Paying the Prices Ch. 2

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James Price left his sons house more fulfilled than he had been in years. The sex he had enjoyed with his son Randy and his roommate Bob had left him drained yet bolder. He was ready to make his wife pay for all the years he had to suppress his bi-sexual urges.

When Anne had caught their son with Bob she had made it seem that James was the one who would sever ties with Randy. But her scheme had backfired and now He and the boys would get the goods on her and call the shots from now on.

James delighted her when he returned home and told her that he had told Randy that he was cutting off all financial help to him. He lied to her also when he said that he told Randy that he was going to tell everyone that they knew what happened.

James told Anne that he felt like next week at their nieces B-day would be a good time. Anne agreed. This would give him enough time to blackmail her and take control of the situation.

Anne seemed in such a good mood that she agreed to go with him the next evening to a dinner club.

James arranged for the girls to spend the night with some friends. James and Anne had dinner and then danced and drank until 11:00 p.m. While they were dancing James thought this is how our life should be I wish I didn’t have to do what I’m about to do. James also knew that things were this way tonight because she had gotten her way, and when Anne got her way all was well with the world.

As they drove home Anne leaned on James shoulder. James slowly caressed her arm then moved to her breasts.

Anne and James had good sex whenever Anne was in the mood. Anne even had shown a kinky flair early in their marriage. Of course that side had not shown itself since she had caught him that summer day by the pool with his ass in the air and another mans cock in it.

This evening James could tell that step one was going to be easy as Anne shifted allowing him access to her breasts. By the time they pulled into the drive he had already felt of her cunt through her panties and the moistness told him she was primed.

When they entered the house Anne was ready to get to the bedroom. James suggested they have some drinks and undress slowly. Anne didn’t want to but said ok.

James mixed some drinks as they fondled and played. Anne was down to her bra, panties, and garter and stockings by the time she’d had two stiff ones.

James coaxed her into one more drink, as they were feeling pretty drunk already. He mixed a strong one for her and she put it away quick. She was drunk and ready to fuck.

She dropped her bra off as they went up the stairs. By the time she fell back onto the bed her panties were off and her stockinged legs were thrown up and wide. She said “Eat this pussy baby. Eat it good.”

James now down to his trousers and nothing else dropped to his knees between her outstretched legs and dove into her cunt tongue first.

She was bucking against his face in no time. Her cunt was hairy but he didn’t mind. He liked her pussy and liked it when she gave it up. He just wished she hadn’t held him back from swinging both ways all these years.

She came at least three times before she wanted to fuck. He could tell by the way she talked and what she said that she was pretty drunk.

He got up and kartal escort bayan turned the light off, leaving only the glow from the hall as illumination, unzipped his pants and stepped over to the closet. Bob was already naked and waiting. Randy and Bob had been watching the whole thing waiting for his dad to get her ready and then turn the lights out.

Bob had not been sure this would work but when he saw James turn the lights out and tell Anne ” Get up on all fours I want to fuck you doggy style.” did he see how it would work.

Bob came out of the closet, his 8″ cock swaying rigid in front of him, and approached Anne’s ass.

He and Randy had been jerking each other off as the show had unfolded in front of them. Randy was especially excited as the site of his naked mother getting eaten out by his dad and her dirty talk had made him almost explode in the closet.

James watched as Bob slowly guided his cock to Anne’s pussy. James came up close behind Bob and put his chest almost against Bobs back.

James said “Honey get ready cause I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

With that Bob pushed his cock into her cunt. She gasped as it seemed much bigger than usual. She said “My god honey that feels great. I must be drunk because you feel bigger than usual.”

Bob started his thrusts and before long Anne was pushing her ass back at him panting and groaning. James, growing bold from the sexually charged air, Placed his rigid member in the crack of Bobs ass. With each thrust James cock grew closer to entering.

Anne was cumming now and saying things that Randy had never thought he’d hear his mother say. Anne screamed “Fuck me. Oh yes Fuck that hot cunt. OOHHHH Yes….Drive that hard cock into me baby. Oh I need it. Cum in my mouth save it for me.”

James backed away. Knowing that his needs would soon be served and wanting Randy to step forward and take the pictures.

As soon as James was back against the wall Randy stepped forward and readied the camera.

Randy snapped the first shot as Bob pulled from Anne’s cunt. He kept on snapping as Anne wheeled about on the bed to except what she thought was her husbands cock and a load of cum.

James had listened in disbelief as Anne never wanted him to cum in her mouth.

As Bob stood at the foot of the bed Anne never looked at his face but reached for his cock. She paid no attention to the flashes but placed her mouth on his dick and pumped it several times.

Bobs cum shot out like a cannon. Spunk hit the back of her throat and she pulled away as more cum hit her chin and face.

Bob moaned and arched his back crying out “YESSSSS…..”

As the moment died Randy shot the last of the film. The expressions on Anne’s face just starting to register her awareness that something was amiss.

She looked up at Bob and then to Randy. She fell back into the bed saying “What the hell. How did you get… James…James Randy why are you…”

The confusion gripped her a few moments longer as she covered herself with the bed spread.

James flipped on the light making her wince. He said “My honey what have you been doing. Looks like you’ve been naughty with this young man. What with all that cum dripping from escort maltepe your chin.”

Anne wiped away the cum and stared at Randy. He stood naked with the camera and a raging hardon.

She asked “What are you doing? What in gods name do you think you’re doing with that.”

Bob spoke first “Well other than seeing his mom act like the slut she is I’d say he was turning the tables on your little scheme to out both he and James here.”

Anne stared in disbelief as the thoughts of what had happened ran through her mind. She had no choice really. She would have to give in.

Anne said “OK boys you’ve had you’re fun. I’ll not say a word about anything as long as you give me the pictures.”

James spoke up “Anne let me tell you how its going to be. You will follow my lead from now on. No one will know anything about Randy or my lifestyle unless we want them to. And if you don’t like it I’ll see you in court with the pictures to prove adultery.”

Anne knew she was screwed, literally. She said “OK if that’s the game then I’ll play along. Now get out of here.”

James was feeling bolder still and his new fond authority made him say something to prove who was boss.

“Not so fast. Me and Randy still haven’t gotten our rocks off yet. Why don’t you just do as I say.”

She had almost forgotten the fact that there were three naked men in the room. She looked at Randy who was similar in size to James and sporting a raging boner.

James sat down on the edge of the bed and said “Now get down here and suck my dick since you like that so much.”

Anne started to protest but decided she had no leverage to do so. She crawled off the bed and knelt between his legs. She slowly took his dick into her hands and started stroking it. He said ” Go on and be a good cocksucker like me and Randy.”

She lowered her mouth and took in his rigid pole. The feel of hot flesh in her mouth and the groans from her husband stirred her crotch. She fought to think of something else but she had just been eaten and fucked and she was only human.

She was stunned to here her husband say “Bob bring that cock of yours over here and let me clean that cunt juice off for you. Randy fuck your mother.”

Randy was just as surprised, but with her bent over sucking his dads dick and him needing some relief he looked at her ass and thought how good it would feel.

As he approached behind her his mom pulled James cock from her mouth and said “James please not that. That’s wrong we can’t no matter what you say.”

James said “Shut up slut and keep sucking my cock. I’ll tell you what’s right and wrong from now on. Randy fuck her in the ass.”

He grabbed her by the head and forced his cock back into her mouth.

Randy got down behind her and felt her dripping cunt. He ran first one then two fingers in and out of her pussy. He thought of how this was his mom but at the same time he thought of how good her soaked cunt felt great around his fingers.

He kept this up for awhile as Bob stood next to them and offered his cock to James.

Anne looked up to see her husband take the dick that had been fucking her not 5 minutes ago into his mouth. She watched as he stroked Bobs balls and pump the hard meat back and pendik escort forth in his hand. The sight of him giving another man a blowjob while having her son finger her wet cunt was too much, She succumbed to her lust and let the pleasures start to fill her body.

She pushed back against her sons fingers and started to suck harder on James dick.

Randy pulled his fingers out of her and wet her asshole with them. He pushed a finger into her and left it there for a while. When he pulled it out he watched her hole slowly close. He knelt behind her and placed the tip of his hard cock against her opening and pushed. The head popped in and his mother groaned around the shaft of his fathers cock. He slowly pushed until his entire dick was buried in her ass. He started a slow steady fucking of her ass as he placed his hands on her ample hips and thrust into her with more force.

James sensing that Bob was getting close to cumming pulled his cock from Anne’s mouth and stood up. Anne remained where she was now enjoying her ass fuck.

James told Bob to bend over and spread his ass. Bob got down beside Anne and held his ass cheeks wide. James knelt and inserted his cock into Bobs hungry asshole.

Anne was talking again saying “OH yes fuck my ass son. Oh god Yes fuck your mother. Cum in my ass.”

Randy was giving it all he could now and knew he wasn’t far from doing just that.

James was feeding his cock to Bobs ass as fast as he could. Bob was bucking against his thrusts and urging him on. “Yes that’s it fuck my ass. Give it to me. Blow your load up my ass James.”

Anne joined in “Yes fuck our asses give us that hard cock. I want all your cocks. I want to cummmm.” Reaching between her legs and burying 3 fingers into her dripping cunt she came. Howling and bucking she cried out “OHHHHHHH…GOD YES…..fuck me fuck me fuck me.”

James was close and he and Randy blew there nuts at the same time. Both dumping their seed into a waiting asshole. They leaned and kissed as they pumped more and more seed into Anne and Bob.

Anne was like a wild beast she rolled over and demanded that every hole be filled.

Bob rolled over and she straddled his rock hard prick. Next James got behind her and inserted his cock up her waiting ass. Randy came around and his mom took his still hard dick into her mouth.

Bob and James could feel each other’s thrusts and their cocks rubbed against each other through the flesh between her cunt and ass. Randy was pushing as much of his dick into his moms mouth as she would take.

Bob said he couldn’t hold on much longer, followed by James who said he was close too.

Randy said for them to pullout and give it too Anne in the face.

As soon as bob and James pulled out Anne knelt in front of the three of them taking turns licking and sucking their cockheads as the men stroked their cocks. Her asshole and cunt dripped cum and stood gaping wide open, a testament to there use. She said “Give me all your cum. I want to taste it all.”

Bob fired first his engorged head spitting load after load of thick cum across her tongue and face.

James shot a wad right into her open mouth as more dribbled down onto her face.

Randy was last and he placed the head of his cock on his mothers cum soaked tongue and let loose with shot after shot of hot goo.

Anne drank and licked until she was fully covered with their spunk.

She said “If this is what following your leads going to be like James I’m right behind you.”

To Be Continued…

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