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Picked up in the DIY storeThe wife and I were looking for some shelving at a local DIY store, when this young man caught my eye, strange I thought. As we looked around the store, it took us around 20 minutes and then we decided to leave, on our way out he came up and slipped a piece of paper into my hand, when I got home it read ‘If you fancy meeting up text me’.I must admit I was intrigued. A couple of months later he was still on my mind so I text him. ‘You doing anything tonight?’ about ten minutes later I received a reply ‘I finish at 8’. I told the wife I was going out with ***** a good friend for a drink or two, she said “Ok”. I was sat in the car when he came out at 8:20pm, he got in the car and I said “You smell nice” “I’ve just had a shower”.As we sat talking he told me his name was Chris, 25, living with his girlfriend and his daughter. When he saw me he was immediately attracted to me. I drove to a sheltered car park not too far away from the store, it was getting dark outside so I knew the park would be ideal. Parking up in a secluded spot I turned to face him and he said “I’ll have to be home for 10”, ninety minutes away.We looked at each other and it seemed that neither of us wanted to make the first move so I took it on myself, slipping my left arm across the top of the seat I leaned forward and our lips met. Kissing muğla escort gently and then as his tongue snaked into my mouth we kissed more passionately. My right hand was on his chest as we kissed.After about five minutes I said “Shall we get in the back” he nodded and we did. There was a lot more room and we soon resumed our position but this time his arm was over my shoulder. Another five minutes had elapsed when I ran my hand down his stomach and lifted up his T shirt, as I took it off over his head I noticed his erection in his pants.Taking off my own shirt, he leaned forward and licked the nipples of my man boobs as I ran my fingers through his hair, I looked at my watch and saw it was 9:05. Then he ran his tongue down my chest and going further downwards, I was rock hard. I pulled him up and we snogged hard again, my hand moving down his body I fingered his tummy button, he groaned.He pulled away from me and smiled at me as his hand went round the back of my neck as he pulled me closer as we snogged furiously again I unclipped his pants, pulled down his zip and pushed his trousers down to his ankles, I saw his cock through his boxers, as I sat back up he smiled, as we resumed kissing for another few minutes.Then I moved my lips onto his neck, then his shoulders, down his chest as his breathing got heavier it wasn’t escort muğla long until my tongue was dipping in his button, then down his pubic line, with his hand on the back of my head I ran my tongue over his thick member in his boxers, he groaned loudly. Slipping down his boxers I unleashed his cock, it was a good 6” same as me.Pulling his boxers down to his ankles I licked his shaft and then his balls as he groaned, licking back and forth over his shaft he was moaning loudly. I sat back up and reached into my jeans pocket and pulled out a condom, unzipping my pants I took them off completely, then pulled down my undies, my rock hard cock stuck up skywards.Opening the condom I knelt down and using my mouth rolled it over his hard on, he grunted again, licking his shaft I rummaged around in my jeans pocket for the lube I usually carry, squeezing some out I covered his erection as he smiled, standing up I straddled his lap as my cock was on level with his face he bent forward and licked me gently, it was my turn to gasp.Parting my bum cheeks and grabbing his member I held him upright as I guided my ass onto his cock, then as he nudged me I slipped myself down on his tool he groaned, holding him inside me for ten seconds or so, he looked me in the eye and smiled. Then I banged up and down on his pole as my cock flopped about muğla escort bayan in front of me.My arms around his neck as I knelt on the seat straddling him he used his strength to pound my ass, I knew I was close to orgasm as I leaned forward and we snogged. Maybe only a few minutes had gone by when he groaned loud and pushed into me up to his balls, once, twice and then one almighty thrust and he grunted, he’d obviously cum in the condom.I got off him and as I looked, yes he’d cum. Pulling the rubber off him I bent down and licked all the cum that had trickled out and nestled in his pubes, licking it all off I could feel myself getting harder and harder, then I felt his hand touch me, it was heaven, especially since I was so close to an anal climax, as he smoothly wanked me I sat up and faced him.Virtually sitting on his lap he clenched his fist around and pulled me off as we kissed, I was so worked up I knew I wouldn’t last very long. After a few minutes I could feel my orgasm building, I knelt up and he bent down and took about 4” of my 6” in his mouth as he wanked me, my hand cupped the back of his head, I never said a word as I pumped my seed into his mouth as it ran down his throat.As he swallowed the lot and as I’d finished we sat side by side on the seat, sweating and breathing heavy. “That was fantastic” Chris said, I agreed it was. We got dressed and I ran him home, as I dropped him off a few streets away he said “We could meet again if you want” and I answered “Maybe if I can get away but probably not for a while”, he kissed me and then he was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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