Pamela the flat chested- time to think about her

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Pamela the flat chested- time to think about herPamela sat in the empty hotel room, her legs spread and bound with velcro straps to a chair in the middle of the room. She was blindfolded and her hands handcuffed behind her. This gave her some quiet time to think of how she had gotten herself into such a situation.She thought back 25 years ago when she finally got a 15-year-old guy to ask her out for the first time inhigh school. He was a junior and she was already a 17 year old senior. None of the guys in her class everasked her out, they’d rather laugh and make humiliating remarks about her nerdy glasses and flat chest.“Flat-chested four eyes” was her nickname through out high school, with even some of the girls joining inon the teasing. Even her own brothers would call her that when she got home from school.Out of the blue one day Dave sat next to her at lunch and started talking to her, and then quickly asked ifshe wanted to go with him to the drive-in that Friday. She couldn’t believe he was asking her out andimmediately said yes. Of course, she would have to drive, since he was too young.That Friday, when she went to pick him up at his house, he had two other friends with him. She recognizedthem both as juniors, although bahis şirketleri she didn’t know their names.“Hi Pamela,” said Ricky. “You don’t mind if my friends join us do you? They’ll sit in the back and bequiet,” he added with a smirk as the other boys laughed. “And I’ll drive, ok?”Pamela was already thinking this might be a mistake, letting Dave drive her parent’s car, but she wasdetermined that she was going to go through with the first date of her life.That night, fifteen minutes into the movie, Dave began to “make-out” with her and his hands started tounzip her jeans. As his two friends in the back seat watched, Dave started to feel Pamela’s ass and tried toget his hands down her pants as she quietly struggled to keep him under control. Finally, Dave took herkeys, and threatened to throw them in the men’s toilet if she didn’t submit to him. His friends laughed andwaited for her to respond.Within ten minutes, Pamela had her jeans off, her panties down to her knees and had Dave’s cock in hermouth as his friends laughed encouraged Dave’s behavior. By the end of the night, she had swallowed herfirst load of sperm and let Dave’s friends finger her pussy. When one of his friends suggested that they takeher freebet veren siteler sweat shirt off, Dave replied; “Why, she don’t have any tits, she’s flat as a board.” She could still hearthem laugh.That night she experienced a mixture of humiliation, shame and desire. She desperately wanted to caressherself through her panties as she laid in bed reviewing the night’s activities, but she resisted, rememberingthe time her mother caught her masturbating when she was 12 and whipped her with a yard stick while herbrothers watched. She had learned her lesson well.Suddenly she heard voices in the hallway. One was her husband Rick. And it sounded like he had broughtsome of his friends that he met from some web page that catered to guys who want to see their wives withother men…black guys even.Several months ago she returned to Rick when he agreed not to divorce her. This was her second marriageand if he left, she would be financially devastated. Her 16-year-old son from the first brief marriage toDave , would be devastated too. Rick was the only father figure he had. Rick’s financial success gave bothPamela and her son a cozy secure life. She will submit to Rick’s kinky fantasies just to save deneme bonusu veren siteler her marriage.And that’s why she was tied up to a chair in only her 32a bra and white cotton panties on.She heard the door open.”There she is guys…I told you.”Part 2She heard several male voices start to laugh.’Man would you look at that,” said one that sounded like a black man.”I told you I would let you guys have some fun with her,” said Ricky. “Just play by the rules… you canspank, slap, pinch, pull and abuse her…just no permanent marks, ok? When I say stop, I mean it.””Ok man,” said one younger male voice.”Sure, we understand” said one voice in a heavy southern accent.”Yeah, Ricky, I remember her from high school,” said a voice. “She finally grew enough to fit into abra…ha, ha, ha…”“Not really, man,” said Ricky. “It’s a very padded bra.”The men all laughed.“Oh God,” thought Pamela. He’s brought in men who know her.”Well, she’s still a flat bitch, ain’t she?” said the black voice.This kind of talk went on for what seemed like forever to Pamela. Finally Ricky had passed around somebeers, and set up a camcorder to record the event.”Ok guys, time for some fun,” said Ricky.She felt him take off the velcro straps holding her legs to the chair, and then he grabbed her arm and madeher stand.”Ricky, man, why you have her in those cotton old lady panties..””Hey, she just got here from work…anyway, you can make fund of them….make her pay for wearing theseTyrone.””Gather around guys and take a look at her…

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