Project Lia Ch. 02

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John arrives back at his apartment, a relatively small but functional place not far from the clinic. He carefully flops onto the couch, and checks his phone instinctively. No emergencies or trouble tickets from work, but there is a new text from Lia.

“Hey, I’m glad you didn’t jump out the window today. I’m used to bad first reactions from people I interact with so it’s refreshing to not have to explain everything and try to do a bunch of prep first. It never works anyway, people are gonna do what they do.”

“I have to admit I was a bit shocked at first, and the receptionist tried to warn me but she was talking far too fast to really get it. I was more puzzled by how it’s possible to not be dead under your circumstances – I thought you might be some kind of robot or something lol.”

Lia replies “Ha! If I was a robot I wouldn’t need to exercise though – at least I think that’s how robots work… I went to school for programming not robotics”

“I’d hate to ask too many uncomfortable questions if you don’t want to talk about it, but I have a ton of them.”

Lia texts back “Let’s start at the top – no pun intended… I got diagnosed in my junior year of college when my hearing started to go, so I had to learn some sign language. After graduation I tried to get a job, but by then my vision was starting to fade. It was getting harder to remember things too, and I was starting to lose coordination.

One of my friends found out about this place and the drug trial. I didn’t think I had much time left before things got too bad so I signed up. Once I was accepted, they did a ton of scans, IQ tests, interviews, the works.

Over the next couple months I received a bunch of injections of the drug, and each time they said my memory and coordination were getting better, but my senses weren’t really improving.

After the last big round of testing before all the craziness, they found out I was starting to lose sensation in my head and face, and it was likely that I wouldn’t be able to eat unassisted soon.

I think they were getting pretty frustrated so they set me up with an MRI, CT, PET, EMG, MEG, basically every expensive test they could find a free time slot to run, to try to figure out what the hell was going on.

After the docs got the first set of results back they were pretty frantic. My brain was basically gone, and there was no electrical activity going on at all.”

“Um, what?”

“I know, right? I was in uncharted territory – according to all their schooling I was brain dead so how was I still walking around (sorta, my balance was terrible) and passing all their tests? Apparently with no brain left the demand for blood flow upstairs was a lot lower too, so they were worried about anything else breaking in the process as the arteries started to shrink down.

Once they found that out, and after they stopped panicking, they re-ran the tests with the same result. One of the docs got the idea to do a PET scan again but do it on eryaman rus escort my whole body, and although I was kinda fed up with getting irradiated I went along with it.

They found the brain activity they were looking for, just spread out everywhere but where it was supposed to be – I had an even smearing of brain cells across my whole body, and my spinal cord had basically converted to a bit of stretched out brain. They didn’t see anything happening above my neck, so that explained my face going numb – the facial nerves were basically wiped out with the rest.

That’s part of the reason I’m still here – they’re paying me a ton of money to be a guinea pig and I could probably sue them for like a billion dollars for malpractice. I also might be able to help them eventually save lives with the data.”

John replies “So something else must have happened after that, mind if I ask?

After a few minutes, Lia texts back “Sorry, I haven’t had to think about it lately – pretty heavy stuff. As the disease rounded the last base, I started living at the hospital full time and my friends pretty much stopped visiting – I think they were freaked out by my appearance. Apparently I looked like a walking corpse, which made for a really convincing halloween costume (I stole some supplies and dressed up as a zombie nurse lol).

By that time, I felt like my head wasn’t really part of me anymore. It was basically nonfunctional; I could still use my jaw and tongue so I could sorta feed myself, but everything above that was dead weight. After Halloween, I started to feel terrible and thought I had caught an early flu or a bad cold.

When they checked me over, they figured out I had a pretty serious infection somewhere in my head, and the combination of lack of sensation, bad blood flow and me trying to be tough caused it to spread really far.

They had to open my head up and poke around to try to clean out the infection, but they found that it had progressed really quickly. My eyes were toast, my head was full of infection basically everywhere and it was trying to spread downward.

They quickly came up with a pretty radical plan to give me a shot at surviving. They removed my skull and pretty much everything above my C3 vertebra, moved a bunch of stuff around, sealed everything up as best as they could and hoped for the best.

I woke up 7 inches shorter (which sucks because I was already short), 10 pounds lighter, and was bandaged from my armpits up. They had injected me with another dose of their magic drug hoping to counteract any damage they did during the surgery. The side effect of that shot being my sense of touch got way more intense. It’s pretty disorienting waking up in a hospital bed with no head and feeling like you were hit by a bus made of ecstasy..”

“On the other hand you would not believe how good silk sheets feel now – I highly recommend…”

John texts “Wow, that’s a hell of a lot for one person to handle. ankara etimesgut escort bayan I’ll keep the sheets thing in mind though lol… so how is it that you can hear what I say and read these messages?”

“Before I totally lost my senses I hacked 2 smart watches that I wear on my wrists and wrote a program that does speech recognition. It takes my texts on my phone, then converts it to vibrations I can feel. It’s basically fancy morse code.

If that fails I can do sign language or finger spelling, which I can teach you if we get a chance to hang out. I’ll teach you some swear words in sign language, they are extremely goddamn funny.”

“So you live at the hospital? How does that work with the other patients?” John, feeling restless, stands up and paces around his apartment picking up a few things and getting his stuff ready for work.

His phone buzzes a minute later. “I have a room that’s locked out from most of the staff. I get to do basically whatever I want there as long as I make my appointments with the research folks. I do some yoga in my room when I’m not working on my school work, and text the last couple friends I have sometimes. I go out really late at night to wander around the hospital grounds a bit once in a while. I don’t really go far though, if I got lost I would have to call for help.”

“Oh, you’re doing school? That’s really cool – what are you studying? I’m working on some certifications – I work in a datacenter and racking servers and pulling cables is getting old fast. Also I can’t really do it with a busted leg, so I’ve been studying a lot.”

Lia replies “Although I work a lot slower than most people, I have tons of time to work on my Master’s thesis. It’s in Biomedical Engineering and I’m thinking about selling all the assistive tech I’ve been working on.”

“Nice, I’ll try to get in on the IPO when you make it big…”

Lia texts “Naah, I’ll probably do a SPAC so I don’t have to be honest about how broke I am lol.”

John gets a text with an attachment this time “Here’s my setup – I think the camera is pointed in the right direction but this might look wonky.” The attached photo shows what started out as a standard hospital room which has been massively upgraded – most of the medical gear was removed, an extra couch added, a desk rigged up for a nice computer and lots of stuffed animals piled up on one of the couches.

“That’s pretty cool, I dig the stuffed animal pile too.”

“I kept getting those from well wishers, I also sometimes scam some when a massive pile of them shows up for the ward. They’re fun to squish when you’re having a bad day.”

In the corner of the photo John notices the side table, which has her prosthetic head sitting it on it where someone would expect to see a lamp. “So how did they come up with the prosthetic head? That seems like a pretty high-tech replica.”

“The guys in prosthetics are really good, and have all sorts of cool tech. gölbaşı rus escort bayan They 3D printed the support structure, cast some silicone around it and had one of their artists paint it up to look as real as they could. The docs paid them and told them it was for a haunted house one of them was building.

The cap that locks into it has some magnets built in, and I can breathe through the nose and mouth via the hole in this cap. I have other caps for stuff like showering that have vent holes around the bottom edge so I don’t drown. I’m thinking about one for swimming but I’m not really there on the design yet”

“Oh, so the cap isn’t something permanent? Makes sense.” As John reads the last message, Lia starts a video call. She is sitting at her computer with the camera on, and waves and types into the chat: “Can you see me?

John can see the camera view, which shows Lia in a plain t-shirt sitting facing him. From what he can see the sports bra was definitely applying a large squeezing force up top, she’s very gifted in the chest department.

That doesn’t fully distract him from the more obvious feature, her neck cap is right there front and center. Without a head and hair her neck looks especially long, and he can see a bit into what’s going on underneath through the hole in the top but not in any detail. John types “Yep, I can see you – you look great.”

Lia types “I bet you are curious what I look like under here” She points to the cap. “I think the doctors might have had too much fun when they put me back together – it’s a good design though…”

She leans in slightly, and takes hold of the cap. She lifts it up and out of the way, and it is quickly obvious what she’s talking about.

At the top of her neck it looks very much like another pussy, but slightly more open to allow her to breathe. It looks like her windpipe is open in front, just under the folds.

Behind it John can see a pink lump, which starts to move back and out, slipping out of somewhere and expanding upwards and out. “Holy shit, they kept your tongue” he types as she slips it out of her throat like a tentacle.

“Yep, they moved it on top of my spine to see if I could still use it – I stick it down my throat to keep it out of the way and keep stuff from drying out. It’s super long too.” she types, as its full length comes into view, completely covering her neck slit and hanging slightly past, covering up the hole in front if it wasn’t split in two halfway up its length.

“I had them split it, so I can use it to grab stuff – that way I can still eat some food. I think it really fucks with the docs when I eat yogurt or ice cream, so I do it whenever I can lol”

“I think I’d like to see that myself” John types.

“I can really fuck up a popsickle too, hint hint…”

Lia starts typing with one hand and leans in as her other one moves up to her neck, licking her fingers, intertwining them with her tongue and pinching her tongue halves around her thumb. “I have been stuck here for so long, no dating, no action and my friend hooks me up with a hunky guy who thinks I’m still hot? If you come over tonight I’ll show you in person. I’m in room 1180, first floor east wing. Hit the call button next to the door.”

“I’ll be there in 20.” John ends the call.

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