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Pet for this evenings entertainmentMy Hubby and I have been part of a very discreet BDSM swingers group now for quite some time. We often have meetings or get together at our place as it is quite discreet and private with little chance of being interrupted by un-expectant guests. Our club or group consists of approximately 10 couples and a few single men and women. There are very strict rules regarding the club with respect to health checks and discretion. To be members of the club legal contracts are drawn up as well as a large bond is paid by each person to help ensure that the rules are not broken. Health and discretion are to two most important aspects of this club. Members are vetted for personality and looks as well being voted in by the other members. If this is followed strictly then the biggest enemy which is jealousy is kept at bay.Our residence is equipped with three large comfortable play areas; one area is 25 x 35 feet and the other about 15 x 15 feet. Both areas are fitted out with all sorts of bondage apparatus, twin vertical posts, wooden bondage horses, St Andrews cross, chains from the ceiling, lockable metal cages, winch and overhead cables for suspension not forgetting a couple of mattresses. The third area is a gymnasium which has various gym machines which are useful for all sorts of play. We use these areas for the BDSM play and swinging if the numbers are small. For large group meeting the couples tend to go back to another couples house for play. When a group get together is organised you never really know who and how many will attend. Sometimes, on the special occasions such as Xmas or Easter it’s not uncommon for the whole club to attend. Many of the other couples have a similar setup as ours it all depends who wants to have the get-together at their place. It was Saturday morning; we were having a club play meet at our place that evening. It has become a sort of tradition, but not in all cases that whoever is holding the event that the submissive of the place is put up as the pet or toy. Tonight it was going to be me. I spent the earlier part of the day racing around doing the normal household chores, washing and cleaning, going grocery shopping and getting the play areas ready for the night’s event. It was early after lunch when I was about to start on the play areas, hubby ordered me to undress, put on my leather wrist and ankle cuffs as well as my leather collar. The feeling of my nakedness and wearing the cuffs always turns me on, the thought of the event ahead with the anticipation increasing enhances the emotions even further. I was about to start vacuuming the floors, hubby came in and attached a chain to my collar down to my ankles with two chains branching off, one at the bottom and other at the middle each about 2 feet long. With four padlocks he locked the ends of the branches to my ankle and leg cuffs. The whole time I was cleaning and moving around the sound and feel of the chain against my body turned me on, I was starting to feel the helplessness which was making my juices start to flow. About 15mins later he came back to me and bent me forward and inserted a small butt plug with attached horse tail into my arse. Two of his fingers explored my pussy checking out how wet my pussy was becoming. It was only three o’clock in the afternoon the guests weren’t arriving till around 8pm and I was already feeling close to my first orgasm. It wasn’t until 6pm that my hubby, my master broke the news to me that he wanted me to be everyone’s little fuk toy tonight. I was to let anyone do what they desired to me, meaning that I could possibly be fucked, sucked, licked or touched in some way by potentially the whole club. I was not privy to the anticipated guest list so had no idea of numbers. I was unchained and sent to the bathroom to prepare myself for this evening’s event. This meant showering, shaving and scrubbing etc so every aspect of my body was available for use. I was getting more and more aroused at this prospect, part of me was also a little nervous. Later after showering, preparing and putting on my makeup I returned to our bedroom naked and found a collection of items lying on top of our bed mattress. My Master said these are bahis firmaları the things that I must wear tonight at least for the start of the evening he exclaimed. One of the items was a black silken piece of a material which consists of two identical halves tied together by small silken string ties. The Material goes over my head and the ties are at the top of my shoulders. Down each sides there are more string ties which one by one I tied pulling the two halves together. When tied there is a gap of naked flesh exposing the sides of my body. This outfit is designed so it doesn’t matter how you are tied nor in what position it is easily removed by undoing all of the string ties to allow it to fall away revealing your nakedness. The Silken material felt sexy against my flesh, hanging down to a level of the middle of my thighs. The next items to put on were my leather wrist and ankle cuffs making sure that the D Rings were facing the outside. With four small padlocks I locked them into place to prevent the leather tongues of the cuffs from being undone. Next a pair of earplugs, I rolled the plugs between my fingers ensuring they were small enough to penetrate my ear canals deeply before expanding. Once they were both in position I was unable to hear anything. The last remaining thing was a black leather hood. This when worn covers my eyes, ears and nose. It’s held in place by 2 leather straps, 1 around the back of my head and the other passing under my chin. At this stage Master came in to check up on me making sure it was going accordingly to his plan. He helped me put the hood on, placing extra padding next to my ears ensuring I was deprived of both sight and sound. He guided me to sit on the side of the mattress; I was feeling very aroused and starting to feel the vulnerability of sensory deprivation. At this stage I could still talk, but there is a ball gag which goes with the hood, held into place by the straps attaching to the chin strap, he said he will leave that until the guests are about to arrive. My heart was pounding, it was the only thing I could hear through the ear plugs and padding. My mind was racing at 100 mph with anticipation I what was going to happen to me tonight. After what felt like an eternity, hands touched me on my thighs, I jump unexpectedly. A hand at my mouth pushing the ball gag into my mouth, the straps were attached and done up tight holding the ball in place. A leash of some kind was clipped onto the D ring of my leather collar and suddenly I was being pulled into one direction. I grabbed the lead with both hands to ensure I didn’t bump into anything with my arms. Every now and again a hand was place on my back to guide me in their desired direction. Taking small steps, I felt totally helpless, nervous not to fall over or run into something, my trust was with the person guiding me.The change of flooring I was feeling underfoot meant we were entering into the play area, the extra thick carpet felt soft and spongy on my bare feet. Hands were now on my shoulders moving me slightly left, right, backwards and forward: getting me into position. Both at the same time a pair of hands grabbed both of my wrists and I could feel them attach what I thought were chains to the D rings of the leather cuffs. Same thing happened next to both my ankle cuffs, except for this time both chains were pulled tight causing me to spread my legs. When I thought they were spread far enough a hard stinging slap to my inside thigh would cause me to wriggle my legs even further apart. Whoever it was doing this secured me at this point, legs spread apart as wide as I could. The chains attached to my wrist cuffs underwent the same treatment, both my arms spread at full length on a slightly upward angle. My body was taunt, totally spread-eagled, totally vulnerable; I could feel my pussy lips were open slightly and a wetness was forming as by now I was so horny it was indescribable. Gagged, blindfolded, deprived of sensors and stretched between two posts I was available for anyone to do as they pleased. A few minutes later, hands were touching me all over, pinching my erect nipples through the silken cloth, running up my inside thighs brushing against my kaçak bahis swollen clit, finger tracing down my back and through the crack of my arse. There may have been 8 or more hands all over me, my body was subconsciously reacting to the touches, pulling against the binds. My first orgasm flooded me with pleasure, my situation making it much more intense than normal. The hands kept doing their work, exploring my body through the silk, occasionally one hand would slip in between the material and my body through the open sides of my outfit. The touching of the hands stopped and I could feel my outfit being tugged in places, I could feel the bows holding the two sides together being undone allowing it to fall away completely. I was totally naked now on show for whom was at this event. Without warning, a sudden sharp crack felt on my arse and another on my inside thigh. I grimaced through the gag and pulled against the chains. There were 2 riding crops being used on my body, one would attacking my nipples the other smacking my pussy. They would alternate between nipples, arse, thighs and pussy. I was moaning loudly through the gag and my body writhing in all directions. The combination of pleasure of being vulnerable and the pain of the crops was bringing me to orgasm. Being deprived of senses only heighten the sensations as I was not sure where or what was going to happen. The crops were substituted for a flogger and a leather whip working opposite sides. Fingers grabbed my labia and affixed clamps, next weight were added pulling my labia down tightly. Each contact with the flogger or whip made me squirm shaking the weights. Nipple clamps were then added and some weight attached the intensity of all these things happening at once brought me to another orgasm. Once I have one orgasm the next keep on following one after another providing the stimulation keeps occurring.Drool from my gagged mouth was now running down between my breasts, once the whipping stopped and the clamps were all removed several pairs of hand and a couple of tongues starting exploring my body. Fingers were being inserted into my very wet pussy, another single one in my arse, lips were on my tender erect nipple sucking and biting. In no time at all I had several more orgasms now completely focussed only at the points of contact. I had no idea who belonged to either the hands or the mouths exploring my nakedness. Someone was under me, between my legs pushing their tongue inside me their tongue working my labia and clit. They kept it up for some time bringing me to an orgasm causing me to squirt uncontrollably covering them with fluid from my pussy. The pleasure was incredibly intense as I was no longer aware of the aches from caused from having my legs spread so wide apart. I had no idea of time or how long all this took, but usually a fuk toy session like this would last for several hours at a time. I didn’t care at all it was the last thing I was thinking about. Eventually, my chins were getting tugged at, suddenly my legs were released, a pair of hands on each leg helping me to get them back into a standing position. This in turn loosened my arms slightly allowing me some time for recovery from the stretched position. I could feel a lead being attached to the front of my collar, hands grabbed both of my wrists at the same time and released the chains freeing me from the two pillars. I was being guided and lead across the room to where we recently installed a leather sling suspended by four chains from the ceiling. The mouth gag straps were being undone from my hood, the gag fell out my mouth ached from being held in so tight; I moved my jaw, exercising the stiffness. I let out the word OUCH, almost immediately my arse was smacked very hard, I could feel the hot imprint for minutes later, I squirmed against the lead, when I went to rub the spot someone grabbed my wrist to prevent me. I guess the idea was not to speak at all.I was being moved into position and two people grabbed me and laid me back on the cold leather so I was face up. My wrists were attached to each of the chains and my ankles were attached to the chains at the other end. My wrists were about the height level of my head kaçak iddaa which was being held by a smaller head sling. My ankles were up high enough that my knees were bent. The sling was only long as my torso, my arse slightly overhung one end and when the head sling was removed my head would fall backwards overhanging the other end. It was extremely comfortable laying on this, I knew my pussy and arse were spread open and totally exposed at one end. Fingers grabbed at my labia and affixed clamps, a string was tied to the clamps and then stretched and tied most probably to the supporting chains, spreading them apart. Clamps were fixed to my nipples and pulled tight and tied off at the other supporting chains. A leather belt was placed around my waist and passed through the bottom of the sling, this prevented me slipping forward or backwards in the sling. I was laid there for ages just feeling the clamps doing their work, my clit was swollen and the longer I was left like that the hornier I became with anticipation. The head sling was undone and my head fell backwards and downwards, someone was staggering my mouth, I could smell the musky smell of some woman’s pussy. She pushed that pussy against my mouth, my tongue started to explore her labia searching for her clit. She was squirming against my mouth, the more she moved the more eager I was to taste her sex. Someone suddenly and very gently got between my legs and their tongue just touching my clit between my clamped and spread labia. The orgasm came quickly, causing my whole body to shudder in the sling. I was super sensitive down there now and straight away another orgasm arrived. Having my pussy lips apart and just the clit touched was just amazing pleasure. Several times, people swapped positions, the next woman to stride my mouth had men’s cum oozing from it I could taste it as she pushed it to my mouth. The clamps were released and there were mouths on my nipples, pussy and even a tongue on my belly. The rolling orgasms had started one after another were flooding through my body. Each orgasm I would arch my back and my body would stiffen. The tongues were sending me wild, I was moaning loudly, hearing my muffled voice through the ear plugs and hood.The tongues stopped, someone grabbed my head and lifted it into the head sling. I laid there still helpless and bound, hot and almost exhausted by the number of orgasms I had. My body was still trembling and little orgasm aftershocks could be felt. My pussy was oozing juices partly saliva from the lickings and the rest produced from my very aroused pussy. Laying there in total bliss, suddenly a hard cock was put into my left hand; my fingers started squeezing it and feeling it. A few seconds later another was placed into my right hand. I started wondering who these belonged too. I could then feel the head sling being undone allowing my head to falling backwards. A third cock was pushed at my lips I opened my mouth and accepted it, I eagerly started to suck it with enthusiasm, and he was thrusting in time with my lips on the head. A fourth cock, long and thick pushed into my pussy slowly sliding in deeper and he started thrusting long strokes. It wasn’t long before I was getting fucked in all holes, thumbs rubbing my clit, nipples being squeezed, orgasms were coming one after another and each thrust my back arched. At any one time there were at least four cocks in me, on me all fucking the daylights out of me. Each person, taking it in turns one cock then another. I had lost count of the total number of orgasms I had that night. The men fucked me nonstop until they at least shot their load of cum inside my mouth or inside my pussy. Some of them I think came back for seconds and thirds.Eventually at the end of the night I could feel someone gently unclipping my cuffs from the chains holding my ankles and wrists, My legs and arms just dropped I lay their naked on the sling totally exhausted almost limp like. I was helped to stand upright, my legs, mouth and pussy aching from the attention. The hood was removed and the ear plugs pulled out of the ears, I stood their blinking from the bright lights looking around at the total mess everybody had left. It would be my job as a sub to clean this all up, tomorrow’s task. I looked to see juices running down my inside highs. My master handed me a box of tissues and gave me a kiss. He said come on pet let’s take you back inside the house and get you cleaned up.

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