Peaches Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I am a 40 year old typical soccer mom who leads a pretty conventional life. My stories are based on my fantasies. Most deal with the humiliation of older women by younger women, in the style of my favorite authors such as Cowgirl, Couture, Phoenix Arrow and Jane Parks. I hope you enjoy this story. It’s dedicated to my favorite Puerto Rican bitch Miss Peaches. I’m working on further chapters, and I’d enjoy any constructive criticism. Contact me at the address in my profile.

This a story of a middle aged woman who gets used and humiliated by a sexy Puerto Rican girl she met online.


Sitting absentmindedly stroking my shoulder length blond hair, I am sitting at my keyboard, staring blankly at my screen, as I have been since 9:00 this morning. My body is not in that bad shape for a woman my age, although I admit I could lose a few pounds. But my husband certainly appreciates my D-Cup breasts, which I admit have begun to sag a bit, and I know my ass isn’t what it was when I was 19.

I look at myself in the mirror, blushing instantly at what I see. I’m sitting here dressed in my “slut outfit” as she calls it. It consists of a 2 sizes too small white button down blouse, tied just under my boobs, and a short plaid catholic schoolgirl type skirt. Of course as prescribed, I’m wearing neither panties nor a bra. My hair is also done up in pigtails, and I’m wearing pink lipstick. On my feet are a pair of white keds. This outfit would be fine for a thin girl of 15 or 16, but on an overweight 42 year old, the adjective pathetic best describes it. I shiver, and feel a throb in my pussy as I remember the day I went to the store to buy that outfit, but hey I’m getting ahead of myself.

As I squirm uncomfortably in my chair, my mind wanders back to how this started. How could I a well respected 42 year old wife and mother fall so quickly and completely under the spell of this bitch? I mean what would my husband and daughters think? Why am I doing this to myself? I’m going down a path to destroy everything important in my life. I should stop this now, I know. She is my addiction, and just like heroin, I’ll do anything for a fix, no matter how degrading.

It was 6 months ago when we first chatted online, I remember that day like it was yesterday. You see, I work from home twice a week (my job is just too boring, so I won’t bother telling you about it), and my boss likes to use one of the popular messenger programs to keep in touch during the day. I had heard they had all sorts of adult oriented chat rooms available, and always told myself, “Don’t those perverts have anything better to do all day besides sit there and talk about sex?”

But this day I was bored, didn’t really feel like working, but couldn’t go too far away from my computer, in case my boss wanted something from me. I thought, “What the hell, let me just see what chat rooms they have, it’s not like I’d actually enter one of them.”

Quickly scanning through the channels, I found the adult oriented sights. I was aghast at some of the channel names, there was ‘FuckMyWhoreBride’, ‘BigBlackDicksForWhiteWomen’, ‘PeeSex ‘among others, ewwww!!!!

I can’t believe these perverts, I thought once again with a certain air of superiority. I should just close this out now shouldn’t I? Sitting here now a certain large part of me wishes I had.

Then I saw it, ‘HornyGirlsforGirls’. Oh god these perverts, I’m closing this program right now, but instead I mistakenly – at least that’s what I told myself – clicked the title and entered the room.

Well, I’m here now, maybe I should monitor this channel, I’m a mother or 2 teenaged girls, I should know what goes on, at least I can warn them of the danger online. The conversation online was mostly inane and boring. Some people asking for online sex things like that. I thought to myself how pathetic. Plus the nicknames, things like BigAssDyke, sluttyTeen, my god!!! I didn’t even stop to consider what people would think of my nickname Soccermom.

Then I saw her, MissPeaches, she seemed to be the queen of the room. All the women and girls on the channel seemed to show her such respect, vying for her attention. I still can’t explain why, but I clicked on her name. Her profile came up.

It showed her picture, she was indeed a Latina beauty, the kind almost any man would fall for. I had to admit to myself, I could see why the lesbians liked her. But I’m not a lesbian, having sex with another woman is casino şirketleri unnatural and gross…isn’t it? Still I examined her photo. She had long wavy reddish brown hair with blonde highlights. She had luscious red lips accented nicely with a Cindy Crawford like mole, that were so sexy and voluptuous. She wore a low-cut vneck top which showed quite a bit of her ample cleavage.

But her most distinguishing feature was her eyes. They were a beautiful hazel color that demanded attention. I had to admit it, there was something so sexy about them…but there was also something else, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…but for some reason I had a vaguely uneasy feeling staring into them.

Her profile was written completely in Spanish, so there was little else I could tell about her. I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was, maybe it was those beautiful piercing eyes. I was about to click the close button (You don’t know how many times in the past months I wish I had done just that), but instead clicked the button which said “Private Chat”. A window popped open, and I typed in, “Hi”.

I sat waiting silently scolding myself, when my computer beeped, and the response appeared.

MissPeaches: “Sorry puta , I’m not looking for any old sluts.”

I was indignant, I should have just closed the window, but I had to defend myself. “First of all, don’t call me a slut, I’m anything but a slut. I’m an educated professional woman as well as a mother. Second of all, don’t flatter yourself, I’m not a lesbian, I had just wanted to ask you a question.

MissPeaches: “Yea right, you old cunts are all the same, always acting so high and mighty, but you’re all just aching to eat young sexy puss.”

Biting my lip, and thinking once again, why don’t I just close the window. But for some reason I felt I needed to defend my honor. “Well, it’s not like that, I have 2 teenaged daughters, I was just monitoring the activity in this channel”, I typed.

MissPeaches: “Did you look at my picture, and read my profile?”

SoccerMom: “Well, I saw your picture, but your profile is in Spanish, so I really couldn’t read it.”

MissPeaches: “Just to let you know then, I’m 19 years old and I work as a stripper. Do you think I’m sexy?”

Soccermom: “Well, yes you’re attractive.”

MissPeaches: “No puta, I mean sexy, would you like to see another picture of me?”

Soccermom: “Yes.” (Did I just type that?)

Up popped a box asking me if I wanted to download a file. A million thoughts ran through my mind, “why was I a respected middle aged woman doing this? ” But once again instead of closing it, I clicked download. After it finished downloading, I opened the picture and gasped out loud. The picture was from the neck down, of a topless woman in a red thong. I gulped, those breasts were beautiful and she was wearing a sexy belly-button ring. My face felt flush, I had to admit it, I was a little shaky. I had never felt like this about another woman.

MissPeaches: “Well puta, what do you say now? Do you think I’m sexy?”

My hands were shaking, I was so glad she couldn’t see my reaction, trying to regain control I typed, “Your body is quite attractive, I can understand why both men and women would be attracted to you.”

MissPeaches: No, I mean sexy. I bet that fat ugly cunt of yours is already wet from looking at it.

“OK that’s enough, someone should put this Latina little bitch in her place.” I think to myself. But I don’t respond.

MissPeaches: I’m right aren’t I?

Biting my lip, someone should really smack her, but again silence from me.

MissPeaches: “Well?”

Again silence from me.

MissPeaches: “Well, I guess the cat has got your tongue, goodbye.”

Soccermom: “No wait.”

MissPeaches: “Well, are you going to answer my question?”

Soccermom: “Yes.”

MissPeaches: “Yes what?”

Soccermom: “Yes it is. “

“What are you doing?” I think to myself.

MissPeaches: “What is?”

Soccermom: “My umm….my pussy is getting wet.” (Horrifying myself that I’m even typing this)

MissPeaches: “You’re what? You don’t have a pussy, I have a pussy. What do you have?”

Soccermom: (gulp) “A cunt.” (Stop this now control yourself.)

MissPeaches: “That’s right, mommyslut, you’re learning. Now puta tell me what you are wearing?”

Soccermom: “Ummm, just a pair of jeans and a sweater.”

MissPeaches: “I mean everything casino firmaları stupid.”

Soccermom: “Oh, (blushing), well a bra and panties as well.”

MissPeaches: “Well, if you want to talk with me, you are way overdressed. Remove all over you clothes, and I do mean ALL.”

Soccermom: “Ummm, ok, let me just go and close my blinds.”

MissPeaches: “Did I tell you to close the blinds?”

Soccermom: “No, but I don’t want anyone to see me.”

MissPeaches: “This conversation isn’t about what you want, it’s about what I want. If you can’t understand that then I have no use for you, goodbye.”

Soccermom: “Wait sorry, don’t go. I’m undressing.”

MissPeaches: “Well hurry up, I don’t have all day.”

I began to undress, asking myself once again, what has gotten into me? Why am I letting her treat me like this, why am I really undressing?

Soccermom: “Ok…I’m undressed.”

MissPeaches: “Tell me, is that smelly cunt of yours getting all wet and messy.”

Soccermom: “Yes.”

MissPeaches: “You’re not to touch it unless I give you permission, understand?”

Soccermom: “Yes.”

MissPeaches: “Now describe yourself, and don’t leave a single detail out.”

Soccermom: Well, ummm, I’m blonde, 5’6″, 135 lbs, 36c.

MissPeaches: “What are you stupid, I said everything, describe your tits, including your nipples, and don’t forget that ugly cunt.”

Soccermom: (Blushing more) “Well my tits are fairly large, I guess the size of small grapefruits, my nipples are pink about an inch in diameter. My…my cunt has a blonde bush.”

MissPeaches: “And how much did you say you weighed?”

Soccermom: “Umm, I think around 135, but I haven’t weighed myself in a while.”

MissPeaches: “What!!! When I ask you a question, I expect a complete and correct answer. I think I’m wasting my time with you. I asked you your weight, and you told me you GUESSED it was 135. Now listen, and listen good, you are to go get on a scale immediately and report back on your exact weight. This is your last chance, screw up again and this conversation is over.”

As I got up and meekly walked to my scale, I asked myself once again, “Why am I letting her treat me like this?” However, deep down I knew the answer, for some reason this young bitch was turning me on beyond belief. I didn’t even understand why, and I hated myself for it.

Soccermom: “I’m back.”

(There was no answer for several minutes as I sat naked waiting for her.)

MissPeaches: “Well tell me then, what do you weigh?”

Soccermom: “I’m 148.”

MissPeaches: “(LOL) Oh god you’re a pig, una gorda. Why am I wasting my time? From now on when you refer to yourself, I want you to preface it with ‘this pig’. For example, “This pig weighs 148 pounds. I also want you to treat me with respect, I want you to call me Miss Peaches. Understand?”

Soccermom: (gritting my teeth and thinking bitch) “Yes Miss Peaches.”

MissPeaches: “Good piggy, now I want you to pinch and pull those slut nipples, to get them nice and hard and pointy for me understand?”

Soccermom: “I understand.”

Soccermom: “I mean, this piggy understands.”

I begin pinching and pulling my nipples.

MissPeaches: “Now tell me about your family, you said you had 2 daughters, how old are they? Also are you married?”

The warning bells were ringing loudly in my head, why couldn’t I just close this fucking window.

Soccermom: “Yes Miss Peaches, I’m married, and my daughters are 16 and 17 years old.”

MissPeaches: “I want to see your family, send me a picture of your whole family right now.”

I had to put a stop to this right now.

Soccermom: “Sorry, I can’t.”

MissPeaches: “I ask you for a simple thing, and you refuse .Then, goodbye, get your fat slutty self dressed, and don’t ever bother me again.”

Soccermom: “No wait, please, I’ll send it to you.”

I begin searching through my computer, until I find a picture. It had been taken on Easter Sunday with all of us dressed for church. I pressed the button to send the file to Miss Peaches silently cursing myself again for taking this step. As the picture was loading to her computer the response came.

MissPeaches: “Good slut, you may finger that nasty cunt of yours while this picture is loading, but don’t you dare cum.”

Totally humiliated, but out of my mind I instantly began fingering myself, first with one finger, then güvenilir casino with 2. I couldn’t believe how wet I was, I knew the slightest touch to my clit would cause an instant orgasm.

MissPeaches: “Oh my you’re such a fat ugly slut, I bet your husband can’t even stand the thought of fucking you anymore. You’re daughters are cute though, are they sluts just like their mommypig?”

Soccermom: Continuing to finger myself, I began typing with one hand. “My daughers aren’t sluts, they are good girls.”

MissPeaches: “Don’t fool yourself, daughters always take after their mother, if the mom’s a slut so are her offspring. You’re the mommypig and they are your little piglets. Now you’ve been a good slut, do you want a good cum puta?”

Soccermom: Although I bristled at the insult to my daughters, I was so in need of an orgasm. “Yes Miss Peaches, I want a good orgasm.”

MissPeaches: “What are you willing to do for it?”

Soccermom: I thought of arguing, hadn’t I done enough already, but instead I typed, “Anything.”

MissPeaches: “Ok, then we’ll see. You have 2 choices. Choice number one, you can rub your clit right now and have an orgasm. Choice number 2, you can go in your oldest daughter’s room, and put on a pair of her panties, lay on her bed, and finger yourself to orgasm on her bed. You can do either one, however if you choose option number one, then this talk was a one time only deal. If you ever want to speak with me again, then you must pick choice number 2. I’ll never speak with you again until I receive a picture of you masturbating yourself in your daughter’s bed. Now which is your choice?”

Soccermom: Waves of intense shame washed over me as I typed, “I’ll take choice 2.”

MissPeaches: “Good cunt, get going and have fun. Next time you see me online, I want the picture. Don’t you dare even think of contacting me without it. Now get to work and don’t you dare disappoint me.”

And with that the window closed. I continued to finger myself as an argument raged inside my head. Just let yourself cum, please let this be the end of it. However I continued to stare at Miss Peach’s sexy pictures, and I knew I really had no choice.

I stood up and retrieved my camera from the desk drawer where it was stored. Carrying the camera, I slowly took the walk of shame down the hall to my daughter Megan’s bedroom. To compound my embarrassment, I noticed my juices were flowing freely down my legs, to the point I was nervous that I would drip on the floor.

I finally entered Megan’s room, noticing it as if it were the first time. Seeing the posters as well as all the bright colors made me reflect on the depravity of the act I was about to perform. The need for my orgasm was so strong, that I shut off the rational portion of my brain.

I began to rummage through her underwear drawer, trying to find a pair she didn’t wear too often and wouldn’t be missed. I was also keenly aware that my choice must please Miss Peaches. I finally settled on a light blue lace thong. I picked up the panties, god they looked so tiny, they might rip straight away if I put them on.

I set the camera on the dresser, pointing at my daughter’s bed. I checked to make sure it would pick up the action. I then set the camera on automatic, so it would take a new picture every 10 seconds. I then took the panties, and began sliding them over my legs, gosh they were so small. I finally managed to get them on, believe me they were stretched to the limit. The feeling on my clit was intense, I almost came from the pressure they were putting on me.

Hurriedly, before I chickened out, I lay down on Megan’s bed and then spread my legs. There was already a huge wet spot in the crotch. From my position propped up on her bed, I could see directly into her mirror. Along side the mirror were pictures of her as well as some of her friends. The sight of me sprawled out on the bed juxtaposed to the innocent pictures made this act if possible feel even more depraved.

But I was beyond control. I just started rubbing myself like a bitch in heat. In what felt like seconds, I began to feel an orgasm building. It took control of me like a tidal wave. I began bucking and shaking and moaning simultaneously. The orgasm lasted forever. When it was finally over, I collapsed in a mass of sweat on her bed almost passing out.

Shaking myself back to life, the lust was gone, and all that remained was the shame. I quickly got up, to grab the camera. As I was about to leave my daughter’s room, I turned and looked at her bed. There was a gigantic wet spot. The shame and revolution over took me, as I collapsed on the floor on my knees.

End of part 1

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