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Paperboy deliversThis past Saturday morning, I was home alone, since my loving husband Victor had gone for the weekend to a golf tournament outside town with some of his buddies from the golf club.I was sunning in our back yard when the front doorbell rang.I just put a short robe over my body, covering my tiny bikini thong, but letting exposed my tanned smooth long legs. I ran inside and opened the door, finding Jasper, the young black teenager who delivers our newspaper every day. The boy looked surprised looking at me barely covered by my skimpy robe. He smiled at me, while stealing glances at my long exposed legs.I noticed his hungry eyes were scanning up and down my entire body.He was a kind boy, just in his last school year; a handsome black boy.He said sheepishly that my hubby had not paid him in two months.I blushed with some embarrassment, assuring him I would fix the matter immediately. I thought nothing of inviting him to come in and closed the door behind him.I turned and walked over to my purse, which was lying on low table in the living room. I then bent over my waist to pick it up, knowing that I was exposing my almost bare buttocks to this young boy as I did so. When I turned around, Jasper had pulled his loose fitting gym shorts down to his ankles and he now standing there just a few feet in front of me holding his huge erected black cock between his fingers…I dropped the money and screamed in fear; but, at the same time, I felt mesmerized by this boy’s large black cock. It was large, swollen, crowned with a very thick cockhead and veiny all along the shaft.I also saw that it was twitching with desire for me.”Jasper, what the hell are you doing?” I gasped in surprise.“Just relax, Mrs. Ana… and take off that nice robe…” He whispered softly.Still entranced by his tremendous black cock view, I obeyed him and disrobed myself in front of him. I could see drops of pre-cumdribbling from the head as he slowly stroked himself, which trabzon escort madeit grow even stiffer. He moved forward and smiled, pointing at my tiny bikini bottom,’take those off as well so I can see that pussy of yours slut.I grabbed the waste band of the thong with my thumbs and slipped the tiny cloth down to my ankles and stepped out of them. “Bend down, pick them up and hand them over to me, then get onto your knees” he commanded.Now completely naked, I knelt on the floor, handed him my panties waiting for whatever he wanted me to do] next…Jasper stepped forward, grabbing my hair with his left hand and tilted it upward.. Next he made me open my red lips as he immediately shoved half of his dark cock between them. He began fucking my mouth, using his strong grip on my hair to keep my conquered head in place.”Look up at me, slut…!” He commanded… and of course I obeyed.Some drool dripped down my chin onto my exposed boobs as Jasper’ dick made exciting squelching sounds as it pumped in and out of my throat. I almost gagged as he forced even more of it down.He didn’t last long, especially since I was using my tongue to stimulate the underside of his cock, showing him my sucking skills. He suddenly yanked my hair back, causing me to gasp in pain as he pulled his dick out of my mouth and stroked it using his free hand.I heard him grunting loudly as he stroked himself. He held my head with his other hand as the first blast of his warm semen slammed into my face, followed by three more even more powerful blasts.Jasper released his grip from my hair.”Now go and get my money, bitch” He ordered.I began sobbing uncontrollably, realizing that this black little bastard had just used me as a receptacle, just for his own pleasure…Handing him the money, I dared to ask him if he had enjoyed it?Jasper laughed, saying I was the sexiest white married slut of the whole neighborhood as well as the best cocksucker on his route. I could onlywonder how escort trabzon many other wives in our neighborhood he’d taken and used for his pleasure.He pulled up his baggy shorts, saying he was done with e now; but he would come later to use me as a slut white married bitch was supposed to be used…I saw him walking to the front door, laughing even louder.As soon as he’d closed the door behind him, I ran up to the bathroom.I then took a relaxing warm shower, making sure I removed alltraces of his cum after being used by the little black bastard.While I was toweling my body, the doorbell sounded once again.Cinching my bathrobe, I went back downstairs and opened the door.Jasper was standing there again along with two other black boys who looked to be about his same age.I gasped as the three entered my living room without even asking.The newspaper k** had obviously told his friends what an obedient white married bitch I was.”Well, well, I see you’ve taken a nice shower to clean off my marks…”Jasper said, as he smiled at his black buddies.He stepped closer to me reached over and undid the ties of my robe. Pulling it off, he revealed my full naked body to his two young friends.I tried to cover up my mound and nipples with my hands.All three guys laughed loud…One of the new guys reached over and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. Next he quickly opened his fly. A very hard black cock emerged and without saying anything he shoved it between my lips, than began fucking my mouth.I felt myself starting to get wet between my thighs. Jasper noticed it right away because he ordered me to lower my head and put my hands on the floor and spread my legs wide.I obeyed like the good slut I was quickly becoming.Only seconds later I felt the third guy knelt behind me and grab my hips.He spread my butt cheeks with his tongue and licked my whole ass crack.Soon I felt a thick cockhead replacing his tongue as it began pushinginto my trabzon escort bayan helpless wet cunt doggie style.Like Jasper had done before, neither of these new guys lasted long…The one fucking my throat very soon filled my mouth with his salty cum.His friend soon pumped his black seed into my cunt from behind. I almost came immediately after, as the last of his hot load of burning semen filled my womb.Jasper then grabbed my hair and made me stand up on my feet.He dragged me over to the living room’s wooden table and ordered me to bend over there. This table was perfect for his purposes, with my legs dangling over one edge, and my head dropping backwards over the other side end.Jasper offered the first guy to take my mouth again.I heard him unzipping his shorts again and soon I screamed loud in pain as Jasper’s thick black cockhead pushed into my very tight anal rosebud…Jasper laughed, saying a nice married white slut like me, deserved a hard big black cock up her ass…His friend pulled out his cock from my mouth and I screamed and cried in tears my own humiliation, as I felt the burning pain up my tight asshole.Despite the hard pain, after several minutes my own sexuality began responding to his absolute control over me.. I tried to fight against the growing pleasure which was starting to invade my body from head to toes. But it was useless…I suddenly felt my own orgasm coming nearer and it crushed my will to resist, causing me to scream in ecstasy as I surrendered completely tomy black conqueror.My new young black owner began grunting, as I felt he was close to cum…After a few more seconds, he grabbed my hair like before, made my head go close to his mouth and he shouted his climax in my ear. I came in that same moment, feeling he was pumping his warm black semen deep inside of my bowels. My juices mixed with the otherboys cum oozed out from my cunt and his both friends laughed when they noticed it.Jasper pulled out from my stretched ass and he slapped my buttocks.“I told you, Mrs.. Ana is the best white bitch in the neighborhood”I meekly agreed with him and begged them to come by soon.”Maybe…” Jasper said as they walked out. “That will be my decision, bitch…not yours…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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