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Amanda was a nice, normal girl with no annoying habits or quirks. And this was good, because she was going to be my room-mate at university for at least the next year. It was a relief to find we got on with each other, and in fact we had several things in common, such as bands we liked, TV programmes we loved and hated, favourite clothes shops and the like.

One thing we didn’t have in common was our attitude to men. Amanda wanted a meaningful relationship: intimacy, affection, trust and all the rest of it. I just wanted sex, as much and as often as possible. Let loose at university, I was like a kid in a sweet shop and by the time the first term was halfway over, I was well on the way to becoming a good old-fashioned college slut.

One of the great things about Amanda was she wasn’t judgmental. While a one-night stand or a drunken shag behind the student union bar wasn’t her idea of heaven, she accepted without question that my sexual habits were different to hers, and she never criticised my behaviour, even when I was staggering back to our rooms in the small hours with my knickers in my handbag and sperm running down my legs. If she woke up at all, it would be merely to ask “how was he?” to which I’d reply “crap”, “okay”, “fucking huge”, (or, on one memorable night, “it wasn’t ‘he’, it was ‘they'”) depending on how satisfied that night’s partner had left me.

After a few weeks Amanda started going out with Matt, a fellow first year. He was a decent guy, quite good-looking with a pleasant personality, and he treated Amanda well. So we were all quite content.

“Matt’s halls are having a Halloween party,” Amanda said one day towards the end of October, “It’s fancy dress – are you up for it?”

“Should be a laugh,” I replied, “what are you going to wear?”

“I thought I’d go as a witch,” she said, “keep the Halloween theme going. Plus it’s cheap!”

“Cheap is good,” I agreed, thinking of my limited student funds, “I’ll probably go as a St Trinian’s schoolgirl. Cheap and slutty!”

On the morning of the party, I was both relieved and dismayed to get my period. Relieved because it had been slightly late and although I was on the Pill, accidents can happen, but mostly dismayed because that effectively put paid to getting bursa escort laid that night. I was determined to still enjoy myself though, and with luck I could at least set myself up with a date for a few days’ time.

My outfit consisted of a tight white shirt knotted under my bra-less tits, a short black wrapover skirt, a tie from the local charity shop, black fishnet stockings and suspenders and high black stilettos. I drew on freckles with a brown eyeliner pencil and fastened my dark hair into two schoolgirl plaits. To complete the picture, I had a lollipop to suck.

“You look great,” Amanda said, wrapping her black cloak (made from a discarded satin sheet from the same charity shop) around herself.

Once inside, we split up; she to find Matt, and me to get a drink and find someone to flirt with. No sooner did I have a can of cider in my hand than I felt a pair of hands sliding onto my bare stomach from behind. I turned to see Matt’s friend and room-mate, Stu, grinning at me. I’d met him a couple of times since Amanda and Matt had started going out, and although nothing much to look at, he had a wicked smile and a dirty laugh that I liked, and we’d exchanged flirty, suggestive innuendo without anything developing. Now he was dressed up as a vicar.

“How appropriate,” he said, still holding onto me, “I’m a vicar and you’ve come as a tart,”

“Please sir,” I lisped playfully, “I’m just an innocent schoolgirl,”

“Innocent my arse,” Stu leered, running a hand up my leg and flicking the strap of my suspender, “I bet all the teachers have had a go at you,”

“Only the ones with the big cocks,” I whispered, still lisping as I stepped in towards him. The atmosphere suddenly became less jokey as he moved his hand up to cup my buttock firmly, pulling me closer to him as he did so. I could feel his cock stiffening against my thigh and moved my hips instinctively, rhythmically to rub against it.

“Can I shag you?” Stu asked bluntly. I silently cursed my tedious monthly hormones.

“Not tonight,” I replied, “it’s that time of the month. But I’ll suck you off, if you want.”

Stu groaned and gripped me harder for a second. “Fuck, yes,” he sighed in my ear.

“Let’s find somewhere quieter, then,” I suggested. bursa merkez escort We left the common room and he led me to the room he shared with Matt. Once inside we kissed for a few minutes. He untied the knot in my shirt and began to knead my tits eagerly, stroking my already-erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. In response I rubbed the insistent bulge beneath his home-made cassock.

“So how do you want me,” I murmured as our lips parted, “on the bed, or on my knees?” Stu closed his eyes and swallowed, then looked at me with a wild, greedy expression.

“Get on your knees,” he said huskily. I could tell he could hardly believe his luck. I smiled sweetly and dropped obediently to my knees in front of him. He stripped off the fancy dress and stood in just his black trousers, which I unfastened and pushed down his thighs. His cock poked out of his boxer shorts and I manipulated it free. It was only a little more than average size – nothing special for a shag, but a nice size to suck. Stu moaned as I held it lightly. I turned to his thighs first, biting gently and bringing forth more moans of pleasure, which became louder as I ran my tongue over his swollen balls and took first one, then the other, into my mouth. As always, the thought of their contents pouring down my throat in a few moments’ time made my cunt contract. By the time I kissed my way up and around his stiff shaft with the lightest of butterfly kisses, pre-cum was oozing out of the tip, his cock was twitching in my hand and my thong was soaked with my own juices.

I inhaled deeply, loving the distinctive smell of an aroused cock, before delicately licking the drops of salty liquid from the tip of Stu’s prick. He sighed heavily, his hands balled tightly into fists with tension and anticipation. I paused and looked up at him, waiting for his eyes to open and meet my gaze before I spoke.

“That’s delicious,” I said softly, smiling up at him in a way I knew to be provocative, “I hope your spunk tastes as nice when it’s spurting onto my tongue. Shall we find out?” His only reply was a long, drawn-out groan of ecstasy. I parted my lips and guided the head of his cock into my eager mouth, feeling it throb and judder in response. I sensed bursa sınırsız escort he wasn’t going to last too long. Most men didn’t, if they weren’t used to getting blowjobs. Stu placed his hands on my head, gripping my plaits. I tilted my head to get the angle right to deep throat him, and slid his cock smoothly in up to the hilt, swirling my tongue around his rod, until his balls were on my chin and my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

“Ohhhh, fuck,” he moaned, as he glanced down to see his cock buried in my throat. I put my hands on his hips and rocked him back and forth, letting him know he could move in and out. For a second he seemed uncertain, then he realised what I was letting him do, what I wanted in fact, and he began to thrust roughly, eagerly. I gagged and drooled but kept my hands on his hips encouragingly so that he knew I didn’t want him to stop. I relaxed my throat even more as he fucked my face with fast, urgent strokes. After a few moments I felt him tense and his cock swelled and stiffened even more.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” Stu gasped. Quickly I pulled back and he yelped “Nooo!” and tried to clutch my hair, obviously thinking I was letting his cock go altogether. Instead I held the head firmly between my lips so that as he cried out inarticulately and began to shoot his load, he came in my mouth rather than down my throat. I wanted to taste it, to savour the delicious saltiness on my tongue. Wave after wave of hot, creamy sperm spurted into my mouth and I felt my juices soak my thighs in response.

At last Stu’s cock stopped jerking and dribbling in my mouth. I let it slide from between my lips and looked up at him again. When he met my eyes I opened my mouth, showing him his jism on my tongue, then I very deliberately swallowed, feeling it slide smoothly down my recently-fucked throat. Stu moaned again with pleasure and I smiled as I began to rise.

“That was amazing,” he said breathlessly, sitting down as his legs began to shake. “It was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Not that I’ve had many – most girls won’t suck cock, and the few that do hardly ever let a guy come in their mouth.”

“Most girls are very stupid,” I said softly, re-tying my shirt, “but that means all the more for me.”

“Can I see you again?” Stu asked, “I mean, will you do this again? And maybe next time I could fuck you as well?”

“I never say no to a delicious cock,” I replied, “and yours was certainly delicious. I’ll look forward to having it again soon,”

And so I did – but that’s another story!

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