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ProgressionMy wife and I have an active and adventurous love life, we will both try most things at least twice, so we definitely know if it is something we don’t like. We have the two obvious exceptions and we don’t do any d**gs beyond coffee and alcohol. We have never forced each other to do something either of us is uncomfortable with. We have a book called ‘The greatest sex tips in the world’. Look it up, I’d recommend it.Four or five years ago we had a holiday in the south of France, we’d booked a villa with pool, it was only 20 minutes or so from the beaches so we spent most of our days at the beach eating to the cafes and bars and sunbathing before going home for a swim and a BBQ.One of the brochures in the villa suggested we visit a rather gorgeous beach about 30 miles away so we decided to try it. It was as wonderful as the brochure had said but, as we walked onto the beach to find a spot, we noticed it was a nudist beach, no one was wearing a stitch. We hesitated for a second, smiled at each other, found our spot, put out towels down and off came the swimwear! Extra sun cream was needed for the extra nude bits. That was fun. I was effectively playing with my wife, and she with me, in front of everyone who could see us, as we helped each other protect ourselves from the sun. All that gave me a stiffy so I had to lie on my front for a while.It turns out that at a beach like that no one takes a blind bit of notice. We saw couples, singles and families all there, all nude, and not giving a hoot. We also noticed people walking to the small village, to the shops and cafes, without dressing. We decided we would have to explore. Our first venture was into the sea walking past loads of people, nobody batted an eyelid. Same on our return to our towels. This was, we both agreed, FUN with a capital ‘F’!A little later, bolstered by our forage into the sea, we when into the village, to a café, and had a drink and some tapas snacks and watched the world go by. All nude, including ourselves.This buca escort became our daytime destination for the rest of our holiday and we came home with lovely all over tans! My wife wanted us to keep them, but as we lived in a flat, we had to make do with a tanning machine we went out and bought.My wife likes being naked at home as long as the temperature or heating system allows it, she likes it even more with her all over tan.When we were back we started looking on the internet for other similar places for future holidays. There are more than you might think in almost every country in Europe. Our searches even brought up several places in the UK but we decided that hot weather is not always expected so we stuck with mainland Europe. We found a lovely place in Portugal, and our visit is for another story.One of the other things our searches brought up were ‘naturist or naturalist’ clubs in the UK. One was in the city close to where we lived. Having seen their website and read some reviews we decided to ‘dare’ ourselves and go see what it was like.You didn’t have to book so we just turned up, I paid our entrance fee and we were told the basics; beyond the entrance door were male and female changing rooms, clean towels were there. We were told all interaction between patrons was purely consensual and that ‘no’ meant ‘no’. Whatever transpired between two or more people inside the club was up to them. However safety was paramount. We were left to fill in the gaps, but we got the drift. Clothes in locker, towels on, we re-grouped outside the changing rooms where the next door let us into the bar area.The bar was licenced and in it, at the bar and at small tables, were about 10 people all dressed as we were. And they were all looking at the new entrants. They was one couple and all the others were, what I presumed, single men. Ages ranged, but at a guess I would have said late 40s to mid 60s.We fitted in age-wise. My wife and I are what I would call ‘average’ body wise, escort buca I have a little on the waist and she is a size 14 with 38DD breasts. Everyone in the room was pretty similar, there was one very slim male and the woman was a size 20 or maybe 22.We went up to the bar, ordered the bottle of wine we had decided to share over the course of our visit. As we drank our first glass a couple of people and the couple came to say hello. We told them this was our first time, so they gave us a bit of a run-down about the place. Also helpful was a schematic of the club building, with photos attached.On the top floor were 4 rooms with various items in each, all rooms had doors and they were called ‘personal’ rooms. Apparently you could use them on your own or with someone you had chosen, all in private. The photographs showed that there were no beds as such, but large bed-sized platforms padded and covered in leather.The next floor down was the open area where any activity could be watched by anyone, no invitation needed. There were some large open play areas with all sorts of padded benches and stools. It also had two hanging ‘love seats’ that were close together enough that if both were in use, those in the chairs could interact with each other. There was a sauna, two Jacuzzis and a large shower facility for many people to shower at the same time.Pictures showed 5 or 6 women all enjoying each other under the showers. Mixed use of the sauna and Jacuzzis. It gave you an idea of what might be possible!The ground floor was the entrance, the changing rooms, the bar and lounge and the boys and girls toilets. There were also two rooms with massage tables, serviced and unserviced. A notice said that towels were to be properly worn on the ground floor, something the other lady must have forgotten because every time she moved she flashed her pussy.The basement had the swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a couple of leather benches. It was another open area.We were told that towels could come buca escort bayan off the moment you started going either up or down the stairs to the room and activities of your choice. We took ourselves on a tour, starting with the pool downstairs. We were followed so I took my towel off and tugged at my wife’s so she did the same. We arrived at the pool nude, carrying our towels and being looked at and watched by everyone who had been in the bar. We got in the pool, talked quietly and smiled at the interest we were receiving. Some joined us and we chatted.After that we explored the rest of the building, looked in each room, and had a quick shower together, again being watched all the time, before going back to the bar for our second glass of wine. We talked quietly about what else we might do when two more couples came in together and, after a drink at the bar, went upstairs to the public area and started to have fun together, we went and watched a long with everyone else. It turned us on, later, back at home we would discuss public displays of sexual activity, but for now we just watched. Hell of a turn on.When the first couple finished the large lady went up, asked a question, obviously got the answer she wanted, and went down on the woman and cleaned her out. She did the other woman too.We spent a lot of time in the public areas, nude. I liked showing my wife off and she was clearly enjoying the attention. We popped down, or indeed up, to the bar from time to time and slowly drained our bottle. Later we went home full of the experience and ideas to discuss about the future.We got home, opened a bottle, and my wife wanted to know if I’d fuck any of the women we had seen. What a dangerous question, until she smiled! So I said that I’d love to see her with some of those girls. To my surprise, she agreed. Planning was simple, next time we went, if there were the right kind of women there we would let them play with her and see what happened.What happen was four women exploring my wife’s body, touching it, kissing it, and licking it until she came. Then they sensuously introduced her to making it mutual. I watched, as did everyone else. Seeing her lick a pussy was one thing, seeing her enjoy it took the whole experience to another level.More soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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