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The Pizza Boy Delivers (1/1)


JT Poole


Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter




I don”t know Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter. I don”t know anything about their sexuality or any other person (besides my own) mentioned. This is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.


Alternate Universe

Here it is Friday night and I”m all alone. I just got home from working and I need some to cure my stomach aches. Looking in the refrigerator I didn”t find anything that looked editable, but I did find the number on the freezer door for a pizza joint that delivered late at night.

Walking into the living room and picking up the phone, I dialed the number to place my order. Speaking with some woman that sounded as though she didn”t have the time to talk, I placed an order for an old-fashioned deep dish pepperoni with extra cheese. After making sure the girl had the right address, I got a whiff of my underarms and that was a sign that it was time for the shower. The girl told me that I should expect my pizza within thirty minutes since they only had one driver on duty for the night since it was so late. I agree to that and hung up the phone.

Walking into my bedroom, I opened my top dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of boxer briefs, some socks and a wifebeater. Looking at the clock, memorizing the time, I walked into my personal bathroom and turned on the shower. Letting the water get warm, I stripped out of my clothes, opened the linen closet and pulled out a towel and a washcloth. Laying the towel on top of the sing, I stepped into the shower and let the warm water wash over me.

“Oh yeah that feels so damn good.” I moan, standing directly under the shower spray as the water rained down on me. “This is what I needed. Momma always said a shower does a body good after a hard days work.”

Cleaning my body, I started playing with myself, thinking of some naughty things I could be doing to some of the guys I have seen naked in the gym. Mmmm there was that hot Dre that was working out on the work bench. I would have dropped to my knees in front of him and worked him over like the little whore I know I am. Then there was that hot bear Fred Durst, I would have run my fingers through his chest hair all night as he fucked the hell out of me. Oh damn, that cute and skinny little hunk of a man Marshall could have rode my dick for hours. Just too many guys to think about.

Getting out of the shower and drying myself off, I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked into the bedroom. Before I could put my underclothes on the doorbell rang.

“I”m coming!” I shout, trying to get my socks on as the doorbell rang again.

Seems like the delivery guy was a little bit persistent in the ringing the damn doorbell. Most people have the decency to just ring it once within a minute not that many damn times. Maybe he just didn”t care that I”ve had a long boring night and that I don”t want my nerves gotten on by the damn doorbell. Fuck this shit, let me just get to the door and ream this guy a new one for ringing the damn doorbell like that. Getting down the stairs without breaking my neck, I open the door.

“Took you long enough dude, pizza”s here” The guy stated, looking at me closely as I took in the sight of him and his blue jean clad crotch, that looked to be straining the thread they were made from.

“How much is it?” I asked him as he opened the pizza warmer and slid the pizza out and handed me the soda.

“That”ll be $13.50.” He told me as I took the pizza from him.

“Come on in and let me go get your money.” I told him as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

He stood there behind the door waiting for me to go get his money. As I walked up the stairs to my room to get my wallet, I threw the towel in the hamper in the bathroom and then I slid on my boxer briefs, and my shirt, grabbed my wallet and walked out of the room. Walking back down the stairs, I eryaman escort spot him sitting on the sofa in front of the television flipping channels. Damn he looks hot. I bet I can fuck his ass all night long. I can see myself running my fingers through that blonde hair of his and letting my fingers glide along his supple skin.

“Hey man what you doing?” I asked him, walking in front of the television as he tried to look around me.

“I”m watching television dude. You were taking so long that I got tired of standing and sat down.” He told me, getting up off the sofa as I opened my wallet and taking out a twenty dollar bill.

“Here you go, keep the change.” I told him as he smiled and turned around, ready to walk to the door.

“Thanks dude. I hope you enjoy your pizza.” He said as he waved his hand at me and walked towards the door, opened it and turned around. “Nice shorts dude.”

“Oh you think so? What makes them so nice?” I asked him, checking him out more now.

“A pair of shorts are always nice when a hot guy is in them.” He told me, walking back over to me.

“Really?” I said, reaching up and taking his hat off of his head, throwing it on the sofa.

“Yeah really. I bet you look good with them around your ankles.” He said, stepping closer to me, putting his hands on my hips as, I placed my hands on his ass.

“Nice cushions. What”s your name guy?” I asked him.

“Name”s Nick. What”s yours?” He asked, looking at me grinning.

“Justin.” I tell him, squeezing his ass now. “Does Nick like to get down with guys?”

“Nick is down for whateva.” He said, taking control of things and kissing me on the lips.

Damn his lips felt nice and soft and his ass was like heaven. Here I am with the pizza boy groping his ass as we kissed in my living room in front of the television. I can”t believe I”m doing this with him in my living room like this. I so want to fuck him and let him fuck me.

“Does Justin want to do it right here or does Justin have a special place to do what I know you want to do with?” He asked me.

“Let”s go.” I said, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up the stairs as fast as I could.

“Justin slow down, ” He said, stopping at my bedroom door as we kissed right there again. “I like things nice, slow and hard.”

“I like to give it nice, slow and hard.” I told him, grabbing his ass again as we started kissing right there in the doorway as he started pulling off his clothes to match me.

“How do you want to give it to me Justin?” He asked, kicking his shoes off, letting his pants slide down his legs as he pulled me backwards to the bed.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, we continued kissing as we touched each other”s body. Pushing me back on the bed, Nick straddled my waist and leaned down, trailing kisses along my chest, my arms, my neck, hell he was placing kisses anywhere his lips could get.

Both of our dicks were excited due to the attention we were paying to each other”s body. I wanted to see his dick, through the cloth of his boxers; it looked like it would be huge.

Damn he must have read my mind because he rolled off the bed, stood up with his back to me and slowly removed his boxers. He pulled them ever so slowly down his legs, exposing his cute ass to me and then he bent over to take them babies off his legs. When he finally turned back around to me, I knew I was in heaven; this gorgeous man had the most beautiful body I had ever dreamt of and a big dick to match. As he crawled back into bed with me, I turned the tables on him. To say the least, he was surprised when I got on top of him.

“Whoa man, not so fast.” He said, sitting up as I pushed him back down on the bed.

“I”m in control of this. When it”s your turn, I”ll let you know.” I told him as he gives in to what I wanted.

Damn his body was so fucking hot. I don”t know if I”ll be able to fully control myself or not. His body is banging. He has hair in patches on his chest that goes all the way down to his crotch. That”s what I”m talking etimesgut escort about. He”s my kinda man. I slid back on his body a little bit so that our dicks were touching each other. Shit yeah this is so damn hot I”m close to cumming right now.

“Oh shit.” I said as he sat up and kissed me.

Damn if he keeps doing this stuff to me like this, I”m going to want it all the time.

Sliding back a little bit more; I leaned down and got a quick whiff of his crotch. Oh yeah, nice manly and musky smile. Damn I”ve died and gone to heaven. I got to kiss him again. This moment is just too hot to let go. Our dicks and tongues rubbing together now was getting me hotter than what I was a minute ago. He”s so perfect; I just want to worship his body in all his beautiful glory. I kissed him quickly on the lips, licked at his neck, down his abs, nipping at his nipples and teasing his bellybutton with my tongue. Yeah he was hot too for him to try to urge me to his dick. He wanted me to suck it and suck it bad.

By that time I could feel the heat from his dick on my jaw and the feel of his balls on my chest. I moved down and held his beautiful veined love pole very softly. Damn, my mouth watered just thinking about what I was about to do it. Wanting to taste him desperately, I took his dick into my mouth. It was so amazing, the taste and the feel of his hot member in my mouth was nothing like the other dicks I had tasted, It was better.

I licked and teased the head and then kissed my way down the underside of his shaft. It had grown to about seven inches now and was the perfect girth for me. His dick was so hot that I relished the feel of it sliding in and out of my mouth as I tasted it over and over as the shaft rubbed my tongue. I slowly pulled more of his dick into my mouth, trying not to gag as I had just about six inches of him in my mouth. I felt like I was going to choke, but I wasn”t going to stop for that, I wanted to taste all he had to give me. I sucked and massaged his dick so hard; my cheeks looked like a squirrel that was in the forest collecting nuts for the winter. Oh yeah he was enjoying what I was doing to him. In no time float he was moaning and thrashing around on the bed.

“Oh God Justin…Justin stop I”m real close…Oh God your mouth feels so good.” He said, beating his fist into the bed now.

To hear him moan like that and thrashing around like that really turned me on. I loved the way I was giving him pleasure. To keep this moment going, I decided to play with his balls for a bit while I slid my mouth up and down on his dick. I licked and massaged his balls and took each one into my mouth, rolling each one around in my mouth as he continued to moan. He wouldn”t stop moaning. I knew that what I was doing was pushing him closer and closer to the edge. Taking advantage of the moment, I stopped sucking him and told him to get on his hands and knees and spread his legs.

Nick got up on the bed and turned around quickly, getting into position he spread his legs for me and opened his ass up. I got closer to him, licking my finger and inserting it into his ass as he moans louder now, gyrating his ass back and forth as I moved my finger in and out of him. This was driving him crazy as I pulled my finger out of him. He let his ass close and put his hands over his head.

“Oh man don”t tease me like that. I need it, I need it bad.” He said, moving his ass up and down again. “I want to feel you man, let me feel you.”

I got closer to Nick and spread his ass myself. His ass was hairless and I was kinda bummed (no pun intended) because I expected hair to be there since his crotch is loaded with hair. I guess he shaved it or it”s naturally hairless. To take a sample of the products, I placed a kiss on both of his asscheeks and then squeezed them.

I licked my way up and down his crack, stopping to pay some attention to his cute little puckered hole, teasing it with my tongue and finger. While I teased his hole, I played with his dick and balls, making him moan some more. This guy knew what he wanted, he ankara escort was well prepared. I was really enjoying this too much, this is totally hot.

Getting tired of waiting on me to fuck him, Nick took control of the situation again and pushed me back on the bed. Sitting on top of me, he started rubbing our dicks together again and we kissed some more.

“I don”t like to be kept waiting when there”s something available that I want.” He said, kissing me quickly, moving up and down atop me as his ass brushed over my dick.

“Well I”m sorry for keeping you waiting. Spread your legs baby, I”m gonna fuck you hard..” I tell him, smiling at him.

Instead of him raising up and sitting on my dick, he jumped off of me, laid back on the bed, lifted his legs to allow me to get to his ass. Missionary style, I might like this position with him. Reaching into my bedside table, I grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom. Opening the condom and rolling it on my dick, I got between his legs and licked his ass crack a few more times and then I opened the lube bottle and squirted some on my finger and then slid it into his ass.

“Oh yeah Justin! Shit Justin do it man, do it!” He shouted, scaring me a little bit.

“Damn baby you sure is tight. I like a nice tight ass.” I told him, sliding another finger into his ass.

I slid my dick into his ass slowly and he smiled and moaned at me. I started pumping into his tight canal as I held both of his legs. Moving down to him, I laid on his chest as he wrapped his legs around my back along with his arms. Fucking him harder, it was like he was trying to pull me into him deeper and then we started kissing again.

“Damn this is…” I moaned out, pounding his ass harder and faster now.

His ass was so soft and tight, I couldn”t hold out much longer. I started pounding him hard while stroking his dick. Both of us was moaning and panting in time with my thrusts into him as we were both dripping with sweat. I was hot and ready to let loose with my cum all over his body. I pulled out of him and started stroking my dick, jerking a little bit as my cum started to flow through my dick, splattering his chest, his stomach and his legs. Not to far behind me, he started cumming too, splattering my leg and my stomach as his started screaming like a mad man.

This is just what I needed tonight after a long day”s work. I thought he was finished cumming but as soon as I touched his legs, he shot another load, this time into the air, hitting himself in the chest and even in his face. I leaned down and started sucking his dick clean, moving up to his abs, which I licked clean of all his and my juices and kept most of it in my mouth so I could give him a sample of how we tasted together.

I slid up his sexy body and licked his cum from his face. I then kissed him, feeding him the cum I had collected from his legs and chest. We kissed until the taste of cum was gone. I was so into the kiss that I didn”t want to stop, even after hearing my own stomach growl. We broke apart and he looked at me with a smirk on his face.

He looked at me and then looked down. Reaching down and rubbing my dick, he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed again.

“I”ll be right back.” He said, getting out of bed and walking out of the room.

Where the hell could he be going in my house? He doesn”t live her and I know I didn”t give him a tour. What could he be doing?

“I think you might need this right now.” He said placing the pizza on the bed and putting the soda on the bedside table.

“So that”s where you went.” I said kissing him again as he got back into bed next to me.

“Where else would I go, it”s not like you showed me around or anything.” He said smirking at me again.

After we both ate the pizza and drank the soda, we laid in each other”s arms and caressed and kissed. He looked into my eyes as we touched heads and smiled. I didn”t know what he was smiling for, but I hoped it was for something good.

“Justin.” He said, looking directly into my eyes. “I think I love you.”

“You love me? I think I love you.” I told him, kissing his beautiful lips again as we hugged each other.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I think God meant for you to be my last delivery of the night. I asked for a lover for life and boy did he deliver.”


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