Policeman’s Boy

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Policeman’s BoyPolice Sergeant Ross MacTavish hadn’t been planning on taking in a lodgerbut he had heard that the new constable was having trouble finding suitableaccommodation. He’d also heard that the new constable was gay.Ross was adjusting his uniform when Nick came in to the locker room. “HiNick. Are you settling in all right?””Yes thanks, Sarge. I’m getting to know the area and the other lads seemfine,” replied Nick.”That’s good,” said Ross as the younger man started to strip out of hiscivilian clothes. Ross had been attracted to the new constable as soon ashe’d walked into the station. He liked the way the uniform fitted closelyto his body and Nick’s handsome but still boyish face. He’d heard forhimself the giggles from some female colleagues over the large bulge at thefront of Nick’s trousers and he glanced at it himself now.Nick moved slowly, seemingly happy to show off his body. Once stripped tothe waist his sports-toned upper body was revealed as smooth and muscular,with large pink nipples on his firm pecs. Nick lowered his jeans to leavehimself in only his white y-fronts. Then he put on his uniform shirt andhis tie before reaching for his black uniform trousers. Ross watched asNick pulled the trousers up his muscular legs and, after tucking in theshirt, used his hand to adjust his cock and balls.”I believe you’re still searching for a room to rent,” said Ross as hepulled his gaze away from Nick’s bulge.”Yes, that’s true. I’m getting a bit fed up with the hostel,” replied Nick.”Well, I’ve got a spare room that might suit you. It’s got an en-suitebathroom so you’d have some privacy,” said Ross. “We’re both off at onetoday so would you like to come round to see it?””Yes – that’d be great,” said Nick. “Oh, perhaps I should tell you that I’mgay. Are you okay with that?”Ross smiled. “That’s not a problem. My son is gay too.””Oh! How old is he?” asked Nick.”ThirteenÉalmost f******n,” replied Ross.”I see,” said Nick. “And your wife would be happy having a gay man sharinga house with a teenager at such an impressionable age?””My wife ran off a few years ago. It’s just me and Colin now,” repliedRoss. “And I think you would be a good influence on Colin. He’sÉwell,you’ll meet him soon enough.”The two coppers parted, having agreed to meet at the end of their shifts.* * *Ross’s house was on the edge of town, with fields and a small woodnearby. Ross told Nick that he enjoyed the privacy and the fact that hecould still drive to the station in less than twenty minutes. Nick saidthat he enjoyed running to keep fit and the tuzla escort area seemed perfect for outdoorsports.With the car parked, the two coppers entered the bungalow. When he openedthe inner door, Ross gasped in amazement and couldn’t stop his son fromspeaking.”Fuck me, Dad. I need a good hard fucking!”In the hallway, Colin was on the floor. He was on all fours, his smoothrounded arse facing the policemen. He had his hands pulling his buttocksapart leaving the tight puckered hole visible and ready for fucking. Hissmall hairless balls and hard teen cock were partly visible.Ross was open-mouthed. Behind him unseen, Nick smiled.”Dad, I’ve got home from school early. I need your nine inches up me. Fuckme now, Dad. Please!””Colin!””Come on, Dad. Ram it all in. Fuck me senseless.””Colin!!!”The change in the tone of Ross’s voice caused Colin to turn his head. Hismouth fell open and he went bright crimson. All Ross could say was “This isPC Nick.”Colin remained speechless as he looked at the constable. Nick had moved hishands to the front of his uniform trousers. In one hand he cupped his largeballs and with the other he was rubbing the massive tool which hadstiffened at the sight of the naked teen.Colin gave weak a smile to Nick and this made Ross turn round and see Nickgroping himself.”Don’t mind me. Carry on, “Nick said.Knowing that he didn’t have to worry about his colleague, Ross decided topunish his son. He strode briskly to where Colin lay and kicked hisbackside. “Stupid boy! You could easily have embarrassed me and destroyedmy career,” said Ross who then picked Colin up and carried him into theliving room.Colin had discarded his school uniform on the floor and Ross kicked theblazer, shirt and black trousers to one side as he dumped his son on thesofa. He sat down, hauled Colin over his knees and held him tight. Heraised a hand but spoke first. “Son, I’ve told you before about skippingschool and I’ve warned you about your sex drive getting you intotrouble. It’s lucky for both of us that Nick has taken a fancy to you.”Ross looked up at Nick who gave him a smile. “Now Colin, you’ll get whatyou deserve and I’ll not stop till your arse is red.”Ross’s large hand rained down on the boy’s round buttocks. The soft perfectskin moved in ripples as each spank turned it a darker shade of pink. Colinbegan to moan.Nick stood over Colin rubbing his hard, excited cock through hisuniform. “Spank the little fucker harder. Make the bugger squirm.”Ross complied and Colin began to struggle. Ross’s body strength held him inplace though. pendik escort The hand came down again and again and Colin began to moan.Nick picked up the boy’s discarded pale blue briefs and forced them intoColin’s mouth, saying “You’re making too much noise.”Nick then knelt down and reached for Colin’s nipples. As Ross continued thespanking, Nick took hold of each brown nub and firmly squeezed, ensuringthat his fingernails dug into the tender flesh. He pulled and twisted themto give Colin the maximum pain.Ross looked up and Nick let go. The spanking ceased and Nick stood up,returning to rub his cock. Ross examined the boy’s rear – all red and sore? and tossed him in a heap on the floor. Then he stood up and pulled offhis jacket, opened his fly and pulled out his fully erect nine inches. Itglistened with pre-cum and twitched in anticipation.Nick let go a low whistle as he looked across at the sergeant. Then heknelt over Colin’s body, forcing the lad’s head into his crotch and held itthere.Ross reached down and parted Colin’s sore buttocks. The lad, still with thebriefs in his mouth, made no sound but he was aware of his fate as the coolair reached the tight puckered hole.Ross had been fucking his son for a while but never in the brutal manner heplanned for this moment. He wanted to punish Colin but he also wanted toimpress Nick. So he rammed his thick nine inch cock into Colin with no lubeother than pre-cum. Colin let out a muffled scream.”Yeah, that’s the way to fuck him,” said Nick as he watched Ross’s cockpounding hard in and out of the young teen’s hole.Ross was using as much force as he could to ram his big cock deep intoColin’s hole. He would slam it in, pull back until only his cockheadremained inside Colin and then thrust forcefully once more. Gradually Rossbegan to fuck his son faster and faster.Nick looked down, watching the dad pile-drive into his son. The thick nineinches, almost like a hard wooden truncheon, ramming into the softbuttocks. Suddenly Colin started spunking off, sending several spurts ofhot boy cum onto the floor.Nick was hot and stood up. Colin flopped to the floor. The briefs fell fromhis mouth and he moaned and begged with no hope at all.Hurriedly Nick pulled off his jacket and then whipped out his cock – 10inches of hard cock. Ross looked at Nick’s cock and fucked Colin harder. Hewanted to see that cock in his son. Ross was impressed not only by thelength of the cock but by its thickness. It had to be almost as thick as abeer can. He wanted his son violated by that cock and kartal escort he wanted to watch.At the thought of seeing his son fucked by Nick, Ross began shooting offinside Colin’s tight, hot hole. It was the best orgasm he’d had in ages.When Ross pulled his softening cock out, he said “You fuck him now,Nick. Fuck him hard.”Colin looked up at Nick’s monster cock and said “No, Dad.””Yes, son.”Nick spread-eagled Colin on the floor – arms spread out and legs wideapart. When the constable reached for Colin’s cock, he found it was rockhard despite the boy having cum only a few minutes earlier. “Slut,” hemurmured as he gave Colin’s balls a firm squeeze.Cum was leaking from Colin’s puckered hole as Nick lined up his enormouslythick cock. Then with a sudden brutal thrust, the cock burst throughColin’s sphincter causing the boy to let out a loud shriek. Colin trembledand tears ran down his face as the massive cock pushed deeper intohim. Soon the full ten inches were buried inside the teen’s hole.Ross could hardly believe that his son had been able to take the enormouscock. He found himself stiffening once more as he watched Nick begin tothrust in and out with slow movements. Colin was moaning softly but hewasn’t trying to escape from Nick’s clutches.Nick began to fuck Colin harder and faster. He had wanted this fuck to lastlonger but he was too turned on to hold back. He brutally rammed home onemore time, bringing another shriek from Colin, and his cum began to shootout and fill the boy’s insides.Soon Nick’s cock softened and plopped out of Colin’s battered and bruisedhole. Colin collapsed on the floor, crying a little.There was no movement for ten minutes. Nick sat next to Ross – both inuniform but with their semi-erect cocks hanging out of their flies.Ross reached over to handle Nick’s thick tool which stiffened at thetouch. “Beautiful,” he said in little more than whisper.”Colin, get over here and suck our cocks clean,” ordered Ross a momentlater.Colin grunted as he forced himself on to his hands and knees. He crawledover to his dad and obediently started sucking and licking the semi-hardcock. Satisfied that it was clean, he turned his attention to his dad’slarge hairy balls. These too were licked and sucked clean.”Okay, that’s good enough,” said Ross. “Clean Nick now.”Colin reluctantly crawled over to Nick. He avoided looking at the face ofthe man who had fucked him so brutally but concentrated solely on hiscock. He struggled to get much of the thick cock into his mouth so he justsucked the cockhead for a minute or two before licking up and down theshaft. The feel of Colin’s tongue soon had Nick’s cock fully erect oncemore.”I bet you could fuck Colin again,” said Ross.”I think I could,” agreed Nick. “Can I?””Maybe later,” replied Ross.To be continuedÉ

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