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Double Penetration

Kathy Travis was sitting on her front porch talking to her best friend Sarah about the things going on in their lives when the topic of sex came up, which if Sarah Waller is in the conversation is quite often. To say that Sarah had a high sex drive would be like calling the ocean a small wet spot on the globe. She began to tell Kathy, in great detail, about the latest app she discovered which allows people to trade nude pics with each other. She told her that all faces had to be left out of the pictures or the app would blur them anyway. She said it was like shopping for a new car. First you look to see if anything appeals to you and then you take it for a test drive. It was a site whose primary purpose was trading pictures. You simply uploaded a nude or semi-nude picture of yourself and list your interests and the app would generate matches for you. Then you could chat with the matches or just trade pics.

The whole idea of sharing naked pictures with a stranger appealed to Kathy for some odd reason, even though she had never taken a nude or even mildly risque picture of herself, or anyone else for that matter. She was intrigued, but told Sarah that she would check the app out later. Later for her meant the next day while she was at work and at lunch. She sat in her usual corner of the break room so she could lean back against the wall and scanned the app selection on her phone. She found the app, but realized too late that she had spent too much time checking out others beforehand and that she didn’t have a chance to look at it as thoroughly as she wanted. She decided that she would download the app and then look it over a little more fully when she got home. Once she got home she opened the app and filled out everything that they asked for, as long as it wasn’t too personal. The only thing she couldn’t do at work was upload her pictures. She didn’t have any. It wasn’t that she was against taking risque pictures of herself, or letting someone else do it for that matter, she just had never done it.

As she sat on her back deck that evening enjoying a glass of wine she read a little more about the app and how it worked. No personal information was shared through the app with another person, just the app. All contact was through an anonymous email address that you set up with the app. It was even free to sign up and use, although you were bombarded with ads unless you paid for the upgraded version. She sipped her second glass of wine and thought about whether or not she could do this. After her third glass of wine she decided she could and she should.

As she finished her fourth glass of wine she decided it was time to get on with it. Thinking about taking pictures of herself had her very horny and wet. Just the thought of someone looking at her, without knowing it was her, turned her on like never before. She was not an exhibitionist in any sense of the word. She only wore a one piece bathing suit, when she actually went swimming, and always wore “comfortable” pants that didn’t show off the body that she worked so hard to keep in shape.

Once she was in her room she didn’t waste any time getting fully naked. As soon as her bra came off she flopped back on the bed and her hand dove straight to her sopping wet pussy. She was horny and on a mission. She didn’t start gently like she normally would. No. She pressed down on her clit immediately and began rubbing her fingers back and forth. Her free hand went to a nipple and tweaked it violently. She wanted to cum, and she wanted to cum right now. Thinking about showing her body off to a bunch of random people was turning her on and it didn’t take very long before her ass lifted off the bed and a geyser erupted from her nether region. It had been years since she had squirted that forcefully and it truly surprised her. That her most intense orgasm in years.

After her breathing returned to normal and her body began to function once again, she got up off the bed and went to the closet where she kept her digital camera. She could have used her phone like most people, but she had the tripod for the camera so she decided to use it. She sat the camera up beside the bed and then went to the bathroom to clean up. She wanted to look her absolute best when she took her first nude pictures, not that anyone would ever see her face. She showered and scrubbed all of her makeup off and the proceeded to reapply it all. She shaved her swollen pussy so it looked it’s most edible best and she even dried and styled her hair as if she were going out on the town. When her hair and make-up were done to her satisfaction she decided it was time.

Kathy checked to make sure that the camera was pointed just at the bed and that nothing else in the room could be seen. She then crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees. Using the wireless remote that this particular camera had she took several test shots of her ass.

When she checked to see how they looked she was pleasantly surprised. For a thirty eight year old single mother her ass looked damn good. She decided to just play around and she would choose which picture to upload later. She crawled back on the bed and took some more pictures of her ass. She then spread her legs a little to try and get a shot of her still wet pussy. Her hand made an appearance and probed her wetness as well as spread her lips for the world to see how wet she really was. She was really getting herself worked up and inserted a second finger deep inside her vagina. Her palm was rubbing her clit and before long she had another squirting orgasm. Unbeknownst to her, she had fallen on the shutter remote during her orgasm and managed to get several dozen shots of her womanly fountain.

She decided, once she could move again, that she should take a few shots of her tits as well. She grabbed the camera off the tripod and lay back on her pillows. She held the camera out selfie style and snapped a couple of pictures before she realized that gaziantep travesti it had a swiveling screen on it. Once she turned the screen to where she could see it she captured a couple of really nice shots. Pleased with her effort she placed the camera on her nightstand and quickly fell asleep.

With life being what it is she totally forgot about the camera and the pictures until Sarah came over a couple of days later. They were sitting on the back deck this time enjoying a glass of wine when Sarah asked Kathy if she had decided on the app yet or not. That jogged Kathy’s memory and she told Sarah that she had already taken a bunch of pictures of herself, she just hadn’t gotten around to loading them yet.

She went upstairs and got her camera and asked Sarah to tell her if she thought the pictures were any good. Since she hadn’t looked at them, she had no idea that she had caught herself in the process of getting herself off. She handed Sarah the camera and refilled their wine glasses.

She sat there silently sipping her wine as she watched Sarah scroll through the pictures. It didn’t escape her attention that Sarah had started squirming around a bit and was biting her bottom lip. When Sarah sat the camera down her hands were shaking and she was breathing heavier than normal. Kathy noticed.

“What?”, she asked her friend. “Are they not good enough? I know I took them myself, but the test shots I took looked okay, so I would think the rest of them are pretty good.”

“Pretty good? You think these are pretty good? God damn Kathy, I am so fucking wet and horny right now from looking at those I almost came. They are fucking phenomenal.”

Kathy didn’t know what to say. She didn’t think any of the pictures she took were worthy of that kind of reaction. Sarah could see the disbelief on her friends face and picked the camera up and came and sat down beside her on the swing. She leaned in as close as she could and held the camera so they both could see it.

“Have you even looked at these?”

“Uh, not really. I was tired when I was done and just put the camera down and went to sleep.”

Sarah laughed out loud and said, “I can see why. Here, let me show you.” She started scrolling through the pictures and gave her opinion on each one, whether it was worth posting or not. She scrolled pretty quickly through the test shots since they were pretty basic. When Kathy’s hand made an appearance she really slowed down and became more in depth with her commentary.

Kathy could smell her friend’s honeysuckle shampoo as she leaned against her. She had never noticed it before and liked the smell. She also liked the feel of their arms touching. It was a personal touch that she hadn’t had in a long time. She wasn’t into women as a rule, but did have a deep appreciation for a beautiful human being and Sarah was definitely a beautiful human being. At 5’9” she was pretty tall and her long blond hair never seemed to leave her wanting for attention. She also had a nice 34B chest, with those perky tits that guys just seemed to drool over, and a nice firm ass that Kathy would never admit to checking out once in a while in a pair of tight short, shorts or painted on jeans.

Kathy knew she worked out a lot and thought her body was simply okay, but to hear Sarah talking about how sexy some of the pictures were was making her feel good about herself. Sarah mentioned how clean her pussy looked shaved bare and noticed that you could see how wet she was thanks to the high resolution of the camera. She once again began to squirm in her seat as they continued looking at the pictures. She marveled at how tight Kathy’s pussy looked as she had two fingers buried as deep in it as she could get them.

She was subconsciously licking her lips and said to herself, just loudly enough that Kathy caught it, “That looks so tight. I bet it tastes as good as it looks.”

Kathy looked at her friend without turning her head and noticed the slightly glazed look in her eyes. Sarah was holding the camera with both hands so she could scroll through the pictures but didn’t miss it when Kathy rested her hand on her thigh just below the hem of her shorts. Kathy thought that was the last picture she had taken before she had gotten herself off to another mind altering orgasm so she was ready to see her selfie styled shots of her breasts. She was not ready when Sarah told her to watch.

Sarah began tapping the forward button as fast as she could and Kathy watched in shock as her entire masturbation session was caught in close-up, high definition, stop animation. Her mouth hung open and she was unable to speak. Never in a thousand years would she have given the camera to Sarah to look at if she had known those pictures were on there.

As Sarah scrolled through the pictures she was getting more and more fidgety. When she got to the series of shots that showed Kathy beginning to squirt she clamped her legs together. That only served to trap Kathy’s hand between the where she began to notice the extreme heat coming from her friends crotch. Sarah’s reaction to her pictures caused Kathy to feel a dampness in her own panties.

Like before, Sarah was shaking and breathing heavily when she sat the camera down. She turned to Kathy who still had her mouth open in shock and said, “So fucking sexy.” She then leaned in and effectively closed Kathy’s mouth by kissing her. Her hand found the back of Kathy’s head as her tongue found its way into her open mouth. Kathy was turned on by what she had just seen of herself and Sarah’s reaction to it, and although she was surprised by the kiss, she didn’t resist when Sarah kissed her. In fact, she kissed her back.

Having gone without for so long she had forgotten what it was like to be wanted, and it was apparent, even to her long out of practice self, that Sarah wanted her. As their tongues dueled for supremacy their hands began to roam all over each others bodies. Kathy ran her hands down her friends chest and found her nipples steely hard even through the t-shirt and bra she wore. As she gave them a squeeze Sarah moaned softly into her mouth. She pinched them lightly causing her to moan again. Each moan from her friend sent a signal to her now throbbing pussy to generate more wetness. She could tell that her panties were now soaked through and she figured, correctly, that she was now sporting a visible wet spot in her shorts.

Not wanting to miss out on what she knew her friend was offering, and not wanting to get eaten alive by mosquitoes, Kathy stood up and nearly dragged Sarah into the house. They made it as far as the living room couch before the fell into each others arms again. They continued to make out as they began to remove the little bit of clothing they were wearing, only breaking their kiss long enough to remove their shirts. They fell back onto the couch as naked as the day the were born.

Sarah was massaging Kathy’s slightly larger tits and rubbing her thumbs over her now swollen nipples. The shocks it was sending to Kathy’s mind was causing her to whimper into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah had seen it in pictures just moments ago, but now she was salivating with desire as she began to kiss her way down Kathy’s magnificent body to her promised land. She planted kisses on each nipple before sucking them briefly causing Kathy’s fluids to flow and her breathing to quicken. Sarah didn’t stop there. She kissed a trail down Kathy’s stomach and flicked her tongue into her bellybutton causing a giggle that she wasn’t expecting.

She smirked to herself and continued kissing downward. As she reached the top of Kathy’s recently groomed vagina she abruptly stopped causing Kathy to groan in disappointment. Her disappointment was short lived however. Sarah now had a foot in her hand as began licking and kissing each toe individually. Kathy had never had anyone suck her toes before and found it very arousing. Sarah alternated legs as she ran her hands up and down the velvety smooth skin, kissing as much as she could. The anticipation of knowing what was coming had Kathy squirming on the couch. Each time she got too carried away in her excitement Sarah would stop until she calmed down. As soon as she stopped squirming the kissing and rubbing would begin again. It felt like hours to Kathy’s mind, but was really only a couple of minutes, before Sarah began to push Kathy’s legs apart exposing her glorious pussy to Sarah’s eyes in person for the first time.

Kathy had never been teased so much for so long and had definitely never been this turned on. She was clawing at the cushions on the couch and not caring if she tore them or not. All she could think about was her friend kissing up her legs and about to taste her womanly nectar. She was already on the verge of cumming but was fighting diligently against it. Sarah seemed to know it too and would stop each time Kathy began moving to much giving her a chance to calm down. Kathy definitely didn’t want to cum until Sarah’s tongue and oh so talented mouth made actual contact with her pussy.

As Sarah neared her final destination she began to kiss closer and closer together with a tiny lick thrown in between kisses. She could smell the musky aroma of Kathy’s drooling snatch and longed to plunge her tongue inside it to be rewarded with a spray of woman cum, but she knew she had to wait for just the right moment. She kissed and licked up one side and down the other making sure to make no direct contact with Kathy’s swollen lips. She could almost see Kathy’s pussy pulsing with desire. She planted a final kiss right at the top of Kathy’s pussy before backing off a little. In a surprise move that sent Kathy’s mind to an alternate dimension for a split second, Sarah pinched both nipples as if she was trying to flatten them permanently and sucked Kathy’s clit into her mouth as though she was trying to suck it off her body. The sensory overload cause Kathy’s pussy to erupt. She came like never before and Sarah drank as much of her cum as possible. She had never been with a woman that squirted as much as Kathy did and it was amazing.

Kathy’s back arched as her orgasm racked her body and her fingers dug into the couch cushions even deeper than before. She sprayed Sarah with a significant amount of cum and she seemed to like it. She never took her mouth off Kathy’s gushing cunt and drank as much as she could of her first squirt. After drinking as much as she could of the initial blast Sarah removed her mouth and began stoking Kathy’s engorged clit, prolonging her orgasm and causing her to nearly drench Sarah in cum. When Kathy finally stopped spraying, Sarah leaned down and gave her swollen red lips a tender kiss and a few soft licks getting to taste even more of her delicious discharge. Kathy’s body dropped limply to the couch and her breathing was ragged. Her limbs didn’t work at the moment and even if they did her mind was tumbling through space and would not have been able to control them.

Sarah sat back on her knees and gazed in wonder at her friend laying in an almost catatonic state on the couch before her. She had always thought that Kathy was a beautiful woman, but had never dreamed that she would ever see her naked or get the chance to have sex with her. They were fantasies that she kept to herself. She was smiling like the cat that ate the canary. That Kathy wasn’t just a squirter, but one of mythic proportions was a huge, and unexpected bonus. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen from this point on, but she thought that if she were to die at this moment it would have been worth it.

After a few minutes Kathy’s breathing returned to normal and she began to stir. She looked around for Sarah and found her sitting on the floor between her feet smiling. She couldn’t believe the amazing orgasm her friend had coaxed out of her. She knew that Sarah had been with quite a few men, but she never thought that she had been with a woman, especially not enough to do that to her. She was smiling as much as Sarah was and as soon as her body began to respond to her commands she knelt down in front of her and kissed her softly on her luscious lips where she could still taste herself.

She broke the kiss after just a moment and leaned back just far enough to look Sarah in the eyes. She then told her with the utmost sincerity, “This doesn’t mean we are a couple now”, as she pushed her back gently and began to kiss her way down to her friends beautiful pussy. She kissed, licked, nibbled, and nipped every square inch of Sarah’s glorious breasts. She licked and suckled on her swollen nipples eliciting moans of ecstasy. While her mouth was occupied savory the flesh of Sarah’s chest, her hands were busy exploring those parts of her body that they could reach. Kathy ran her hands up and down the soft skin or Sarah’s arms and legs feeling the goosebumps that she was causing. She brought her hands to Sarah’s warm, moist center and was surprised at the amount of heat she was giving off. This increased the urgency in her oral assault and she began to kiss her way down Sarah’s toned stomach much the way Sarah did hers. However, unlike Sarah, she didn’t feel the need to stop and move to her feet. She simply pushed her friends thighs apart and continued kissing southward until she felt the swollen nubbin that told her she had reached her final destination.

Like a starving woman she began eating Sarah’s delicious honey hole. She licked at her folds tasting the ambrosia that Sarah was producing and it seemed to drive her into a feeding frenzy. She was on a mission to get her friend off and taste as much of her womanly cum as humanly possible. She deftly inserted to fingers into Sarah’s overheated furnace and began a come here motion to pull as much of her wetness out as she could and to also stimulate her g-spot. Her lips and tongue had taken up residence on her clit and were alternating between caressing it lovingly and trying to pull it off. The constant change in tempo and feeling was driving Sarah wild. She couldn’t get into a steady rhythm and was almost begging for release. Kathy, meanwhile was savoring the steady flow of fluids from Sarah’s constantly dripping pussy. When she finally had her fill of the nectar her friend was producing she clamped her mouth directly over Sarah’s swollen and throbbing clit and sucked while at the same time slamming her fingers into her g-spot with surprising regularity. She knew from prior conversations that this would really set her friend off and she was glad she remembered it.

Kathy decided to up her game a little and inserted two more fingers before realizing that she could probably get her whole hand inside of Sarah’s pussy. She pulled her fingers out just long enough to coat the rest of her hand in Sarah’s secretions and that action wasn’t lost on Sarah. She knew what her friend was planning and her desire spiked. She had been stretched by fingers and toys before, but never by an entire hand. Kathy inserted her four fingers as before and slowly worked them in and out and twister her hand around in the process to loosen Sarah up as much as possible so as to not hurt her. When she felt Sarah was as ready as she was going to get she folded her thumb down into her palm and started to slowly push her hand forward.

Sarah was biting her lip waiting on the pain that she just knew was going to accompany something the size of Kathy’s hand invading her most private of areas. It probably would have hurt at least a little had Kathy not decided to distract her by biting softly at her clit just as her hand made its way fully into her pussy. She had never felt more full or more complete as she looked down and saw that her friend did, indeed, have her whole fist in her own hole.

Kathy made a fist inside Sarah, it was called fisting, right?, and bent her hand slightly backward to put pressure on Sarah’s g-spot as she began short shallow strokes. Sarah began moaning and thrashing about, in shock at the amazing way her friend was making her feel. Her hips began to come up off the floor as her hands went for Kathy’s arm. She latched onto her friends arm and tried to force it harder and deeper inside herself. Seeing what she was trying to do Kathy took her up on her unspoken request and really began to fuck Sarah with her fist. Unintelligible grunts and groans were spewing forth as her hips raised to meet each of Kathy’s thrusts. Without warning Sarah’s body arched up off the floor significantly and locked up. Her legs locked Kathy’s hand in her quivering, drooling cunt, her eyes rolled back in her head and the primal scream that issued forth from her mouth would have sounded like death to anyone that was around to hear but not see what was going on.

Kathy was not prepared for the visual of her friend having such an amazing orgasm and just sat there locked in place and speechless until Sarah’s body finally unclenched. She flopped down to the ground and went limp. She had just passed out from the most intense orgasm of her life. As Kathy slowly withdrew her hand from the clutches of Sarah’s flooded canal, she sat there and said to herself, “This doesn’t mean we’re a couple now.”

Several minutes later, after some gentle slaps to the face, Sarah began to come around. She looked at Kathy and simply said, “Thanks.” They got up and decided to share a shower and wash the traces of their evening of debauchery off themselves. When they finished they returned to the kitchen where the camera had been abandoned on the table in their hurry to get inside. Kathy picked it up and began scrolling through the pics again herself. She could fully understand why Sarah had gotten so turned on. She couldn’t stop herself from leaning over and kissing her friend.

“Well, I know which pics you would want to see but, which ones should I upload to the app?”

Sarah just smiled at her friend and said, “Here, let me show you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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