Plane Trip

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The long line of people was pushing Jon forward. He feels a hand glide over his butt. He stops mid stride, not sure if it was an accident or not. As he is about to take another step he feels it again, this time the hand lingers a little longer.

“Nice” he hears a soft female voice.

Another caress on his hard buns and then the hand is removed. Jon takes in a sharp breath of air and is about to turn around to see the female that belongs to the hand. There isn’t much he can do. His wife and daughters are in front and his young son in his arms. Regardless of how close his family is it doesn’t stop his cock from stirring. Then Jon feels another firm feel just as he is about to step on the plane, once again he tries to look behind to see who it is, but his wife calls from the front directing his attention to the family.

Finally after some confusion Jon is seated, the window-seat is taken. His 2 girls seated across the isle while his wife and son is seated on the end.

“Why can’t they make 4 seats together for travelling families?” he mutters to himself as he helps the girls get settled.

Just as he gets comfortable the little guy decides he wants his dad, so Jon gets up and moves to take him from Dee’s arms and chats to her for a few minutes and then returns to his seat. Someone has sat in the window-seat. She has leant forward and is struggling to get her bag under the chair in front of her. Jon attempts to glance in her direction again but the little guy is restless and decides he wants to go back to his mum. Getting up again he stands and stretches across the isle and hands him back. It takes Dee a few minutes to get the little guy comfortable and content in her arms As the plane travels slowly to take off position Jon’s heart starts to thump faster, he loves take offs. Something about the powerful forward thrust always makes his cock tingle. The plane is now in position. Powers up ready for take off. The girls squeal, they are so excited. Jon smiles. He reaches out his hand; it is gripped by his youngest. The engines roar and the plane races down the runway, just as it lifts off the ground Jon feels a hand on his thigh squeezing. This makes his cock jump, sweat forms on his upper lip. He turns his head to look but all he sees is the shiny dark curtain of hair, her face is turned görükle escort toward the window. Jon’s heart is racing not wanting any attention drawn to the hand he avoids looking down and instead his attention is turned towards his family. Once the plane has climbed the hand is removed from Jon’s thigh. After a while the kids have settled down, the lights are dimmed and he thinks maybe this could be a quiet trip, the girls look exhausted. The attendant is handing out the blankets Jon passes one to the female next to him.


He looks over at her it’s the same voice as before. His heart begins pounding. His mind racing, even his cock jumps with joy. All is quiet except for the rumble of the powerful engines; Jon leans back in his chair with the blanket settled over him. His mind drifting in and out of erotic thoughts…his cock slowly getting harder, he reaches down to adjust himself. Closing his eyes, not daring to look at the woman seated beside him he tries to get some sleep…but the voice keeps haunting his thoughts, the hand that felt his butt is inches from him, opening his eyes to narrow slits he can see the outline of her thighs under the blanket. He wonders how she would re-act if he reached out and caressed her thigh. After all she had the pleasure of feeling him up. Knowing the family is across the isle from him leaves him feeling helpless, only his imagination can run wild. Jon starts to doze off he dreams of a hand softly caressing his thigh. Slowly rubbing up and down, each time getting a little closer to his groin. His breathing deepens, Jon loves these kind of dreams, the hum of the engines and the hand caressing his thigh arouses him, his cock has a will all of its own, he starts to harden… Deep in dreamland he moves his hand under the blanket and adjusts his cock. It’s getting a little tight in his jeans so he unbuttons and unzips his fly. Sighing it is instant relief when his cock springs free. Now back to that dream…

The hand doesn’t disappoint him, it starts moving again closer and closer to his harden cock. Then Jon dreams of her soft fingers touching it, her fingers wrapped around his hardened manhood, slowly stroking along its length. He holds his breath, trying to clear the fuzz from his brain, he is sure he is asleep, or is he bursa görükle escort awake? Slowly he opens his eyes and glances her way. Her eyes are closed she appears to be sleeping. The blanket is pulled up to her bust, Jon tries to follow the outline of where her hand is, he can’t make it out…He turns his head slowly and checks on the family, all are sleeping. The girls are snuggled up facing Dee, she is curled up with the little guy asleep in her arms. Jon’s heart is beating so loud, he wants to feel his cock to see if there really is a hand there, but he is scared to in case it stops. He tries calming down; it has to be a dream. He settles back attempting sleep again…minutes later he feels the fingers tighten around his cock, a thumb runs lightly across his knob, a tiny bit of pre cum there already, it is smeared over its head, nice and slippery. Jon opens his eyes again; his heart is pounding and looks at her. He finds her staring back, this time she smiles. Her hand leaves his cock and moves slowly under the blankets up till her fingers reach her mouth her tongue coming out. ‘Nice’ he hears her whisper. Slipping a finger into her mouth, licking off all the precum. Jon is breathing hard, not trusting his voice; he can’t tear his eyes from hers, her hand slips beneath the blankets again taking hold of his cock. This time she begins stroking, slowly and firmly, her eyes never leaving his. He feels her soft hand slipping off the end and back again, up and down, thumb running over his knob, watching him breath harder and faster. He knows it won’t take long if she keeps this up, his cock feels ready to burst, it’s so hard, and he can’t believe this is happening…

The attendant walks up the isle, stops along side Jon, whispers “Sir, would you like something to drink?”

Jon just looks at her, then glances toward the woman seated beside him, she appears to be sleeping but he knows she isn’t, her hand is still in his lap, now it has moved lower to his balls. He can feel the pressure on them as they are being rolled together. He can’t find his voice. Hell! He doesn’t trust his voice. All he is capable of doing is nodding his head.

“Ok sir, what kind of drink?”

She starts to name the drinks that are available. The lady sitting beside him is squeezing and bursa eskort rolling his balls. He feels the sweat breaking across his forehead.

“Sir are you feeling ok?” the attendant asks

“Yes, just water, get some water please” he manages in a gravely voice.

She gives you an odd look and leaves, he reaches under the blankets and begins to rub his cock, this is too much, he is rock hard and his cock is begging for release. Hearing a soft moan he turns to look at her, this time when he follows the outline of her hand under the blanket he can see the movement. His eyes are glued, he knows what she is doing, he begins to rub his cock while he watches the blanket move, he starts to go faster keeping in time with her hand. Damn that attendant, she is back beside him handing him his drink. He suddenly pulls his hand away from his cock, reaching for the drink. The hand caressing his balls keeps adding pressure and rolling them harder against each other, giving them a slight squeeze. The attendant makes chit chat with him.

“Go away, fuck off!” he screams inside his head

“Can’t you see how close I am.”

But she is concerned about the sweaty brow and adjusts the airflow above his head. The hand on his balls doesn’t let up it is now squeezing hard, moving back up to grab his cock. Moaning out loud this becomes too much for him. His raging cock is aching for release. Jon lowers his eyes to watch her hand under the blanket obviously fingering herself, her thumb is running over and around his knob, gripping his cock again and pumping harder and faster. He body stiffens and he gives a low deep moan, holds his breath and the cum spurts from his aching cock. He has no control. The damn attendant is still messing with the airflow. Jon is cumming right under her nose and there is nothing he can do about it. He glances over just in time to watch her body tense, her breath is held and the slight shuddering of her body and the softness moan escapes her lips. He moves his glance to the woman standing beside him. He can’t speak, his breathing is rapid, he is sure she can hear the thudding of his heart and smell the cum. Groaning out loud, he is sure she can smell it. That’s why she won’t leave. She knows what is going on…he is so embarrassed. The attendant looks at Jon and then the woman seated beside him. The colour drains from his face, he wants to crawl under his seat. Then she greets her by name. The attendant asks “what are you doing flying on your day off?”

“Signing up another member for your mile high club?”

Both women smile and turn to Jon…

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