Perfect Private Parking

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Perfect Private ParkingMy unnoticeable eighteen-year-old niece transforms into a bitch on heat by twenty-one.City parking had got beyond ridiculously tight. My hip-pocket nerve wasn’t coping since my return from overseas with a job with all the extras thrown in-like parking. It was either find a cheap private car parking space or use the insanely long journey on public transport.I got lucky through a friend of a friend. There was a private cash only, avoiding government taxes; possible parking space available at a really good inner-city location he said, smug bastard with an executive private parking spot; and I was given the number. There was a soft lilting really sexy female voice on the other mobile. Now I’d never had phone sex but this sounded like the voice to get your rocks off too and she wasn’t even being suggestive in any way. I was really male trying to concentrate on the details of the call and her imaginary details at the same time: the only time guys actually multi task well…instructions from a woman while imagining them naked. The woman if she’s in front of you: caught between: are you concentrating on what I’m saying or are you only concentrating on mentally undressing me. Luckily the chick on the other end of this conversation couldn’t see my swelling groin.Wow, she had one sexy voice. Slow, sultry, sort of husky, breathiness, yeah it was the pauses, it was her breathing, and her phone demeanour, she was relaxed like she had just finished great sex or had prepped her arse ready to fuck her insides out.Did I want to check out the space and make a deposit immediately: she asked? I would need to be quick, as she had other plans. Of course, I did. I was thinking more of checking her out and leaving a male deposit in her mouth.She gave me the full inner-city address and then her name: Verity Mulligan.I blurted: “Not Verity; Geez, it’s been like a fair while, um, yeah, you know I was overseas, and your dad moved, thought you went too,” I added lying, “I hadn’t even thought of her, you know, flat chested, shy, sloppy dressed daughter of your sibling, geez I was struggling to picture her beyond gawky.“Yeah” she said: and “Why have you been asking about a parking-spot but with a phone sex male excited voice. Didn’t recognise your niece.”Oh shit, was I that obvious. Blokes can’t hide excitement about a woman when something clicks, her voice, her eyes, her hair, her earlobes, the line of her neck, her hoots, her curves, her thighs, her …. well you get it….Verity, Verity: my brain finally got a picture, braces…. I couldn’t remember her voice…but I liked her voice now.“Not responding to that “and her voice was like a woman suggesting she needed an orgasm immediately.“No I was trying to picture you ….and I would never….””What picture me naked, like you were thinking a moment ago, when you didn’t realise I’m your niece””Never”, I blurted….“Never…what…. Now uncle Tim, I remember you always dated the blondes with big boobs and brought a different one to family BBQ’s and yeah I remember your sheepish look when you were caught screwing one in our toilet and then even worse getting your big knob sucked off behind the garden shed, oh I remember you, uncle Tim”Geez, well yeah I did have a decent knob, and its memory worthy, but my niece’s memory….God, I hated perceptive young chicks who remembered everything about you, when you recalled nothing about them, hell I ignored her, she barely passed for female, three years ago, and she was my brother’s daughter. ,I was thinking, so much for coming in a sultry voiced chick’s mouth,but now she was my niece. Anyway my vision had changed despite the ‘cum in my mouth’ voice she had; I was now visualising her; with braces, dark short hair, droopy clothes and a flat chest…. I was after all: after a parking spot. samsun escort But her voice…I tried: “I’m more mature now” but I wasn’t convincing…she knew my rep for prowling for pussy and getting into it anywhere, even family gatherings.“Oh, come over and see it now” she said letting me off the hook. “I’m all grown up now and can handle a perv like you”The Saturday evening drive was at least quick, versus work days.It was a stunning inner-city town house. Architect designed. Very tasteful modern, with a lane-way, well positioned exterior lighting, and rear parking and a paved area with an outdoor setting. Extremely rare; off street parking: in a zone full of council resident parking permits. Yeah, I’d hit the jackpot; and I should snare it, she was my niece and she was letting me in.Yeah getting the parking spot was pure luck. Verity though was the jackpot. It’s one thing to sound sexy, but hell, she had it all plus that voice, as the door opened.God, I didn’t know where to start looking at her. Verity’s red dress was hot. Sizzling on her, cut to reveal her shapely boobs as the material crossed her chest defining her curvaceous jugs. I was certain she was bra-less. Well they were jugs. Big boobs. I didn’t’ care whether they had materialised late in her teens or were implants. I wanted to hooter snog her. I caught her hazel eyes and dyed quite short blonde hair, her high cheekbones, soft jaw line, her fullish red lipstick cock sucking lips, her shapely waist, toned worked arms and flat tummy, her shapely lightly suntanned thighs and elegant tapered fingers with red long nails. A complete package. Oh, perfect dazzling teeth, yeah, the braces had done their job too.Verity was coy it seemed; she tried to get me back to the reason I was there while I was suddenly male mental scheming to get my hands pawing over my niece. Then I realised she was playing with me though…so slinky…so relaxed. She was frickin in charge here.She explained she was housing sitting for the owner: who was overseas for another six months.She had no need for a car currently. She wanted cash in hand for the space to avoid jeopardising her student living away from home allowance. She was getting ready to head out clubbing soon. Her lilting voice had me.I wanted to stalk her through every club I knew or even the couple of dives I hadn’t been to in the city. Though she was obviously too classy for those. I was developing a high heel fetish too. God her calves looked great. Stunning shiny red heels. “So, I take it… you want it” she said in that voice, either naturally sexy or learnt sexy. I didn’t care. I was its captive.“Oh yeah …I want it alright” I replied, looking at her eyes, looking at her chest, looking for a peer between her slightly open thighs…beyond the limits of a conversation. Close but not frigging close enough. I wanted to be cock rubbing or cock probing close to her. Screw being her uncle. It put her off-limits. Then….“So, come and get it” she said crooking her finger at me. I hesitated even though I realised what she really meant as my niece took her heels off. “You prick” she said, dropping her dress in front of me, close enough to give me all view. Yes, she was bra-less. Even more surprising panty-less. No surprise was my boner. Her fully shaved womanhood got my attention.I saw her sweet wonderful arse; reflected in a large mirror behind her. I took in her pussy’s soft twin slices of generous flesh framed by her smooth firm open thighs: as she welcomed me into her intimate space.“I always wanted you…” said Verity. “Geez you have no idea how much fem-cum I churned and ejaculated with three friggin fingers fucking my pussy…thinking of damn you…”, not so sultry, just demanding now.I kissed her fully on the mouth. She was happy to stop talking. Lush, warm escort samsun and enticing. I fondled her big breasts and then buried my head in her melons, I was snogging tits. My face buried in tit. My mouth full of nipple. My hands working more chest flesh than they ever had. They felt natural. Later developer, no problem.My niece pushed my head down her body. I could see her urgency: it was clear in the stunningly glistening clustered wet shiny gems of girly moisture that made her pussy so wonderful to touch and spread and finger. Her pussy lips perfectly mirrored the softness, colour and wet gloss of her satisfied nipples.Verity was all fem-holes. I realised the unnoticed eighteen-year-old was a twenty-one-year-old sexual time bomb. All her private spots ready to receive cock. Her cute arsehole, just glimpsed and rimmed by one dirty finger: felt so tight. Even tighter than her offered small available private parking space.I did the dirty slick sweeping licks from her butthole to her clit…always upwards, my tongue tip playing at her puckered starfish, then the gliding quivering sensitivity in the gap between her arsehole and her pussy, so tender, so stretched, so receptive to my tongue. Then my tongue between her slit flaps, a slithering gossamer thriving connection of pleasure between my tongue and her private internal spots…my tongue wide, her flaps spread, girl sex flesh to my seeking upwardly moving tongue.Intent on her sexual capital: conquering it by licking it and dominating her hard-little bead of delight. So raunchily ready, so firm under my tongue, her love tip being aroused by my sensitive tongue tip…her clit on fire with girly passion. God she had the sexiest moan: as she cum. Soft and restrained to start, then held in deep sighs of pleasure as it built and finally the strained guttural Orrhh’s of her powerful release.Verity was a champion at sucking off my gear stick. She knew her speeds too…slow then faster. God she was great as she worked my dick to a frenzied stiffness of desiring more than her goddamn beautiful mouth. My cock given a an added redness with smears of her lipstick.She then gave me the undreamed of: reverse angle splendour…what an arse…what cheeks…pulled apart by herself. Then spread and holding her ankles. Divine. My niece , her cracking crease, my cock piece, her winking showpiece, her gorgeous pink rilled puckered starfish. All mine.Her arse needed licking. It just did. It was staring at me…demanding it. God did it respond to my tongue. The more I rimmed with my tongue tip and probed into her amazing tightness; the more my niece, yeah, my niece; moaned…her sweet voice becoming dirtily deep as my fingers expanded her arse.Next: I seduced her arse with my cock, probing into her tight arse bit by bit, her voice charmed me with her low mmm’s of approval. Mutual satisfaction. Arse filled. Cock tunnelling.By the time I was doing the delicious cock driving…driving in… driving deep…straight into her vice holding arsehole…her tone was deeper…near breathless…her voice nearly lost in pleasure…just her sharp happy sighing breathing.I was into the dominating pecker propelling compulsion…intent on buggering my niece good…when arse is this good…you hit the filthy I’m never leaving this spot stage: and boy did she like it in her arse…I would never picture Verity as braces again, I’d probably start at her accommodating bunghole, and the word is appropriate; my cock bored into her flesh, my cock in as tight as the bore cap, and the bung holds and holds, locked in place, like my cock surrounded by her tight accepting arse rim. And bung is slang for anus. Her beautiful, beautiful, skin-tight pecker hugging anus. My dick the stopper filling her crack, perfectly.Hell I had my hands full of her samsun escort bayan swinging jugs, as her spread legs were supported at the ankles by her own hands, she could see her own face and my intense enjoyment reflected back; in the large mirror …but it was her arsehole filled by cock which was seared into my memory…Verity’s arsehole and her moans.“Fuck you are good” she managed between her moans: “god I love my arse…but my pussy needs cock too…. take me outside, … on the outdoor furniture”She was up, out the sliding glass doors and spread open across the chunky outdoor double seat. I could see her gaped wet arse and her stunning shaved pussy too. I wanted both. I really wanted her arse again. But she wanted her pussy creamed. She liked it risky it seemed. Any fuckin neighbour with a vantage could watch her show.“Oh God…Orrgh…Fuck Me…Yes…Yess….Orrgh…” then unrecognisable grunts only from me and heady sensuous moans from Verity: as my cock was constricted in a pussy of a guy’s dreams. She had the fem-cunt clench. Oh, hell she knew how to love a cock in her pussy. My dick, felt great: trapped in her warm, enveloping interior. One amazing fuck. Sensational after her astounding arse.I pumped. She clenched. I pounded. She spread. I drilled. She ground back into me.She soon had that amazing look: the one a guy never forgets: the deep intense concentrated brow wrinkled belief in imminent full sexual release…she knows its hers…she knows she getting it…she wants its…needs it…then it floods through her…the tsunami orgasm.Verity, I could see on her face and in her brow lines: believed in her body’s capacity to give, she believed in the raunch of the moment…I believed in it too…her deep husky moans…my guttural primal groans…our humping and grinding together…we believed in the capacity of sex to fucking give us everything as we fucked. Yes: we fucked…we fucked…and we fucking got it all.Then, yes or yes, she wanted it in her arse again; for her and my finale, what a niece.“My arse you sod, keep it, don’t spill it yet, my arse, my arse…ram that big fat fuckin’ cock of my dreams and fantasy’s back where it belongs…god you owe me…you owe me…fuck I double fingered my arse till it was tingly raw thinking of you and your big knob being sucked off behind our garden shed…look what the fuck you have done to me…I’m arse addicted”Well I gave her my rigid swelling rod; her voice and body demanded it; as she spread doggy. I was arched high over her. The deep, deep, tunnelling anal penetration. Then the puck, puck sound joined us both as her arse gave marginally, just a bit of body fluids lube doing their awesome best for joint traction and a tiny bit of air trapped in our gyrations of joint ecstasy. My cock burrowed into her crammed bum flesh again , grinding hard, tugging out, pushing in, shovelling, then completely ransacking her back door; gouging and gutting her internal sensations and paralysing both our minds in the pleasure and its associated powerful necessary orgasm release. I felt the swell in my balls. God, I poured a tank full of jizz into my niece’s startling wondrous body…dominated by her arse. Male release had never felt so good. I felt her happy constriction…heard her sigh of sated, satisfied, significant delight. Her body had delivered for her: as required, the savouring, sensational fem-anal gasm.Geez we felt good about each other and we went clubbing together, she wasn’t worried about my age; and yes, I felt her up in the dark at the disco…still without any panties; the delightful bitch who was my niece; but we weren’t sharing that with anyone…under that great red dress; my fingers enjoyed her arse and pussy still smeary silky moist.Well I got an inner city private parking spot for six months till my niece finished her course, the house sitting ended, and then Verity; she took her first full-time job offer, states away;…but more importantly I got my cock parked regularly in her bum and pussy , perfect: private cock parking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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