Pool Party

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It was early June in 2008, and my twins, Jeff and Julie, were just finishing up their sophomore year of high school. They were good kids, smart students, and had a solid group of friends from the church youth group.We lived about a half of a mile away from the high school so it was routine that several of their friends would be at our house when I arrived home about four-fifteen every day. My wife, Anne, and I both worked and had good-paying jobs thanks to our college educations. I owned an insurance agency while my wife was an accountant.One day towards the end of the school year I arrived home to find my kids and four others out back in the pool. Anne and I always had an “open house” policy with the kids’ friends figuring, “If all the kids are at our house how much trouble can they get into?” I surveyed the pool and saw the boys, Chris and Cameron, and the usual girls, Jan and Sierra, plus a tall thin brunette, who I recognized from church. Julie introduced me to her, and I learned her name was Cami.Over the next few weeks, Cami was over more and more, and Anne and I got to know more about her. Her mother had died when she was ten due to cancer, and her father worked at the hospital as the Director of Physical Therapy. Cami and her younger sister were nearly raising themselves as the dad was rarely home before six o’clock. The girls had been cooking for themselves for years and doing all of the laundry and housekeeping.Anne took Cami under her wing a bit and I tried to give advice on college and career options. She at the top of her class and going to college was a given. Cami said she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and do something in the education field as her mother had been a schoolteacher.Flash forward to May of 2020 and I was now divorced from Anne. After our kids moved away to college we drifted apart and realized we didn’t have much in common anymore as our Ankara bayan escort interests and activities were now very different. We split after twenty-five years on good terms, but Jeff and Julie had a difficult time with the divorce.As I paraded the aisles of Target one afternoon, I rounded a corner to see a beautiful tall young brunette woman. As I admired her shapely body, she turned to look at me, and much to my surprise it was Cami.“Mr. Montgomery!” she exclaimed as she pushed her cart towards me. “I haven’t seen you since, when, 2012?”“Hi Cami. I have to be honest; I didn’t even recognize you all dressed up in adult clothes,” I told her.Cami was now twenty-eight and had filled out a bit. She wore a navy pencil skirt, a white with thin blue stripes blouse, and high heels. Her long brunette hair hit her just past her shoulders and was curled a bit towards the bottom. She was five-eleven, probably a size six dress, and now had lovely 34D or DD breasts. She could easily be a runway model with her tall legs.My kids and Cami had a falling out over a boy she was dating back in 2012 and their youthful stubbornness had not yet healed old wounds. Of course, it didn’t help that my kids were now living in Portland and Dallas pursuing their careers.“Yeah, I was always in shorts and a tank top as a kid. Or in a bikini when at your pool,” she said. “I was sorry to hear that you and Anne split up,” she continued. “And you’re still at the house in Park West?”“Yes, I’m at the house. Anne didn’t want it as it had too many memories she said. And I worked too damn hard fixing up that place to sell it myself, so I bought her out,” I told Cami.Laughing, “Trent, I remember when you remodeled the hall bathroom all by yourself. Julie complained about having to be your ‘gopher.’ But it turned out really nice,” Cami said.“Thanks. It did turn out great. And Escort bayan Ankara I did it in nine days, and for a fraction of what a contractor wanted,” I bragged.“Man, we had so much fun in your backyard with the pool, barbequing, dance parties, everything. That was really my escape from the realities of homework and all my chores at home,” she confided. “I really miss that pool. And those great times with everyone.”“You’re welcome to come over anytime you’d like. I’d enjoy the company,” I said. Changing the subject, I asked, “So what are you doing these days?”Cami went on to tell me that she had earned her Master’s in Speech Pathology and worked for a school district at an elementary school. She mentioned she had dated Jeff’s friend Chris for almost a year after college graduation, but his mother was too noisy and always in their business. “I’m single and ready to mingle,” she laughed.As we said our goodbyes I told her, “If you want to go for a swim just call me. I’ve got the same mobile number.”A couple of weeks later we were having a heatwave in Sacramento, and it was over a hundred degrees for six days. On Saturday morning my phone dinged indicating that I had a text. I figured it was one of my buddies wanting to hang out at the pool later in the day to BBQ and drink beers. Much to my surprise, my phone read, “Cami Roberts.” When I opened the text message it said, “Any chance I can come by about four o’clock for a swim? I’ll bring some munchies. I know I.O.U for all those treats back in the day.”I patiently waited about five minutes to respond, not wanting to seem so eager. “Sounds great! See you then!”My mind began to race with the thoughts of seeing this young hottie in a bikini. And then about getting naked with her. As my cock grew hard in my gym shorts, I laughed at the thought of a twenty-eight-year-old young woman hooking up Bayan escort Ankara with a man of fifty-three. As I headed into my bathroom to shower and get ready for the day, I took two pumps of lotion and started stroking my cock thinking of banging that tall goddess and her legs wrapped around my waist. Right when I was going to climax, I stepped into the shower and painted the far wall with my jizz, shooting ropes of my salty sperm the four feet. As I milked my cock of cum, I stepped under the water, and it brought me back to reality.Later that day I made sure the house was clean and I washed off the patio furniture and such outside. I figured I’d go outside about three-thirty, so it didn’t seem like I was sitting around waiting for her. At about three o’clock I made a large pitcher of margaritas that would easily get us three rounds of drinks and put it in the fridge.Almost on the button at four o’clock, I heard the side gate open and close. Cami had used that gate hundreds of times as a teenager, so I wasn’t surprised that she did not go to the front door. Before I could see her round the corner she yelled, “Hello! Trent!”I replied, “Hi Cami.” It was a good thing I was already in the water as my cock would have caused a scene. Cami was wearing a red and white striped bikini top. Around her waist was a fairly see-through red sarong wrap type of thing, and her bottoms were navy with white stars. She was wearing an American flag bikini. And she looked like the “All-American Girl Next Door.” Her long hair was tied back in a loose ponytail.Joking with her I said, “Do I need to salute your bikini? Maybe the Pledge of Allegiance?”Rolling her eyes, “Trent, you always were the sarcastic one. But next weekend is Memorial Day.”As I walked up the pool steps I told Cami, “I’ll go get us margaritas while you put your stuff down and get in the pool.”Due to the heat she and I had sucked down three margis each, thankfully I hadn’t made them too strong. “I’ll make some more,” I told her.Over the previous ninety minutes, we had talked quite a bit but had never come within six feet. As I went for Cami’s plastic tumbler, I accidentally grazed her breast. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” I said embarrassed.

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