Permini – Ch. 03: The Control

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The control

“Ok, I’m tired of fighting. What are you and what the hell do you want from me?” I asked the voice.

“I want you to feed me, Carol, and there’s only one thing that can feed me. Can you guess what?”

I stood there for a moment, quiet, thinking. And then I answered. “A huge cock? Are you a lustful bitch spirit or something?”

The voice laughed. “Well, there wouldn’t be many differences between a lustful bitch spirit and me, but I’m not a bitch, and I’m not a spirit. And no, a huge cock it’s not what I need.”

“Enough with the riddles, please. Be specific. I’m tired, I want to rest, and I want you to leave. The sooner I can give you what you want, the sooner we’ll be over.”

“It’s sperm, Carol. I need sperm. What your cousin has in so much quantity… and I can tell you he has been a surprise because he’s creating it at full-speed, and I’ve had nothing to do with that.”

“Sperm? Are you like… a succubus or something like that?”

“Well, we’ve received many names from humans, but let’s say those succubus mythical creatures and stories were inspired by us, yes.”

“So what, I can go, ask my cousin for a sample and then you leave? Please, tell me that is all I have to do to get back to normal.”

“I’m afraid not, my little bitch.” My face made a disgusting expression when I heard that.

“I’m not a bitch, and definitely not yours, either.”

“Well, I’m not the one who almost sucks his cousin’s cock as soon as he’s entered the room, Carol…” she said, funny.

“Fuck you!”

“That’s what I’m trying.”

“What the heck was that? You can control my body, now?”

“Let’s leave some things clear. It’s not your body anymore. It’s ours. I’m you, you’re me. I can control your body, but it requires a good amount of energy to do so, so I try to avoid it. But we’re in trouble, here, sweety.”

“We? Trouble?”

“Putting it simply so you can understand: you’re my host, and I’m a parasite. Sadly for you, there’s no way you can get rid of me. Sadly for me, there’s no way that I can leave your body once infected if I don’t want to lose all my power and start like some kind of child of my own species. Sadly for us, my species feeds on sperm, and if I’m hungry, you’re hungry.”

“What the…? That’s… that’s why I feel so horny?”

“That’s correct, my little bitch. You might have seen some changes in your body recently… Well, those aren’t the only ones.”

“But I haven’t noticed any other change… what have you done to me?” My voice was breaking. I couldn’t believe anything I was hearing. I tried to keep it rational, imagining this was some sort of hallucination, but nothing made sense right now, and an hallucination did not explain anything either. I wanted to disappear. Tears began to fall down my cheeks.

“You’ve changed in many ways, but let’s say one of these changes are some sort of little… tubes in your throat, stomach, cervix and uterus. They aren’t tubes, of Magosa Escort course, but just for you to understand. They are just entry points where the sperm is absorbed, digested and transformed into energy for us.”

I was trying to understand what I was hearing, if I could understand anything at all.

“What this means is: if you want to feed me, you can suck a cock or fuck it, or go to a sperm bank and ask for some glasses of it and drink it. As long as the sperm goes through your throat or your vagina, we’ll be satisfied.”

“This is insane.”

“You’ll go insane if you don’t do it.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that if humans don’t eat, they just die. If we, permini, don’t eat, we go insane and we enter in an irrational rush of lust until we die from exhaustion. And that is, honey, what you’ve started to feel.”

“‘Permini’? Your species is called ‘permini’? And what is exactly what I have started to feel? Tired? Sick of having a voice inside my head no one else can hear?”

“Well, that’s what we call ourselves, yes. And you have started to feel that rush of lust. You’ve cummed harder than you’ve ever had. Either you feed us with some sperm, or you’ll end up fingering yourself so much you’ll die from exhaustion. It’s a pleasant death, without a doubt, we’ve seen our people die with a face of pleasure that raises some kind of envy, but after that, what awaits you is simple death.”

“But if I orgasm, the lust goes away…”

“Only for some time. And each time you orgasm, the time decreases until, as you’ve maybe deduced already, there is no time without this lust pushing from the insides. We become lust itself. You can orgasm as many times as you want, you’ll eventually need sperm to live.”

I said nothing. There was so much information going on here, if anything of it was real. I decided to ignore it. There was no way anything of this made any fucking sense. I got up from bed and grabbed another shirt and another pair of pants from my aunt’s wardrobe. I was hungry as fuck.

* * *

Jake had left me a sandwich on the table and it felt delicious, although I was still hungry.

“You’ll be hungry until you swallow some sperm.”

“Shut the fuck up, please, I don’t want to hear you. I won’t turn into a lustful bitch just because some fucking hallucination is telling me to eat cock. It’s not my way to do it.”

“Have it your way, then.”

I headed to the bathroom to have a shower. After almost two days covered in fluids I wanted to feel again as a human being and not as an animal. I entered the bathroom, closed the door and removed my clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror. My boobs, now bigger but as firm and rounded as before, had a good shape even without clothes.

My dark eyes looked at me through the glass, with a smirk on my face, and my long hair hanging, almost reaching my nipples but falling aside due to the big circumference of my breasts. Kıbrıs Escort My labia and my pussy, completely waxed and bald as I always liked it to be, already dripping. I turned around so I could see my ass, and I spanked it. I could feel my lust increasing.

Suddenly I came back to the real world. “What’s this? Am I getting horny from looking at myself? Can’t you stop for a while, please?”

“You’ve told me to step aside, so you’ll have it your way. I’m not doing anything. You think your way is better than mine, that you can resist. Let’s play, then. If you’re getting horny, it’s only because of you. Don’t blame me and deal with it.”

I sighed, and opened the shower’s faucet. After a while, the steam began to appear and I entered inside, closing the shower’s glass sliding door. Water started to fall on my head. I could feel it in every inch of my skin. Even the light touch of its heat running through my thighs was making me go numb.

“Oh, c’mon! I can’t fucking believe it!” I said out loud. I let the water keep running, traveling through the shapes of my body, running across the valley between my breasts, reaching my labia where my hand rested already, caressing my clit and opening them while massaging my insides.

“I can help with that, if you want…” said the voice.

My breathing started to rush. “How?” I asked, smiling.

“Don’t get too scared, now.” Suddenly, the voice was deeper, as if it was a male voice. “You want me to play with you?” said the manly voice.

“Yes…” I said pressing my fingers against my clitoris.

I felt something entering inside of me, opening my thighs, brushing against my walls. Something thick, something veiny.

“Remember I can control your body… I can control each and every muscle, if I want to… and now, I want.”

I felt how it entered until it hit my deepest wall. My boobs bounced, and my nipples twisted. I let out a moan and let my weight fall into the glass door, my breasts pressed against it, as I felt how it pounded me from behind.

What it seemed like a hand grabbed my neck and choked me as my nipples danced against the glass with each ram.

“I want… it… in… m… my mouth… ah…” I begged. Suddenly, without stopping any of the movements, I felt how my mouth opened wide as another veiny and thick shadow entered inside of me. “Oh, fuck,” I thought, “this is amazing.”

I was close. I would fucking orgasm if she or he or whatever the fuck was what existed in my head kept going. I let out a moan. And another. And another. Each one louder and higher. A growing force began to grow in the pit of my stomach, my legs shivering. “I’m cumming”, I whispered. “I’m… I’m cumming! Ah!”

And then, it stopped.

I recovered my breath, looking around me, confused. “What? W… Why do you stop?” But no one answered. “Oh, c’mon, fuck me! I was so close, just fuck me!” I begged. I ran my hand into my pussy and began to finger myself again. Lefkoşa Escort “Ok… if you don’t want to make me cum, I’ll squirt the hell out of you with my hands!” I whispered again.

Someone knocked on the door. “Carol? Are you alright?” It was Jake’s voice. Fuck.

I opened the sliding door and grabbed a towel, still with my breasts leaking and my body burning. I dried my pussy and I saw the thick fluids connecting the towel with my body until it was too far to keep the tension. “Carol?” Jake said again. I wrapped my back with the towel, without covering the front of my body.

“Yeah, yeah. You can come in if you want!” I told Jake. He opened the door and entered inside, a thin layer of steam still in the air. As soon as he saw me, my towel around my back and butt, but showing my boobs and my legs to him, he closed his eyes, ashamed.

“Oh, fuck, Carol, sorry, you said I could come in!” He said moving back a little.

“Oh, c’mon, Jake. Don’t be silly, open your eyes.” I answered. He did it, and I grabbed the towel just with one hand. “What? You haven’t seen a naked body before?” I asked, as I walked by his side, making eye contact when he opened his eyes again. Before leaving, I turned and looked at his crotch. The strength from his cock pulling was actually making the clothes’ elastic rubber not touch his waist. I looked at him, with a smile, winked, and left for my room.

* * *

“What the fuck was that!? Did I flirt with my cousin!?” I asked out loud. I was in my room, still thinking about what happened going up and down with my arms crossed, still horny as fuck but so angry with myself that I could not focus on anything else. The towel was hanging from the closed door’s knob.

“This was your body trying not to die. I told you. There is no other way, and if you keep resisting, you’ll end up asking a grandpa to let you suck his cock for free.”

“Maybe she was right…” I thought, “Maybe I could somehow get some sperm… some way which did not imply dying from shame and discomfort each time I saw my cousin ever again.”

The floor was getting soaked again between the fluids of my breasts and my lower lips. Suddenly, the rage stormed again. “And why the fuck did you stop just when I was about to fucking orgasm like I’ve never done, you filthy bitch?!”

She laughed. “You want me to fuck you?”

My pussy twitched, and I kneeled on the floor, gasping. I gulped. “Y… yes, please…” I answered. My head could only focus right now on what my lust wanted me to focus on. Was that what I was becoming? A dirty whore who could not think of anything else once someone touched her?

“This will be the last time.”

“Wha…? What do you mmmrpfhgg…”

“If I keep fucking you, you’ll get used to this, and you’ll end up masturbating all day without thinking in what you’ve really got to do… and so will I.” My vagina started to open wide. “So this is the last time. If you want more,” she said as the imaginary cock, bigger than before, broke through my insides, “you’ll have to be a good girl… which means you’ll have to be a bad girl… Will you?”

I had already lost control of my body, feelings and rationality. I nodded, as a moan traveled out of my mouth.

“Good girl. Now… enjoy.”

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