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Part 2 of the NEC…Carrying on from my narrative of the Meeting at the NEC… Hope you enjoy.We both slept amazingly well over the Friday night despite the exciting activities and woke up about 08:00 on Saturday morning. I was up and making the coffee while Jayne took another shower. We dressed soon after with Jayne in casual jeans and a top for breakfast. We didn’t see either Karl or Marc despite being in the dining room for at least an hour. After we returned to the room and I packed a back pack with some stuff, camera, handycam, drinks etc while Jayne changed into her outfit for the day. She looked great in the 50’s look wiggle dress, American tan fully fashioned nylons with high heels and all the right jewellery and she finished it with period makeup including a matt finish red lipstick. Then she put on her pill box hat with the net veil pulled just down over her eyes.Does anyone reading remember seeing her I wonder because she got some serious attention all day long with me catching several men taking long looks as she strolled about. I knew there was a revival stand featuring 50’s car’s and rock n roll era type drag cars and there is always a number of people who attend and dress in theme, so to ease her anxiety about being conspicuous, we headed for hall 4 and the various period displays. Once in the hall and with the guide program we set about touring the show. It took us two hours to go round the initially but that was without fully appreciating the layouts. We stopped for a coffee and decided to ring Karl. He answered his phone and we arranged to meet near the Aston Martin display. He was contemplating one of the used models on offer and when we met up I took a great picture of him and Jayne standing together by the car. He held her very close to him with her hand on his chest while she snuggled up to him. I know he was lapping it up and I noticed more than a few lingering stares from folk watching the black man with the white woman. The rep was into it all, trying to conclude a deal on the Aston which dropped 5k while we were there but at 45 k Karl decided he need to go away to think about it and the three of us sauntered off to see more. Karl had made arrangements with a company called dream rides and he took Jayne for a drive around the NEC ring road in a Mercedes 400SLG sport. It was slightly discomforting because it left me standing holding the baggage while he, she and the driver went off for a ten mile spin. Regardless, when they arrived back she was animated and very excited at the fact they had reached nearly a 140mph with astonishing acceleration on a public road! Even more exhilarating for me was that Jayne had been in the back of the car with Karl and he’d being feeling her up throughout the trip and while talking to the driver.After four hours at the show Jayne was complaining about her feet and fair enough, we’d walked miles and her doing it in 5.5” heels so we headed back to the hotel and the bar to unwind a little. I’d asked about Marc but apparently he wasn’t that bothered about the car show and had gone into Birmingham but had every intention of returning for the second session on my wife. Karl text him from the bar and told us he was on his way back there and then. We were able to use the four table again as the bar was quite empty and after getting drinks we sat down. With one sip of his beer and without prompting Karl asked if we wanted to do the role play later. We looked at each other and the shrug from Jayne gave a positive indication so I said yes. When Marc arrived and joined us about 20 mins later, I got him a drink and suggested we get into it as a build up for the fun later. Here is a copy of the bullet notes I’d shared with Karl earlier in the week… including from memory some of the annotation. With a bit of nervousness we tried it and we played it out reasonably close and as convincingly as we dare. Marc by the way, was absorbed with her look and commented several times on how sensual and appealing she looked in her outfit.Sat in the lounge at the Holiday Inn. NEC Birmingham•Karl. Why are we here then Jayne•Jayne. You know why.•Karl. Refresh me.•Jayne. We’re going to have some fun I imagine.•Karl. Yeah, no doubt about that but what is it you really want from us.•Jayne. (Pause, pics up drink & introduces the theme) I want you to give me a baby.•Karl -Marc (laughter)•Marc. So you want us to give you baby? I’ll give you a fucking baby.. I’ll fucking **** a baby into you. You look really sexy.•Jayne. You could do that… or I could just go along with it and let you do it to me.•Marc. You want to get ****d? You want us to get you pregnant?•Jayne. You can take turns to do that if you like (giggling)•Marc. You won’t laugh when I shove my cock up your tight arse.•Jayne. How do you know I won’t like that?, as long as you fuck me properly afterwards.•Karl. What are you saying properly?•Jayne. Without any protection and you ejaculate in me.•Karl Because you want to get pregnant?•Marc. What, with a black baby?•Jayne. Yes, a black baby. I want you to make me pregnant with your black baby.•Karl. We might have to fuck you a few times to make it happen.•Jayne. As many as you need (Puts drink down)•Marc. Do you like it up the arse then?•Jayne. We’ll see won’t we•Marc. Better believe it.•Jon. Protection for that though lad’s. Unprotected in her pussy though as Jayne asked.•Karl Have you ever had two dicks in you at the same time.•Jayne. Yes.•Marc. Did you like it?•Jayne. (Pauses, looks around) Yes, once I got used to it.•Marc. And we can do that to you yeah?•Jayne. If that’s what you want to do to me.•Karl And you want that yeah?•Jayne. I want fucking, do that to me if you want but get me pregnant, no strings.It fell apart around there but the spoken dialogue was astonishing to hear, and ok, sometimes a bit giggly and a little feeble but we got through it never the less. I had a huge hard on again hearing her say she wanted sex of that fetish magnitude and her use of the “R” word was thrilling. I loved how she crossed her legs and maintained her serious attitude and even more exciting was the fact she was dressed up. Marc asked her to remain dressed as she was but Jayne said she had something else to wear for them later. It did begin to get very raunchy with both Karl and Marc pressing her for more details which she insisted to keep as a surprise. At around 4.00 o’clock we eventually decided to go back to the room to relax a little and arranged for the boy’s to come to us at 7.00. We dispensed with the idea of the evening meal and as soon as we got through the door of the room I had Jayne on her back, dress up and with her legs over my shoulders and I gave her a hard frantic fucking. During I just about begged her to let me come on her face.. her red lips being the source of my desire but she refused and insisted I “do it” in her. As I was cross examining her intentions for later I succumbed and ejaculated during her reply “Your going to watch them fucking me”After our marital sex we showered and changed then relaxed, both napping together on the bed and it was Jayne who moved again first at exactly 6:00. She urged me to get bahis firmaları ready and for my part that was readying the handycam and digital camera. I was wearing shorts and didn’t see any point in changing other than putting on a tee shirt. We’d brought wine with us and I poured her a tall bathroom glass of white and the same for me with red. I drank mine swiftly then poured another to provide me with that comforting buzz while Jayne readied herself in the bathroom. She came out in her full Monty underwear. Again, nylons, 6 strap suspenders and a matching lace bra that really produced the most appealing cleavage. It was glorious to see her take her evening dress from her bag and roll it on over her head and shoulders. It fitted her like a glove and when she adjusted it he legs appeared through the high slits in the front panel showing the two tone welts of her stockings and a little glimpse of white flesh above. She sat down at the dressing table and began placing huge emphasis on her new makeup but she did rely on the earlier vintage lipstick. When she finished she looked very glam… almost manikin but really sexy. At that point I took a succession of pictures with her posing in candid and suggestive poses until she became irritated. I asked her how she felt and she admitted that she felt sick with excitement but also that she was looking forward to the romp. We readied the room together after that placing some of the things we’d brought to enhance the meeting to hand and these included, condoms, two bottles of Durex play and a ball gag.I’d pleaded with Jayne to let me experience being inside her with another man and I knew there was a certain possibility of this happening. We’ve tried all the following using a dildo but I’d suggested trying man + man + female double vaginal but she was more than aware I wanted to experience being “the anchor” while she was sodomised by another bloke. We’ve previously enjoyed me fucking her arse while she rode another guy’s cock in her pussy, and she’s also had anal sex with other men but I asked her to let me be the one underneath this time and she gave a good indication I was going to get the chance. She did cause me to almost have a seizure when she said “wouldn’t you rather see them, doing that to me”We we’re sat in the chairs at the room table when there was the knock at the door and I asked Jayne if she was ready. She said yes and remained seated while I got up and walked nervously to the door to let the lads in. As they had the previous evening they came in quickly in a jubilant mood and passed me in the narrow hall. Jayne sat crossed legged, nylons tops on show and holding her wine. Marc was first to comment and held his hand out to help her from the chair and without any further ceremony he pulled Jayne against him and they began to French kiss so passionately. Karl commented that “he’s got off to a quick start” and he sat back against the TV table to watch as Jayne and Marc caressed and kissed. Jayne had her hand almost immediately against Marc’s cock and was pushing it hard into his bulge while he embraced her in his arms. He manoeuvred her around and back towards the bed then they sank down onto it and I saw his hand grip her thigh then work its way up into her crotch. Jayne laid back and widened her legs to allow him easier access to her snatch and the stimulated Karl. He had removed his shirt and was unfastening his trouser belt when Jayne looked over to me and said excitedly “here we go”Karl joined them on the bed and took his chance to enjoy her luscious looking lips. Jayne encouraged him and twisted herself to embrace him around his neck while Marc pulled her panties to one side to finger her. From there it began to go carnal very quickly and as Jayne Frenched heavily with Karl she reach for his cock and began to masturbate him while Marc’s fingers were being worked up into her cunny. Marc commented on how silky wet she was and he started to frig her quickly. He did it for perhaps a minute then his face went down between her legs and she readjusted opening her thighs to allow him to lick and eat her pussy. Karl also readjusted and put his cock closer to her mouth and Jayne instinctively took him between her lips. It was a sight to see her sucking him so greedily and I had my own cock in my hand without realizing. This was another time to take pictures and I also set up the digicam on the table to catch the beginning of the romp. I was aware that this session had begun and was much noisier than the previous nights with Jayne being quite vocal but that just made it more thrilling. After a few minutes of pussy licking and cock sucking, Marc surfaced and tagged Karl. I could see his lips were wet with Jayne’s cunt but she didn’t resist when he resumed the French kissing with her. Karl meanwhile pulled her panties down leaving them dangling around her right ankle then climbed confidently between her stockinged legs and positioned himself for missionary intercourse. His cock went into her reasonably comfortably although she did whelp and broke away from Marks kiss as she felt his cock penetrating her. Karl is a big bloke, hefty and as described, has a good sized thick cock, the diameter of a Budweiser bottle. He shoved it into her and she felt it, his weight and his lust definitely. Then he started to fuck my wife in front of me and she gave into him as his bitch.While he was humping it into her, Marc stripped off all apart from his socks. He had an impressive hard on too and remounted the bed placing a hand on Karl’s shoulder. He started encouraging him saying things like “Go on, fuck her” and I remember him telling Jayne that he was going to fuck her when Karl had finished. It was all massively arousing. Jayne wrapped her legs around Karl’s middle and that was probably my most memorable memory of the evening. The sight of her on the bed under him, Her high heels on, stockinged legs gripping him, and with her arms embracing his broad black torso. Then that expression on her gorgeous seductively made-up face with her red lips inviting more kissing as she was being fucked without protection by a big black man. Marc liked it too because he pushed his cock into her mouth and she began to awkwardly suck him off. The oral wasn’t prolonged though and Marc tagged Karl for some pussy. They changed places and Marc lifted Jayne’s legs holding her by her ankles and entered her. Then with a shove he was inside her and she yelped as she took her second black dick. Marc is a little darker skinned than Karl and I can definitely see his African descent both in his build and features. He pushed Jaynes legs further back so they rested on his shoulders then after supporting himself on his hands he started to plough his heavy tool into her while she went into rapture. He was quite good with the role play dialogue to and asked Jayne if she like being fucked and at one point even asked if she liked being ****d. He repeatedly mentioned giving her a baby and that seemed to excite and stimulate her even more. During this, Jayne had a confirmed orgasm and announced it as she climaxed, begging for him not to stop.The fornication kaçak iddaa moved on after her orgasm and Marc turned her over onto her hands and knees. They traded places again with Karl mounting her from the rear and fucking her with deep and hard strokes while Marc put his cock back in her mouth, holding her head by her hair. The spit roasting was a memorable and glorious sight and more pics were taken. Marc’s cock was covered in her wetness but it didn’t dissuade Jayne from giving him a really determined gobble. Again after a few minutes they swapped again and the scene was repeated with Jayne sucking Karl’s cock, licking his shaft and even sucking his heavy balls in front of me. It continued a while longer until Jayne asserted some of her own needs. She pushed Karl back and told him to lay down then pulling herself off and away from Marc’s hard cock she crawled up over Karl’s prone figure and knelt above him, taking his cock and guiding it into her pussy. Then she rode him while he played with her tits and squeezed her arse. Marc stood on the bed and moved forward and she took his cock in her hand, wanking him while she sucked him. I was as hard as a broom handle by then and joined them on the bed standing on the opposite side and to my ultimate satisfaction she took my cock and massaged it before also sucking me off.The three of us enjoyed Jayne like this for a few minutes, laughing and joking with each other while she remained serious about the sex. I was intoxicated with it all but wanted so much more and remembering the ball gag I reached for it and as Jayne was engaged with Marc’s cock in her mouth, I interrupted her and told her to “get this on” She didn’t resist but just coyly said she couldn’t. Regardless she opened her mouth and let me fit it, fastening the strap at the back of her head. She looked seriously vulnerable with her red lips clamping the black latex ball. When the lad’s saw how she looked they reacted instantly. Marc took her arm and pulled her back off Karl and he also jumped up off the bed. The three of us positioned Jayne on her back over the corner of the edge of the bed and I invited them to give her a good fucking. Marc took Jaynes wrists and held her hand down over her head. He wasn’t rough but she was held firm. Then Karl lifted her legs and slipped his cock back inside her and began to pummel her. She went ecstatic, eyes wide open and watching Karl as he banged her balls deep but suddenly he had to pull out explaining that he was losing it and would come if he didn’t take a break.I moved before Marc did and was allowed to mount her while he still held her wrists. I began my rhythm, a familiar size, feeling and technique to Jayne but it was a gorgeous sight, her watching me as I fucked her gagged. While I was enjoying her I couldn’t help but ask her “Am I underneath” and without being able to answer with words she simply nodded her head.Her response put me in the same situation as Karl and I had to withdraw bouncing on the balls of my feet to regain composure. Marc quickly spun her over and mounted her from behind and fucked her bent over the edge of the bed for a couple of minutes. All the while she was squealing and gasping through the gag, gripping the duvet tightly and allowing him to handle her. I picked up my wine to take a drink and my hands were shaking so much it spilled over the top of the glass. Regardless I quaffed it to steady myself then I took a bottle of Durex play and mounted the bed, piling the pillows and laying on my back. I drizzled a little of the lube on my hand and began massaging my own cock and simultaneously I handed the bottle to Karl who did the same. Jayne was watching me through the humping she was taking from Marc as I worked my own shaft. I had to really concentrate not to ruin the opportunity and thankfully Karl spoke up saying “get her up here” to Marc. They helped Jayne onto the bed and there’s no doubt about it she was apprehensive as she climbed on to me. I was encouraging and worked her dress higher over her hips so her sex was unobstructed. Then she lowered herself down onto me with a sigh and I pulled her gently down on to my chest and began to pump her. Marc followed behind her on the bed and the new experience for me was another man moving and manipulating my legs so he could find a comfortable position. I watched Karl pouring some of the gel and Jayne flinched on me as she felt it running down her crack but not as much as she did when his index finger suddenly touched and was rotated on her anus. I pushed myself deep inside her and experienced another first as his finger was pushed inside her. She whimpered but I held her tight against me feeling him exploring her arse and his finger rubbing against the underside of my cock as he pushed deeper. It felt as though he’d reached up to about his first knuckle when he pulled it out and then I felt her being crushed against me and I had to brace against the additional weight. Marc had moved up and was dripping lube all over his cock. I knew he wasn’t wearing a rubber but to my shame, I didn’t care. He knelt either side of my legs with Jaynes on the outside of his and then I felt her stiffen. Suddenly both Marc and Jayne groaned in unison and I felt the base of my cock being squeezed tightly in her cunt. She was riding up me so I pulled her back down and held her in place as she tilted her head back and emitted a strained groan. I responded by pushing my prick up into her as deep as I could then suddenly the tightness I was feeling began to spread until my whole cock felt gripped in her tunnel. Jayne’s chest was heaving and she tried to push herself up but then Marc began his slow deep shafting. I could feel his hard cock moving against mine, separated only by the thin membrane wall and then a little unnerving was the realisation that his heavy hanging balls were squashing up against mine. I had absolutely no homophobic cravings or thoughts, only the desire to feel my wife was being filled with a virile black organ but the time for contemplation didn’t last as Marc’s rhythm increased along with his excited deepening strokes and as Jayne began to writhe between us, I joined him in double penetrating her. A minute and a half into that amazing fuck I released her and she managed to push herself up on her arms. Marc had hold of her hips and was by then humping her deep and quite hard up the arse, much as he’d done in her pussy and I could feel it as she did. Her cleavage was almost in my face and I squeezed her tits through the material of her dress and bra. A string of drool was starting to hang from the side of the ball gag but the look on her face was exquisite. I matched Marc’s speed and rhythm falling short on the girth and the depth but she was clearly enjoying the sensation. I knew that I wouldn’t retain my composure terribly long with the eroticism and lust and wanting my “cup overflowing” I slowed and beseeched Marc to let Karl take a turn.He was okay about it and I felt the tightness subside as he withdrew from her. Jayne began to ride me with aggressive grinding and all the while she glared at me with the shiny latex kaçak bahis ball still in her mouth. Karl approached her rear and she slowed and looked back at him. He was on one knee and positioning himself also without a condom but neither Jayne nor I cared at that point. I used the few seconds to adjust myself and work my cock deep into again then Karl spoke very calmly telling Jayne to bend over me. She didn’t move quickly enough and was suddenly flung down onto me and Karl was on top of her pushing her hard against me. Again, I had to brace myself against the weight of the two of them. Then her tension and bodily movements along with her resumed cry’s told me she was about to take a second black cock in her arsehole. Marc got involved, spreading the cheeks of her bum apart for his mate then I felt the similar sensations of her tensing then the escalating tightening of her pussy around the base of my cock as Karl’s eight and a half inch, thick black cock stretched open her sphincter. As the helmet of his dick entered her she really did scream and I felt his cock penetrating and moving along the length of my own dick. The squeezing sensation returned and Jayne arched her back, pushing up again on her arms. This time Karl held her shoulders uttering satisfaction and went immediately into deep long stroke fucking her arse while all I could do was hold onto her and keep my dick inside her. I did my best to develop a rhythm with him and just about got going when Jayne snatched at her ball gag and pulled it from her mouth. It hung down under her chin and she gasped and moaned then quite astoundingly said “I need another cock”. She turned her head towards Marc who offered his dick and she took him into her mouth then we tripled her for about 40 seconds before It all overwhelmed me and I lost control and remember shouting “fuck it.. I’m going to come” Karl jammed himself really deep into her and I somehow found the strength to heave my hips up off the bed, momentarily lifting Jayne. Then I experienced the most profound and powerful spasm and ejaculated fiercely in a succession of thrusts until every ounce of that strength disappeared and I collapsed with the weight of Jayne and Karl on top of me. He resumed his humping and I had to lay there taking it with Jayne until the consensus was to change partners.The changeover prompted a short break and Jayne wiped herself and took a drink of water. Then the lads pealed her out of her dress, helping her pull it off over her head and leaving her in just her stockings, bra and suspender set. She looked exposed, especially with the ball gag still around her neck and so I removed it for her. Karl sprawled on his back on the bed and I knew what he wanted. Jayne did too but needed to be coaxed by him. Slowly she lifted her leg over him and moved on her knees to position herself over his cock. He fed it into her pussy fairly easily and she rested with her hands on his chest while Marc trickled more of the Durex play over his cock. I moved forward and replaced Jaynes left stiletto onto her foot as oddly it appealed to me to see a symmetrical act. Jayne commented that this was what I’d wanted to see and she had a resolute expression on her face. She began to rock her hips from side to side as she straddled Karl and he complimented her on how sexy and hot she was. Marc mounted the bed and shuffled on his knees to put himself at her backside then holding her by the hips he began to rock her on Karl’s dick. She got into the rhythm and took over while Marc took the Durex bottle again and squeezed an unnecessary amount into the crack of her arse. Then he massaged the lube all over her buttocks giving her bum cheeks a lovely shiny look. The four of us knew what was intended and Jayne complied as Marc scooped some of the jelly between her arse cheeks with the end of his cock and pushed it against her bum hole.He had to guide it in with his hand and he did it slow at first. I could tell by Jayne’s reaction that his cock was going into her arse and she collapsed down onto Karl’s chest. She was a lot noisier without the ball gag but it was definitely with passion. Marc’s first slow push was deliberately deep and he held himself in place for two or three seconds. He placed his hands around her middle with his thumbs pushed into the small indentations of her back, then he began fucking her up her arse with true determination.I’d almost begged Jayne to do this for me in the past and without disregarding the expressive and free sexualisation she’d given and shared with me and other men over the period of our marriage, this recent act is one of the most memorable for me. Her demeanour and body architecture contorted willingly to accommodate the lads as they double fucked her and she distinctly engaged in the fuck, pushing herself up and pushing back against the twin impaling cocks as both Marc and Karl synchronised their movements. When I think of their size and girth… how she managed to take them with such fervour is still astounding. I was semi flaccid but felt my arousal stirring again but in that short time I grabbed the camera and took a series of pictures of Jayne’s rapturous expressions as she was being double penetrated by the boy’s. We all encouraged her to “take it”… amongst other things and there was no question that she had another climax while it was all being done and happening to her. Karl eventually gave up his sperm and let the lot go deep in her cunt while his mate was ploughing her up the bum. It was quite obvious that her reaction to Karl’s ejaculation set Marc off and despite our email guidelines, verbal requests and sensible concerns, Jayne remained Jammed between them and allowed Marc to ejaculate in her arse.When it was done Marc pulled away and Jayne rolled off Karl onto her back. There was a lot of congratulating and complementation from them towards her performance and she replied with some sassy comments. I helped her up and she went off to the bathroom and cleaned herself up while the lads dressed and casually moved about the room. We shared the reminder of the wine between us while we waited for Jayne to reappear. She eventually came out in her dressing gown and we sat and talked for the best part of twenty minutes before Marc got up to leave for his room and a shower before a “recovery” sleep. We made arrangements to meet at breakfast the following morning before we all departed home. He and Jayne hugged and kissed before he left very cheery. Karl stayed for a while and at one point I considered it quite an alluring idea that he sleep with Jayne.. problem being that there would be no bed for me and I didn’t consider swapping rooms with him appealing. I was tidying the room and he must have thought it time to leave, about 10:30 I think. I was exhausted and welcomed his excuses and then cuddles and kissing with her prior to his departure. Jayne and I discussed the evening until I fell asleep next to her and my sleep was deep and content. Breakfast the following morning was fun and polite with good humour and a definite appetite for everything including the sausage and eggs…We’re thinking of another meet before Christmas and welcome another suitable black guy or other well endowed man.. There are two home grown white Yorkshire guy’s in with the chance one claiming 7” the other 9”… I’d love to write that story……Jon & Jayne

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