Passionate Survival

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After being dropped off by a helicopter, the four women were sizing each other up. All of them winners in a survival contest and now was the toughest feat yet. In two teams, the women were supposed to implement all the skills in survival they had learned. They were to be judged and scored at the end of the week, so until then, no one knew which team was the winner and would share the grand prize.

First, there was Kody: standing 5’7 in her stocking feet, lean, mean and with an insatiable desire to win. Her long brown hair, always pulled back in a ponytail, was sleek and shiny. With ice blue eyes that seemed like they could penetrate whatever she was looking at. Large firm breasts, flat belly and an ass that would make a grown man cry. Perfectly round and firm as she worked hard on her body.

Secondly, there was Del: A little shorter than Kody, short black hair and black eyes that revealed nothing. Large DD breasts, a little thicker through the waist and her ass was exceptionally nice. With rounded globes, that was perfect for her body. Her Ebony body glistened in the sunlight as though a star had been turned on during the day. She was totally as feminine as Kody was not and relished the attention she received from men.

Thirdly, there was Helen: About 5’3, short black hair, that framed her face gently, brown eyes that you could melt in. She was little wider than the rest but was solid, with a smile that was so radiant, that it made you grateful just to receive one. Her breasts were small and her hips more defined, which gave her more of a buxom look. She was so laid back, with a “give a shit attitude” that made the others wonder how she had gotten this far.

Last, but certainly not least was Anita: Tall, pretty and lean with gorgeous brown hair that she always kept in a bun. Deep brown eyes, that could either warm you or scare you depending on which you deserved. Small breasted, flat stomach and an ass that was perfectly shaped, that you wanted to lick it. Although she was manlier acting, she was very friendly but could turn mean quickly.

What determined the teams was a slip of paper that was numbered and the corresponding number determined the team. Surveying the terrain, a lot of which was sand with small groves of trees intermittingly throughout the land. Finally, opening their pieces of paper, all the woman were to find out whom their partner was.

“I have a 1,” said Del, smiling shyly.

“I also have a 1,” said Kody

Helen and Anita didn’t even look at theirs as they all picked up their gear to go get some shelters made and a fire built before dark. Going in different directions, both teams were making plans about the best techniques to do it.

“See ya in the winner’s circle,” Kody hollered back at the other two.

Kody and Del found, what they thought was the perfect campsite and started building their shelter.

“Why don’t you go find some firewood while I finish this up Del?” Kody said

So Del went in search of firewood, wondering why she had to go do the hard work while Kody tied rope.

At the other camp, Helen and Anita had finished their shelter and were both looking for firewood and food for the night.

“I seen some banana’s and coconuts in some trees not to far away,” Helen told Anita, “Why don’t you finish getting the wood and get a fire built while I get the food?”

Anita nodded her head without looking up while she gathered firewood.

Del was still grumbling as she loaded the wood onto her arm.

“Who is she to be bossing me around?” she muttered to herself.

Getting an armload, başakşehir escort she stomped back to camp. Seeing Kody from the back, she seemed to be sitting down while Del had to do all the hard stuff.

“Hey, get off your ass! Sitting here while I do all the work?” Del hollered.

Not believing what she was hearing, Kody rose as she turned around slowly. As she turned, Del could see she was building a fire, but she was already charging Kody.

Rolling around on the ground, both women were trying to win. They came to a halt, with Kody straddling Del, pinning both arms back. They were sweating, panting and trembling from anger. Kody glaring down at Del’s tear streaked face, glaring back at her. She began to see just how intensely beautiful Del really was. Feeling her anger slipping away as she gazed at Del’s beautiful eyes, little turned up nose and those luscious lips that were full and pouty and Kody really wanted to kiss them! Del staring back at her, could see Kody’s anger fading, her grip on her arms lessoning as her anger faded also. Her ice blue eyes had darkened with lust as eyes traveled over Del’s face. Del felt a shiver of passion racing through her as they continued to stare at each other.

Kody sliding her body down Del’s until they were face to face, sighed as she lowered her head down to Del’s full lips. Running her tongue across Del’s lips lightly, flicking here and there, and still holding her arms back. Kody was rotating her hips slowly grinding her self into Del, dry humping through their clothes as Kody poked her tongue through Del’s lips and Del opened her mouth to welcome her. Del softly moaned into Kody’s mouth as their tongues massaged each other’s mouths thoroughly. Sliding her body slowly down Del’s even further, Kody licked and nibbled her delicate ears and neck Feeling the tension on her arms ease, Del wound her hands through Kody’s hair as she continued to pleasure her, Lifting her knee up slightly so Kody could rub herself against it. Kody was about to go wild with lust at having Del’s knee to rub her throbbing clit against.

Sliding to Del’s side, Kody began to undress her as she kissed every spot as it was revealed. Kody tenderly but firmly swirled her tongue around each of Del’s nipples, stopping to gently nip the tips of her nipples. Her skin tasted salty from the sweat of their fight as her skin quivered at each flick of Kody’s tongue .Del watched her through half lidded eyes and wasn’t sure which one excited her the most, what Kody was doing or the look of intense pleasure on her face. Completely naked, Del could not believe how extremely excited both women were, possibly triggered by the absolute anger that they both had for each other. Pulling away from Kody, Del began to undress her, slowly, tenderly. Eyes feasting on the beauty in front of her. Suddenly the victim was in control!

Del kissed down Kody’s neck with light butterfly kisses as she ran her hands up and down Kody’s back. Bending over she sucked one of Koty’s hard nipples into her mouth, pulling her close to her to enjoy her feast as Kody fondled her breasts, tweaking her swollen buds as Del moaned with pleasure. Kody was surprised and excited by the fervor of the assault Del was inflicting on her hardened nipples. Kody’s heavenly scent was wafting up to Del, as she could no longer contain the desire to taste her sweetness. Kody whimpered as Del flicked her swollen clit with the tip of her tongue. She knew she was too excited to hold back her desires so she had Del turned around and dove into Del’s cunny, sucking and licking beşiktaş escort like a starving woman. Grabbing Del’s ass she pulled her closer, stabbing her tongue into Del’s sopping wet pussy, drinking her sweet nectar as it flowed. Feeling the other’s hard nips stabbing into the other’s belly seemed to add to the excitement. The women were trembling as they moaned into each other’s wetness.

Riding each other’s mouths hard, they squealed into each other’s hot mounds as the began to cum hard. Licking fast and sucking hard so they would not lose even a drop of the wonderful juices they were giving each other. Wave after wave of orgasm shook their very souls, as they could not seem to get enough of each other. As their cums started to subside, Kody collapsed on Del, trying to get her breathing under control, resting her head on Del’s thigh. Finally coming back to her senses, Del turned around wrapping her arms around Kody, both holding the other as only two completely satisfied women could. Kody leaned back and deeply and passionately kissed Del, both tasting themselves on the others mouths.

“I know who really won the contest!” giggled Kody as they shared their afterglow.

Anita was limping as she brought the bananas and coconuts back; she had even found some figs. She was pretty excited by that because she had gotten enough for a while but her leg was seriously hurting. She had fallen out of the tree she was in and thought she’d twisted her ankle. Laying the food down, she sat down on a log to survey the damage to her ankle, which was quickly swelling. Helen seen her distress and quickly came to check her ankle.

“How bad is it?” Helen asked after Anita explained what had happened.

Tenderly checking to see if it was broken, as she squeezed a spot above her anklebone Anita let out a squeal. Helen could see the bruise appearing. Looking up at Anita, she could see the girl had started to cry, heart-rending sobs.

“We’ll never win now that my ankle’s messed up, I am so sorry Helen,” she sobbed.

“Now listen girl, we’re not through yet, we’ll put cold rags on it!” Helen said.

With that, she grabbed a bucket and ran down to the ocean to get some water, not wanting to waste their fresh water. Going back to the shelter, she soaked a rag in it and put in on the still sobbing girl’s ankle. Helen putting her arms around Anita to comfort her seemed to have a calming effect on her so Helen held her. Helen tried to ignore the tremor of sexual pleasure she felt holding a woman again, it had been to long.

Shaking off her thoughts, Helen noticed that Anita had quit crying and was holding her back. Helen’s heart skipped a beat as she pulled back to look into Anita’s eyes. Looking into her eyes, swollen from crying, Helen could tell Anita was feeling the excitement also

“Umm, I think my ankle is feeling better,” Anita said smiling shying.

Helen cupped her face in her hands and drew Anita’s lips to hers. Opening her mouth to accept Helen’s tongue, the kiss deepening as they explored each other’s mouths. Anita was getting the tingle of delight as she realized, she had been kissed before but never quite like this! Wrapping her arms around Helen, pressing their breasts together, Anita could feel her passion start to grow. Helen loved the taste of Anita’s mouth and was trying not to hurry to see what the rest of her tasted like.

They both started to undress the other lingering over their kisses, while their breathing quickened. Completely naked, Helen could hold back no longer and started kissing and licking escort her way down Anita’s neck. Anita was fondling Helen’s breasts, feeling her nipples harden as she tweaked them, rolling them gently in between her fingers. Softly moaning, Helen nibbled Anita’s swollen nipples, as they seemed to harden more in her mouth. First one, then the other. Licking the underside of Anita’s breasts, Helen heard her gasp in pleasure, exciting Helen more, as Anita’s hand started lightly caressing her way down Helen’s belly.

Finding her wanton hard clit, Anita started to rub it as Helen’s body jerked compulsively. As if it had a mind of it’s own and knew it like the good rubbing it was getting! Helen leaned her head back with her eyes closed in pleasure while Anita seized the opportunity to suck one of Helen’s long hard nipples into her mouth. Helen’s eyes flew open at the intense pleasure Anita was giving her. Rolling her nipples in her mouth, flicking them with her tongue as Helen moaned louder. They lay down so they could each lick the other’s honey pot. Both women were ready to explode from the completely spontaneous lovemaking. Each seemed to know the other’s hot spots!

Helen turned back around under the protest of Anita, who definitely was not through tasting her. Rolling Anita over Helen helped her to her hands and knees. Bending over she gently nipped at the edge of her crack, sliding two fingers into Anita’s trembling hot pussy. Sliding her tongue into Anita’s ass, she started pumping her fingers and tongue into Anita together. She rimmed her ass hard as she slammed her fingers in and out of Anita’s wetness as Anita tossed her head back and forth in pure ecstasy

“Oh Yes, Baby, just like that!” screamed Anita as she lost control.

Helen felt the walls of cunny contract on her fingers as she went over the edge, Helen kept tonguing her ass. Anita never wanted this to end; she had never had an orgasm like this. Slowly coming down from her orgasm heaven, Anita turned on Helen. The other girl’s eyes getting wider as Anita rolled her over on her belly and up on all fours. Stabbing her tongue first into her ass, then into her hot mound had Helen squealing. Anita loved the taste of Helen, couldn’t seem to get enough of her scent!

“This must be what love is like?” Anita thought

Wanting her woman to experience the outrageous pleasure she had just had. Anita kept stabbing her tongue back and forth as Helen moaned loudly.

“Please Baby, Please!” begged Helen.

Smiling, Anita decided it was time to quit teasing Helen, leaning over she shoved two fingers into Helen’s soaking wet trembling cunt as she slid one into her ass. Hearing Helen squealing was enough encouragement for Anita. Slamming her fingers simultaneously she licked around whichever orifice she could lick. And everywhere in between as she felt Helen start bucking her hips up and down trying to keep in rhythm with Anita’s fingers. She was cumming hard and hollering loudly which made Anita want to lick her harder. Anita would not stop pumping her fingers and Helen kept cumming so hard she was sobbing. When Helen hung her head, sobbing, Anita pulled her fingers out and took Helen into her arms. They stayed on their knees holding each other tightly, most of their bodies still touching, neither wanting the night to end. Lying down together, cuddling, neither speaking because there was no need.

After their week was up both sets of partners met at the helicopter, grinning like fools while the judges checked things out. After having such a sexually wonderful week, they knew once they left the island it wasn’t over! The judges trudging back to the women to declare the winning pair. Kody leaned over to Anita and Helen:

“The losers have to eat the winners!” she whispered as all the girls started to laugh.

The judges declared Helen and Anita the winners but I think they thought themselves all winners.

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