Patty’s Lace Ch. 17

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter 17, Welcome To Katz!

“This calls for a celebration!” Sarge said as he wrestled the shift stick from under Patty’s slip and put the truck into second gear. They made their way back to the Hollywood Freeway and as they merged into traffic Sarge’s phone rang. Quinn was calling and he immediately answered as he pulled to the right. Listening for a few moments as he got the truck stopped in the E-lane, Sarge told her that James and Patty were with him and asked if it was ok to put her on speaker. He did so a few moments after and Quinn spoke up.

“Hi guys,” Hi Patty, “How did your meeting go?”

“Perfect!” Patty replied, “But how did your appointment go? All is good?”

Sarge and James perked up when she asked this, paying close attention as Quinn spoke. “Ohhhh, Doc says my plumbing is in tippy-top shape and according to him, very pretty. I never knew I had a pretty kitty, but I guess I do, at least he thinks so. They took some blood for tests which I’ll find out about in the next couple of days, no worries though, it’s just routine. Tell me of your meeting though, who did you meet and what did you think?”

Patty answered with, “Awwww Very Good, I’m happy for you! I met Ace, Sam, Mr. Barnes and Laurie Brantley. The hub is gorgeous, but I was surprised at how smooth everything went. It seemed I was already hired before even showing up for the interview.

“Basically, you were, but we don’t hire, we recruit. Barnes himself was actually there? Usually, he sends an associate to onboard people. He’s a trip though, you need to party with him sometime! Just a second, text from Laurie.

Sarge chimed in with, “Hey, you are in West Hollywood, right? Patty’s in, and it’s time to celebrate! How about The Palm?”

Quinn came back with, “That message said, you are set and ready, Patty. Want to start on Friday?

“Sure!” Patty replied.

“Fantastic!” The entertainer’s door opens at ten am with the club opening for the lunch bunch at eleven. The buffet is to die for, but I can’t make it until two, maybe there will be some scraps left. Please be there by six, so I can get you set up with your room and give the nickle tour. Doors open to the public at eight and the tournament starts at nine. Will you need a ride to the club?

“She’ll be there, well before six,” Young said. Thinking of that buffet is making me hungry. It may be closer to lunchtime, if I remember right, I go on-duty at four on Friday

Sarge said, “Yep we do, so how about The Palm, since you are in West Hollywood?

“Oh, The Palm is perfect, but Chippy Bear, you know it’s in Beverly Hills now, right?” Quinn asked.

“It is, when did they move there?” Sarge asked.

“2014” Quinn said sarcastically as she giggled.

“Been a while since I was there, I guess” he said and continued, “Well Sparkles, time to celebrate Patty’s new position! See you in Beverly Hills. Love ya and see you soon!

“Love ya Bear, see ya there!” Quinn said and clicked off.

Sarge pulled back onto the freeway and before long they were exiting the 101 turning west onto Santa Monica Boulevard, they made the left onto Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. Sarge got lucky and found a metered spot just up the street. Parking garages were not built for his big rig.

Sarge called Quinn and when he asked where she was, a horn started blowing, it was Quinn, top down in the AMG waving as she passed by. Sarge said into the phone, “At least you didn’t pull a doughnut in the street.” as she practically drifted the Mercedes down into the parking garage of The Standard Oil Building. Sarge shook his head and said, “Maniac” as he listened to her giggle through the phone.

“What was that Chippy Bear?” Quinn asked.

“Ahh, nothing, Snuggles,” Sarge replied.

“See you guys in five at The Palm, I Loves my Bear!” Quinn said and clicked off.

Sarge put his phone away with a smile and lit up a smoke as they strolled across the street. Quinn joined them a couple of minutes later walking up behind Sarge and snatching his cigarette from his hand, taking a deep drag then holding it up, shaking it as she said. “You know these are bad for you! Besides, I’m not a maniac, as a matter of fact, I’m a very good driver. Did you see that move I just pulled? I could teach Diesel and these movie drivers around here a thing or two! Oh, and as for the doughnut? That’s for when we leave. Hi Patty, Hi Cowboy!”

Sarge replied as he grabbed her, “You know you are the only one that can get away with that shit, right?” She dropped the smoke on the sidewalk when he lifted and spun her as he kissed her luscious lips, then set her down gently.

She looked up at him and said, “Oh yea? Get away with what? The smoke or the driving?”

“Both” he replied, “I’m going to have to call you Wildcat in a minute. Bostancı Escort I think my steak is getting cold, let’s head inside.” Picking up the smoke, he put it out and dropped it in a tray.

The group was seated, and the waiter poured water then took orders for appetizers and drinks. Sarge said after he ordered. “We have a lot to celebrate today! Quinn here got an excellent report from the doctors, and Patty there took a new position today! I would like a bottle of your best bubbly, preferably Dom if it is available!

“Oh, Yes Sir, there is one bottle of ’90 available, a very good year it is! When should it be delivered?” The waiter asked.

Quinn looked down and chimed in with, “Doc even said, it’s pretty.” then back up giggling, making Patty giggle also.

Sarge looked at her shaking his head as he said, “Can it come between the appetizers and main course?”

“Absolutely.” The waiter said, and scurried away to put the orders in.

Patty took a sip of water. After setting it back down, Quinn grabbed her wrist and examined her nails closely. “Those are Perfect!” she exclaimed, “Who did them for you?”

Patty replied, “Thank You, Boss!” then nodded toward James and said, “He did.”

The waiter was walking up with a tray as she said, “Cowboy, you are a man of many talents! You wanna come do me, sometime?”

Everybody looked at Quinn as the waiter placed the drinks and appetizers and James said, “That would be like doing my mom!”

Quinn quipped as she giggled, “My nails, my nails! Awwww, come do mama’s nails, sometime,” She said with pouty lips then continued with, “Anyway, doc said it was pretty!” and laughed.

“Ok, Wildcat!” Sarge said.

“What!” Quinn shot back, still giggling “It’s a good day! Patty’s in, and my plumbing is in good working order! Now, it just has to pass The Bear Test!

Sarge just looked around with a silly grin on his face as The Dom arrived. The waiter popped and poured expertly as the guys took their ladies’ hands.

All eyes were on Sarge as he proceeded with a toast, looking into Quinn’s eyes he said, “Here’s a health to thee and thine, From the hearts of me and mine.

And when thee and thine, come to see me and mine. May me and mine make thee and thine, as welcome as thee and thine, have ever made me and mine. To your continued good health, I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.” He continued as he looked at Patty, “And as for You, little girl. May the best of happiness, honor, and fortunes keep with you. Here’s to a full belly, a heavy purse, and a light heart! For all, Here’s to luck, and hoping God will take a likin’ to us.”

Glasses clicked and the ladies said “Thank You” through sparkling smiles as the guys sipped.

The meals came and the group talked and laughed as the guys celebrated their ladies. The check came and the guys discussed how it should be handled deciding that Sarge would take care of the check, if James would throw the tip. James slapped the Franklin on the table, as the waiter returned with Sarge’s card and receipt.

Outside, Sarge and Quinn said their see you laters then she went into the parking garage as Patty, James, and Sarge piled into the truck. Back down the Hollywood Freeway they went and soon pulled up in front of Patty’s building where they dropped her off, then the truck rumbled up the street toward the station carrying the Dynamic Duo to go on-duty.

Patty found the package from Secrets in Lace and rushed up stairs. Opening it, she admired her new full slips and slip / camisole sets. She hung the slips in the sewing room and put the pink camisole / slip set which fit very well. She decided yes, she would wear the stunning set down for snakee if it happened tonight as she did with Jacqueline.

Sitting in her favorite spot, she watched as the cop car made the u-turn and parked in front of her building. Grabbing her phone, she rang Cowboy saying as she plugged in the pot, “I’ll be down as soon as coffee is ready, Love You!”

Grabbing the goodies and filling the thermos, down the stair she went. The guys jaws dropped when she stepped out in the absolutely gorgeous slip / camisole set and a car passing by slowed way down as the guy driving just about sideswiped the cop car with his eyes on Patty.

Setting the goodies on the hood, she turned to James and he took her in his arms, kissing her lips, then she fixed the cups of coffee and passed around the frosted cinnamon rolls as Amy walked up. The scalloped lace of the same slip she had on the last snakee night was on display. Patty said, “Would You like some coffee? I’ll go get another cup.”

Amy replied, “Sure, that is very nice! Are you not cold though?” as soft music filled the air.

Patty looked up to find Cindy looking down at the group and rang her phone, Cindy answered with a “What’s up, Sis!”

Patty asked if she could borrow a coffee cup and Cindy replied, “Sure! Can I toss one down?”

Patty said, “You and Steve can join us if Ümraniye Escort You like.”

Cindy replied, “Love too, but mmmmmm, kinda busy, I’ll get the cup. Be right back.”

Patty walked to the entrance of the alley and noticed a guy about halfway down, so she stayed within sight of her guys. Cindy returned quickly and Patty noticed the lavish lace of the full slip Cindy had on as she climbed out on the fire escape. She also recognized the slip as hers but didn’t mind as her sister was making good use of her.

Cindy dropped the cup and Patty caught it as the guy in the alley started walking toward her. Passing under a door light, she recognized Officer Dan and rang Cindy again asking for another cup. Cindy was back out on the balcony in just a few moments and Officer Dan walked up as she dropped it. Patty pushed Office Dan out of the way and caught the cup and Cindy said into the phone giggling, “Damn it, I just about got him, Hi, Officer Dan!”

He looked up and shouted, “I’ll get You, Cindy! How is the night?”

She shouted back, “Busy! Gotta go, take care!” and went back inside to Steve.

Patty poured coffee for Amy and Officer Dan and offered cinnamon rolls. He took one and she passed. They chatted and joked around until the thermos was empty.

Patty gathered up the cups and everybody went their own way as Patty went back upstairs. Emptying the bag of cups into the sink, she went to sleep in her new slip set with a smile on her face.

Wednesday and Thursday were cleaning and shopping days but otherwise uneventful as Patty was looking forward to Friday! She has had a lot of time on her hands over the past few weeks and that needed to change!

Patty and James headed for Katz around one pm on Friday and when they pulled in, went around the side and got the Stang parked. They stepped out and walked to a large roll-up door where a guy was making a mess outside spraying water into a small dumpster on the forks of a lift truck as mud flowed out from the bottom. On the way in, they stopped to talk to Bobby who was making the mess.

“Hey Bobby, what’s up? This is Patty and it’s her first day here!”

Bobby just about sprayed her with the hose as he turned and she jumped out of the way, “Ooooops” he said as he dropped the spray nozzle into the dumpster with the water running. “Good to meet You, new dancer?”

Patty held out her hand, and said, “Ohhh, I work with Quinn!”

Bobby looked into the dumpster and said, “Asshole, oh shit, not Quinn, she’s a trip, but the dumpster guy, he’s an asshole. He was supposed to empty this on Tuesday with the others, I don’t know why he can’t seem to empty this one.” Bobby shook her hand and said, “Good to meet You and Good Luck!”

James and Patty looked into the dumpster. Patty noticed a very lacy aqua blue half-slip on top of the soaked clothing filling the dumpster. Some of her lace was torn away and she was ripped up one side with a large hole in her wet silky body. More slips both full and half, some lacy some not, were in there along with dresses and other various lingerie, muddy, damaged, and soaked. “What is all of that?” She asked.

“Used costumes from last week’s tournaments, that asshole, I guess I need to call the company,,, again.” Bobby answered.

“Damn, it’s Friday!” James chimed in, “It will be overflowing before the weekend is over if he doesn’t come today or tomorrow. What’s on the buffet today?”

“Spaghetti, Pork Chops, and of course Fish, along with the usual sides. I had Burrito Bar myself, so good, I need to find a shade tree.” Bobby replied.

“I’m going for the s’getti, gotta have some of Mama’s Spaghetti!” Young said as he took Patty’s hand.

“Good Shit” Bobby said as Patty and James walked inside, and he resumed spraying water into the dumpster.

It was still hours before the matches began, but the place was already buzzing with people in various states of dress and undress doing a variety of things. Most were women, a few, guys. Some sat at tables chatting, others practiced moves on each other on the padded mats scattered around the lounge. A few rushed by with armloads of clothing.

“Patty! Good to see You!” Quinn said as she hugged her. “James! When are you going to do my nails?” as she hugged him.

Patty said, “Good to see You, also! I’m looking forward to the evening!” as she noticed they were the only ladies around fully dressed.

Quinn was dressed in a smart business suit, Black Jacket with lacy white camisole under showing through a sheer white blouse. With no bra her puppies jiggled nicely as she walked. A tight black business skirt, black hosiery and pumps. Patty recognized the white scalloped lace of a Adonna half-slip that matched her cami peeking from her skirt hem flapping in the back slit of her skirt as she walked.

“Would You like something to drink?” Quinn said as she led Patty and James through a sitting area to a row of vending machines. A guy was sitting in an overstuffed chair with a woman Anadolu Yakası Escort on his lap wearing nothing but a very lacy half-slip with dual side slits and lace panels. With her arms around her neck, she leisurely pumped her hips into his groin grinding the pretty slip as he played with it. Quinn kicked the machine, then pushed a button and a Dasani water popped out.

“Grab what you want, They’re all free.” Quinn said, as she turned and put her hand on Danny’s shoulder, startling him.

“Thanks” Patty said. “We are going to do the buffet”

“Ohh, I had the fish, so good” Quinn said. “You two better get going, they start taking it down at four.” then turning to the couple in the chair saying. “Hey Brooklyn, how is the day? You’re here early.”

“Good Good, Miss Quinn,” she said, “Just making sure this so-called announcer doesn’t get my name wrong, again”

“I hope he remembers your name after this” said Quinn, “You enjoying the silky lap dance, Danny-Boy?

He replied, “What Lap Dance?” Lifting Brooklyn’s slip by its wide lace just as Patty and James walked up, all of them saw that she was not only giving a silken lap dance but fucking him.

Quinn laughed and said, “Oh My, don’t get any on the chair.” He laid the slip back over their sex and slapped her ass through it, making Brooke jump and speed up enough for the sensuous slip to start bouncing.

Patty was shocked which doesn’t happen often these days, but the thought of her fucking him in nothing but a gorgeous half-slip in front of all these people, did. Not that anybody seemed to care or even notice.

Looking up at Patty, he said, “Very Nice! I may have to forget your name. By the way, what is it?”

Still looking at Brooklyn’s lacy slip moving and wrinkling as she screwed him, she said, “Ummmm umm Chuck! I mean Patty”

Quinn lightly backhanded his cheek and put her hand back on his shoulder. “Don’t you know who this is?” She said, “This is Patty Norris, Chuck’s little sister! You better not forget her name, she’ll kick your ass!”

Patty held up her fists and pursed her lips, saying, “Damn Skippy!” Everybody laughed.

As they started to walk away, Quinn slapped Brooklyn’s slip as her ass was pumping it, making her jump and speed up even more as her slip bounced faster saying, “Remember, you gotta fight tonight.” Then pointing at him she said. “Don’t wear her out!”

“Ohh I’ll be ready to whip some ass, can I wear this slip for my match, Miss Quinn, it’s very nice.” Brooklyn said.

“Sure Brooklyn.” Quinn said, “Remember, tonight is capture the flag, in the ring, so it will probably get ripped off of you.”

“Awww, no mud pit? I may save it for when there is.” She replied.

“Ok, Brooke” Quinn said. I think the mud is in two weeks with a strip down tournament.

“I’ll save it for then!” Brooklyn said.

As walked away they heard Brooklyn say as she thrusted hard a few times, making the pretty slip twitch. “Remember, like the Borough in New York City! Brooklyn! Got it?”

Patty and James headed for the other side and the buffet, as Quinn continued setting up the evening’s event.

James had Mama’s Spaghetti and Patty had a large grilled center cut pork chop with peas and carrots along with potatoes. After they finished, they said their see you laters and James headed for the station as Patty headed back to the other side.

“Patty!” Quinn shouted, then rushed over and led her to an empty table, where they sat. “How was that meal? What did You have?”

“You are right! That buffet is to die for!” then told her what she had.

“So, you are good to go and tonight is a “Capture The Flag” elimination show.”

Patty asked, “Yes yes, What is Capture the Flag?

She responded, “Capturing the flag is when you take the panties from your opponent. One round lasting until a flag is captured. The flag is a plain pair of panties of any style, with your name written on them. Wearing a dress or skirt and top is required during the match, no pants, and you capture your opponent’s flag by any means necessary.

Many wear other articles of clothing to shield the flag, tap or petti-pants, garter belts with the straps over the flag and attached to stockings. They may also wear full or half-slips to cover the flag. Tight slips work really well. Move these other articles of clothing out of the way by any means necessary. Your opponent’s pretty slip may have to be ripped and torn to shreds as she does the same to your taps and / or garters.

Have You ever actually tried to rip a nylon or satin slip? It’s pretty hard, but once you get a rip started, they tear away pretty easy. Satin tears easier than nylon and always remember to reach under the slip you intend to shred and pull it, so you don’t scratch your opponent with sharp nails. Lisa can show you some tricks, she is an expert at shredding lingerie.

Remember, go straight for the flag or rip and tear their other clothing to get the flag. Keep in mind though, your opponent will also be trying to capture your flag.” Quinn was smiling and Patty could tell she was really getting into it as she said, “A slick pit is doing the same in a pit, filled with a couple of inches of baby oil, same rules, same costumes.”

“How does elimination work?” Patty asked.

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