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Poke Her Run”Look, I really don’t want to do it,” said Katie emphatically. “I can’t afford to take the time off from my other jobs!” Jackson threw the bar towel over his shoulder and leaned in despair against the bar. He watched her trim figure disappear out the door. With it went his last hope to keep his bar afloat. After the Super Bowl, next Saturday’s Hawg Wild Poker Run was his busiest day. The summer had been slow. The extreme heat, the camp fire ban, and finally the weeks of wildfires had combined to reduce the normal cash flow from the summer tourist season to a mere trickle. He was behind with his bank payments and he was over his limit on every one of his credit cards. Jackson needed the revenue from the Poker Run, but most of all he needed Katie to make it successful. The cold night air chilled Katie as she walked to her car. Her anger with Jackson was not enough to keep her warm. Katie shivered as she slipped behind the wheel and headed home. “Jackson, you asshole, why can’t you understand I have time management problems!” she screamed as the car’s wheels spun on the gravel and it slithered down the road. “Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” she roared. “He makes me feel so goddamn guilty… Why can’t he understand that I’m holding down three jobs, I’m broke, and I’m trying to go to school…I just don’t have the time…and he won’t make it worthwhile.” Katie’s muttering turned to sniffles and sobs as she continued on her way home.Only the flashing computer screen greeted Katie when she entered her small apartment. While she had made every attempt to make it warm and cozy, tonight it felt cold and empty. The computer reminded her of the Abnormal Psychology web cast seminar the next day. Panic filled her. She had not yet completed the required reading. She must do that tonight. “Geez, Jackson, what don’t you understand about the fact that there are only 24 hours in my day? I don’t have time for the stupid Hawg Run.” Frustration overwhelmed her as she grabbed the heavy abnormal psychology text from her desk. The pile of overdue bills caught her eye. However, Katie decided that she could only deal with one crisis at a time and chose studying for her class over the oppressing burden of her finances.Katie took another sip from the glass of Kahlúa and examined the textbook. Her frustrations with Jackson were replaced with another and more intimate frustration. She was horny. Reading the clinical descriptions of group sexual acts made her horny. She smiled and looked forward to the reward of release at the end of the chapter. Katie’s yellow highlighter traced the words on the page. “… Participants in a multiple partner sexual parties often sense a feeling of euphoria and power. This is particularly true for the originator or instigator, who…” “You know my rules, Jackson. I asked for the initial payment up front and I want it now!” Anger flashed in Katie’s eyes. With some reluctance, Jackson stopped cleaning the bar. He reached down to the upper shelf and pulled out a bulging brown envelope. Jackson handed it to Katie. She broke the envelope seal and began to count the bills as she made her way to the door. “Just make sure that you are back her by 4 o’clock. I want you behind the bar when the first bikes arrive.””Don’t worry sweetie,” she replied coolly. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes. I just have to run over to the bank and then pick up my outfits.” Jackson watched her firm little ass disappear out the door. Then he smirked. It had not been hard to raise the money. It was going to be a great event. The 175 tickets had sold out quickly. After his $3000 donation to the motorcycle club’s favorite charity and Katie’s down payment, he had enough to cover his back mortgage payments. Besides, he still had the revenue from the food, booze, and party favors to come. It was going to be a very profitable evening. Jackson smiled to himself as he returned to wiping down the bar.Katie was true to her word. She was behind the bar in plenty of time and drew the beer for the first bikers that arrived. Her tight jeans emphasized her legs and the powder blue cotton sun top drew everyone’s attention to her small, pert breasts. The spaghetti straps allowed it to gape when she bent forward over the ice bucket. It was obvious to everyone that Katie was the eye candy of the event and that she enjoyed being the center of attention.The bikers consumed large amounts of beer, burgers, and fries. By 8 o’clock, the televised football games were over and the silent auction completed. All the $100 tickets to the screening room had been sold too. The president of the motorcycle digitalbahis yeni giriş club demanded quiet and attention with a piercing blast of an air horn. His speech was mercifully short. He thanked everyone for coming and announced the three winners of the silent auction. A noticeable buzz of excitement filled the room as he invited the auction winners and the fifty ticket-holders to enter the screening room. Jackson watched the expectant crowd file noisily into the adjacent room. He smiled to himself as he thought of the fact that he had already had to change beer barrels once during the night. Both he and Katie were going to make a lot of money.Normally the screening room housed a stage against the far wall for the bar band with slot and electric poker machines ringing the other walls. There were a few tables and chairs in the center surrounding the small dance floor. On one wall, above the gambling machines, was a large projection TV screen. However, tonight the stage was in the centre of the room. On it was a queen-sized bed. All the tables and chairs had been removed, and an image of the stage and empty bed appeared on the TV screen. The bikers noisily milled around the stage. Jackson had invited five local hookers to join the festivities and they now began to work the crowd. The three winners of the silent auction took their places on the corners of the bed. They were dressed only in their underwear and black T-shirts that boldly displayed their number. Jackson met Katie in the adjacent AV room at the side of the stage. She had been using it as a dressing room. Even in the dim light, Katie looked spectacular. Jackson reached out to fondle her breasts. Katie sneered and batted his hand away. “Just tell me how much,” she said in a cold hard voice. She was trying to choke back her nervousness. Her stomach was churning and she wanted to keep the conversation to a minimum.”Well about $6 500, and I’m still counting…””Keep it in a safe place,” she hissed as she brushed past him. Jackson felt rebuffed as he turned to the TV and audio control panels and began to twist the knobs. “…Hey, and if this place catches fire from the heat of my performance, make sure you take it with you…” her final words were drowned out by the noise of the crowd as she opened the door. Rock and roll music blared, the lights dimmed and the show began. From the side door and into the stage light stepped Katie. She was dressed in a sheer, pale green lingerie outfit that enhanced her blue-green eyes and set off her short red hair. The sea of cheering men parted and she climbed upon the stage. She eluded the outstretched reach of the tall man wearing the number 2 T-shirt. Katie’s brazen smile hid her unease as she blurted out, “Hold on baby, your turn will come.” She moved to the empty corner of the stage and began a slow striptease. Katie felt her nervousness subside. The knowledge that all her money worries would soon be over increased her confidence. She felt powerful. She was in control. Katie enjoyed making eye contact with the men in the audience. Pleasure and excitement built within her body. Soon she was naked except for a small green sash and pouch that covered her navel. As she pranced about the stage, her eye caught the TV screen. The remote camera had zoomed into the action in the far corner of the room. There was one of Jackson’s special guests down on her knees giving a balding biker the sucking of his life. As the camera focused in on the bobbing head of the brunette, Katie’s hips bucked involuntarily to the beat of the music and her hand rubbed her pussy. The room briefly went black. Katie’s knees trembled, and she came for the first time that night. Pussy juice drenched her hand as she continued to rub her clit and prance about the stage.Katie now moved to the patron sitting on the far corner of the bed. As the third place winner in the silent auction, he was entitled to a lap dance and a blowjob. She scrutinized his features as she approached. He looked totally out of place. He was shorter than she was, probably in his early forties, with a blond brush cut and glasses. He looked like an accountant. When Katie stood before him, he blushedThe feelings of pleasure and power increased as she watched the bespectacled man devour her body with his eyes. Katie reached out and rubbed her moist fingers under his nose and across his lips. To her surprise, she felt his tongue dart out and lick her finger. Katie left her hand in place as she gyrated in front of him. Slowly she pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top digitalbahis giriş of him. Katie knelt over the man and ground her pussy into his pelvis, to the beat of the music. She smiled as she felt his dick harden with her movements.In the lull between songs, Katie took the opportunity to change her position. She now knelt over the little man’s face. Her hands deftly slipped under the waistband of his plaid boxer shorts. With a few quick movements, they were lying in a heap beside them. Katie took a moment to enjoy the display in front of her as his tongue probed her pussy.Two of the local girls were naked and kneeling back to back on the floor. Six men, each with their pants down around their ankles, surrounded them. Each girl was sucking and pulling madly at the surrounding cocks. The TV screen now displayed the women. Ropes of cum clearly covered their faces. The encouraging cheers from the onlookers in the room were rising to a crescendo. So was the pressure and heat in Katie’s pelvis. She bucked, twisted, and pushed hard against the probing, snake-like tongue. She stroked the man’s dick to the rhythm of his tongue. Katie could feel her climax building. She bent forward, opened her mouth, and licked his glans, while her hands stroked his shaft. She felt his body tense. Cum splashed against the roof of her mouth. Its bittersweet taste excited Katie and she released her essence over the man’s tongue, face, and her own thighs. Katie stood at the side of the bed. She bent forward and wiped her face on the man’s T-shirt. He did not move. He lay across the corner of the bed, his glasses askew with a silly, sheepish grin on his face. Katie kissed her fingertips and then placed them on his lips. “Thanks for a great beginning, sweetie. You were the ideal appetizer!” His eyelids fluttered in brief recognition. Katie turned and strutted towards the man with the number 1 on his T-shirt.Katie stopped in front of a bearded older man with long grey hair pulled back into a ponytail. She bent forward and kissed him on the cheek. He reached up and fondled her breasts. His hard, callused fingers rubbed her nipples. Katie gasped and said breathlessly, “Do you want my ass, my pussy, or half and half?””I’ll take the half and half special, if you don’t mind, pretty lady.””Hold that thought,” Katie hissed as she reached down and patted the growing bulge in his briefs. She slipped his grasp and headed to the far corner of the bed. There was a broad shouldered man in his early thirties. He had short dark hair, a two-day growth of beard, and a bright smile. As she approached, he set his drink tumbler on the floor and stood up. Rod Stewart’s “First Cut is the Deepest” was playing. He quickly whipped off his T-shirt, opened his arms, and invited Katie to slow dance with him. Katie accepted the invitation. She molded her body against his, swaying in time to the beat of the music. “What’s your name, sweetie?” she asked as nuzzled his neck and raked his back with her fingertips.”It’s Jake,” came the hoarse, breathless reply as his lips brushed across her forehead. Katie smelled the Jack Daniel’s on his breath. She rose up on her tiptoes and nibbled on his neck while her hands moved beneath the elastic of his briefs and cupped his buttocks. Deftly she removed his underwear and pushed him back onto the bed. She turned around and straddled his form with her body supported by one knee on the bed and a foot on the floor. She aimed her gaping, wet pussy directly at his face. Her hands went to work on his hard dick. Precum lubricated his cock as her rhythmic movements increased. Katie bent forward and her tongue lapped at his glans.She wiggled her bum to encourage more manipulations with his fingers. He responded to her movements. Katie enjoyed being in control. The first swells of her organism were building. He teased her pussy. Stars exploded in her mind. Cold, piercing throbs penetrated her being. Somehow, this brilliantly sexy man had grabbed an ice cube from his drink, placed it in his mouth, and now was working it back and forth across her clit with his tongue. The tingles were exhilarating. The contrasts of the cold of the ice cube and the heat of his tongue caused her to lose all control. Katie screamed and came violently. It took Katie a few minutes to regain her composure. The organism had left her breathless. Its warm afterglow lingered. Jake’s throbbing cock, still remained between her hands. Katie stepped off the bed, swung around, and looked at her still willing lover. His face was wet with her cum. He had the little boy in the candy digitalbahis güvenilirmi store look in his eyes as she smiled and said in a husky voice, “Jake, I’m not finished with you yet, lover. Move over. I want to saddle up!”Jake obeyed. Katie knelt over him. From the green pouch, over her navel, she removed a condom. Tantalizing gestures unrolled it over the head of his throbbing penis. Then she eased his member between her swollen pussy lips. The feeling was electrifying. Jake’s cock, sheathed in the ribbed condom, sent tingles throughout her body. She began to move up and down, slowly at first and then she increased the pace. Katie’s hand moved down to massage her clit. She looked about the room to see cheering men, some who had their cocks in their hands. Still others had their cocks buried in the faces of the invited hookers. In dream-like fashion, Katie saw but did not hear the cheers and shouts. The resonance of her heavy breathing drowned all other sounds. She felt Jake cum. She stopped her bounding and ground her pussy down hard against Jake’s pelvis. She felt his cock quiver against her cervix. Shivers swept through her as she enjoyed yet another orgasm. She looked him straight in the eye and shrieked, “Fuck that was good!” Jake just smiled.Katie stood for a moment next to Jake’s face. His hands rubbed her calves and thighs. Her cum began to seep from her pussy. Katie reached down, cupped a handful, and presented it to his lips. His tongue eagerly lapped at her fingertips. Then she ran her palm over her own lips. The musky scent and taste inspired her and she stepped towards her final lover as Jake rolled off the bed.The nude pony-tailed biker met Katie in the middle of the bed, embraced her, and gently began to kiss her earlobes and the nape of her neck. “Oh pretty lady, Ole Bill is gonna wanna take this sloooow and eeeasy,” he mumbled in a slurred voice. It was obvious to Katie that Bill had been fortifying himself with a large amount of bourbon to prepare for this performance.”Well Bill, I’m here to get you off and to entertain the troops,” Katie exclaimed with a wild wave to the cheering crowd. “Are you ready?” she coyly asked and then dropped to her knees in front of him.”Oh fuuuck yesss. Suck my cooock you little bitch!”Katie resented the tone of his drunken words. She was no one’s bitch. She squeezed his balls and began to roughly rub his cock. It hardened quickly. She smiled as the precum began to leak from the six-inch member. She knew she would have no trouble fulfilling the half and half commitment. His cock was narrow but nicely shaped and even better, it tasted good. Katie sucked hard and grated her teeth against the sides of his dick. “…This bitch has bite…” she thought to herself and chuckled as she continued her grating movements. Bill reacted sharply and tried to pull back, but Katie held on tightly and raked harder with her teeth.Ole Bill was on his back. His face was flushed and his breathing came in a series of short pants. Katie was enjoying the feel of his cock, sheathed in the ribbed condom, rubbing against the front of her vagina. She loved riding cock cowboy style. Her fingers teased her engorged clit and enhanced the pleasure she felt. She brought herself just to the edge of another organism then she glanced down at Ole Bill’s face. She realized he would not last long. Katie slowed her movements, bent forward, kissed the bristly cheek, and whispered in his ear, “My ass is yours…are you up for it?” Ole Bill could only grunt a reply.Quickly Katie was on her knees reaching around and guiding Bill’s cock to her tight backdoor. Katie’s fingers circled his member ensuring that the condom remained in place. She felt the head of his cock push against her tight sphincter. She closed her eyes and willed her muscles to relax. The head of his cock began to push forward. Katie gasped and through her partially closed eyes sensed movement in the crowd before her. The fire bell was ringing. Loud shouts ran out. “Everybody out! Everybody out, now!” Katie could feel herself beginning to move across the bed and away from Bill’s out stretched arms. “Jackson!” she screamed. “Jackson get my…”Katie found herself falling out of bed as she fumbled with the old alarm clock. Sweat covered her body. The bed covers were rumpled. Some of the covers were wet where the empty Kahlúa glass lay on the bed. She felt a tremor against her thigh. Startled, Katie looked down to see the head of her favorite vibrator poking through the bed covers. Her abnormal psychology text lay open on the floor. “My God, the power of suggestion…” she mumbled to herself and started to get up. Katie pulled her bathrobe around herself and stumbled out of the bedroom. The pile of overdue bills greeted her as she entered the kitchen. The nightmare of her real life situation flashed before her. Then Katie remembered her dream and wondered.

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