip on it… Karen grabbed him and lay back, pulling him down so he was lying on top of her. Still he fiddled with her top button, a look of intense concentration of his bahis siteleri face. Karen giggled as Percy pawed helplessly at her chest, squeezing her boobs through those mitts. He felt his hard cock pressing into her leg and readjusted himself so he was rubbing himself between her legs. Karen moaned gently, running her fingers into Percy’s hair. He nuzzled into her chest, and suddenly she forced his face into her cleavage. Percy whimpered – his nose had slipped into her blouse and he could smell the gentle scent of her body… but still he couldn’t get a grip on those buttons, still he fumbled helplessly.

“What’s the matter?” Karen stroked the back of his head as he rubbed his face between her boobs.

“I…” Percy looked up into her eyes, and let her kiss him. “I… can’t get the buttons…”

Slowly, Percy’s puzzled and desperate expression became a cheeky grin. Gently, he touched the top button of Karen’s blouse with his tongue, daring her to stop him. She didn’t. Percy took the top button in his mouth, bit down, tugged… and spat the lose button onto the floor. “You did not just..!”

“I did” Percy nodded devilishly. “Ha, you thought you had the perfect way to tease me there, didn’t you? Well, I’ve outsmarted you!”

“Clever boy!” Karen sighed as she felt Percy sneakily slip his tongue into her blouse as he pulled off the next button. The next button came off with a loud ‘pop!’, and gave Percy the perfect view of her large tits. With a murmur of excitement he nuzzled into her purple bra, pulling it clumsily below her nipple and licking gently but greedily. Karen ran her hands down his back and into his jeans, feeling his arse as he instinctively ground against her. She pulled him close with her legs, and held his head tightly against her body, feeling herself tensing up as he sucked… “Stop! Stop!” She gasped suddenly, pulling his head back by his hair.


“Get on with it!”

“What? I thought you liked-“

“Oh, I do. But, right now, I want you. Inside me.” She could already feel how wet she was. Rolling Percy onto his back, she got up and pulled the rest of her blouse off, letting Percy bury his nose into her chest one last time. She canlı bahis siteleri pulled his shirt off, and giggled as the sleeves caught on the wide wrists of the mitts. Slipping off her skirt, revealing her lacy purple panties, she turned her back to him, and heard his mumbles of appreciation… “Uhhh… Huhhhh….”

Percy loved asses. He had told Karen early on in their relationship that he loved asses, and Karen had revelled in his pleasure as he kissed, licked, smacked and just generally worshiped her perfect buttocks and tight little butthole.

Percy sat up and grabbed her hips, pulling her close. His mitts ran helplessly over the lace, and so he grabbed the elastic with his teeth and yanked them down… She stumbled a little in surprise and fell a bit further back than she intended to… Percy buried his nose into her ass, groaning as he felt his cock throb with pleasure. He let his tongue slide out, to teasingly slip around her butthole, and nuzzle deep into her ass… Karen felt the warmth and wetness of his tongue, and felt herself longing for him to exhale, to feel the heat of his breath running between her legs… He did, finally, and Karen shivered to feel his warmth…

“Percy!” Karen gasped. “What did I just tell you?”

“Ass?” Percy mumbled.

“I want you… inside me. Now. I’m ready, what about you?”

“Uh.” Percy kneeled up on the bed and grabbed for the zip on his jeans. “Erm…” Obviously, the mitts made this impossible. He glanced up helplessly at Karen, who was biting her lip and watching him struggle. The button wouldn’t go, and he couldn’t get a grip on the zip at all. “Help?”

“Hmm, maybe he doesn’t want to have any fun tonight.” Karen sighed dramatically. “Oh well. I’ll just go back to my room and-“

“No wait!” Percy fumbled clumsily and desperately.

“If you can’t get those down in ten seconds…” Karen winked.

“Ten.” Percy tried to worm out of the jeans without undoing them. No luck.

“Nine.” Percy couldn’t even get a grip on the big button…


“You’re getting off on this, aren’t you?”


“Watching me struggle like this?”

“Six. Stop arguing, do it!” Percy pulled canlı bahis up his blue boxers in an attempt to get out of the jeanss… they didn’t budge.

“Five” Percy threw himself down on the bed and squirmed.

“Four.” Percy pawed helplessly at the bulge in his pants.

“Three.” Percy had to stop to catch his breath.

“Don’t give up now! Two.” Percy whimpered as Karen climbed onto him, pinning him down. “Not fair…” He mumbled, as she leaned over him and whispered into his ear…


“Oh dear, looks like your time ran out…”

“So that’s it?” Percy grumpily struggled, trying to free himself from her grasp. “We’re not going to screw because you set me an impossible challenge? That’s mean.” His cock was still so hard he could feel it pressing against the inside of his boxers.

“When did I say I wasn’t going to screw you?” Karen grinned naughtily. “I said, ‘If you can’t get those down in ten seconds…’. I never said what I’d do.”

“Uh. So, what are you going to do?” Percy stopped struggling and let Karen hold him down by his wrists.

“I’m not going to take those off you. But I’m still going to screw you.” Karen cuddled him tightly to her, and rolled him over so he was lying on her again. He kneeled over her and let her unbutton his trousers. Finally, the sensation of his jeans falling below his waist made him sigh with relief, and Karen pulled down his damp boxers too, seeing for the first time how exited he was.


“Yeah…” Percy blushed a little, the slightly embarrassed way that turned Karen on so much. He struggled out of his pants, clumsily, and leaned down to kiss Karen, letting his mitted hands squeeze her naked buttocks.

“Uh.” Percy sighed as the two lay in each other’s arms. “That was… so hot…” He was sweating a little, and wiped his forehead with a mitt.

“Mmm…” Karen snuggled up to him, her fingers gently stroking his slim chest.

“Could you… ehh… let me free now?”

“I suppose!” Karen sighed with fake reluctance, pulling the tape off gently. Percy’s hands felt cool after taking off the slightly damp mittens, so he warmed them up by gently squeezing Karen’s breasts.

“Your boobs are awesome…” He mumbled, nuzzling them, then glanced cheekily up at Karen “Not to o-mitt your ass or anything…” Karen narrowed her eyes. “Did I get away with that one?”

“Nope.” She purred into his ear.

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