Pillow Princess Club Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

Summary: Pussy 3: High school bullies’ daughter and the bully.

Note: This is dedicated to Stephen, who requested this series.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing yet another wicked series.

Note 3: This is chapter three of an ongoing series.

In Chapter One, Meredith is at home alone with her 8-month-old baby while her husband is constantly away working and neglecting her sexual needs. She spies through her bedroom window her 18-year-old female next door neighbour (a gorgeous girl from Italy) being sexually pleasured by another woman, and then another one, and then even more. This sparks a flame inside Meredith, awakening her curiosity to explore her own same sex desires. She discovers there’s a neighborhood secret Pillow Princess Service Club, where older women sign up to frequently be summoned by younger women to pleasure them sexually. She signs up out of lust and curiosity, and she’s immediately summoned by that same beautiful next door neighbour Bianca, whereupon she goes next door and eats her pussy. Which begins Meredith’s journey into submissive lesbianism.

In Chapter two, Meredith is hailed during her walk of shame home from Bianca’s back yard, and she’s convinced into going across the street to the wife of a congressman Miranda Bellencourt’s house to service her stocking-clad feet, eat her pussy, and get her own pussy fucked (with a strap-on) for the first time in a year and a half.

And now continuing immediately after the end of part 2….

Pillow Princess Club Ch. 03

I walked into my house and closed the door.

“Mrs. Bellencourt caught you?” Barbara asked, coming to meet me at the door and checking out my almost nonexistent attire.

“Yeah,” I nodded, a little embarrassed to be seen in such a slutty maid’s outfit by my daughter’s best friend… regardless of whether she knew why I was wearing it, or she knew what I’d just done… and obviously she knew both.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” she said, admiring my skanky outfit. “You have three stops to make ASAP.”

“I do?” I said, playing a little dumb… ironic I know, considering what I was wearing.

“Yeah, your phone’s been buzzing like crazy,” she said. “I’ve switched you to booked mode, so you won’t be expected to do any more than three, unless you want to.”

“There’s a booked mode?” I asked, and she showed me my phone.

“Yeah, the app has a feature which shows all the members who is currently booked and in which order, and when you reach a backlog of three, you can press ‘booked’, so the pillow princesses know you’re unavailable,” she said.

“Oh, I see.”

“There’s an actual ‘unavailable’ button as well,” she said. “But that’s to be used very sparingly.”

“Like when?” I asked.

“If your in-laws are over, for instance,” she said. “Or in your case if Hannah is awake or sick. You have to specify a reason, and if you use it frivolously, they come down on you.”

“I see,” I said, thinking that was very helpful, since I hadn’t put much thought into such an obvious issue… I had an 8-month-old baby to take care of… duh!.

“You should get going,” Barbara said. “most of the Pillow Princesses aren’t known for their patience.”

“I need to change into some heels.”

“Yeah, for that outfit, you really do,” she said, as I slipped out of my flats.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Yeah, they’ll accentuate your sexy legs better,” she said, admiring my nylon-clad legs.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Yeah, you look really sexy in them,” she said.

“You’re so sweet,” I said.

“Oh, just wait until you taste me, and then you’ll see just how sweet I am,” Barbara said wickedly, and she came over and kissed me.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned, as her hands went to my mostly bare ass (without panties).

“Dammit,” she said after only a few sensual seconds.

“What?” I asked, wanting the touch of her soft lips back.

“You need to get going,” she said, looking at her watch… a rare young person who wore a watch in the era of mobile phones. “Your first stop is someone who doesn’t have much patience at all!”

“Who is it?” I asked, wondering if I knew her.

“Jade Kwong,” she said.

“Jade,” I repeated, fear instantly coursing through me… I certainly did know her.

“You know her?” Barbara asked.

“I know her mother,” I said, recalling the bullying I’d suffered at the hands of Jade’s mother Mei back when I was a kid. We’d been civil to each other since she’d moved into the community a couple years ago, but there was still a lot of resentment between us… at least from me. She’d frequently humiliated me during my middle and high school years. She’d been rich, I came from a poor family… sometimes wearing clothes given to me by the church, that were Mei’s own clothes her family had donated, and she had no problem telling everyone I was wearing her hand-me-downs.

“You know Mrs. Kwong?” Barbara asked.

“Yeah,” istanbul travesti I said.

“She can be a bit much,” Barbara said.

“According to my experience, that’s an understatement,” I sighed, going upstairs to get my heels… as I processed this new revelation.

I returned, wondering if this was a sign that I should quit the Club before things spun way out of hand.

“When you get back, I want to be your number four,” she said, reaching her hand under my micro-minidress and rubbing my wet pussy.

“You’ll actually be number six,” I moaned.

“Okay, I can deal with that,” she said. “Although my favourite number is 69.”

“That may be my new favourite number too,” I said, as she slid a finger into me.

“God, I want to eat your pussy so bad,” she said as she kissed me again.

“And I want you to. Do we have enough time right now?” I asked, eager to go down on her right here and now in my living room.

“Fuck,” she sighed. “No, you really have to go. But when you get back, we can practice my favourite number.”

“Deal,” I agreed, loving the idea of exploring a 69 with this 19-year-old I’d known since she was a little girl. I once did a 69 with a guy in college… it was okay while it lasted, but he came in only a couple minutes, and I was left to finish myself off in the bathroom.

She handed me my phone while pulling her finger out of me. “Here. I’ve tagged your three stops. I wouldn’t read all the messages yet; there are quite a few of them.”

“Okay,” I said, although I was quite curious to read all those messages, presumably all of them from girls and women in this neighborhood who wanted to get naked with me.

“Go,” she said, as she placed her finger, glistening with my pussy juice, into her mouth.

“You’re still okay with watching Hannah?” I asked… briefly having forgotten I was in effect a single mother… except I was no longer poor, thank goodness.

“Of course I am,” Barbara said, and then on cue, Hannah began to cry in the next room.

“You sure?” I asked, my motherly nature returning.

“Yes, now hurry up and go,” Barbara waved me off. “Trust me, I’m sure Jade is already annoyed with you.”

“Okay, okay,” I said, slipping on my heels and heading out to my car, which was thankfully parked in the garage, so the neighbors wouldn’t catch sight of my skimpy maid’s outfit. I knew where the Kwongs lived: only three blocks over, so I didn’t check my phone at all… I simply drove there.

As I did, I had second thoughts… what the fuck was I doing?

Was I really going to a teenage girl’s house, just a little before dinnertime, leaving my child with a babysitter, so I could eat her pussy?

Even as I pondered the situation I’d gotten myself into, I continued driving to her house… seeming to be answering my question just with my obedient actions.

I could just turn around and go home.

I should just turn around and go home.

And erase the app.

Pretend none of this had happened.

Go back to the simple life I’d been living.

A life not at all complicated… although it was almost terminally tedious.

Driving over to my ex-bully’s residence to service her daughter seemed like a mal-adventure that could only end badly.



Yet, I kept driving there.

A minute later, a little less actually, I pulled into the double driveway of the Kwons’ home.

There was no going back once I got out of the car.

This was my final chance to stop myself from succumbing completely to my newfound lesbian lust.

Yes, I’d already licked two pussies.

Yes, I’d already been fucked by my neighbour.

Yes, I’d already kissed my daughter’s best friend and let her finger me for a bit.

Those actions I couldn’t undo.

But I could still stop myself from going any further… if I decided to.

Yes, there’d be consequences.

Yes, there could be dire consequences.

Yet my mouth was already watering in anticipation of pussy number three… Chinese food this time… and my pussy was already tingling in anticipation of the submission undoubtedly lying ahead for me.

I took a deep breath, and as I stepped out of my car, I noticed something odd… Miranda ‘ s car was parked in front of the Kwons’ house.


Why was she here?

I didn’t have any time to ponder this new development, since I was standing in a neighborhood driveway wearing an outfit revealing enough to get myself arrested!

I took another deep breath, scurried to the front door, and knocked on it, not wanting any of the neighbours to see me in this slutty maid’s outfit… even as I kept looking nervously behind me.

It took a good thirty seconds for anyone to answer… a woman walking her dog saw me from across the street, and instead of looking scandalised, she gave me a cheery wave, which I timidly returned… before the door was opened… by Miranda… who was completely naked.

“Come on in,” she said, her red cheeks and istanbul travestileri sullen tone telling me something was very different from our earlier encounter or, truth be told, all of our previous encounters. Her strong, assertive persona was nowhere to be seen as I walked in and she closed the door, and she said unsmilingly, “Follow me,” and as I did, I saw her ass cheeks were bright red.

I followed her into the living room (doesn’t anyone have sex in their bedroom anymore?) where Jade was sitting on the couch wearing a t-shirt (no bra, obviously) and a short plaid skirt (not as short as mine, but close).

Miranda approached the Chinese American teen and lay down across her lap. “Hi, slut,” Jade greeted me, as she slapped Miranda’s ass… hard. And apparently for the umpteenth time.

“Hi,” I said, sheepishly, already finding this tableau super awkward.

“There’s no room for any shame here,” Jade said, as she slapped Miranda’s ass again just as hard, and looked down at her. “Is there, dumb cunt?”

“No, Mistress Jade,” the usually indomitable Miranda responded meekly, just before her ass got slapped again… equally as hard as the other ones I’d witnessed.

“I understand,” I nodded, not wanting to get spanked. I suppose some people find pain erotic, but I most certainly do not.

“My dumb cunt is being punished because she used you before her pillow princess mistresses had a chance,” Jade said with another hard slap on Miranda’s ass. “Isn’t that right, dumb cunt?”

“Yes, Mistress Jade,” Miranda whimpered. She then declared shockingly, “I really am a dumb cunt.”

I stared in awe. Jade’s power was both enthralling and terrifying… and her power to turn the force-of-nature Miranda into such a submissive wretch was surreal.

“Don’t worry, new slut,” Jade said, now looking at me. “You won’t be punished, unless you do something stupid that deserves punishment,”

“I understand,” I nodded, standing in place awkwardly, not at all sure of what to do with myself.

“Come here,” Jade said, as another slap on Miranda’s ass cheek echoed around the room.

I obeyed.


I obeyed wordlessly… kneeling right next to Miranda’s right hip… excited and afraid at the same time… two opposing, yet both of them stimulating emotions.

Another slap… and then she pushed Miranda roughly off of her lap (I had to duck) and said, tossing her a rather large cucumber, “Fuck your asshole, dumb cunt.”

“Yes Mistress,” Miranda replied obediently, as she grabbed the cucumber and placed it against her asshole.

My eyes went big as Jade snapped her fingers, glared at me and ordered, “Focus on why you’re here… which is me.”

“Sorry,” I apologized, turning to gaze at the pretty teen (hoping I looked worshipful) who’d graduated from high school with my daughter and Barbara… even as I wanted to see how a cucumber could fit inside someone’s ass… if it could at all… anal not something I’d ever been even remotely interested in… but at the moment it fascinated me.

Jade spread her legs, her skirt short enough to give me a clear view of her pussy, completely shaved except for a tuft of hair above it. “There’s a waiting list for your services,” she said. “So get to work.”

“Okay,” I said. The instant her pussy was revealed, I pushed away my fears, I managed to totally ignore the cucumber sodomy happening behind me, and I got between her legs… placed my mouth against her pussy, and licked… while I processed her statement about there being a waiting list for my services. Was she simply referring to the two names I already knew about, or was the list still growing? My phone would tell me, but I couldn’t look at it right now.

“Like daughter, like mother,” Jade said, as I began licking her.

“Say what?” I asked, even though I’d heard her clearly.

“You heard me,” she said. “Your daughter Catherine loves going between my legs and eating my pussy.”

“S-s-she does?” I stammered.

“Yes, she’s a real submissive slut,” Jade said. “Apparently just like her mother.”

I didn’t say anything; I wasn’t sure what to say. The question of whether my daughter might belong to this Club had popped into my head when Barbara showed up to babysit, and Barbara was obviously a member… she knew exactly what I’d be doing with Bianca, and she highly approved… but in the whirlwind since walking into Bianca’s backyard and finding her waiting for me naked until now, I hadn’t thought about it at all… focusing instead on my own personal pussy pleasing journey.

“Yes, she’s eaten my pussy in the school bathrooms, the gym bathroom, debate club room, under a table in the computer lab while some other girls watched us, and in the back row of a movie theatre,” she listed off, each of these locations for sex hard to believe… but not too hard, since the revelations from my new Club kept coming at me fast and furious.

She’d just told me that Catherine had started eating pussy back in high school?! I didn’t say anything. travesti istanbul I just licked Jade’s wet pussy… with a subtle scent captured in her little tuft of hair.

“Did you know your sweet and innocent daughter is a complete lesbian?” she asked.

“Not until now,” I admitted. “I hadn’t a clue.”

“She and Barbara pretty much ate every senior in the school,” Jade said. “They were everyone’s most popular pussy munchers.”

“Oh,” was all I said as I tried to process this information while trying to focus on what I was doing.

For a couple minutes she didn’t say anything more. So I glanced up at her as secretly as I could between licks and, saw she was in her phone. So I focused on getting her off. Three pussies so far, each similar in many ways, yet each one different.

Jade’s pussy lips were thinner than my last two.

Her taste was almost nonexistent… just a subtle hint as I probed deeper between her lips.

Her moans were different… also subtle. I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying what I was doing, or she was bored out of her mind.

Then I heard the front door open and close.

Uh oh.

I froze.

“Don’t you dare stop licking, slut,” Jade said… tapping my head reprovingly as if I were a bad puppy.

Worried it was her dad, or worse her mother, or worse yet both of them, I obediently resumed licking, not wanting to endure a punishment like Miranda had received, and was still receiving… although I assumed Mei knew about the Club… it just seemed that she would… but if so, was she too submissive to all the younger pillow princesses? That would be some long-awaited justice!

“Mom, get your ass in here,” Jade called out.

A moment later as I kept wiggling my tongue between Jade’s pussy lips, dreading whatever might happen next, Mei said, “I take it that’s Meredith between your legs. Nice ass, Meredith.”

“I can’t believe you never got this slut between your own legs back when you were in high school,” Jade said.

“I couldn’t be bothered back then,” Mei said, the sound of her voice telling me she was getting closer.

“Then what kind of inept bully were you?” Jade taunted as I kept licking, feeling so humiliated that they were discussing me like I wasn’t even there.

“Bullying has evolved since my day,” Mei said, as I felt somebody’s hands… Mei’s?… it must be… squeezing my ass.

“Yeah, anyone I bully, I sit on her face,” Jade bragged. “That’s why I always go commando.”

“Have you told Meredith her daughter is our slut?” Mei asked, as she advanced her fingers to my pussy.

“Well, I told her she’s my slut,” Jade corrected. “I just let you use her sometimes.”

“Fair enough,” Mei said, sliding two fingers inside my pussy. It appeared that Jade controlled this house. I wondered if she fucked her father.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Jade said. “If you’re going to fuck her, you’d better get to it.”

“Good point,” Mei said as my eyes went wide… her hand softly slapping my ass.

“Do you want my mom to fuck you?” Jade asked, grabbing my chin and pulling my head up, forcing me to look into her eyes.

I wasn’t sure what to say.

I paused for a second.

Actually, I don’t know whether I said anything or not… even though I was horny as fuck.

“Your answer is yes, Mere-bitch,” Mei took control and removed my choice, slapping my ass and calling me the same name she called me back in high school… which I’d hated when I was a teenager.

Confused, overwhelmed and horny, I complied like the submissive I was, saying, “Yes.”

“Yes, what, Mere-bitch? Mei asked, as I turned my head around to see her pulling on a strap-on over her dress pants.

“Yes, I do want you to fuck me, and to do it while I eat your daughter’s cunt,” I adlibbed wickedly, deciding if I was going to be dominated and controlled, I’d just go all in.

“Just like her daughter,” Jade repeated. “An immediate nasty slut whenever we offer her our pussies.”

“Yep,” Mei agreed as she got behind me.

“Get back to licking, slut,” Jade ordered.

“Yes Mistress,” I responded, as I returned to her pussy and resumed licking.

“Fuck her good, Mom,” Jade said.

“It’s still always wild whenever you say that,” Mei chuckled, as I felt the cock advancing between my very wet pussy lips. The bully who’d made my life miserable for years was about to fuck me, and so I was giving in to my utter lust for pussy and the thrill of pleasure. My bully had defeated me in the end. But perhaps not… now that I was embracing my submissiveness, perhaps I was winning too… I couldn’t imagine she wouldn’t make me come, and orgasms were always wins.

“Very few other mothers and daughters double team more girls and women than we do,” Jade bragged.

“Spit toasting Mrs. Walker in her classroom was pretty epic,” Mei said (Mrs. Walker having been my daughter’s high school English teacher and debate mentor… she was still teaching at the same high school, which was nearby).

“Not as wild as double penetrating Principal Jensen under the bleachers during graduation,” Jade said, my head spinning, from Mei waving her cock up and down between my pussy lips but not sliding it in… as well as from listening to the revelations of their conquests. Principal Jensen was a hard ass in her sixties.

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