Part 2) Country Western FUN in Vegas –Billy Bob w

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Part 2) Country Western FUN in Vegas –Billy Bob wWe woke up Thursday morning & Billy still had the head of his cock in Angels ass. It did not take him long to get hard then too. I then had her suck on me for a few minutes & then asked Billy to roll her over on top of him so that I could fuck her pussy too.Once we had both cummed in Angel Billy just told her to go out to the Concierge & ask him to please order us some coffee & whatever she wanted to drink from room service. We could have called them but making Angel walk to the concierge with fresh cum oozing from her cunt & ass was more fun. Angel wound up getting DPed again there at the concierge station while she waited for the room service waiter to bring our order by the security guard & the concierge. Actually she was not waiting for room service, it just worked out that way. He then walked back to Billy’s suite with her as even more cum oozed out of her cunt & asshole. Once they got back to the room the waiter bent Angel over a chair back & filled her ass with another load of cum.Finally we let Angel go into the bathroom to shower & freshen up while Billy & me also showered with her & helped wash her & let her wash us off as well. Then I got a hose I had brought along with a rubber cup on 1 end & attached it to the bathroom sink faucet to 1st wash Angels cunt out & then give her a good enema as well. After she drained herself into the shower we let her wash off again too.Now Billy called downstairs & ordered our car to be brought out. I actually expected either our Lincoln or his Caddy. I was wrong, it was a Limo. Since we were going down to the basement garage Angel remained naked & I carried her skirt & blouse for her. Angel remained naked as we drove to an outside restaurant for breakfast. She then got dressed so we could go in for breakfast. After breakfast we went back to the limo & Angel got naked again. This time while driving to a store Billy wanted to visit he had the driver open the sunroof & told Angel to stand in it on a stool so that her tits were just above the roof line for people to likely see as we drove down the Strip. What Angel did not know also was that with the sunroof open the blacked out windows became slightly see through so people also could see her shadowed naked body through the windows too.We went to a little specialty store just off the strip in a small commercial center & the driver parked directly in front of the store at the sidewalk. He then came around & opened the car door on that side & Billy told Angel to get out & walk into the store still naked. Then we discovered just why too. This store carried nothing but clothes a woman might wear if she were a stripper OR a prostitute. Every blouse there was SHEER as were some of the dresses, short & pants too. Also many of the skirts, short & pants had cut out or laced sides where the gal wearing them could NOT wear panties too. As soon as we entered 1 of the clerks said “Hi Mr. Bob, Glad to see you back. It looks like she needs some of our clothes too.”Billy picked out a short bahis firmaları red skirt with cut out sides & a sheer red crop top for it as 1 outfit for Angel. Then he chose a black button down knee length lacy skirt & a VERY lacey sheer black blouse to go with it too. Now he had Angel try on these items & then remove them. He then had the gal there remove all but the top 3 buttons from the skirt & sew shut those button holes too so that Angel could only button it down to right at her clit but if someone was in a good position they might be able to see her cunt lips as she walked. A third outfit was a western themed short white skirt with fringe on the sides but was just sheer enough to see slightly through with a white fringed matching SHEER blouse. The fringe on the blouse was down the sides & sleeves so they hid nothing there & there also was a short fringe in a V shape between her tits & just above them that actually attracted you to look there & see her tits. Also when Angel sat down in this skirt it was short enough to ride up so that her cunt was visible to anyone looking. The last outfit Billy got for Angel was a lacy pink knee length spaghetti strapped lace dress that had just enough lace to be seen through if she was in the daylight or a well lit area. After she tried these on she stayed naked again This was the dress he told her she was going to get to wear 1st too but 1st it also needed a slight alteration as well. He had the lady there then cut it down & hem it so that the dress ended just below Angels ass too.While all this was going on the few customers there had not said anything but they had looked good at Angels naked body. Finally 1 guy said “Billy, maybe this is none of my business but my curiosity is going wild, WHY is this whore staying naked here? Billy answered “1st Angel is NOT a whore. Anyone that wants to fuck her can do it for free. As to WHY she is naked goes, that is so that IF anyone does want to fuck her she is ready for it now or at any time.” This guy then said “You mean I could fuck her if I want? Now Angel finally talked (as she bent over & opened her legs wide) and said “YES, pick your hole & have fun.” That guy & then the chauffeur both gave her a quick fuck while the clerk was altering her clothes for Billy. Afterwards Angel just said “Thank you guys, I needed that.” Shortly after that Angels clothes were ready so Billy paid for them & we went back to our limo with Angel still naked carrying her clothes in a bag & now dripping cum too.Now we drove on to a Western Wear store to get 1 more outfit that Billy wanted for Angel & a pair of cowgirl boots. Again the driver stopped the limo directly in front of the stores door so Angel could go in still naked again. This time though Billy got a surprise. Me & Angel had shopped in this store about 4 years before when she was trying to trade pussy for a pair of boots. Then she also had gotten naked, allowed patrons & clerks to lightly whip her & fuck her repeatedly too. Soon after she walked in naked this time the manager greeted kaçak iddaa her saying “Angel, how nice to have you back again. Can we trade you for some boots again?” Angel answered “NO, Billy plans to pay for them this time BUT I am available for all the other pleasures too for all that want to take them.” With that we headed to the boot area. Billy found a light purple sequined pair he liked & the salesman found a pair in Angels size for her to try on. This time though he did not need to look up her skirt to see her shaved pussy because she was not wearing 1. He just said “I can hardly wait to fuck that fine cunt again, but it kind of looks like someone has already done that too.” Angel answered “Yes, I was fucked twice in the last store we went to. But you could fuck me now if you want to.” He quickly helped her kneel on the chair she had sat in turned around with her butt facing him & proceeded to fuck her. This time though Billy had her sucking on his cock too. A customer then said “WOW, she must be special if Billy will let her do that with her here.” Billy replied “Yes, she is. But if anyone tries to take our picture like this George here will take their camera & expose the film. However if you want a picture of her standing naked beside me I will allow that before we leave & or, if you wish, you can take pictures of her as she walks around naked in the store OR as you fuck her.” Shortly after saying that Billy shot a load of cum in Angels mouth & the salesman his in her cunt. Angel then walked around the store looking at clothes for a few minutes before the manager got hold of her & led her further back into the store to an open area.There they tied her wrists together with a ribbon & placed them over her head in place with a rope through a hook over her head. She was not hung there but she was held in place nicely with her feet spread open too by 2 more soft ropes. Now he began taking a few riding crops & small whips off the wall & handed them out to the guys standing there & announced “If I recall correctly she does not mind a light to moderate whipping but nothing real hard. Now lets have some kinky fun with her.”For about the next 40 minutes Angel was squealing lightly as the guys there took turns whipping her from just above her tits to the bottom of her ass cheeks & up between her legs across her cunt & asshole. Even Billy took a few swings at her with a whip. Finally they stopped whipping her but a guy walked up to her & lifted 1 leg exposing her cunt more & began fucking her again right there while another guy took their picture a few times.When he was finished the manager had Angel untied & then he kind of carried her over to a chair, turned her around away from him, sat down on the chair, then pulled her down to where his cock went into her asshole. Then he sat her back some as he also put both of her legs outside his legs & spread her open so we could see his cock in her asshole. Then he said “OK guys, she is ready to be DPed for awhile. Not including me & Billy there were 5 customers, 3 clerks & kaçak bahis George there. All 9 of those guys, Billy & me fucked Angels cunt while the manager stayed in her ass slowly fucking it too. All Angel did during this entire time was wiggle her bottom around, squeal & coo while she too climaxed about 5 times. She could not do much more then coo & squeal either because her mouth was constantly filled with cocks, some getting hard & the rest after they had fucked her (At my suggestion). I took my turn fucking her then too.Once she was finished being fucked by all of us in her cunt the manager had her get off his cock & turn around to lick him clean too. Finally he made her get on her hands & knees to lick all the cum off the linoleum floors under her. While she was licking the floor clean he was also whipping her bare ass with a riding crop. She did lick the floor clean too.While she had been licking the floor clean I found an outfit I liked for her. It was a short denim zip down skirt with white fringe down the zipper area to the bottom & around the hem. However the zipper already stopped just below the pussy. Also to go with it was a denim colored SHEER blouse with white fringe down the sleeves, down the center over the buttons & around the bottom too. Billy had her try it on real quick to see that her cunt was barely hidden & that the blouse was so sheer that she might as well not wear it. It just looked like she had a denim colored body with fringe attached to her.Billy then paid for her new boots & her new denim outfit. Then just before we left Billy kept his word & let a few people take a couple of pictures of him & a naked Angel standing together with their arms around each other. Also a few guys had taken a bunch of pictures of her naked inside the store. Angel then again walked out naked to the limo & got in for the ride back to the casino. Again Angel stood in the open sun roof with her tits out as we drove down the strip. Quite a few people did look in her direction & some even pointed towards her. Many men smiled looking in her direction while the women seemed to have mixed reactions. Some of them smiled & some of them scowled. All Angel did was smile & occasionally wave too.About a block from the casino Billy had her get back inside the limo & handed her the pink lace spaghetti strap dress to put on. Angel pulled it over her head & Billy & me got a good look at her in it sitting down 1st. It almost covered her ass but not completely. To NOT show her pussy she had to keep her legs closed. However Billy then told her that she could not sit with her legs closed at any time. She had to leave her knees at least 5 to 6 inches open & preferably wide open. Angel then looked at her reflection & saw why too. Her pussy was in full view. When she stood up in this dress you could fairly easily see her tits & pussy through it as well. However seeing ladies walking around in casinos in Vegas wearing revealing clothes was NOT unusual either. You could even see them in daylight walking on the Vegas Strip outside the casinos too.Just as we pulled into the casinos driveway Billy told George to pull up to the front door to let us out there so we could go in for dinner, a show & a little gambling fun again.Thursdays nights fun follows

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