Plotting a Course Ch. 04

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*Author’s Note: I wanted to tell this chapter from both perspectives. I tried to make the POV change as painless as possible. Please let me know what you think.*

Chapter 4: Relocated

Bobby filled my thoughts as I put my clothes in my dresser. I had been with Bobby everyday over the past few months and it felt like a piece of me left when he rode back home with Uncle Charlie. There were voices coming down the hall so I picked up my head and watched as three people walked into the room. It was a dark-skinned student and his parents. He was short, but solid, standing at around five foot seven inches tall.

“Hello.” I smiled as they walked in and put some boxes and bags down in the room. “I’m Rob, need any help?”

“Andre.” He said as he walked over and shook my hand. “You play football too?” He asked as he rubbed his hand over his closely cut hair.

“Yeah, linebacker.” I answered nodding as I shook his parent’s hands.

“Cool, cool, I’m a running back.” He rejoined.

“Y’all need any help unloading?” I volunteered as I followed them out to their car. We made quick work of unloading Andre’s things. After a few minutes of small talk his parents said their goodbyes and headed home.

“Where you from?” Andre asked as we both organized our stuff.

“The Eastern Shore.” I replied as he nodded in recognition.

“Oh cool, I’m from Gloucester.” Andre informed me. A few minutes later another family walked in. This kid was a tank. He was six foot six inches tall and thick with solid muscle. He had shaggy blonde hair and a slightly smaller version walked in behind him, must have been a younger brother. His dad was just as big, but his mom was a petite woman. I silently wondered how she had given birth to these kids.

“Hey.” Andre and I said in unison as the new family entered our room. Andre and I introduced ourselves.

“Hey, I’m Clint.” The newcomer said, his accent was distinct and I instantly knew he was from southwestern Virginia from the distinctive drawl.

“Where are you from?” Andre asked upon hearing the accent.

“Martinsville.” Clint answered.

“Oh cool near the racetrack?” I asked thinking of the unique paperclip shaped short track.

“You like Nascar?” His dad asked.

“Yeah.” I admitted and he came over and patted my back in a show of comradery. Clint was unloaded in record time and he said goodbye to his parents and brother.

“What position you play?” Andre asked Clint.

“I was a QB in high school; I think they wanna move me to tight end though.” Clint shared. Clint must have been a formidable foe on the football field. Once Clint was settled in we headed to Commons Dining Hall to get some lunch. It was a little awkward at first, but since we were all new freshman we quickly settled into a comfortable meal.

“So what’s with the ring?” Andre asked noticing the silver band on my right finger. “You married or something?” I sighed inwardly; I wasn’t expecting to have this conversation this quickly. Last year when I was a senior it didn’t really matter when I came out. I was already established and most of the team didn’t care, as long as I performed on the field. Being an unknown freshman, never stepping foot on the field had me worried. I was unsure how the rest of the team would treat me.

“Not married.” I answered as I absentmindedly twirled the ring on my finger, thinking of Bobby. “But in a relationship.” I nervously finished, not wanting to have this conversation yet, I had just met these guys. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was only fair to let them know I was gay and get it out in the open.

“Oh, respect.” Andre said nodding. “I have a girl back home, smoking hot.” He grinned as he thought about her. “What about you Clint? Gotta special lady or you flying solo?” Andre seemed to be steering the conversation.

“Single.” Clint simply answered before taking a sip of his soda.

“I hear ya.” Andre said. “Lots of girls around here.” Clint shrugged noncommittally and went back to his lunch.

“So Rob, what’s the ring about if you’re not married?” Andre pressed, seemingly enjoying controlling the conversation.

“A place holder for the real thing.” I honestly answered, knowing I would marry Bobby one day.

“What’s your girl’s name?” Andre continued. “Mine’s Dawn.”

“Bobby.” I answered in a soft voice, knowing the moment of truth was upon me.

“Oh that’s hot.” Andre interjected. “Girls with guy’s names are sexy.”

“Bobby’s a guy.” I kept my face straight, determined not to be intimated by his next words. Clint raised his eyebrows for a second, considering the situation, and nodded in acknowledgment before he went back to his remaining lunch.

“Oh.” Andre suddenly was at a loss for words and stared absentmindedly at his plate, probably trying to figure out how to respond. “I would have never pegged you for a, uh, fag, shit, sorry, homosexual Rob.” He was clamoring for words, but I could tell he was gaziantep escort making an effort. “I knew college would be different but I’m cool with it; just keep your eyes to yourself.” I was presently surprised by Andre’s reaction and smiled in recognition of his open-mindedness.

“What he said.” Clint added through a mouthful of food.

“Thanks guys, I was worried how y’all would react. I only have eyes for one person, so you don’t need to worry.” I let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding.

“Wait a minute.” Clint perked up, seemingly registering something. “Did your school win the single A state title?”

“Yeah.” I nodded wondering where this was going.

“I saw highlights of that game, you played great.” Clint started and then a small smile reached the corner of his lips. “You got caught kissing your boyfriend after the win didn’t you?”

I laughed before speaking. “Yeah I got caught up in the moment. His grandma has a picture of it on her fridge.” Clint laughed at my admission and I couldn’t help but join him.

“Do the coaches know?” Andre rejoined the conversation.

“I think some of ’em probably do, especially if you do.” I looked at Clint who nodded.

“Makes sense.” Andre pondered aloud. “You gonna tell the rest of the team?”

I thought a moment before answered. “Yeah, probably not right away though. I want them to see me contribute before they make judgments. I thought it would only be fair to let you two know since we’re sharing a room.”

“Shit, if you play like you did in that game, I don’t think you’ll have a problem.” I was happy to hear the nod of approval from Clint. With my admission of being gay out of the way, I wondered how I could make it through the year without Bobby by my side.


My idea of conditioning was tested during our first football practice. I was exhausted when the coach finally told us to hit the showers. I headed towards the locker room and found my locker which was next to my roommate Clint. The football locker room was a gay man’s wet dream. There were sweaty, muscled men in various stages of undress.

I put my gear in my locker and sat down to untie my cleats. On my right side Clint had dropped his pants and I saw his jockstrap hit the floor. My eyes were instantly drawn to the flaccid penis hanging between his legs. I knew I was above average in length, but Clint’s manhood was impressive, just like he was, large and imposing. It was thick and weighty as it hung eight inches down his legs. I had never seen an uncut dick and was fascinated by the hood that covered his thick head. Two large nuts hung in his meaty sack and I heard a throat clear above me. Clint knew I was gay, but he probably wasn’t fond of me awing his massive goods. I slowly looked up facing him, but he was chuckling. I guess he was used to the shock when people saw his impressive package.

“Damn Clint, what do you feed that thing?” I asked, trying to lighten the moment. He slapped my back and erupted in a deep bellow of a belly laugh. He grabbed his towel and headed off towards the showers.

“Meat and potatoes.” He called back over his shoulder, still laughing. I was grateful at how he handled the situation and undressed and headed into the shower. There was a large tiled room with shower heads every few feet apart. The upper classman were towards the front laughing and joking as they washed up. I tried not to gawk at the wet and soapy asses that lined the walls. I made my way to the back corner and found an empty nozzle.

“Hey roomie.” Clint said and he looked up as I approached. I nodded, consciously looking him in his eyes, not letting my eyes wander, and started to shower. When I headed back to my locker I felt the sharp sting of a towel as it swatted my ass.

“Let’s get our grub on.” Andre laughed as he let his towel snap on Clint’s ass.

“You better watch yourself.” Clint grumbled. I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. Andre laughed and the three of us headed out of the athletic facilities. I was happy, if I had friends like this, I would be okay. Once Bobby and I were back together, everything would be perfect.

***One Month Later***

I felt Rob’s warmth behind me as he pulled me closer to him. It felt so good to sleep next to him. I was warm, safe, and wanted. A loud screech startled me from my blissful dream. It had been over a month since Rob had shared a bed with me.

“Billy.” I groaned realizing the source of the annoyance. Billy didn’t move in his bed across the room. “Billy!” I was louder this time and picked up a paperback book from my desk and threw it as his sleeping form. Billy woke with a start, trying to defend himself from his assailant.

“Shit! Sorry Bobby.” Billy tossed the book back on my desk before silencing the alarm on his clock. He stood up stretching before grabbing a towel and his shower caddy and heading out of the room. I wished I could join Rob again in my dream, but knew that I wouldn’t be able to get back hatay escort to sleep. Billy had an early class this morning, but my first class of the semester wasn’t for another couple of hours.

The two oscillating fans in the room did little to cool the late August Virginia heat. I sat at my computer, in just my black boxer briefs and stared at the screen. I opened my email and noticed that all of my professors had emailed this semester’s syllabi. My eyes found the words Robert Johnson on the screen and I instantly clicked on the source. Rob had sent the email at 06:07 AM and I settled in to read his message.


I have practice early today and wanted to make sure I could wish you good luck on your first day of classes. As you know, my classes start today too. I have conditioning after my two afternoon classes so I won’t be able to talk until around 8:00 tonight. I look forward to catching up later, can’t wait to hear how your first day went. I miss you.

All my love,


I was always happy to hear from Rob, but it made me miss him more. Billy walked in with a towel wrapped around his waist and started digging through his dresser.

“We still meeting for lunch at 1:00?” Billy asked as he slid on his boxers under the towel before hanging it in his closet.

“Yeah, sounds good.” I answered as he nodded his head and continued to get dressed. Billy was straight, and not my type, but I had to admit that he was a good looking guy. He played soccer in high school and was in pretty good shape. He was five foot eight inches tall with spiky black hair. He eyes were almost gray in color and looked like they had a story to tell. After he got dressed he scooped up some hair glue and rubbed it throughout his hair in a chaotic manner, giving it that messy look.

“Alright I’ll meet you at D-hall Bobby.” Billy said before he grabbed his backpack and headed off to class. Billy and I had been sharing a dorm since last Wednesday, and thankfully we were getting along well. I sent Rob a quick email wishing him luck on his first day of classes before I walked across the hall to take a shower.

I got dressed and sat at my computer and printed out all the documents for my upcoming classes. I gathered the books I needed for class today and noticed a professor had added another book to the list that I didn’t have. I left my dorm in ‘The Village’ and walked down the hill through the identical looking dorms and crossed the street and walked into the bookstore to find the book I needed. I still had some time to kill before class started. I crossed the railroad tracks that cut across campus and headed up a hill. I decided to stop at Chick-fil-A for an egg biscuit before class. I sat and ate at a table outside and watched as the students made their way across campus. Class started in fifteen minutes so I threw my trash away, and headed to the quad for my general literature class.

Thankfully, Billy and I had found all of our class buildings yesterday, so that we wouldn’t get lost. Harrison Hall was one of the original bluestone buildings and they were really stunning in appearance. A quadrangle of similar buildings surrounded a large grassed area dotted with sidewalks. My professor looked like she could have retired twenty years ago, but was very nice and even funny at times. She discussed the syllabus and dismissed us early with our assignment for Wednesday.

The walk from the quad to the new side of campus for my next class would take at least 15 minutes, thankfully I would have plenty of time today, and in the future I would probably need to catch one of the buses to make it to class on time. The modern sandstone colored buildings towered in the distance. They were a stark contrast from the original campus. My required general health class was in the aptly named Health and Human Services building. The auditorium was large and looked like it held 200 students. The front of the room was dominated by a massive projection screen.

The professor walked out and clipped on her microphone before she started welcoming us to class. She looked to be in her mid-forties and had a short pony tail of black hair. She turned on the projector and a collective moan of disgust was heard as an image of a disease ridden penis was plastered against the screen.

“You’re all new to college, and I like to get this out of the way first.” The professor spoke telling us about all of the STDs and STIs out there. I was silently grateful that Rob was the only person I had ever been with, I would never have to worry about catching these diseases that were shown in the graphic pictures. The professor continued by passing out condoms, she even licked one of the strawberry flavored condoms before shrugging indifferently at the taste. She dismissed us and urged us all to get tested and practice safe sex. I had only been with Rob, so I was sure I was safe. Rob had had a couple of relationships before me, and said he was safe. ‘Better safe than sorry,’ I thought to myself hatay escort when I made the decision to stop by the Health Center sometime today.

My final class of the day was a general business class and was over near the football stadium. That class was ok, but the professor just read from a power point presentation. Thankfully, there were no pictures of diseased genitalia.

Billy was waiting outside of one of the dining halls when I walked up. We had a good lunch before he headed off to another class. I had the afternoon free so walked to the Health Center and filled out the paperwork to have a STD test. The nurse was nice and didn’t give me any judging glances; I guess being on a college campus that she was used to this sort of thing. She told me my results would be available in a couple days and I told her I would be back to pick them up, instead of having them mailed to my shared mailbox.

The grounds around campus were meticulously maintained and reminded me of how my grandma maintained her flower beds. There was an ominous rumble of thunder in the distance which made me quicken my pace as I headed back to my dorm. Dingledine, like all of the dorms in The Village, consisted of three residential sections and a lounge. Each section was three stories tall. Thankfully, I was on the first floor and I swiped my ID card to head into C-section. One of my suitemates was coming out the hallway door and held it open for me.

“Thanks Dave. You might want an umbrella.” I warned as he nodded and headed into the courtyard. My suite consisted of a common room that had three doors branching off. There were six people in a suite, two in each room. I hadn’t spent much time with the other four, but we seemed to get along pretty well. Across the hall was a bathroom with two stalls and two showers that we shared with a similar suite on the other side of the hall.

A torrent of water rained down outside my opened window as the skies unleashed their fury. I thought of Dave and the other students walking to class in the downpour and thanked my lucky stars that I made it back in time. It was nearly three in the afternoon and I had nothing to do. I collapsed on my bed and closed my eyes for a quick nap.

Billy woke me up coming back from class looking like a wet dog.

“Man it was really coming down out there.” Billy said as he tossed his backpack on the floor.

“Yeah it started as soon as I got back.” I answered looking out the window; the sun was starting to peak through as the storm passed.

“I’m gonna head to URec in a minute, wanna go?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, I’m bored; I’ll go check out the pool.” I answered.

“Cool.” Billy said as he started to exchange his wet clothes for gym clothes. I pulled out a pair of board shorts grabbed a towel, and threw them in a bag. “I’m gonna lift some weights, but I’ll probably be there an hour and then we can grab some supper.”

“Sounds good.” I answered as we made our way to the University Recreation building. Billy stopped to read a flyer on the bulletin board as we entered.

“The football team is having open tryouts for a placekicker Wednesday.” Billy said. “You wanna help me practice one day?”

“Yeah, I’ll help you. Guess those soccer skills might come in handy.” Billy laughed and headed off to find the weight room while I headed to change in the locker room. The pool was massive and had lanes up and down the length of half the pool. The other half was being used for water polo practice, probably the club team training. I found an empty lane and eased my lean but toned, five foot ten inch frame into the cool water. I immediately relaxed as I started swimming freestyle at a moderate pace. I had lost track of time until my head bumped into something and I spluttered to a stop to examine the disturbance. There was a yellow water polo ball and I looked around to get my bearings. A guy was waving for me to throw him the ball and I did a double take. Upon first glance I thought it was Rob. He had shimmering green eyes and a neatly trimmed beard. I shook off my confusion and lobbed the ball over to the waving stranger.

“Thanks dude.” He shouted before returning to his practice. I checked my watch before I resumed my swimming. I still had twenty minutes before I needed to head out and meet Billy. I sprinted for two laps, swimming as fast as I could, before doing a lazy backstroke to cool down. I climbed out of the pool and grabbed my towel to dry off. The water polo practice must have ended as the beefy guys jumped out of the pool. They were all nicely toned and wearing skimpy Speedos. I caught a flash of green eyes catch my own and quickly turned away and headed towards the locker room to change. He really did look a lot like Rob. He was a couple inches taller than me, and had a nice hairy chest. Rob was definitely more muscular, but the stranger had long lean muscles. I showered and changed quickly before meeting Billy.

“I checked out these footballs to practice kicking, wanna hold for me on the practice field for a while?”

“Sure Billy.” I answered as we walked out back and headed towards the goal post at the end of one of the practice fields. He showed me how to hold the football and made sure that I knew to place the laces out and away from him.

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