Petra’s Erotic Photo Gallery Ch. 01

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Eight of my Petra stories appeared in Exhibitionist and Voyeur as “Petra’s Pictures” and “Petra Poses”. The attractive college senior has a preference for older men with experience, which leads to posing suggestively for her professor’s Fine Arts curriculum. She always ends the sessions in bed with him and others.

This new series picks up two years later. Petra has graduated and opened a little art gallery downtown. It is struggling, but when her former professor drops by to visit, he offers a solution and an orgasmic renewal of their good times together.

The Fine Arts 345 class was packed to the rafters, every seat filled to the top of the big lecture theatre. There were plenty of jocks up there, but they were awake and alert, eager for Professor William Edwards to start projecting today’s photographic treat. The brunette who was always featured in his teaching slides motivated them far more than any interest in design trends through the ages.

Every time he used the now two-year-old images, Edwards felt a nostalgia for the Friday nights when he shot the pictures. Back then he had asked an attractive student in his class, Petra Stanwick, to pose for him in clothing representing different periods in design. The idea stemmed from his friend, Ronald Dennison from the English Literature Department. The use of Petra’s images in his Shakespeare class had drawn in legions of students and earned him a promotion.

Both men missed Petra, the bold young woman who literally came alive in front of the lens. Mostly they missed fucking the living Hell out of her, the typical conclusion of their red-hot photography sessions at Edwards’ apartment. Separately and together, they had plied Petra’s lovely body in every way imaginable, driving the young lady to stupendous orgasms over and over. She was insatiable!

Her experienced blonde girlfriend Emmeline Jones was another devastating loss, a fantastic lay no longer available. She had especially enjoyed being pounded relentlessly by Dennison’s mighty cock while Edwards zoomed in close to record every bit of the wicked action. And there’d been those intense girl-girl scenes between Emma and Petra, male fantasy played out in intimate detail by two shameless beauties.

Those were the good old days. But then Ms. Stanwick graduated and went out to make her mark. She told Professor Edwards that she intended to start a little business, her own art gallery, where she could put what she’d learned to good use. He wished her well, and then lost touch with Petra as waves of new students inundated his time. But he still had those slides to use in his class.

It was time to start another Monday morning lecture. Damn it! Why did the administrators keep giving him such an early time slot? It was because they knew students would line up to register for Fine Arts 345 even in the worst possible spot in the weekly schedule. They were right- a few hundred of them sat anxiously waiting for the Professor to begin.

“Ahem!” he cleared his throat to begin. “This week will feature design in the Tudor period. It might interest you to know that the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet was written then and I just happen to have a wealth of very ‘engaging’ pictures from that work. You will probably recognize the young woman playing Juliet, though as always, her face remains hidden. Later this week I’ll tell you a little secret about her.”

This set off a loud buzz, with students calling out playfully, demanding to hear the secret now. But no, the Professor had no intention of telling them yet that the model had once been someone in his Fine Arts class. On no account would he ever reveal her name or that of her photographer.

“Here are some images of that famous scene where Juliet calls down from her bedroom balcony, ‘Romeo, Romeo. Wherefor art thou, Romeo?’ Look what she’s wearing. It’s typically Sixteenth Century, and she fills it out so nicely, doesn’t she? You probably noticed how the little brocade waistcoat cinches tightly at the waist, highlighting her abundant ‘charms’, shall we say.

This brought a big laugh because no-one could miss the fact that the brunette model, her face partly obscured by shadow, packed a fine set of tits!

“Now she’s opened it up to reveal the little camisole she wears underneath. You might have noticed several buttons are undone as she leans forward over the railing, looking for her lover below.” Then referring to the deep cleavage on display he added, “Be careful nothing falls out, Pe… Juliet.”

The class laughed again while Edwards took a deep breath and gathered his panicking wits together.

“Damn! I almost said her name! Be more careful, William,” he reminded himself before continuing.

“The skirts were very full in Tudor times. You can see that when Juliet balances herself on her knees peering down into the garden. She has no stockings here. Usually nothing more than an ankle was revealed, but Juliet is being risque, flashing most of her legs like that. And… did you realize… people istanbul escort seldom wore knickers,” he mugged before adding, “Really… it’s true!”

After the hubbub died down, the professor moved on.

“You’ll like the next scene. They’re in Juliet’s bedroom, and this is what a young woman might wear to bed then. The fabric varied with wealth, all the way up to the finest silk. It looks like Romeo is eager to strip her, there by their wedding bed.”

Professor Edwards leaned toward his computer and projected another picture on the overhead screen.

“Close up, you can see the quality of Juliet’s nightwear. Diaphanous best describes it. Just gauzy enough to hide her body, but rather sheer to show the bare skin underneath it. This is a beautiful woman dressed in an expensive imported gown of the finest fabric. I hope Romeo takes his time so that he doesn’t tear it.”

He’d teased their interest enough, but couldn’t resist showing just one more tantalizing image. Romeo had his arms wrapped tightly around Juliet. Her now-naked breasts pressed into his bare chest, as the young lovers French kissed. Juliet’s hand pulled hard against his ass, driving his groin into hers. It took little imagination to see they’d soon be in the bed beside them.

A collective gasp rose from the lecture theatre!

“Liked that one, did you? I have more to show you in our two other classes this week as we examine the Tudor Era. Then on Friday, I’ll reveal a secret about the model,” Edwards reminded them.

He already knew that the room would be full both mornings.


It was another frustrating day for Petra Stanwick. She slouched on a stool behind the cash register at her gallery waiting for customers. Now and then, someone would look through the window to see if anything inside was of interest. Occasionally a small group of women might come inside to check out the new shop in the old storefront. And on a good day, some of them would buy an artistic print or two from those hung on the walls and filed in open folios. But not today.

Petra knew that her business wasn’t succeeding. No-one was interested in what she was selling. She wondered if the rented location downtown was wrong. It had seemed perfect- a deep shop with plenty of storage room in the back. And the apartment she took right above her shop was perfect for her. Maybe it was the product? Or the prices? Perhaps she should be advertising more- but that was so expensive.

This morning Petra had given herself an ultimatum.

“If this week is like the rest of the month so far, I’ll seriously consider giving up. Why keep at this when I’m spending more for rent and product than what’s coming back in sales. I tried my best, so by the end of the week, I might throw in the towel!”

It was near the end of the day, long shadows beginning to fall across the cobbled street outside. Petra had made just one small sale. She felt very discouraged, then the shop door opened. A tall man had his back to her as he turned to close the door behind him. Petra could see by the long woolen coat and the expensive shoes that this fellow had money to spend.

“May I help you, sir?” was scarcely out of her mouth when Petra saw that the man now facing her was an old friend.

“Omigod, Professor Edwards! So nice to see you! It’s been such a long time…”

“Yes. Yes. Ronald and I have missed you so much! I just learned today that you did open the art shop you talked about.”

“Well, here it is…”

“May I kiss you, Petra?” William interrupted, suddenly overcome by a rush of emotion. “We were so close. It still seems appropriate, don’t you think?”

“Of course!” And she hugged him tightly as they kissed each other firmly on both cheeks.

Edwards stepped back discretely, his head spinning a bit from her familiar perfume and the touch of her full lips to his face. A flood of memories washed over him: Petra French-kissing; Petra sucking and fucking; Petra coming wildly, her passionate cries echoing in his ears. He could feel his member swelling at the very thought of Friday nights with this beautiful creature.

“Nice little shop you have here, Petra. Plenty of art to choose from.”

“I thought so too, but to be honest, things aren’t going so well. Not enough sales- only one print today.”

“Oh… that’s unfortunate. I know you were so excited about this when you graduated.”

“I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. I’m going to have to give up on this whole business and try something else.”

“Surely not!… Oh, I see that it’s almost 6:00. Is it time for you to close?”

“It is, but you don’t have to go. Stay and we’ll talk for a while. It’s been a long time.”

“Sure. Lock the door and pull down the shade. Would you like to tell me more about your shop? You’re obviously very discouraged.”

“You have no idea!” Then Petra had a thought. “My apartment is above us. Would you like to come up the back stairs for a drink? Do you have istanbul escort bayan time? Maybe you have some ideas that could help me? I even have some scotch. I know you like that.”

William Edwards had never been known to turn down the offer of a drink in a woman’s apartment, especially not an invitation from the likes of Petra Stanwick. Soon they were seated in her lounge with sparkling glasses of scotch and white wine at hand.

“I remember how much you liked to drink my Chablis, Petra, on Friday evenings.”

“My favourite… the wine I mean, though those nights were fun too. I was so wild then and it’s a little embarrassing now.”

“I still use your photos in my lectures, and Ronald does too. They boosted his Shakespeare attendance so much that he was promoted to Assistant Professor Dennison.”

“Glad to help out!” Petra commented. “Ronald and I always got on famously. Posing with him was a crazy experience…”

“And you’re more conservative now, aren’t you, Petra?”

“Yes, I think so. How can you tell, Professor?”

“You’ve graduated. Call me William now, OK?”

“So, how can you tell, William?”

“Your look- that casual Boho mumu with Birkenstocks.” He hesitated before going on, hoping not to offend her. “Not the sexy young woman I knew two years ago. Now you’re Bohemian, with almost no makeup or lipstick. No curl in your hair, either. Don’t get me wrong- you are lovely… but much understated now. Ever heard the phrase ‘putting a lamp under a basket’?”

“Yes, I had a sexier look, a different vibe, when I was in school.”

“You’d get male customers with that old vibe, Petra,” Edwards grinned. “Especially if you promoted yourself that way, say in some advertising, maybe on the Internet or local television.”

“I suppose that I could try that. Any other ideas?”

“Perhaps some sexy product too? Do you carry any erotic art in your shop? Something to set you apart from all the other little art and gift shops around the city. Something special to bring a certain type of art lover in here. You could promote erotic art on the Internet with your own sexy image.”

“A sex shop! I don’t know if I want to run anything like that. An art gallery, yes.”

“Your shop could offer conventional art, say in the front, and erotic art in a second room you could set up in the back. I don’t mean porn. Tasteful stuff, with naked torsos, male and female. Suggestive stuff with entwined lovers in the nude. You could sell plenty of black and white erotic photos. Just look what a little nudity did for my Fine Arts lectures!”

As the minutes stretched to an hour, Petra began to see some merits in William’s erotic art idea. And as the wine bottle was emptied, she started to feel a tingling in her pussy, just like on those wild photo nights. Edwards was getting aroused too, watching this lovely woman whom he had known so intimately, smiling across at him. He liked everything about her. Everything.

“It’s getting late, Profes… I mean William. You’ve missed your supper.”

“We could order in, like we sometimes did back then,” he suggested.

“Good idea. What would you like to have tonight?” she asked with a sly smile.

Had Petra looked at him suggestively when she said that? The professor knew her ways well enough that he was quite sure she was talking about more than just food. So, he replied with a double entendre.

“I’m very hungry. You and I haven’t had any sustenance together for a long time, have we?”

Now Petra wondered. Had he picked up on her veiled invitation for more than just a meal? She would play this game of hidden meaning some more.

“Yes, I’d love to gorge myself with you, William,” she grinned wickedly while pushing her tongue out against the inside of her cheek to suggest cock-sucking.

“Let’s just skip the food, Petra. I’m not hungry anyway… except for you,” he replied invitingly.

Five minutes later they were stark naked in Petra’s double bed. Their clothes lay tossed around the room, and bedding had been hurriedly pushed aside. Edwards was crouched on his knees, while Petra’s hand and mouth were locked onto his swollen member. His head was tilted back in ecstasy as Petra delivered one of her patented blow jobs, the best he had ever experienced. Too good!

“Not much more, Petra,” he groaned. “I’ll blow my stones before I even get into you!”

So, she came up for air.

“No. We wouldn’t want that. Anyway, it’s your turn now.”

That said, Petra released her grip and stretched out on her back with her knees bent and thighs spread wide apart. Then she used her legs to lift her bum right off the bed.

“Slide that pillow under me so you can find everything that I have down here,” she said, nodding toward her wet pussy.

For Petra, there was something special about sex with mature men. They had experience and some finesse, especially with oral. She’d had enough of young men’s heated rushes to much prefer a skilled older guy in bed, escort istanbul someone with years of practice and plenty of patience.

Soon Petra was begging for mercy as her former professor put his mouth and fingers to the task. He parted her fleshy pink outer lips and bore down on the stiff little pearl hidden where everything came together.

Ah, Petra’s clit! The taste, the musky scent, the juices- the wonders of her exotic pink now came flooding back to him- quite literally. Edwards could hear her moaning as he sucked the little bud hard between his lips. This is what they both had been missing for the past two years!

Petra was gasping now, but William was eager to get on with the main event.

“Let me fuck you, Petra. I can’t wait any longer!”

“Only if you promise me at least one orgasm tonight,” she sighed.

“Guaranteed! Stay right on that pillow. The angle is perfect and believe me, your pussy is ready!”

“Give me that big cock!”

William balanced himself on straightened arms above her as she held his hard shaft against her dripping folds to guide it home. Deeper, deeper, deeper… now he was buried to the hilt in her unforgettable pussy. It enveloped him. It squeezed him. It begged for his cum.

“Ohhh… William…. I forgot how good this feels! Give it to me now. Fuck me until I can’t take anymore!”

“Damn! You are so exciting! Don’t know how long I’ll last….”

Then he was plunging into Petra as she thrust her strong hips back up at him. His cock felt like a big piston hammering in and out of the slick channel wrapped so firmly around him. How did she do that? How did she hold his cock so tightly, at the same time lubing it completely with her copious juices? Was there any other woman who could…”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” broke his mental ramblings and set him to even stronger pounding.

“Harder! Harder!” Petra cried out, just like in the old days. Who was he to deny her? How could he deny himself?

“William! William!… Give it to me! Fuck me!” She was as vocal as ever.

Now he could feel the cum starting to surge up from his bursting balls, destined for their ultimate target. A flood of spermatozoa was on its way to a much better place!

“Cumming! Cuu…mming!” Edwards gritted out, as he pumped furiously into Petra’s tight cleft.

“Give it!… Give it!… Give it to me!” she chanted, nearing her own climax now.

Then all Hell broke loose as their stratospheric trajectory peaked! Edward’s groin jerked wildly while Petra’s stomach muscles clenched tightly over and over. These were tremendous orgasms like before- the young woman bouncing wildly on the bed while her professor filled her body with his male offering.

One- two- three blasts, and it kept shooting out as she bucked hard against him. Four- five… and six! Then he was absolutely spent, and she was falling back down to Earth now too.

“What a fuck!” William gasped. “Nobody else…”

“Incredible! I haven’t cum like that…”

“Some more?” he grinned, though he knew it would be impossible at this point.

“Another time. Soon,” she suggested, recognizing that it would surely happen.


Professor Edwards staggered into his apartment that evening. His balls ached a bit from slapping so hard against Petra’s strong body, but he was smiling like a fool. He hadn’t had such good sex in a long time. Certainly not with those barflies Lezlee and her sleazy friend Desiree, whom he and Dennison could summon to party whenever they felt the urge.

He slept well that night, exhausted from their pleasurable exertions. Next morning there was no rush to get to the college until his Fine Arts 101 lecture in the afternoon, those eager bastards thirsting for the raunchy pictures they’d heard so much about from older friends. No, they’d need to take 345 next year for that treat.

This morning William had some time to think about Petra’s struggling art gallery.

“Could I help her out with more than just ideas?” he wondered.

Then it came to him, a Eureka moment!

“Of course! I have a ton of erotic black and whites of her already! Half clothed. Nude. Sucking. Fucking. I could carefully crop a few good ones to show her the product. Nobody would know that it’s her, but they’d want to buy a framed image of a beautiful naked woman. Perfect!”

Within minutes, Edwards had his computer open, examining countless pictures he’d taken of an aroused Petra two years earlier. They were good! And with some judicious cropping or edge-fading, he’d be able to show her several shots that could hang discreetly in a separate back area of her little shop. William quickly set to work selecting from the lurid images of his exposed subject.

The choices were bewildering. Petra’s naked breasts. Her pointed nipples. Petra’s spread pussy. Her wonderful clit. Petra’s open mouth stuffed with cock. The sexual wonderland seemed to be endless! He’d have to home in on one set as a sample; otherwise, he’d spend the entire day on this and forget to go to the college.

So, Edwards went right back to the beginning, the Art Nouveau images that he’d shot when this erotic exploration all began. [Petra’s Pictures: Art to Porn, Ch. 01, in Exhibitionist and Voyeur] Pictures of Petra revealing her wonderful body brought a wealth of memory.

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