Poetic justice

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Poetic justicePOETIC LICENCEIt had taken me a while, but finally I had all the arrangements in place for today, she was in for a fun day, not that she knew it, she was still asleep nearly a hundred miles away.I grinned to myself as I sent the first of many texts”wakes wakey, it’s a beautiful day and I’ve arranged a surprise, follow my instructions to clam your prize. Best underwear, stockings a must, that summer dress I like, the one that highlights your bust. 30 minutes you have, to dress and comply, I expect a picture, or you’ll make me cry”I hit send and turned my phone off, I’d turn it on again in exactly 31 minutes, and I knew there would be a picture waiting.As always she obeyed, the picture came with a host of questions, all went unanswered as I sent text number two.”Get in your car, you know where to come, make it snappy or you’ll get a sore bum”Once again I turned off my phone, and retired to the kitchen, it would take her just over an hour to get here, and it had things to do, I was sat quietly in the garden, sipping my brew when just over an hour later my phone came to life, her text announcing she was outside.Opening to door I pulled her inside, casually kicking it shut with a flick of my foot, a took her in my arms and held her, savouring her smell, the feel of her heart beating in her chest, my hands idly roaming her legs and under her dress, cupping her backside, welcoming her to my abode.Wordlessly I handed her the picnic basket, before walking out the door, not a word said, beckoning her to follow, I lead the way through the village, and up into the hills, many long walks with the dog and allowed me to find the perfect route, as we stroll hand in hand higher up, until we were totally alone, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with magnificent views over the surrounding countryside.Pausing at the top of the lowest peak, I move behind her, wrapping my arms around her, holding her close a lean down and whisper in her ear.”Champagne picnic I’ve made, and it’s yours to be sure, take off your knickers and kneel on the floor” The look on her face is priceless, she’s flushed and flustered, looking around nervously, anxious to obey, scared someone will walk by and discover us. Slowly her hands inch under her dress, sliding her knickers down to her ankles, she hands them over, a smile of triumph spreading over her face as she complies, kneeling gracefully on the grass before me, a quick tongue poke showing me she’s still got that defiant streak I love in her so much. Gripping her hair I inch her head back till she’s looking up at me, my other hand lightly slapping her face.”Further up in the hills, is where we must go, but before we get going, give me a show, lay back in the grass and pull up your dress, by the time we are finished, you’ll be in a mess”With that I pushed her on to her back, sitting quietly on a fallen log, I watch as she slowly inches up her dress, stopping with every noise she hears, wanting to please, yet so very scared of being discovered, finally, dress up around her waist she nervously inches two fingers between her thighs, the wetness of her cunt audible as she pushes her fingers into herself, relaxing and forgetting where she is she starts to rapidly masturbate, inching closer and closer to an explosive orgasm, as she cums I stand hurriedly. Pulling her to her feet and marching her onwards up into the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hills,well aware she was dripping down her thighs,her juices causing her slick thighs to make obscene noises as we walk.Reaching the top of the next peak we sit quietly on a bench, in silence taking in the view, we sit for a good 20 minutes, cuddling close we admire the view. Finally I decide it’s time for the next stage, opening the picnic basket I remove a few things, turn to her and say”Open your dress and pull down your bra, if you take what’s coming I know you’ll go far, it’s pleasure and pain, for you once again, keep me happy, to earn your champagne”By now she was getting an idea of what today was all about, and she smiled ruefully as she unbuttoned the front of her dress, easing down the cups of her bra, she turned to face me, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Starting softly at first I caress her breasts, teasing the nipples, slowly increasing the pressure, pinching and pulling them till they were standing proud, her soft, almost silent moans betraying her enjoyment, such enjoyment was it, she hardly uttered a sound as I clipped the clamps on, one nipple at a time, their bite only eliciting the smallest of gasps.I carefully redress her, ensuring the clamps remain as I pull her bra back into place,,dress re buttoned just in time as a party of walkers stroll by, oblivious to her state of heightened arousal.Taking her hand we walk on, every now and then a gasp escaping her as a jolt causes the clamps to renew their bite on her delicate flesh.Reaching the top of the highest peak, a small wood crowning the hill I decide we’ve come far enough, stopping I spread out the blanket as she stands güvenilir bahis şirketleri quietly, watching, knowing deep down I’m not done with her yet.”Go fetch me a stick, as thick as your thumb, make it quite whippy, it’s for use on your bum”With that I turn my back to her and unpack the food, aware of her searching the wood, testing 3 or 4 sticks before she finds one she thinks is suitable. Once returned she quietly kneels without being told and presents me with the stick. I take it in silence, turning it round in my hands, examining it, a few test swings confirms it’s perfect for what I’ve in mind.”Get on all fours, your arse in the air, if anyone comes, know I don’t care, today you’re my toy to use and abuse, your submission is mine, to take and enjoy” I watch as she swallows nervously unsure if this is really about to happen, I can see the conflict in her eyes as tentatively she kneels down, raising her dress and assuming the position. Gently at first I begin to whip her, the switch she’d cut, perfect, neither too whippy or too firm, gradually I increase the ferocity and frequency of the strokes, pink then red lines appearing on her backside, not so hard as to seriously hurt, just enough to bring a warm glow to her fleshy orbs. As she’s reaching a point of no return I kneel behind her, forcing my large hands inside her dress, delving in her bra I pull the clamps from her, her cry of pain music to my ears as I force my rock hard cock into her, her wetness making entry as easy as.Pushing ever deeper into her, I fuck her hard, here in the great outdoors, not a care in the world, the sun shining down on us, not caring if anyone sees or not, pace increased, holding her upright now, hands teasing her nipples from behind we reach orgasm simultaneously, my hand muffling the cries escaping her.5 minutes later we’re sat, sipping champagne and eating a fine picnic lunch as the world goes by, only she and I know she’s freshly spanked and fucked and bares the signs of both, hidden from view under her simple summer dress.

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