Pleasure Dreams

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This is the first story I have ever written. Please be kind with your comments. Positive critiquing is more than welcome! Enjoy!

As she lay there sleeping I stood in the doorway watching her toss and turn. She looked so beautiful but I knew she must have been having one of those dreams again. I could hear her moan low and watched as her hips started moving under the covers. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, but I didn’t want to wake her.

As her dream got hotter, so did she, moving the blanket off herself so she could reach down to touch her hot, wet box. Her legs spreading wider. I could feel my cock start to rise with excitement. I unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor. I reached down, firmly rubbing my cock, wishing he was deep inside that tight pussy of hers. I knew if she was awake, she would want to lick the tip of my cock and shallow him whole. I couldn’t take watching her any longer; I needed to taste her juices.

I slowly climbed into bed and lowered my head between her legs. I flicked her clit with my tongue and she let out a moan. The pleasurable sounds’ she makes has always made my cock rock hard. I lifted up onto my knees, leaving my face buried in her wet pussy. This way I could rub my cock. She loved to hear the sound of me fucking my cock while I sucked hers. The next thing I knew, her hand was fisted into my hair.

“That’s it baby, suck my clit.” She groaned.

The sound of her voice made me bury my face deeper in her wetness, breathing it all in. Tasting all the juices I could. Her moans grew louder, loud enough to where she had to bit her lip.

“I want to hear you fuck your cock for me baby!”

As I tightened my hand around my cock I moaned into her wetness making her shiver. “Harder baby, you can fuck your cock better than that, faster…oh yeah, that’s it! Make your cock want to cum for me.”

Her groaning became louder and fiercer as I fucked my cock. She started to rise and climb her way to me, making me get to my feet. As I stood on the bed, I knew she wanted my cock. I could feel her breath on the tip as she moved in closer. Her hands reached for my chest and I pulled her to her feet. She slid her tongue into my mouth parting my lips, she started to massage my tongue with hers.

She Ataşehir Escort felt so warm against my skin. I leaned down and wrapped my mouth around one nipple, then the other. Her head flipped back in excitement and her hand reached down to rub my erection. “Mmm Hmm!” I groaned. That made her squeeze tighter.

“I want your cock in my mouth.” She whispered.

“It’s all yours baby. Take it all.”

She slowly kissed her way down my chest, stopping to give each of my nipples a little nibble, until she reached my aching groin. Staring up at me with those big blue eyes, she licked and kissed the tip of my manhood.

She was teasing me, and I loved every second of it.

All of a sudden my cock was deep inside her mouth, wet, hot. I could feel her sucking, trying to get me even harder. So deep. Her head started moving back and forth and my cock was ramming in and out of.

I grabbed the back of her head, fisting my hand into her hair. She pulled away just enough to say, “Fuck my face, hard.” Those are the words I love to hear coming out of her pretty, ready mouth.

I grabbed her hair tighter and did as she commanded, slamming my cock into face. I could feel her teeth and her tongue working together to try and make me cum down her throat. Her eyes started to water and she was gasping for air. I pulled out to let her catch her breath. “Don’t stop!” She chocked.

Again I was inside her, this time she was pulling and scratching at my ass. She ripped me out of her mouth and slid my balls in. They were throbbing. I wanted to cum so bad but I had to taste her again.

I pushed her back onto the bed and lay on top of her. It was my turn to tease her. In one fast motion, I slammed my cock into her willing pussy. I have never heard her groan and moan this loudly before.

“MORE, I want more!” She yelled.

“Oh no baby, not yet. I need to taste you more.”

Slowly I moved lower and lower, all the way to her toes. I knew she hated her toes sucked but I also knew that it made her tingle in pleasure. I kissed all the way up one leg and went back down to her other foot. Softly I kissed each toe before continuing up her leg. Nuzzling my nose into her wet slit to part her lips, I slid my tongue into Kadıköy Escort her hole and fucked her sweetness.

Her hips started grinding and she was pushing herself onto my face. I could feel her hard clit touching my nose. Finding it with my teeth, I bit down and flicked her a few times with my tongue.

“OH MY GOD, you know how I like it. Bite harder baby.”

I bit harder and sucked her cock so hard. I caressed her hole with my fingers knowing that if I fucked her with them, she would squirt her juices all over my face. Wanting to taste every drop, I slid three fingers in to get them nice and wet. She started to squirm harder and faster and moaning so loud.

With my head bobbing on her clit, she let out a scream. I hurried to remove my hand as she came so hard, blowing her cum into my mouth. I loved the way she tasted, so sweet. I drank her up while she rested, licking up every drop. Before I knew it she was lifting herself up, motioning for me to lie on my back.

She climbed on top of me and started licking my lips.

“Mmm, I do taste sweet. Don’t move, I’ll be back.”

She got up and walked over the dresser. When she returned she was holding two items. The bundle of ropes that she often tied me to the bed with and her feather whip. At the sight of these, I could feel my cock rising in anticipation. The feather touching down on my balls as she walked back just set me off. God, that feels good.

“You know the position.” She stated.

She loved to have her way with me as much I loved to have my way with her. I raised my hands above my head and stretched them to either corner of the headboard. One at a time she tied the up and made sure that they were tight. She then went down to my feet and moved one to tie it, then the other.

My cock was so hard that when her whip hit there was almost no sting. She crawled in between my legs, running her tongue across her teeth. I knew she was going to swallow my cock. Boy, was I wrong. I was in for a treat this time.

She grabbed the pillows from above my head, “Lift your ass so I can slide these under you.” I did as I was told and when I lowered myself, my ass was almost a foot off the bed.

As her hand wrapped itself around my growing member, Bostancı Escort she said “Are you ready to try something new baby?”

“Let’s find out, I trust you.” I said.

She got to her knees and bend over so that her mouth was touching my balls. She grabbed both legs to stead me in case I moved and shoved her tongue into my tightening asshole. “No, not there” I scolded. “Yes baby, there.” And she continued. The longer her tongue was licking my ass, the more I enjoyed it. I found myself moaning and begging her to take my cock in her mouth. I could feel the pre cum trickling its way down.

“Not this time, I’d rather feel your throbbing cock inside me.” She said.

With those words, she stood up, turned her back to me and lowered herself onto my cock. Grinding her pussy back and forth, up and down. Grabbing at her breasts and pinching her nipples.

I felt her pussy tighten around my member and with another loud moan she squirt all over my cock. Shaking she continued grinding. I wanted to badly to grab her hair. I went to reach for it but my hands were tied. I tried to wiggle my out but it was no use. “No, no, baby. Don’t try to get free or I won’t let you cum.” she explained.

I instantly lay still and felt her hands on both my knees. She leaned forward and started bouncing on my cock. “Let me cum baby. Please.” I begged. “In time.” She said. One of her hands left my knee and moved to her pussy. Soft little moans escaped her lips.

All of a sudden she was on her feet and walking around the bed undoing my ropes. As the last one was loose, I jumped to my feet grabbing her and bending her over the bed. I slammed my cock deep inside her and let out a loud moan. She shifted and put on of her legs up on the bed leaving her ass pointed up at me. With one hand I grabbed her hair and pulled back. I wrapped my other hand around her throat and lightly squeezed.

I could feel her pussy tighten around me. This time I was going to cum with her. Quickly, I rammed her again and pulled out. I shoved her down so that her face was at my cock. She rubbed her clit and licked my cock. I felt her shake and knew she made a mess on the floor. I grabbed my cock and fucked it into her mouth. I came hard, watching my cum run down her throat. She swallowed every bit.

I helped her up off the floor and walked her to the shower. “Lets’ clean up.” I said. “Yes, lets’! Then I can taste you all over again while we are in there!”

Man she wears me out. Our shower adventure is a story for another day.

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