Part 2 of Ann’s history in her own words

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Part 2 of Ann’s history in her own wordsMy name is Ann, well actually, it’s been Slut Ann most of my life. My body has ruled me always. My nipples would itch, then when I played with them or scratched them, a charge would go through my body and make me crazy, insanely horny. It’s like the beginning of a huge orgasm that stays with me until I cum. The type of horny where there are no limits. Once that happened, I would need to cum many times to settle down.We were very poor, so clothes weren’t replaced regularly. As a result, I wore old thin panties where the liner was wearing out and spaghetti half tanks that were also wore thin. The fabric would always wrap around my nipples making them push out and the fabric would rub on them and make me horny. I always had my hands on my nipples and pussy. It was almost impossible not to touch them. I was always making myself cum over and over.My panties were also soaked and see through because they were old and worn out so my pussy was always visible. Add to the fact they were a size or so too small, there was nothing left to the imagination as to what my pussy looked like. This proved to be too much for my mom’s live-in boyfriend, a Big Black man, which is what led to my path as a slut, whore, skank, sex slave, sex toy, pain slut, well… you get the idea.Mom was a drunk and worked 10-hour days. She met a huge black man that within a week was living with us. He eventually grew tired of my dressing like I did and turned our lives into sex and slavery and constant orgasms. I was always in a state of arousal and HE eventually got tired of what he said was, teasing. More on how that happened in another story.I was allowed to date in college and fell in love with the first guy that treated me nice. Six months later I would be walking down the aisle but with a heavy, degrading price, which was a norm for me, and the wickedness involved made for the best orgasms of my life. Especially since my husband has been clueless to my life as a slut/whore. Past and present! Well…mostly.A few days after I turned twenty, I got married. He was an older man in early thirties and traveled a lot. He treated me so well the few months we dated that when he asked to marry me, I begged them to let me marry him. THEY felt his excessive traveling and wimpy demeanor were perfect for me. Out of 30 days he may have been home 5-10 days max. Within six months of meeting him, I was getting married.He always told them how he worried about me being alone a lot because of his traveling and was grateful that “they” let me stay in my old room while he was gone. They told him not to worry that they would “watch out” for me by having me stay with them while he was gone.I have been a slut and desperate for orgasms, pain, degradation and anything else for a very long time, well…most of my life. I have been used hard daily by “THEM” and their friends, allowing almost no limits. Bondage, torture, choking, massive cum swallowing, piss drinking asshole cleaner and toilet, everything.Two weeks before the wedding the preparation began. My fiancé’ would be gone on business almost to the day of the wedding, so it was decided we wouldn’t talk or see each other until I was walking down the aisle. As he was leaving, THEY were there with me to pack me up and see him off on his trip. They were being so kind and thoughtful telling him I would be fine and be kept very busy preparing for the wedding.While he was loading the car, my stepdad had moved in close and put his hand under my skirt and began fingering my asshole. My mom moved in on the other side and twisted a nipple and quietly told me to spread my legs a few feet apart as he was walking down the drive way. At that time, HE grabbed my other nipple and twisted. This sent another charge straight to my clit making my legs quiver and eyes glaze. (It is sooooooo hard to describe what happens to me when my nipples sarıyer escort are touched or abused. It sends a charge to my clit and brings me to a point that most people feel at the second an orgasm begins. For me, that is the feeling I have for hours or until I cum and it starts over for many orgasms. I stay in this state until I cum many, many times., which is why I have always done ANYTHING I was told.)As I waved one final time the door was closed. She stepped back and slapped me as hard as she could knocking me to my knees. She began screaming at me asking where the fuck I got that Normal skirt and shirt. I told her he had bought me some more conservative out fits, bras and panties etc. She grabbed me by the hair and with the coldest look I have ever seen, said that the I was to only wear what they have told me and that if I wanted to get married and stay married, I had better not ever wear anything but what I was given by them. With an evil grin she said we would go clean out everything thing he bought me out of my house and take it to the dumpster. I started to cry because I had no doubt at that moment “THEY” were serious about not stopping this and I would be owned and used by them forever. (Later I would learn that they had a few people set up to take ownership of me. I knew them and it would not be good to be with them forever, so I had better hope THEY lived a long, long time).After ripping the outfit I had on off and tossing it in the fire place, they took me to the basement. The basement was a place I was always used because it was big, well-lit and many, many things to use on me. They tied me on a chair that ties my feet very wide but also back far. This created a clear target to my ass, asshole, pussy, tits and face. The back of my thighs, knee’s, calf’s and the bottom of my feet also had very clear access. My arms were secure behind me and I could not move. The final tie bent me forward so I had a clear view of my ass, asshole and pussy. This also allowed HER to see my face clearly and enjoy the screams up close.That is her most favorite spot. Close to my face so she could talk softly to me while I was being hurt. “don’t cry baby, remember this is what you wanted. You made my boyfriend horny for you and even after I got married, you didn’t stop fucking your step d. So, you’re getting what you deserve.” On and on while I cried. She knew they never let me have a choice and that I craved it.After I was done being tied and she was in her spot, HE came in. I immediately started to plead and cry. He had only a heavy rod in his hand. THE ROD that I hate. This caused unexplainable pain and brutal marks. Twisting my nipples never helped when this was used. HE smiled and the look in his eyes was the one I have only seen on special occasions, pure evil lust. He explained that I would be whipped everywhere on my body that my wedding dress covered. I cried out noooooooo! Knowing that I had chosen a very conservative dress. I knew I was in for a long afternoon.I asked why THEY were doing this and pleaded no. She gently grabbed my face and kissed me on the forehead and the nose, then whispered in my ear that as part of the gift for allowing me to be married, she wanted to relive as much of the past as possible, including torture sex acts of every kind focusing on the ones I hated over the years, and nasty, gross things, all in the two next weeks. I was shocked, I would be destroyed.He stepped up to me and in a lustful evil voice said “this is going to hurt and you will not enjoy this” With that, he stepped back and struck the first blow on the bottom of my foot. The pain was so severe, my screams hurt their ears. Mom held my face and whispered,” that’s it, scream baby scream. I want to cum to your despair.” With that SHE nodded her head and he began whipping me all over.The esenyurt escort blows were brutal and cruel. I begged pleaded and cried. When I passed out the used salts to wake me up. I was in hell. And they did not touch my nipples.Leaving my pussy for last, HE stepped forward and laid the rod over my two thighs and above my clit. I pleaded not to start there but he raised the rod and hit me so hard I almost passed out. The pain ran through my clit and the scream would have hurt my own ears, but my voice was long gone.And so, the two weeks began. I was, tortured and fucked by everything imaginable. Fisted in both my ass and pussy to try to make me un-fuckable for my new husband. They achieved it, damaging my ass and pussy over the two weeks. The worst was having a huge fist in me and them pulling it back making the ring on my pussy and asshole stretch to the limits. Then they started on my nipples driving me crazy and made me cum. The contractions of my orgasm made me clamp down on the fist, causing it to tear. Pleasure and pain, it was the most intense pain/orgasm I had had all two weeks.People came and went constantly doing their favorite things to me. Including drinking jars of stored up cum, using pliers to pull my tongue out and poke holes through it using sewing needles, sitting on my face and smothering me, cleaning their assholes, drinking piss etc.Fast forwarding to the day of my wedding. Everyone was there, including the family that had no clue I was a sex slave to my Step d and Mom. About 60 minutes before the ceremony THEY ushered everyone out to “help me calm” my nerves. This was of course just a ruse. Up to this point I was under the impression I would get a normal wedding day. That was a mistake. As soon as HE shut the door and looked at me, I KNEW! I was never getting away and part of me was at peace. A big part of me!SHE went behind me and unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I was not allowed panties so I was left in my conservative heels and stockings. SHE reached around me and began twisting my nipples whispering in my ear that THEY had a surprise. HE stepped up and lifted my legs up and slid his 11-inch, fat cock in me all the way. That has always made me feel like… heaven. HE then said he would be the last to fuck me as a single woman, and the first to fuck me as a married woman. THAT caught my attention, the look on my face told him “PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOO!” but my pussy sucked him all in and contracted, milking him. She whispered in my ear that there was more. He had not cum for a week wanting to make sure a huge load would be put in me for the walk down the aisle. With that, he came inside me. Before he pulled out, he laid me on the table and had my legs back so that his sperm would work its way deep and drip throughout the ceremony. She whispered that this will make me squish as I walk down the aisle. And because his sperm is so potent it has a strong smell. I knew people would smell it.A little later, about 20 minutes before the ceremony began, SHE had me stand and hold my legs TIGHTLY closed so no sperm would drip. As soon as I was dressed, he walked up to me jacking off. I hadn’t noticed that. She began working my nipples very hard, causing my pussy to light up. This went on for almost thirty minutes, which made me a total sex crazed, do anything whore. AND I was late to my wedding!She continued to tell me within thirty minutes AFTER saying “I DO”, you will disappear so your step dad can fuck you as a newly married woman.As I got my clothes all on SHE grabbed my nipples and told HIM I was ready. With that he came a massive load in HER hand. When HE was done he took several globs and coated my lips and under my nose. He gave me a stare I had never seen before and told me I had better not lick my lips that he wanted my first kiss as a married woman to have his sperm between me avrupa yakası escort and my new husband.I was crazed in lust and answered “yes daddy”She took some more of the cum and put it behind my ears and down my jaw line for perfume. Then even more on my chest and neck. SHE then rubbed her hands together and grabbed my tits to clean her hands on my dress. She grinned and said she wondered if it would be noticeable. SHE held her hands up and showed me the sperm between her fingers that hadn’t been cleaned on my tits. SHE said, “look at you all horny and crazed so severely that you aren’t even fighting us putting cum all over you SO, I need to get the rest of this sperm off my hands and I’m going to clean them in your hair.”With that she kissed me on the nose and rubbed her fingers through my hair. As she started rubbing it through my hair she said not to worry if the dress stains. We will be spending the next few weeks getting your dress, hat, bra, stockings and shoes covered in cum. I expect it will be yellow by the time we tire of it. She saw my confused look. She grabbed my nipples and pinched hard one last time and explained, “You and US will be getting your new hubby hammered after the wedding. Your step d has already started by feeding booze to calm his nerves. You are to be sure he passes out in a few hours and he is left in his room.You will say your goodbyes to everyone else and we will be driving you away and spend several weeks of more of the same from the last several weeks. A note has already been left for him saying how disappointed you are and need to be alone until he gets back from his next business trip”. I smiled a horny smile, after 3 days of a short honeymoon he would be gone almost three weeks, and looked at mom in the eyes and said yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I wiill.The knock came on the door for the third time, it was time. She straightened my hat and said that she almost forgot to tell me, my birth control was not allowed to be taken as of now. She said it should work out for you to get pregnant over the next several weeks. I hadn’t been able to cum so I was crazed, insanely horny, smelling sperm under my nose, getting ready to walk down that isle, so my only response was YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS please.Walking down the aisle I was in a state unexplainable euphoria. The cum dripping out of me, the smells…. Before I knew it, I heard “you may now kiss the bride”. We kissed and I almost came. That rush knowing, he was not tasting my lips, but the cum of my step d, was…… wickedly satisfying. And yes, I kissed him longer than normal to make sure he got it all.It wasn’t long and I was whisked away to a side room for a very fast fuck from my step d. He said we will have lots of time shortly because your hubby is almost wasted. He grabbed my nipples and worked them a while. I was pleading to leave and start nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I would regret that later as I was worked over by many people and things. Still makes me puke when I remember some of them.Fast forward to the last day of my ordeal after the wedding. The last few hours before going home to my hubby was spent sitting in front of the toilet that had been used over the weeks, working my nipples making me crazed. It was pretty nasty especially having to lick a lot of it clean. By this time, while I was crazed and on over load from the weeks events, I had cum so much that it was actually painful, horribly so. It felt like I was being burnt all over my skin and being scratched by needles. They were working me up to cum big time. I was pleading not to because I knew the pain would be horrible.She took my wedding ring and handed it to me. She said I know this is the only thing you really care about. Your hubby gave it to you and I know you cherish it. So, you have a choice. I will make you cum and you will be in horrific pain for 10-15 minutes or you can flush the ring down the toilet. Choose now, 1, 2…, I dropped it in and flushed. She immediately stopped hurting my nipples and smiled an evil grin. But as I watched them disappear into the sewer, I came… In agony, but I came from flushing them down the toilet.GAWD…. I AM A SLUT!

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