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OwnedOwned:He grabbed her wrists as she tried to move away. “Be still, he commanded. She still struggled. Slap. He backhanded her. She caught her breath and paused for a second to measure in her mind his new aggression. “Let me go,” she pleaded. “Be quiet and be still,” he commanded again. “You will do as I say.” She looked at him with contempt and then jerked again, hoping to free herself from his grip but without success. Slap. He slapped her again. She was startled by his v******e. “I require that you obey me,” he said. “Do you understand?” She was beginning to. Her mind was in turmoil. She had never bowed to any man’s will before and now this hulking man held her captive both physically and emotionally. She was repulsed yet excited by him. She had valued her independence, yet was now being told to abandon and forsake it. She was frightened too. She tried to calm herself and to be still until he released her. Then she planned to run. She could feel his grip relaxing a little. She relaxed also, thinking that this would soon pass, and he would become reasonable. However, she was wrong. Feeling her calmer now, he released her for a moment and turned his back. She could not see what he was doing, but did not try to move as he was still too close to her. He turned to face her, grabbed her wrists again, and quickly looped a cord around them before she realized what he was doing. Panic filled her mind as he secured her wrists tightly together. “Please don’t. That’s not necessary,” she pleaded. He finished tying and then pulled the loose cord length as he stood. She was pulled up from the chair by him and was forced to walk behind him as he went out of the room. She had to walk quickly to stay with him in order to keep the cord from hurting her. She was surprised when she saw the room. There were pegs and eyehooks securely installed to a massive wooden frame. The frame was attached to the wall and stood about a foot away from it. The top of the frame extended out about three feet and was heavily braced. Her heart raced faster. She felt hot and a little sick. He looped the end of the cord through an eyehook, pulled it hard, and drew her arms up above her head. She had to stand up straight to keep her wrists from hurting. He tied the cord back to the frame and stood back looking at her. She looked at him, her eyes full of fear, and begged “Please let me loose. I will not run, and I will obey you. Don’t hurt me.” He did not answer, but instead moved across the room and opened a large box. He reached inside and searched for something. She could not see what he was doing, but she knew he had no plans to release her now. She tried to breathe, but found it hard to control her panic. He came back to her, carrying more cord and other items. He knelt down and placed a cuff around each ankle. She pleaded with him not to continue. After a furtive kick, she stood still as he looped cords through the eyelet of each cuff and looped the end through a hook on the frame on each side. He pushed her legs apart and tied the cord back to hold her spread in that position. He brought out a studded leather collar and fastened it around her neck, being careful to have it snug, but not choking. He returned to the box and searched again. Soon he returned with a cat-o-nine, a paddle and a lash. He held them up for her to see. “I think you disobeyed me because you wanted to be punished. Didn’t you?” “No. I just didn’t like güvenilir bahis you telling me what to do,” she replied. “Well you will learn to obey me whether you like to or not”, he said. In addition, with that remark, he brushed the cat across her breasts, and then quickly flicked it across her. She cringed at the first blow, but did not feel any pain, so she relaxed a little. “He is just trying to scare me”, she thought. She soon found out he was doing much more as she felt the sting of the paddle across her buttocks. She shrieked in pain as he swung again. The force of his blow almost knocked her off balance, and she would have fallen had she not been tied. “No,” she screamed. Moreover, in response he swung again. “Stop,” she yelled. He responded with another blow, and then another, each time harder. Her buttocks stung and she felt pain radiating across her ass. Repeatedly he hit her, until she was quiet. He then began to undo her shirt and then opened it up and unfastened her bra. Her breasts were free then, and he felt them and cupped them in his hands. Her nipples betrayed her by their hardness. He pinched them and pulled them, stretching them away from her chest. He went back to the box and brought two clamps that he placed on her nipples. The pressure was intense as they clamped hard onto her sensitive nipples. He flicked and moved them to toy with her, and laughed as she groaned and her body shook and shivered with the manipulation.He took the cat again and flicked it across her naked breasts, the laces slapping her with little stings. He flicked harder as she writhed under the blows. Her white flesh was turning light pink. Her areole and nipple buds were dark red. Repeatedly he flicked the cat across her. She moaned with each slap. Guttural moans of pain and excitement. She was ashamed to think that this abuse was exciting her. How could that be? When he was tired, he stopped and moved a chair near to her and sat silently studying her. She was tired of this position and her body ached for some movement and relief from the tight cords. She did not ask though and he did not release her. He left the room, fixed a drink, and made a few telephone calls. He finally returned and went to her. He removed the tit clamps and rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. They were so sensitive and hurt from the pressure they had been under, but she groaned as he played. The pain became pleasure and she was lost to it then. “Will you obey me now?” he asked as he teased her. “Yes, release me now so we can make love.” “That’s the wrong answer,” he replied as he loosened her slacks and lowered them. He pulled her panties down and examined her buttocks. They were still pink from the earlier paddling. He rubbed and massaged them gently for a moment. When he was certain she was unharmed, he picked the paddle up and swatted her ass again. “Unnnnhhhhh,” she moaned as the paddle struck her bare flesh. She jumped under the sting and he continued raining blow after blow across her ass. She groaned and begged him not to continue. Her pleading drove him on and he began to hit her harder and harder, and had to subdue himself so he would not permanently hurt her. She was crying when he stopped. He sat in the chair again and stared at her. She looked back at him, cried harder, and shook violently. “How can you hurt me like this?” she asked. “I thought you cared for me.” “I would not spend this time canlı bahis punishing you and training you if I did not care for you so,” he Answered. She was struck by his answer and wondered how he could hurt someone he was suposed to care for so much. She knew she could not. “How can you say that, when I am hurting like this?” “You don’t have to hurt”, he answered. “Simply obey me and I won’t have to punish you.” “What if I don’t think you are right when you tell me to do something?” she asked. “Do not question me, just do it,” he answered. She thought for a moment and decided that the only way she was getting out of the restraints and being safe from more punishment was by agreeing to whatever he said. “OK, I will. Now let me down. I am tired of this game and my arms and legs are hurting and my ass is sore.” He shook his head and picked the paddle up again. Whap. He struck her harder again and again. She screamed with each blow. He beat her until his arm tired. Her buttocks were deep red and swollen with the marks of the paddle. Tears streamed down her face. She looked defeated. All defiance had left her expression now.He sat for a moment and then he said, “I am your Master. You are mine. I control you. I decide what you do and when. You serve at my beck and call and for my pleasure. If you please me, you should get pleasure from serving me well, and I will give you pleasure as well. If you do not please me or disobey me, I will punish you. Do you understand?” “Yes Master”, she answered. In addition, as the words flew out of her mouth, she realized she now understood her destiny, and knew why she was there. She relaxed then and a calm feeling flowed over her. She was his now in every way. He sensed a change in her then. The look in her eyes was different and her posture was more submissive, so he released her and helped her to the couch. He got her a drink and massaged her calves and then her shoulders. She melted under his touch, knowing that he did care for her, and she was happy that she was his. When she was rested, he picked up his leash and fastened it to her collar. “Throughout your life, you will be tested many times and many ways. Some things that happen may merely be a test or they may just be random occurrences. You must assume that everything is a test. A test to reinforce your commitment and resolve as mine. In the next few days, I intend to train you in the way you will live from now on. Consider every task, no matter what it is, to be both training and a test. Do you understand little one?” “Yes Master.” He stood up and pulled her leash. She stood and followed him. “On the floor,” he commanded. She dropped to her hands and knees and followed him as he led her about the room. Stopping, starting, pulling her up and then forcing her down. He walked her through the paces until he was satisfied, then took her back to the room and removed the leash. “You will wear this collar at all times. It is a symbol of my possession of you. Others will see it and know you are under the control of a Master. Only fools will attempt to gain your attention, and you will recognize them as that. You are mine now. You are under my control. You are for my desires. You serve at my pleasure. In addition, you are under my protection. Do you understand?” “Yes Master.” “I need to make a few calls. Put these on while I am busy.” He held up a matching pair of white lace panties and bra, and then handed them bahis siteleri to her as he left the room. She dressed and waited, shaking in anticipation. Soon he returned and sat in the chair across from her. “Please me” he said. She was unsure about what he wanted, but she rose and began to sway and slowly dance before him. Turning sensuously and moving so that he could see her body. She could soon tell that he was pleased by his obvious arousal. She moved between his legs, bent over him, and waited for his hands to touch her. His hands touched her face and then moved down her body, tracing her shape and moulding her flesh with his firm power. She was breathless and she leaned closer for his kiss of approval. Instead, he pushed her down to the floor and took her head in his hands. “You are not in control,” he said. She reeled back slightly, for she was only seeking his approval and blessing through a physical act. He held her chin in his hand and looked directly in her eyes. “You will respond to my needs, not I to yours.” In addition, he stood and pulled her up and led her to the frame again. Her heart raced in panic as she realized he planned to restrain her again. She prayed that he would not whip or paddle her again so hard. She was thrilled from the sting of the paddle and the wispy pain of the cat on her breasts, but the continued assault from before had gone beyond painful pleasure to simply pain. She did not make a sound and struggled to be sure not to show any defiance as he secured her wrists. He looped the cord through the eyelet and hoisted her up. He did not secure her ankles. He retrieved more cord, came to her, and removed her bra. Her breasts felt warm even though the room was cool. She felt her nipples harden from the temperature, but mostly from excitement. He licked and sucked her nipples, stiffening them even more, until she felt that warm liquidly sensation run down from her chest to her stomach and then further below. She felt flushed and needy, but fought to remain calm and quiet as he played. When he was satisfied, he began to wrap the cord around her breasts, crossing over from one breast to the other and when he had a few rounds circling each breast, he looped between them causing them to tighten. Her breasts were forced into conical shapes and stuck straight out but not so tight that they might bruise. They were swollen from the constriction and were red. He tied off the cord and stood back looking at his work for a moment. Then he reached for her nipples and teased them. Flicking them with his fingers…Pinching them and pulling them. Rolling them between his fingers and thumbs. She was almost faint from the strength of the sensations, and felt like she would burst. Then he stopped and took his seat again, gazing at her there in that awful situation, her body on fire… tied up… her breasts tortured from his attentions and the cords. In addition, she would have done anything for relief. She tried to stay focused on her role, and struggled to stay still. He laughed and said “Now who has enticed whom?” “You have, Master,” she replied. Moreover, with that, he came to her, reached into her panties, felt her wetness, rubbed her, and fingered her until she heaved and shook under the orgasms. Then he loosed her restraint, lowered her arms, and untied her wrists. He pushed her down where she stood and unzipped his pants. His cock leapt out and he pushed her head toward it. She looked up for approval before she sucked it deep into her mouth. Later when she was alone in her room, she lay thinking about the day. A shiver ran through her as she wondered what tomorrow would bring…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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