Priceless Ch. 02

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“So, was that your first threesome?” I asked my two nieces.

“Yes!” they responded in unison, looking at me like it was the stupidest question they’d ever been asked.

“And your first lesbian experience?”

“Yes,” Britney said.

“Of course,” Bev replied at the same time.

“Would you do it again?” I asked them.

They didn’t answer so quickly this time. They looked at each other and giggled.

“Do you mean a threesome or lesbian sex?” Britney finally inquired.

“Either one.”

They hesitated some more before finally nodding shyly.

“I thought so. I didn’t hear any complaints,” I said.

My twin, eighteen year old nieces sat on their beds in the tiny cabin of a cruise ship. They were in their sexiest bikinis, the ones they wore earlier in the day when I hosted them in my cabin while my wife shopped on shore. As had been our deal from the second day of the cruise, each alcoholic drink I got them cost them one piece of clothing. In this case, two drinks each were purchased with the top, and then the bottom, of their bikinis.

Being the beautiful young women that they are, I had found it a little too tempting and we ended up in a very enjoyable threesome.

“Uncle Steve, we were talking right before you came in,” Bev said. She was always the less inhibited of the twins, so I knew something serious was up. “We…uh…both really, really liked it when I made Britney cum.”

“I’m glad,” I said, suspecting there was more to come.

Bev paused, then said, “We’d like to, um, maybe try it with another woman.”

“Great. I doubt that two girls as beautiful as you would have trouble finding a volunteer on a ship with probably a thousand other women on it,” I said.

“Well, we have a specific woman in mind,” Britney chimed in.

My eyes widened. “Oh, yeah? Who?”

Neither one seemed to want to answer. Finally, Bev said, “Aunt Jan.”

I nearly fell off my chair. Their Aunt Jan was my wife. “What!? Are you kidding?”

Both girls looked frightened, as if they had just broken something expensive in a store. I wasn’t mad—I was shocked.

“We just thought…,” Britney tired to say.

“You want to…to…have sex with Jan?”

I thought they were going to break out in tears, so I quickly went into repentant mode. “I’m sorry. I’m not mad. It’s just that…God, I didn’t expect you to say that.”

Bev spoke for the twins: “She’s so pretty and nice and we feel kind of guilty that she can’t enjoy what we’re doing.”

“I think I’ve created two monsters,” I said. “No wonder the drinking age on here is twenty one.”

The girls giggled.

“How do you propose we get her to agree to this?” I asked seriously.

The twins shrugged. “We thought maybe you could work that out.”

“ME? You want ME to set up a threesome between my wife and my twin nieces?”

“We’ll let you watch,” Britney said.

All three of us burst into laughter that was heard halfway down the hallway. When I could talk again, I said, “Damn right, I’d want to watch. But to tell you the truth, I’m afraid this may have to happen without me. I seriously doubt that Jan will have anything to do with it if I’m around. I’m thinking you’re going to have to ‘sneak up’ on her, if you know what I mean.”

Both girls nodded.

“Can you try to arrange it somehow?” Bev asked.

I thought for a second. “Maybe. This will take some thinking. And if we pull this off you will owe me big time. BIG time.”

“We’ll worry about that later,” Britney said. “Please, Uncle Steve. We really want this.”

She batted her luscious eyelids, knowing I’d cave in to that. Her sister started to pull her bikini top away from her beautiful breast.

“OK. OK. I’ll talk to you later tonight or tomorrow morning.”


“Are you having fun?” I asked Jan as we lay naked in bed, my hand caressing her breast.

“Absolutely. How about you?” she asked, rolling more onto her back so I had better access to her chest.

“It’s been great.” I felt her hand touch my cock and it twitched in response. “Have you made any new friends?”

“Oh, not many.”

I rolled her nipple between my fingers. “I thought maybe you would have found a female friend or two, there’s so many around.”

“I should be asking you that question,” she said, clutching my cock a little harder the longer my erection got.

“There are some beautiful women on board.”

The foreplay continued without any discussion for a minute or two. I sucked on the breast closest to me, causing the nipple to rise dramatically.

“Have you ever thought about being with a woman?” I asked while taking a break from her tit.

“What? Are you kidding?” Her head snapped around to me quickly.

“No. I’m serious. Have you ever wanted to have sex with another woman?”

Her hesitation gave me hope. “Well, I’ve thought about it, but I wouldn’t say I’ve ever WANTED to.”

“I just thought this would be a great opportunity for you to try it. No strings attached. You’d never see her again,” I pendik escort reasoned.

She frowned. “Just like a man. You do realize we need more than just a quick fuck to make us happy, don’t you?”

I moved my hand to her pussy. She spread her legs. Jan was already wet and I used the dampness to rub her clit. She stiffened and moaned.

“Haven’t you ever wanted a beautiful woman to touch you…kiss you…lick you all over?”

I rubbed her clit harder. Her hips rose from the bed.

“Just imagine a woman’s face buried in your pussy, sucking on your clit and sticking her tongue deep inside you.”

I pushed two fingers as far into her hole as I could.

“Oh, God. Yes. Fuck me, Steve.”

I rolled on top of her. “Imagine a babe on top of you, her big tits hanging down waiting for you to take them into your mouth.”

I saw her lick her lips, her eyes closed. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her hole and drove it in almost violently.

“Ahhhhh. Fuck! Yesssss!”

The bed slammed against the wall as I fucked Jan fast and hard. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her up. Then I put my hands under her ass and repeatedly thrust my cock into her. As I suspected, she came in a matter of seconds. But it seemed different. The orgasm lasted longer and seemed more intense. I wondered what she was thinking about.


“OK, girls. I’ve got her thinking about it,” I told Bev and Britney when we were alone after breakfast the next day.

“She said it was OK?” Bev asked excitedly.

“Well, we didn’t talk about you guys specifically. Just the topic in general. She’s at least thought about sex with a woman before,” I explained.

The girls looked a little confused. “So how do we get her to do it with us?” Britney asked.

“Listen—I can’t do everything for you. What I suggest is you find a time to be alone with her in our cabin and then work on her. Make her not want to refuse it,” I said.

“You mean seduce her?” Bev said.

“You gotta do what you gotta do.”

The smile came back to Britney’s face. “This might be fun.”

I told them I’d find an excuse to be gone all afternoon. It was up to them to do the rest. We separated with smiles on our faces and excitement about what lie ahead.

From what I could tell, Jan was happy to be able to spend time with the girls. They were her sister’s kids and she’d been close to them their entire lives. She was jealous of the eighteen year olds’ long, dark hair and incredible thin bodies. Jan wouldn’t admit it, but she could live with the incredible thin bodies a little better if the girls also didn’t have perfect breasts and asses.

Not that Jan was a hag. For a thirty eight year old woman, she had a good figure herself. Her breasts were still firm and full and she’d kept her weight at or below what a woman her age should be. She had short blonde hair that looked amazingly sexy when it was messed up a bit…like in bed.

When the time came, I kissed Jan and told her I’d be back on board the ship long before dinner. She slapped me on the butt and said, “Stay out of trouble.”

“Same to you,” I replied as I walked out the door.

Across the hall in the twins’ cabin, they were changing into their most revealing tank tops and shortest, tightest shorts. Fifteen minutes later they were knocking on Jan’s cabin door. Soon after that they were on their way to the theater for a workshop on what to shop for at the next island.

When it was over and they were leaving the show, Jan asked, “So what now? Where do you want to go?”

“How about your cabin?” Britney said. “I’d love to sit on your balcony and get some sun.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jan said, and they headed for the cabin with one stop along the way to buy sodas.

Once inside the room they quickly headed for the balcony, which was brightly lit by the warm Caribbean sun. Both girls silently thought about what had happened on this same balcony just twenty four hours earlier. Britney looked at the sliding glass door to see if any reminders of the encounter with me remained. She was almost disappointed that it was clean.

They chatted for nearly half an hour, watching activity in the busy island port from their deck nine terrace. The afternoon sun got even hotter as it moved across the sky. It gave Bev the occasion she was waiting for to begin the seduction.

“Aunt Jan, is it OK if Britney and I take off our tops…to take advantage of this sun? We’re getting really awful tan lines,” Bev said.

Jan smiled, then looked around. “I don’t know. We’re kind of out in the open here.”

“Nobody will see,” Britney whined. “Anybody out there would need a telescope to see my flat chest anyway.” She waved out over the open water.

“I was thinking more about the other cabins,” Jan said, looking at the metal walls that separated one balcony from another.

“C’mon, Aunt Jan. We’ll hear if anybody else is outside. Please,” Bev begged.

Jan didn’t want to let down the girls. “Well, OK. Just for a little while. Don’t get burned.”

Almost maltepe escort before Jan was done talking, Bev and Britney were pulling their tops off and laying them on the balcony floor. Despite her reservations, Jan caught herself gawking at the flawless breasts on her twin nieces. As the girls leaned back in their chairs, Jan compared the dual sets of ample tits with their bright pink nipples and small, dark areolas. An unexpected tingle rippled between her legs at the sight of the beautiful topless teenagers. Jan looked away, scolding herself for reacting the way she did.

Bev and Britney noticed the long stare they got from their aunt and smiled at each other when they knew she wasn’t looking. The plan might work after all, they thought.

A few minutes later, Bev said, “Aren’t you going to join us?”

“Nah, I don’t think so. I’m not as brave…or as young…as you girls,” Jan said shyly.

“Ah, c’mon. How many chances do you get to do this?” Britney asked.

Jan just shook her head and timidly grinned. The idea of a little exhibitionism stimulated her, she had to admit. But what about the cabins next to them? What if somebody above leaned over?

“Nobody will see,” Bev said, as if reading her mind.

When Jan still hesitated, Bev decided it was time to take things into her own hands…literally. She got up and walked behind Jan’s chair. Jan looked back over her shoulder, wondering what her niece was up to. Then she felt the teenager’s hands on her shoulders and upper arms, moving over the thin straps of Jan’s top. She froze when Bev lowered her hands down the top of her chest.

Still on the outside of Jan’s shirt, Bev stopped when her fingers touched Jan’s breasts. They were obviously bare under the top and easily molded themselves to Bev’s caressing fingers. Then Bev slid the hands up and inside the thin top. Once she touched the soft skin of Jan’s breasts, she stopped.

“Britney and I would really like to see you, Aunt Jan. Forget about anybody else.”

Bev’s hands were now completely engulfing the tips of Jan’s tits, massaging the nipples with her palms. Britney looked on intently, the wetness in her pussy increasing with each move Bev made.

“Bev, this isn’t…I mean, you shouldn’t be…,” Jan stammered.

Bev turned her hands, clutched at the material of her aunt’s shirt, and pulled it up. Jan gasped as her top rose above her breasts, but still found herself raising her arms to let Bev pull it completely off.

“There. How hard was THAT?” Bev said proudly.

Jan felt completely naked, unsure what to do with her arms.

“Now relax,” Bev told her. “Enjoy it.”

Jan was too embarrassed to look directly at Britney, but out of the corner of her eye she saw Britney watching them. She wondered if she was the only one getting hornier by the second.

Bev unexpectedly returned her hands to Jan’s breasts from behind. “Do you like that? Does Uncle Steve play with your tits a lot?”

Jan watched her niece roll her nipples, knead her breasts, and otherwise driver her crazy. “I don’t think that’s a question a niece should be asking her aunt,” Jan responded softly.

“These are things Britney and I think about,” Bev said. “So do you?”

How could she deny it when her nipples were about to burst from the ends of her ultra-sensitive tits? She didn’t want to moan…to close her eyes…to lean back and seemingly enjoy it. She didn’t want to answer.


The word came out before Jan could prevent it. She tried to take it back like it was a physical object, but it was too late.

Bev increased her attention to the breasts. She let her own tits rest against the top of Jan’s back.

“Does he lick them?” Bev asked.

Jan could only nod.

“Does he suck on the nipples until you can feel it in your pussy?”

Jan opened her mouth as if to protest. Bev squeezed the nipples harder.

“Yes.” Jan’s voice cracked on the simple word.

“Have you ever thought about a woman doing it to you?” Bev asked.

Jan’s mind flashed back to the night before when she was asked the same question. She had no reason to believe it was anything but a coincidence. She remembered she answered that she HAD thought about it. And that’s how she felt now. Maybe there was something to it, she thought.

But this was her eighteen year old niece she was talking to.


Bev moved to Jan’s side. “I bet you have.”

Their eyes met for the first time since Bev started playing with her aunt. Then Jan let her eyes wander down to the girl’s breasts. How could anybody—man or woman—not get excited by this angel?

Before Jan could react, Bev leaned over the arm of the chair and put her lips on Jan’s nipple. She let it slide between her lips, then slid her tongue over it. After a couple licks, Bev opened her mouth and took in more of the breast.

“Bev…no, Bev,” Jan protested.

But Jan’s body was saying ‘Yes’. The harder Bev licked and sucked, the wetter she got. Bev placed her hand on Jan’s thigh, kartal escort who then instinctively spread her legs. Bev never took her mouth from the breast. At the same time, she raised her hand up Jan’s leg, under her shorts, until reaching Jan’s panties. She let her long fingers find the edge of her aunt’s pussy and gently pushed in on the panties.

“No, Bev. No!”

The teenager felt how wet Jan was. She pressed down and followed the outline of Jan’s pussy until reaching her clit. Bev heard her aunt try to catch her breath as she rubbed it with the material of her panties.

“No!” Then Jan said, “Not here.”

Bev smiled to herself. “Inside? Where we can be alone?”

Jan nodded, relieved to have her niece no longer sucking her breast or playing with her clit.

Bev stepped back and Jan stood up. “Come on, Britney. We’re moving inside,” Bev told her sister.

Inside the cabin, Jan pulled the sliding door shut and pulled the drapes completely across. The sunlight kept the room dimly lit, even with the drapes closed. It was perfect lighting for lovemaking. When she turned back around, the two girls were standing at the foot of the bed. Their expressions, alone, drew Jan towards them. She trembled inside the closer she got.

Jan stopped directly in front of her nieces. Bev and Britney each reached out a hand and touched one of Jan’s breasts. They let their fingers glide over her skin. Neither one pinched or clutched or grabbed. They just touched…lovingly.

Together, they leaned down and sucked on the breast they were touching. Jan tried not to moan out loud, but having both breasts attacked at once was nearly too much. Then she felt a hand—Bev’s—unbuttoning her shorts and pulling down the zipper. The shorts fell to the floor and Jan stepped out of them. Neither girl ever let a breast leave her mouth.

Two young hands instantly found Jan’s pussy and fought for space on top of their aunt’s panties. It didn’t take long for the panties to be pulled down and both girls were preparing to feast on the exposed treat.

“Wait,” Bev interrupted. “Lay down, Aunt Jan.”

Jan gladly leaned back on the bed and took the weight off her unsteady legs. She slid up the bed slightly and watched the girls climb on next to her. They both headed for Jan’s pussy and she spread her legs in anticipation.

The girls giggled when their head collided above the glistening, neatly shaven pussy. Then they managed to get their faces situated in such a way that both tongues had access to the whole area. Jan gripped the bed spread when one tongue entered her hole and the other found her clit.

“Oh, God. Oh, God!” Jan cried out.

She didn’t know why or how, but the first female tongues to touch her pussy were better than any man she’d ever had. Jan flung her head back and enjoyed the double sensation. She wasn’t sure how long she could hold out, but she wanted it to last forever.

So many feelings were flooding through her pussy that Jan didn’t notice at first when Bev moved up to her breast. But as soon as the teenager started sucking on her delicate nipple, Jan realized things had changed. It was hard to tell which was better until Britney started alternating between Jan’s clit and hole while Bev attended to her breast. THAT was best—all three at once.

“No. Girls, no! You’re going to make me cum,” Jan moaned.

“Just relax,” Bev said between licks. “Let yourself go.”

Jan was raising and lowering her pussy like she was fucking. Instead, it was Britney’s tongue that was buried inside her, flicking against every side of her hole. Jan could have lasted another minute or two if Britney hadn’t moved up to her clit.

Oh, God. No. Nooooo!”

Jan could fight it all she wanted, but there was no stopping the orgasm that was about to erupt. She stopped telling herself it was all wrong and hung onto the bed spread. She cried out when her insides finally released the orgasm that had been building. Bev and Britney heightened their assaults on Jan’s body. Bev bit down on her nipples and Britney put the engorged clit between her lips. Jan grunted, groaned and rolled on the bed uncontrollably.

A full minute later Jan was struggling to get away from the girls, especially Britney and the tongue that insisted on finding its way inside her pussy.

“Stop. Please, stop,” Jan said in a hoarse voice.

Her nieces reluctantly pulled back and looked down on their aunt. They noticed her disheveled hair and the beads of sweat on her brow. They saw the moisture around her breasts and between her legs. She was sexy even then.

“Wow,” Bev said. “That was awesome. Did you like it?”

Jan chuckled one time and smiled. “Yeah. You could say that.”

“Can we do it again?” Britney asked.

“I owe both of you. So…yes,” Jan replied.


“What happened then?” I asked the girls as we sat in their cabin after dinner.

They were dressed in t-shirts and shorts again, same as me. Except my shorts were lying open so I could rub my throbbing cock through my boxers.

“We’re not telling until you pull out that cock,” Bev demanded.

I gladly reached through the slit in front and let me cock stand at attention. A drop of precum seeped from the tip after listening to the girls describe their session with my wife.

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