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All characters are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1

“Sarah-Jane, could you come to the board and solve the equation please? Remember to show your work.” Mrs. Stannis, the math teacher at Holy Trinity School for Girls, asked in her quiet voice. The students had talked at length that Mrs. Stannis must have been very attractive in her youth but her sixty plus years had taken their tole. Still, of all the nuns, she was the nicest to her students.

Sarah-Jane, was the star of the school, beautiful, graceful, and an innocence about her that caused others to blush. When she spoke to someone, she engaged them so entirely with her stare that they fell in love almost immediately. Those that were closest to her, however, knew that there was another side to Sarah-Jane that others were often blind about. She had a mean streak, not violent, but humiliating. She, like many of the girls at the school, had taken to female lovers but Sarah-Jane wanted adoration. She wanted to be worshipped by her lovers, she needed to hear how beautiful she was, how in love she had rendered her subjects, and how amazing her body was to behold. The list went on and on. Sarah-Jane was also smart. Really, she was borderline genius and she admitted that sex was merely a tool she used to keep her mind occupied. She wanted to explore her sexuality and learn how far she could get others to go to get her.

She rose from her seat, so tall, so elegant, never a hair out of place, and curves to accentuate all the right places. Her perfect blonde hair fell just to her shoulders bouncing and flowing behind her as she walked, her blue eyes shimmered, and the tight crew sweater that all students wore, clung to her form so that with every breath, every pair of eyes could watch as her perky 34C breasts rose and fell. She picked up a piece of chalk and quickly solved the equation with all of her work displayed.

“Thank you, Sarah-Jane. You may return to your seat.” Mrs. Stannis said.

Without a word, this goddess gave a small curtsy and returned to her seat. As she turned to sit, she spun just a little which caused her skirt to rise in the back, flashing part of the class a better view of her long silky legs. Even with her mean streak, most of the girls felt that without Sarah-Jane, there would be nothing of interest at school. Sarah-Jane was a queen bee and she ruled with a almost fair heart. She was not above taking care of her lovers and she confessed to her closest friends that she was a lesbian by choice, she just loved the way a girl tasted as well as the trembling look on her lover’s face after a particularly strong or passionate lovemaking session. She was always in control and she loved being the master of her world. She was compelled to do well in school because she knew that good grades would land her a higher position in the work world and that was just another opportunity to gain more power. So strong was her drive for supremacy that she never would have believed that her days at Beylikdüzü escort the top were coming to an end. An end she would enjoy beyond her wildest dreams.

The fresh summer wind brings so many promises on a sunny day with a shimmering clear blue sky. The girls of Holy Trinity were taking their lunch outside, choosing to dine from paper bags under the shade of the old oak tree. The smell of the cool Earth mixed perfectly with the delicious smell of vanilla and cinnamon from the grandfather tree. The birds had returned and chipmunks and squirrels dashed about the grounds in search of crumbs dropped by over-eager and uninterested hands alike. The smell of change was in the air, change of the seasons, a coming of age for some, the end of an age for the other. Some of the students noticed a difference in the air, a charge, a tightly wound coil of electrical energy just waiting for the proper contact points; other’s, however, were oblivious. Whether the students noticed the charge or not, they all noticed a new fragrance. The sweetly sour smell of young, fresh picked cherries. The kind of fruit that you hunger for even as the juice trickles across your tongue leaving a smile on your face and a tang in your cheek.

Chapter 2

“Mrs. Russel,” the head nun, Mother Superior, began.

“Ms. Lewis, please, or even just Kate. Mr. Russel and I are no longer together.”

“….Right, well, Miss Lewis,” she began again, “We can appreciate the situation that you are coming from and we are pleased that you are interested in enrolling your daughter at our school. That being said, it is the middle of the year, do you really think that, er,…” she looked down to search for the girl’s name.

“Eden,” Ms. Lewis offered.

“Exactly. Do you really think that Eden will be able to keep up with the coursework without feeling too overwhelmed?”

“Eden is a bright young girl, she was the top of her class at her last school and she always pushed herself to find more ways to challenge herself. She has a thirst for knowledge that I wish I could have commanded at her age. She is a remarkable girl and I have no doubts in my mind that the school would benefit as much from her enrollment as she would benefit from the school.”

“Very well, we will allow her a probationary enrollment into our school. We will print out a list of achievements that Eden will have to meet if she wishes to be removed from probation and allowed to participate fully in the school’s programming. The secretary will be able to answer any additional questions you may have as well as provide you with a list of supplies that Eden will need as well as the school dress code. On your way out to finalize the paperwork, please send in your daughter. We have a tradition here where we have face-to-face.”

“I will send her in.”

Chapter 3

The redhead lay back in bed breathing hard, beads of sweat lie on her forehead, and a content smile rested on her lips. The last orgasm had Beylikdüzü escort ripped through her tight body leaving her completely satisfied. Her eyes shone with joy and her smile chased away the shadows of the room as she wrapped her arms around her lover.

“They have this crazy policy at the school were I can’t even wear my favorite perfume. This Catholic school thing is going to be hard to get used to. They say that the use of perfume….”thinking of the right word,”…objectifies me, or over sexualizes my appearance to others, or something. They don’t even want our deodorant to have a strong scent. I mean, come on! It’s like these women want us to either be hippies or sexless nuns.”

“Wow, that’s a little harsh, I know how much you love that cherry scented perfume. But it is the best school in the area. With your drive and brains you’ll be able to get into any school you want.” The brunette, out of breath, snuggled closer.

“I’m also not happy about having to wear a uniform.” Eden said.

“Oh, its not that bad. If I remember correctly, it was you trying on your uniform that lead to this, exquisite entanglement in the first place.” The brunette giggled, lightly tracing her fingertips up her young lover’s flawless back.

“Well, I guess they aren’t that bad.” Eden said with a smile. “Though if I remember correctly, it wasn’t so much the uniform as much as the lack of underwear beneath that skirt that got you in the mood.” She turned to face her lover, dark strands of hair plastered to her face with sweat. Eden kissed her, letting her tongue travel across the smooth teeth and savoring the sweet taste of her lover’s tongue. “Mmmm, I can taste myself on your tongue.” She purred as she said these words, feeling a tingle run the length of her spine until it settled deep within her dripping slit. She was getting hot again, feeling the familiar burn, the hunger, the lust devouring her from the inside out. Grabbing her lover’s hand she slowly drug the fingers down her body, first across her 34B breasts. Her nipples begin to harden at the light sensual touch from her teasing mistress, next they trailed down her flat, toned stomach. The anticipation of what was to come caused her stomach to do somersaults as she struggled to maintain a slow pace. Slowing down more, she painstakingly ran her lovers fingers across the thin bush of red hair that she kept trimmed just above her slit. “Oh, look at that!” Eden said as her lover’s fingers found the top of her hot little pussy, “Looks like I’m still not wearing any panties.”

Her lover’s breathing was ragged, her chest rising and falling with need. In her eyes Eden could see a fire burning that only excited her more. The fire promised that she was going to lose some sleep before her first day of school. She welcomed the lethargy she would feel the next day. She would gladly sacrifice any amount of sleep for the beautiful muse that lay beside her. “You sexy little fox, you know how crazy you drive me.” She Escort Beylikdüzü slowly ran her finger from top to bottom of Eden’s slit, flicking her clit intermittently. “Oh the things I’m going to do to you.” At her words, Eden trembled, surrendering herself to her lover. Soft lips on her neck, a slow tantalizing lick from her lover’s tongue. Eden loved having her neck licked and nibbled on. The feeling of her lover licking and sucking on her neck turned Eden into a faucet, her soft little slit heating up as the juices begin to flow.

Jasmine, the brunette, was a goddess to Eden. Her mocha colored skin, her fine exotic features, long toned legs and captivating smile made her a force to be reckoned with. Eden closed her eyes as her lover moved about her. The anticipation was almost too much to bear but she tried her best to remain still so that her lover could enjoy her body at her own pace. As she kissed Eden, Jasmine’s hands traveled across her lover’s form gently caressing her breasts trailing her nails down Eden’s sides leaving goosebumps on the young woman’s skin and causing her to squirm from the delicious sensations. Jasmine moved down slowly, leaving a trail of kisses across her lover’s chest. She could taste the salty sweat from their earlier session and it thrilled her. With one hand she softly squeezed Eden’s nipple while her mouth devoured the other one, twirling her tongue around and around as the flesh lengthened and hardened from her attention. Still taking her time, trying her best to make Eden beg before she got what she wanted, Jasmine switched her ministrations to the other breast. She scooted lower, kissing down Eden’s flat stomach softly giggling as the girl squirmed from side to side. Once she reached Eden’s bellybutton she slowly drew in her breath and as her fingernails slowly ran down the girl’s legs Jasmine blew a cool jet of air up Eden’s slightly moistened body. The reaction was immediate, as soon as the cool air crossed her body Eden clenched her muscles in response to the cold. Once Jasmine felt the clench she raked her fingernails up the inside of Eden’s legs, deep enough to scratch but not so deep as to be painful, just enough to show her passion. Eden could feel her hot breath on her delicate lips, she breathed in sharp as Jasmine’s tongue delved once more into her waiting depths. Jasmine gave up all pre-tense of teasing as she greedily licked her lover bringing her rapidly closer to an all consuming orgasm.

“Unnh, right there, right there, please baby don’t stop, don’t stop! Oh, oh, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum all over your tongue, don’t stop! JASMINE!” Eden squealed her lover’s name into the night as her pussy squirted into Jasmine’s face. Jasmine purred as she drank the tasty fluid, grinning all the while.

Jasmine crawled up the bed to lay beside her lover. As Eden nodded off to sleep she heard Jasmine whisper, “No matter what tomorrow holds, I will keep you in my heart.” I wonder what tomorrow does hold Eden thought to herself just before falling into her dreams.

(There will be a part two if it is wanted, please comment and let me know what you think of my first submission. Hope you all enjoyed, plenty more to come for Eden, Sarah-Jane, and Jasmine.)

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