Perv U! Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are 18+ years of age. All characters and events depicted are completely fictitious…obviously.

Foreward: Thanks for all the comments, both positive and negative, on chapter 1! Please keep them coming, feedback is always much appreciated.

What we learned last chapter:

– Tommy is a huge pervert, and his step-mom and step-sister are sick of him.

– Our hero, Tommy, isn’t exactly thrilled to be going to this university.

– Tommy has contraband, a flash drive full of pornography, hidden up his asshole.

– While small in stature, Tommy is incredibly well-endowed.

Tommy did his best to waddle after the busty nurse, who continued to haul him forward toward the admission hall with a big smile and a double-handed, vice-like grip on his increasingly engorged cock. Having his sweatpants still wrapped around his ankles didn’t make the task of traversing the university grounds any easier. “Oh, do be careful,” the nurse giggled every time Tommy nearly tripped over his own trousers.

Once through the automatic doors of the large building, Tommy was dragged penis first into a small room on the left side of the entrance hall. Upon finally came to a halt, the nurse did not release Tommy. If anything, his sexy captor clasped down even harder onto his big rod, as if it were her most cherished possession.

‘Oh shit! What the hell is this place!?’ Tommy thought, scanning the room. It looked like some kind of medical office, but with an incredible amount of devices and contraptions he had never seen before. The more he saw, the less he liked it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know the intended use of half the strange objects in this room!

“Misty!” roared the giantess who ducked through the doorway behind them. Both Tommy and the nurse jumped in unison. “How many times have I told you, do not touch the new students until they’ve filled out their admissions paperwork?!”

The amazonian blonde, dressed in a much more modest lab coat and knee length skirt, stormed across the room, her tightly tied ponytail bobbing violently. Grabbing a handful of her scantily clad colleague’s wavy blonde hair, she bent the nurse over one of the many stainless steel medical tables in the room. The slutty nurse, standing around 6 foot tall, looked small in comparison to her truly enormous associate. The nurse did nothing to resist. If anything, she looked excited, as she spread her legs wide.

“Seriously,” the amazon growled, pulling the nurse’s skin-tight skirt up until her beautiful round ass was fully exposed, “when are you going to learn?”

‘Holy shit! She’s not wearing any underwear!’ Tommy stared fixedly at the nurse’s amazing buttocks and her accompanying pink, and entirely hairless, exposed pussy. His longing gaze was immediately broken though when, seemingly out of the nowhere, the nurse’s colossal coworker produced a viscous looking wooden cane.

“Do…not…touch…” the amazon hissed, while bringing the cane down like lightning into her coworker’s bulbous butt in unison to each word, “the…students…until…they…sign…the…paperwork.” Each collision of the thick wooden rod with the nurse’s bare ass elicited a loud CRACK, followed by an accompanying squeal from the nurse that varied in pitch depending on the volume of the CRACK.

“Sorry Miss Angela! Thank you Miss Angela!” The nurse moaned at the end of the onslaught. From Tommy’s vantage point though, he wasn’t quite sure how sorry the disobedient nurse really was. Even now, a thick trail of the nurse’s own juices was tracing its descent down the inside of her left thigh.

“I do apologize for my over-eager colleague. She means well, she just gets a little excited sometimes.” The amazon said calmly, towering over Tommy with a big smile and bright blue eyes. She looked down at Tommy’s huge erection and her smile broadened a little. “And really who can blame her. We all get a little over excited from time-to-time.” With surprising grace the giantess bent down and pulled Tommy’s sweatpants back up to his waist, so they once more resembled a circus tent.

“It’s…it’s alright,” Tommy managed to stammer. ‘Wow, she is tall…and kind of hot!’

“Anyways, let’s get the boring paperwork out of the way,” the amazon said, handing him a binder full of papers. “I’m Angela by the way, and my disobedient helper over there is Misty.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Tommy.” Looking down, he saw is full name, first, middle, and last, printed on the front of the binder. “Although, you probably already knew that,” he added sheepishly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Tommy,” Angela said with a chuckle and a smile.

“Misty,” Angela barked, though Tommy detected just a hint of mischievousness in her tone as well. “Where are your manners?” With startling speed, Angela grabbed the cane from where she had left it and sent it hurtling into her hapless coworker’s swollen ass one final Kartal escort time. The hardest blow by far, the cane’s collision with Misty’s meaty ass produced a thunderous CRACK that reverberated throughout the small room.

“Pleased…” Misty started, the tone in her voice sounded as if her mind was a million miles away. “Pleased…” her legs started shaking so violently she had to clutch the table to keep from falling over. “Pleased to meet you,” she managed to moan once her leg spasms finally subsided. With her upper body pressed against the table, she bit her bottom lip and continued to moan softly. Shifting her weight from one heeled foot to the other, her pulverized ass swayed high in the air. Based on body language alone, the naughty nurse looked like she desperately wanted more attention from her colleague.

‘Wow! This nurse is one masochistic slut! I’ve never seen someone take a beating like that and actually like it.’ Tommy finally forced himself to turn away from the pummeled buttocks to the papers in front of them.

“I know there is a lot to read, so take your time” Angela said kindly. “When you’re satisfied, you just have to sign the final page.”

‘Well, this is it,’ Tommy thought, as he started flipping through the seemingly endless volumes of legalese. ‘I could walk out right now, penniless, homeless, and in the middle of nowhere. My bitch of a step-mom would almost certainly take me to court for breaching the terms of the trust fund dad setup for me before he died. 10 million credits out the window! Still though…this place is a nuthouse…’

Tommy looked up to find the nurse’s exposed butt still thrust in the air and waving back and forth slightly. Crisscrossed with eleven angry, bright red welts, that phenomenal ass somehow looked even sexier etched with those painful markings. Almost without thinking, Tommy found himself signing the last page of the binder, his gaze still entirely fixated on that phenomenal rear end.

“Now that that’s out of the way,” Angela said, taking the binder from him, “could you please disrobe.”

Before Tommy could even process the request, Nurse Misty popped up out of her stupor. “Oh, oh, let me help!” She squealed with excitement. Bounding over with surprising speed, her huge tits bounced up and down as much as her incredibly tight fitting uniform would allow. Before Tommy knew what was happening, his hoodie was over his head and his sweatpants and underwear had been pulled from off of his ankles; she was like a disrobing ninja!

“That’s ok,” Misty said consolingly, looking down at Tommy’s now completely flaccid cock. “Legal paperwork has the same effect on me.” Completely naked, Tommy’s hands moved instinctively to cover his shame.

“Ok, now over to the measuring station,” Angela instructed kindly, pointing to a silver circular platform against the far wall. The always helpful Misty gave him several playful slaps on his bare butt to hurry him along, accompanied by mischievous giggles.

“Alright,” Angela said, thumbing through her tecnopad once the completely discombobulated Tommy had been herded onto the platform. “5 foot, 5 inches, 123 pounds…my though you’re big! Right testis 7.9 inches in circumference, 4 ounces. Left testis, 8.1 inches in circumference, 4.1 ounces.”

“Can you imagine just how much cream he could make,” Misty sighed longingly, while ogling the enormous gonads. Tommy could feel his face begin to turn bright red.

‘Great! Just great! Even here at this pervert academy, you’re still just a freak,’ the voice in Tommy’s echoed bitterly.

“Let see,” Angela continued, ignoring Tommy’s obvious embarrassment, “flaccid cock length is 7.9 inches, but we don’t really care about that do we…Misty, I could use your expertise.”

“I’m on it, boss!” Misty chirped with pure excitement, as if she had been waiting for this moment since she had first laid eyes on Tommy.

“What are you…” was all a completely flustered Tommy could get out before the voluptuous nurse grabbed him by the back of the head and buried his face in between her enormous breasts. Tommy struggled for just a brief moment before succumbing to the allures of the massive mammaries sandwiching his head. He moaned softly as he felt his colossal cock harden rapidly.

“12.4 inches erect length, 9.7 inches circumference,” Angela said, with noticeable astonishment. “By far the biggest male student I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m so happy for you,” Tommy said irately. Yanking his head out from between Misty’s titties, he could feel tears of shame welling in his eyes. “Congratulations! You found the freak.”

“We don’t use that word here,” Angela said, sternly. “You may be the largest male student we’ve ever had, but you are quite far from the most well endowed student currently on campus.”

“Largest male student…” Tommy parroted, completely perplexed.

Without warning, Angela hiked up her knee length Kurtköy Escort skirt. Tommy’s jaw dropped open when he saw the absolutely massive cock dangling between Angela’s curvaceous legs. As thick as Tommy’s calf and with a huge bulging mushroom head on it bigger than Tommy’s fist, the soft-pink veiny appendage dangled almost to Angela’s knees.

“You’re…you’re…a Futa,” Tommy finally managed to stammer.

“Yes, I hope there isn’t a problem with that,” Angela replied calmly. “We have many Futanari in the student body, and we don’t tolerate any bigotry here at this institution.”

“No,” Tommy responded, unable to take his eyes away from the gigantic penis in front of him. “No problem at all.” In fact, two of the pornos on the flash drive hidden up his ass were Colossal Futa Cock Suckers 5 and Futanari Slumber Party. Tommy had never met a Futa in real life though. ‘It’s so big and beautiful, I just want to play with it!’

“I can’t help but believe him,” Misty laughed, giving Tommy’s now painfully hard penis a little poke. “In fact, I think you might want to re-measure him”

“Good,” Angela said, dropping her skirt and ignoring her assistant. “Next, I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Please just answer honestly.” Tommy continued to stare longingly at Angela’s skirt.

“How do you identify sexually? Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual…” Angela began.

“Heterosexual,” Tommy blurted out earnestly.

“Have you ever had vaginal or anal sex?” Angela asked.

“No,” Tommy responded awkwardly.

“Have you ever had oral sex with a woman?”

“No,” Tommy answered softly, looking at his feet.

“Have you ever sensually touched a woman’s body?”

“No,” Tommy said, feeling his cheeks redden.

“Have you ever kissed or made out with a woman?”

“No,” Tommy answered, his face now bright red. Yet somehow, in spite of the embarrassment, he still remained rock-hard.

“Oh my gosh!” Misty exclaimed, literally bouncing from foot to foot with excitement. “We have a Turbo-Virgin! I can’t remember the last time we had one of you!”

“Well Misty,” Angela said with a wry smile, “lucky you, you get to pop at least one of his cherries right now. Could you please proceed with the anal pressure test.”

“Anal press…” Tommy started, but before he could finish, Misty had her gloved and lubed index finger up his butthole.

“Oh my, it’s soooo tight!” Misty moaned, pumping her finger in and out of Tommy’s asshole. Tommy moaned along in unison. ‘You like this, don’t you?!’ said the little voice in Tommy’s head.

“Yes, the sensor is definitely picking up on that,” Angela said, corroborating her colleague’s findings. “A 0.87 according to the readings. He’s definitely has one of the more virgin assholes we’ve encountered,” she added with a chuckle.

“Oh, what’s this?” Misty said with amusement. “I think we got ourselves a cyborg!”

‘Oh no! She found the flash drive!’ Tommy realized suddenly.

With expert skill, Misty slid the device free of its tight confines. Handing it gingerly to Angela, she barely paused a second before she resumed fingering Tommy’s butthole.

“Let see what we have here,” Angela said with amusement, plugging the device into a nearby holo projector. Within seconds, a life-sized hologram of his naked step-mom filled the room.

“Tsk, tsk, something tells me this wasn’t your mother’s going away present to you, was it?” Angela said, rolling her eyes slightly.

Still in the process of getting his ass fingered, Tommy found words difficult. Instead he shook his head and let out an extra pathetic moan.

“Naughty boy!” Misty scolded, giving the head of his erect penis several startlingly hard slaps that sent his huge member bobbing about wildly. Tommy winced, but took the well deserved abuse.

“It’s been deleted,” Angela said matter-of-factly. “Sorry, but I’ll to keep the rest for now,” she said pulling the drive out and setting it on the table, “but we have higher quality versions of all of these in the library.”

“In the library…?” Tommy managed to groan. “I thought you didn’t allow…”

“We actually have the largest porn collection in the western hemisphere,” Angela explained. “We just ask you keep it in the library. We don’t want students distracted during class.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t know about our massive porn collection,” Misty said with a sigh. “We really need to update those stupid brochures.”

“Alright,” Angela said, shifting topics. “I’d like to do a concussion test, and then I think you’re good to go.” Tommy could feel the reluctance with which Misty pulled her finger from his butthole. If he was being honest with himself, he was also a little sad not to have that playful finger inside of him. ‘I’ve never felt anything like that before!’

“Wait, what are you…?” Tommy protested, as Misty pulled his hands behind his back and cuffed them.

“Sorry Pendik Escort sweatie,” Misty cooed, “we just don’t want you getting your hands in the way and getting those little fingers of yours hurt.”

“I think that’s about the right height,” Angela said, electronically adjusting the height of one of the medical tables with her tecnopad. “You can bring him over now.”

Standing behind him, and placing her hands on Tommy’s shoulders, Misty ushered a bewildered Tommy forward to the low standing table. Tommy gasped when Misty abruptly scooped up Tommy’s bulbous, low-hanging testicles let them flop on the table. Instinctively, Tommy tried to pull away, but Misty pressed her weight against his scrawny frame, pinning him against the table. Feeling the nurse’s huge breasts heaving against the back of his head, Tommy could tell she was excited for this next test…he just wasn’t sure if he was!

Angela approached with what appeared to be a large wooden spoon in her hands. Only, upon further inspection, it wasn’t a spoon at all. Both sides of the large wooden head were convex, curving outward threateningly. Towering over him ominously, for the first time Tommy saw Angela’s beautiful blue eyes gleam with true excitement. As further proof of Angela’s newfound enthusiasm, her skirt began to bulge from between her knees.

“Please move his penis out of the way of the targets,” Angela instructed her colleague, her voice quavering slightly in her excitement. “And try not to manipulate it too much, we want an accurate reading.”

“I’ll try my best,” Angela said, licking her slips. She proceeded to reach around Tommy and softly place her hand on the underside of his enormous penis, pulling it back until it was flat with his stomach.

“Targets? What targets?” Tommy asked frantically.

With a flick of the wrist, Angela sent the rounded wooden device hurtling into Tommy’s jumbo sized left testicle, producing a meaty SPLAT sound that accompanied Tommy’s howl of surprise. Within less than a second, the implement was airborne yet again, colliding with Tommy’s helpless right nuts, eliciting a high pitched groan from its owner. Left, right, left, right, left, right, Angela continued raining down blows on the enormous, sensitive testes with expert skill.

Whimpering pathetically, Tommy closed his eyes, unable to watch the pummeling of his giant nuts. ‘It hurts…it hurts so bad!!’ Whimpering gave way to panting. ‘Does it hurt that bad? I wonder if she will go harder and really crack my huge eggs against that table?’ Panting gave way to moans of pleasure. ‘You like this don’t you? How the hell are you enjoying this?! What’s wrong with you?!?!’

“Wow,” Misty commented with delight, “that didn’t long at all!” Tommy opened his eyes to find his pulsating cock leaking everywhere, multiple rivulets winding their way down his veiny rod.

“You are an amazing boy,” Angela said, finally ending the assault on Tommy’s genitals. “Even many futanari don’t have such a quick and intense response. You, young man, are quite the masochist!” There was a trace of frustration in her tone, as if she wished she could continue on with the testing process. When she returned from cleaning and putting away the instrument, Tommy couldn’t help but notice the sopping wet stain on the front of Angela’s skirt.

“Do we even need to use the Mindalyzer?” Misty chuckled.

“No,” Angela laughed, “we obviously have an Omega on our hands. I don’t think we need any fancy technology to tell us that. You can go ahead and get the electobrand.”

Misty removed her pillowy breasts from the back of Tommy’s head and walked slowly across the room, her luscious ass swaying from side to side, to get a long metal instrument. Flicking a switch on the handle, the head of the instrument, an omega symbol like an upside down horseshoe about three inches in diameter, lit up fiery blue.

“This may hurt a little,” Misty said softly, “but we all know that doesn’t bother you.” Before he could protest, she touched the head of the instrument to his left pec, right shoulder, and right buttock. Tommy grit his teeth against what felt like an icy cold sensation. Where the device had pressed against his skin, the blue translucent omega symbol remained.

“Did…did you burn me?” Tommy whined.

“No, nothing as barbaric as that,” Angela responded in a calming tone. “It’s more like a tattoo, only electronic in nature. The nanofibers implanted in your skin can only be seen inside the university dome. Outside the university, these marking will be completely invisible.”

“What does it mean that I’m an Omega?” Tommy asked in a perplexed voice.

“I think we will leave that for your student ambassador, Natalie, to explain,” Angela said with a smirk. “Don’t worry though, you’ll find out soon enough. If it make you feel any better, Misty here is also an Omega.”

“We still need to deal with that leaking though,” Misty said with a glint her eye that Tommy didn’t quite trust. “We don’t want the janitorial staff mad at us again.”

“Agreed,” Angela said, her smirk transforming into a sly grin. “Maybe try 8mm to start. Given his size, he shouldn’t have any problem with that.”

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