Princess Ch. 06

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The following chapters follow on from a story called princess, I suggest that you read it first before continuing on. It was composed by soccermomcheryl back in 2006. The story did not go further than chapter 5. I have tried to contact soccermomcheryl but have not had any reply. I would like to continue the story on further and hope that is ok. If the original author finds this, they can contact me.

Also, I would like to thank Icy1 for the help given to me with this story.


Here I was sitting on the floor totally naked between two females, princess the strip dancer and Heather, the secretary from my work place, naked in the middle a strip club called Lace, which is full of patrons, both male and female. They had just told me what my future held for me while I fucked my dirty cunt to an orgasm for the second time tonight, only this time a stage was not involved but people could still watch me fuck myself.

After I recovered from my orgasm princess ordered me to lick my fingers clean, “Make sure you get all of your smelly cunt juice whore.”

As I looked toward the bar I saw Stacey looking at me, she had a look of disgust on her face, but I Continued to lick my juices from my fingers. Stacey was my daughters baby sitter, that was until I caught her at my place with her boyfriend, she was supposed to be sitting for me.

When I broke her stare I noticed a young group of four girls pointing at me and laughing, I suddenly had a feeling of humiliation, it did not last long, princess grabbed my attention with an order,

“Slut pick up your clothes and go back to the private room, don’t dress, I want you to walk back to the room naked slut. We will be there in a little while.”

I picked up what was left of the clothes I had ripped off during my stage show and started to head through the clubs patrons, I found it difficult because as I Did people started to grab at my tits, pull my nipples and grab at my cunt, people called me a whore, a slut along with other names that made me once again feel dirty and humiliated.

As I got to the entrance of the corridor I felt someone grab my arm from behind and before I knew it my body was slammed up against the wall roughly, it was then that I realised it was Stacey. She was pressing against me, her face was so close I could feel her warm breath as she spoke. She grabbed both of my nipples very tightly between her thumb and finger and twisted them, “ouch” I was in so much pain, I could not move.

“You thought you were so much better than me that night I had my boyfriend over while looking after your daughters, you fired me, calling me a slut, you tried to embarrass me in front of my boyfriend, he dumped me because of it.”

“Stacey I am so sorry.”

“I bet you are, who is the slut now, a whore?”

I lowered my head and looked at the floor, I could not look her in the eye, I felt humiliated once again.

“Yes Stacey, I am a dirty slut, a whore who loves being used, I am sorry for what I did to you.”

“I bet you are now, I have some great pictures of you from tonight and I intend on using them, your daughters and husband won’t want to know you. You are nothing but a whore.”

With that threat she let my nipples go and I continued to head back to the private booth where Heather and Princess said they would meet me soon. I kept my head down in humiliation, I did not turn to look back at Stacey, I could sense the pleasure she was having in my humiliation.

When I finally casino şirketleri made it back to the private room and entered, I saw that it was empty, so I crouched down in a corner and started to cry, What have I done. If my husband finds out my marriage would be finished, My daughters would disown me. What was I going to do, I thought to myself with a sudden feeling of regret.

A couple of minutes later, between my sobbing I heard the door open then close, I looked and saw princess standing there looking at me with her arms crossed in front of her chest, She saw that I was crying. “What’s wrong with my old fat slut?”

“What have I done, I am a happily married mother with two daughters, now I am a submissive slut getting off on being used and humiliated.”

“What are you talking about? This is all you’re doing, it’s what you’ve wanted.”

Princess came and sat on the floor beside me, “if you recall the first day you walked into this place looking for a packet of cigarettes all dressed prim and proper in a nice office blouse and knee-high skirt, you wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes, you referred to all the dancers as sluts to the bar maid. When I came out from the back room and saw you standing near the bar alone, I startled you, When I spoke to you I saw a glint in your eyes, like you were curious, you struggled to answer me when I introduced myself to you.”

“I asked to have a drink with me, you could have said no but you didn’t. Then when I offered you a private dance in a private room, you agreed to it, then you found it hard to keep your hands off me, so I gave you a warning and again you still could not keep your hands off me, so I ended the show, when I threatened to have you thrown out you agreed to dance for me, even stripping completely naked for me. You even started to play with your cunt in front of me. You seemed to enjoy the depraved act that you were carrying out. When your hour was up I gave you a business card with my phone number on it, the worst thing I did, you could not help yourself there either. You kept ringing me and hassling me to meet up with you again, all so you could see me again you said.”

“It surprised me more when you rang me from your work, happy to degrade you’re self in your own office, playing with your cunt to the point that you had an orgasm all over a picture of your daughters you had on your desk, after that event you still continued to call me, finally I agreed to meet you at Joe’s bar, when we met there you gave Joe the owner a blow job in the male toilets to pay my drug debt. If you were not a dirty old slut who loves being used and degraded you would not have done any of that and you would have put your family first. I also have photos of you during these acts to prove what I am saying.”

Princess handed me a tissue, “pull yourself together slut, we have some more fun planned for you before you go home to your family tonight.”

“Please princess I can’t take any more.”

“To bad slut, Heather and I told you down stairs what is going to happen from tonight, you belong to us now, you will only fuck who we tell you to fuck, that means we will choose who you fuck, that also means that you only fuck your husband if we let you, we will decide how you fuck him, he will not be using your dirty cunt either now, it belongs to us now, do you understand whore?”

I blubber out a response, “yes princess”

“Now get yourself together, then get your ass up onto that table with your legs spread casino firmaları apart, Heather will be here shortly.”

Minutes later I was standing on the glass table, legs spread at shoulder width, my arms behind my back facing princess with the lights from under the glass table lighting up my cunt and the rest of my naked body. I was on display, ready to be used. I heard the door to the room open from behind me, It was Heather, “here is the old whore girls, she is yours to use for an hour.”

The girls giggled, “have a look at the filthy old whore.”

I was then surrounded by three extremely sexy young girls, they were the girls pointing and laughing at me when I was sitting on the floor between princess and Heather fucking myself with my fingers to orgasm.

Heather sat beside princess, Heather explained to princess that after she left the three girls had approached her and started asking about our old slut here, I told them that for $300 they could play with her for an hour. Princess was very happy, I had just made another $300 for my new mistresses

I then felt hands start running over my body, rubbing my tits, squeezing my ass cheeks and rubbing my cunt. A young blonde girl stood in front of me, because I was standing on the table, and she on the floor, her face was about chest height, “hello old slut, my name is Jane, my friends and I saw you down stairs playing with your cunt in front of everyone, We heard about your display on stage, unfortunately we missed it, but Heather was good enough to allow us to come up here and have our own private show.”

Meanwhile, because of the attention one of the girls was giving my pussy I was starting to get worked up, my juices were coating her hand, even running down her arm, “look at my hand Jane, she isloving this, her cunt is flowing and my hand is covered.” She then reached up and wiped her hand all over my face. “Here you go slut taste yourself,” I started to suck her fingers, I could not help myself.

Jane said, “Stop licking her fingers and thank Sally slut,” a tear started to run down my cheek, I was being used, and I was finding it arousing, my juices were flowing, my mind was losing control, what was happening to me, my arousal took over, I wanted this, to be used, humiliated, to serve my mistresses along with anyone they decided to allow to use me, and in any way they wanted too.

I found myself thanking Sally for the attention she was paying to my cunt.

I was interrupted from my arousal when I felt something pushing into my anal passage, I suddenly thought to myself, god no, nothing has ever been up my ass, even my husband never fucked me there. He thought only dirty people engaged in anal sex, it was too dirty for him, but then he had not touched me sexually for years. He was always tied up with work or playing golf with his mates. I realised that it was another girl fingering my arse, she said, “Jane her shit hole is so tight.”

Jane asked if I had ever had anything up my arse? “God no, my husband thought it was too dirty.”

Jane laughed, “well Tracey, it appears that you have taken this married sluts anal cherry”

Tracey got excited by this and inserted another finger, I let out a squeal as I felt my anal passage stretch and I felt slight pain, Tracey started to continuously move her fingers in and out of my ass slowly, I was once again losing control from the attention Tracey was paying to my ass, pleasure was replacing the pain.

Jane roughly grabbed me güvenilir casino by the hair and told me to get down of the table, I did as Jane asked but found it a little difficult because Tracey was still fucking my ass with her fingers, Jane told Sally to lie on her back on the table then said, “Sally wants to fuck you’re old cunt slut.” I looked down at Sally laying on the table and saw a dildo strapped to her waist.

Jane said, “Well what are you waiting for slut? Get on,” with that she pushed me backwards onto Sally, I felt her position the dildo towards my now very wet cunt and it slid in without too much trouble. It did not feel too big, but big enough to fit snugly. It did not take long before I was riding the dildo in my cunt as well as Tracey fucking my ass. I was losing control again, I loved it, I was becoming a sub slut.

Jane pulled me by the hair to manoeuvre my face towards her ass, ” Eat my ass slut,” I had little choice, I was now eating Jane’s ass hole, riding Sally’s dildo and being fingered by Tracey in the ass, and I loved it. I was getting worked up and was loosing control of my body. Then suddenly the fingers in my ass started to pick up pace, she was now pounding my ass hard with her fingers, this was also having an effect on the dildo in my cunt, I was now riding the dildo harder.

I heard Jane tell Tracey to grab my head and push my face into her arse. “Ok slut fuck my arse with your tongue.”

For the first time in my life I was eating out another persons shit hole. It had a pungent smell and did not taste to good either. “Yeah that’s good slut, push that tongue into me, fuck my shit hole with your tongue slut.”

I found it a little hard as the sensation of fucking Sally’s dildo and Tracey fucking my back passage was working me up quickly. My orgasm started to take over, I collapsed on top off Sally and entered a world of bliss. I spayed over Sally’s dildo. It was the best organs I have ever had. I was brought back to reality when Sally pushed me to the floor, “Get off me slut.”

Princess came over to me and crouched down grabbed me by the hair, lifting me, so I was half off the floor but supporting myself on my elbows. “Did you enjoy that slut?”

“Yes princess.”

“That’s good but you now need to thank these girls, get on your knees crawl over to them and offer to thank them by asking to lick their pussies.”

“Yes mistress.”

I crawled to Jane, “thank you, may I lick you’re pussy?”

“Well that would be good slut,” she lifted her dress and I lowered her panties, so she could spread her legs then I licked her until she came all over my face. I then did the same for Sally and Tracey. When I was finished my face was covered with all three girls juices, it was even running off my chin and dripping between my tits, even running down my tummy and dripping from between my cunt lips onto the floor.

I heard Tracey’s order to not waste their juices, “Get down and lick that puddle up of the floor slut.” As I bent down to clean the girls juices off the floor I noticed a person standing in the corner, it was Stacey. I also noticed she was holding her camera phone in her hand, I looked back down and started to clean the floor.

The girls thanked Heather and princess for being allowed to use their slut and said good bye, they walked past me saying nothing. I had been humiliated and used tonight, and I liked it.

Heather came over and crouched down beside me, “Ok slut you have had a big evening, get up and get dressed, when you are dressed go home.”

I found my daughters cheer outfit and squeezed into it and left the room and headed home. On the way I hoped my family would all be in bed asleep, so I could avoid having to explain my night.

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