Pet for Markus

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The large house was full of noise as the day shift came on. More people were working around the rooms than at night, which was surprising, given the nature of the work done in this house.

The clever little maid known to her employers only as Pet moved through the lower floor quickly, picking up things left lying around the evening before. She stepped aside when someone came near her, letting them pass so she could continue with her work.

Inside the large bathing room, Pet gasped at the mess. One of the four Jacuzzi tubs must have burst a pipe during the night. There was water everywhere!

From a nearby utility closet, Pet got out a mop and began to clean up. Luckily, once the water was out of the Jacuzzi, the tub didn’t fill. It had a special level indicator that kept it from refilling if it got below a certain point. And thankfully, that must have kicked in. Pet bent over the mop, wiping the water from the floor. Her short black and white maid’s outfit tilted up behind her. But no one was around to notice her pert bottom in black lace panties peeking out.

The mess wasn’t too great, and the water-proofed tiling of the bathing room floor was not damaged at all. She’d still have to call in a repairman, but the most important thing right now was the clean up the mess.

Suddenly a pair of warm hands found her buttocks, and she jumped up, startled. Whipping around, Pet looked into the eyes of Markus Hansen, her employer. He out of all the people working here owned her.


“Hello, my pet,” he whispered. His voice was deep, rumbling.

“Hello Mr. Hansen,” Pet answered. “I’m just cleaning up this…mess…here.”

But the man wasn’t listening to her. His mouth was coming closer, closer, and his hands were slipping upwards along her thighs.

Pet pulled away, turning her face to one side.

“I have so much work to do today, Mr. Hansen. Please, I must get back to work.”

She dared to look back at Markus’ face, and found his eyes to be angry, ravishing.

“You forget your place, pet, and why you are here. All of this…” he said, gesturing with his hand at the wet floor. “All of this is just extra.”

Again his hands found her bottom, gripping her tightly and pulling her to him.

“Now, remember for a moment, and do not say no to me again.”

Pet could feel his hot breath against her mouth as she closed her eyes. Even though she put her hands against his chest, she did not pull away or resist. Quickly his mouth met hers, sucking on her lips passionately. He moved his hands to the waistband of her panties, beneath her short and fluffed up skirt. He slipped his fingers inside, and began to knead and squeeze her round soft bottom.

She couldn’t resist him, had never been able to resist him. And she had only come here to work for him and his company so that she could be near him, all day long. Each night as she lay in bed, she waited for him to come to her. Sometimes, he did. Most times, he did not. So now that his mouth was against hers, his tongue parting hers, his fingers spreading her ass, Pet could not push Markus away.

His dark fingers dug into her flesh, then he began to pull her panties down. He didn’t care that it was mid-morning, that anyone could come into the bathing room and see gaziantep escort bayan him touching and fondling the hired help.

Pet moaned as his fingers slipped into the crack of her bottom, teasing her anus ruthlessly. She turned her face to one side, and Markus began to bite at her neck, pulling at the flesh there with his teeth.

“I want you so badly,” he groaned into her ear, nipping at the lobe. “I am going to have you, right here, right now.”

Down to the floor he pushed her, right into the puddles of lukewarm water. Pet gasped, resting on her elbows and looking up at Markus. Slowly, achingly slowly, he began to undo his belt. His eyes burned into her, never leaving her face. He unzipped his dark slacks and let them fall to his ankles. Then he pulled down his silk briefs, and his member jutted out, erect and solid and thick.

Pet gasped again, putting the back of one hand to her mouth. Her outfit was completely soaked now, but so was her privacy. She glared at him hungrily, her mouth wet with her desire as she studied his cock. It had been so long since last she had seen him this lustful for her. She could not deny him anything, now.

Markus attacked her, diving down to her torso with his mouth and hands. Mercilessly he tore aside the loose blouse top of the maid’s outfit, exposing her pale white breasts to his teeth. He chewed on each nipple, gnawing on them hard, making Pet cry out. She lay back beneath him, her fingers flexing in his dark hair. His moustache tickled her as he moved his mouth over her areolas, his lips pulling and sucking there.

“Every day, I see you. Every day, you wear this small outfit that hides nothing of your charms. Every day, you drive me crazy for you.”

His mouth was hot as he leaned over her, kissing at her nips, stroking her hair.

“I want you, in all ways, in every way.”

With ease Markus turned Pet over, putting her stomach and face to the wet floor. She moaned, pulling her hands out from beneath her breasts. Her nipples became hard in the water, pressed against the cool beige tile of the bathing house floor. Now the man’s heavy hands were on her buttocks. He was pulling them apart.

Pet knew he liked to inspect her, to tease her with the chance he could reject her. Markus’ fingers played at her puckered flower, teasing the rim of her anus.

“You are clean, always so clean. That is something I love about you.”

Now he moved forward, and without mercy, inserted himself into her ass. He pushed his thick cock past the rim of her anus, through the ridge of tight muscles, and into her enveloping heat.

“You are my pet, you feel so good,” he groaned.

Markus leaned over the maid, pressing his chest against her wet uniform, bunching her skirt beneath his waist. Onward he pushed, until he had buried himself within her to the hilt. His lips brushed the skin behind her ear.

“Only you do this for me. You never complain. You are my precious pet.”

“Yes, yes I am,” Pet moaned.

She tilted her head back, resisting the urge to cry out as her ass burned from Markus’ thickness inside. He was so big, so thick and solid, like a rock.

The dark man began to saw in and out of her ass, pulling himself out almost all the way, then purposely thrusting hard back inside. Each thrust brought a new fire, until Pet felt like she was filled with liquid lava.

Markus rocked her body in the puddles, moving between her legs and in her bottom. She could feel him tensing, as if he might cum right away. But then he pulled out, gasping himself and dragging fingers along her spine.

“No,” he whispered, leaning down to her. “Not yet.”

Now he lifted her by one hip and turned her around. His mouth voraciously attacked her breasts again, making her cry out from the pain of his teeth on her sensitive pink nipples.

“Please, Mr. Hansen. Be careful, please!” she pleaded.

But his teeth bit into her without mercy. He mashed her breasts together and fed from both at once.

“I must have these, as well,” he hissed.

Markus straddled Pet’s waist, then moved upward. She watched as his jutting cock head moved closer and closer to her. With his thick fingers, Markus reached down and pinched her nipples, his eyes watching as he tweaked and tugged them. Pet whimpered. Then she saw that each time she whimpered, his cock bounced and throbbed.

She had never seen Markus so excited. He reached out and grabbed one breast in each hand. Pulling them apart, he slid further up her body, until his cock was almost at her mouth. He lay it down on her breastbone, leaving it there for a moment to throb. Then he folded her breasts over his shaft, rolling their flesh against his rigidity.

“Mmm,” he moaned, closing his eyes.

Slowly, Markus began to fuck Pet’s tits. He squeezed them hard, pushing the nipples between his thumb and the side of his forefinger. He began to buck forward and back, mashing the mammary flesh around his cock.

“Everything about you is so perfect, my precious pet. So perfect.”

Quicker and quicker he began to move. Pet stroked his legs at her sides. She could see a pearl of precum on the head of his cock, oozing out the small slit there. It made her lick her lips.

Markus gruffly took her hands from his legs and placed them on her own breasts. He showed her how to press them against his cock, how to squeeze them hard there, around him. And with his free hands, he lifted Pet’s head.

“Suck me, my pet,” he whispered, his eyes burning into hers. Markus lifted the maid’s head up with his two hands. She opened her mouth, flicking out with her tongue towards his cock head. Whenever he thrust forward, the head of his cock met her tongue. Markus pushed harder, further, lifting her head up more. Soon, he was fucking her lips, her breasts creating a tight sheath for his shaft and her lips giving him suction.

“Oh, my pet, you are perfection! Oh!’

He was about to cum. She could taste it, feel it emanating from his thickness. But Markus pulled away at the last minute.

“No,” he said to himself. “No, I must have you in all ways.”

Tenderly now, he cupped her sex, wriggling his fingers against her labia.

“Want me, my pet. Burn for me.”

He slipped two thick digits into Pet, and she moaned. One of his hands still cupped the back of her neck, and he put his mouth over hers, sucking her cries of pleasure from her very mouth. His fingers writhed serpent-like inside her, causing her to buck against her will with her hips.

“Mmm, how you want me. I can feel you curling around me, your juices, so thick around my fingers.”

Markus slipped his fingers out of Pet’s privacy, and slowly brought them to his mouth. He lapped them, his face inches away from her own. And then he leaned down and kissed her.

His tongue slid into her mouth again, and she could taste herself. He pressed into her, his body moving over her. She could feel the heat of him between her thighs now, feel his anxious cock pressing through her labia. Then, with a quick slip, he found her and entered. Into her he thrust, his cock diving to her depths.

Pet moaned, pulling away from Markus’ kiss. Her legs slipped up around the backs of his, hugging him to her tightly. She lifted her hips from the wet floor of the bathing room and ground herself against him.

“Oh, Pet. Oh Pet!” Markus cried.

Into her he thrust, harder, faster, deeper. His hands pinned her shoulders down and he lifted off of her. She opened her eyes, looking at his dark face. His own gaze was locked on the site of entry, as he watched his own cock pistoning in and out of her tightness. In and out he went, in and out.

Then Markus released her shoulders and put his hands on Pet’s legs. He lifted them high, gripping her ankles in one hand and bending her at the knees, then pushed them forward until her thighs were squashed against her breasts. She put her hands out into the puddle of water surrounding her, steadying herself as all her weight came to bear on the backs of her shoulders.

With her bottom raised off the floor now, Markus knelt behind her. His cock thrust into her puss, at an angle that made him spear her walls. He watched himself, groaning as he fucked her.

Then, with her legs rounding out her bottom and lifting it off the floor, he used his free hand and pulled his cock out of her pussy. With a quick experienced move, he jammed it into her already wetted asshole.

For a few moments, he watched himself fucking her ass. Pet could see his face, could see the delight he was feeling. Then he pulled out and took her privacy again, owning both of her entries. He continued this for a few moments, but soon it was too much even for him. His face contorted, twisting.

Pet gasped, knowing what would come next. Markus stroked himself, flicking the bulbous head of his cock over each hole as he jerked himself off.

And then, at last, he came, pouring his hot seed over all of Pet’s intimate parts. She gasped, feeling his release.

Markus stroked himself, groaning loudly, until his orgasm was complete. Finally, he released himself and lowered Pet’s legs carefully.

Panting, Pet took a few moments to breath. She had been twisted this way and that, she had been fucked and she had sucked. Her body tingled with its own hungers now.

But Markus just stood up.

She looked at him from her position on the floor, lying in the puddles of water from the broken Jacuzzi nearby. His clothes were soaked. He didn’t even bother to pull his pants or briefs up, he just stepped out of them, picking them up as he looked down at the maid.

Markus made a kiss with his lips and blew it towards Pet.

“I owe you, my pet. Wait for it, I will pay you back for this day.”

And with that, her employer walked away, leaving her to clean up the mess before any patrons came by and noticed.

And she still had to call that repairman.

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