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“This girl must be lost,” Kurt said, having picked out the lone figure coming towards them with his binoculars.Spence grunted and turned his attention towards the tall scrub on the eastern edge of the grassy hill they were camped out on. From where they were crouching, they had a commanding view of the entire escarpment that stretched out for miles all around them. He squinted for a moment trying to focus, before blurting out, “Is she—?”“Topless? Yes she is.” Kurt handed the camo-patterned field glasses to his partner.The two men had started their day at dawn, humping their gear up the hill. They’d peeled their shirts off, stripping down to olive-drab tank tops, their well-muscled arms glistening with sweat. After being bossed around and getting things set up they’d only just settled into a boring routine of scanning the perimeter of their camp. They were the last line of defense, the command watch, and were expected to sound an alert if anyone approached. Then the girl appeared.“She’s skinny,” Spence said, looking through the binoculars. He was disappointed to see that the girl, probably in her early twenties, was pressing her hands against her breasts, covering them from view. She wore cutoff blue jeans and her straight, sandy blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders in the style of some kind of hippie flower child.“You like ‘em round?”“Well, I like ‘em with a little more meat than she’s got on her. Doesn’t look like she has enough tit for half a handful. Don’t even know why she’s bothering to cover herself up.”“Guess she’s mine, then. Seeing as she’s too skinny for you.”“I never said that! We can still share.”“Maybe. I did see her first.” Kurt watched as the girl continued to pick her way  toward them. The early morning sun was still low on the horizon and it shone above and behind her so that she resembled a modern day Venus rising up from a sea of tall grass.“No need to be greedy. Think she can see us?” Spence twisted to look at the camo-patterned tent behind them. Their tent might blend in, but the blue flag flying above it stood out well enough. He turned back in time to see the girl raise her hand and wave at them.“I think she sees us just fine,” Kurt answered.As she drew closer, Kurt rose to his feet and began pulling his gear together. Making sure he was ready. He picked up his weapon and checked the magazine then switched the safety off.“That’s a little much, don’t you think?” Spence said. “You’ll scare her off with your gun.”“You’ll scare her more with yours. At least mine’s not made of wood.” Kurt nodded at Spence’s crotch, which was stirring with interest.Both young men were at the ready when the girl reached them. Her lithe body was tanned and she still held her hands over her small breasts. Her smiling face showed no concern for the fact that the two men facing her were armed or that she was nearly naked.“Blessings be yours,” she said. “Through Mathias, this day is ours.”“Mathias? Who’s that?” Kurt shifted his feet and tightened his grip on his weapon.“Mathias is the path to love. He has led me here.”Kurt scowled. His eyes narrowed, shifting all around to do a quick sweep of their surroundings for anyone else. “Looks like you’re alone to me.”Her eyes remained bright and full of sunny optimism, her smile never changing. “We enter and leave this world alone. In between, şehitkamil escort there is Mathias. Follow him and you’ll find unwavering love and companionship.”“I got all the companion I need, right here,” Kurt lifted his weapon. “Now what are you doing wandering around up here?”“I was told I would find men who would follow the way.”“Honey, I’d follow you straight to bed,” Spence spoke up, hoping to break the tension. He thought Kurt was overplaying his part. They were just weekend warriors. The girl was pretty and seemed innocent and sweet. There was no need to throw down hard with her.She looked at Spence, crinkled her nose and giggled. Then she returned her gaze to Kurt who seemed the least affected by a near-naked woman in their camp. “Peace and love can be ours. If you lower your arms, I’ll do likewise.”Spence watched his partner for some crack in his icy reserve. He reached out and put his hand gently on the barrel of Kurt’s weapon, the cold steel sent a sobering chill through him as he spoke, “Much as I’m a fan of being cautious, it seems like a fair trade to me.”Slowly his partner lowered his weapon. True to her word, the girl dropped her hands revealing her small, firm breasts. Her nipples were risen nubs standing to attention at the centre of each of her blush-pink areoles. She reached out and placed her hand on Kurt’s bare shoulder. His bicep twitched and his jaw tightened as the girl stepped in close to him. She tilted her head to look up at him as she bit her lip.Kurt put his right palm against the girl’s chest, below her collarbone, and pressed firmly, pushing her back. “I don’t know your game, but I’m not as easy as that.”“Don’t mind my friend,” Spence said, wrapping his arm around the girl’s slim shoulders. “He takes some time to warm up. Me, I’m plenty friendly all the time. You got any friends on this path of love you’re talking about?”“I find many friends for Mathias,” she said.“How about for yourself?”“We’re not here to make friends,” Kurt growled. “You show up here like this and expect us to fall for whatever crap you’re selling?”“Mathias doesn’t sell. Mathias gives, expecting nothing in return but love.” She moved forward again, pressing herself against the big man’s tense body.“Bullshit!” Kurt grabbed a handful of the girl’s long hair and pulled her head back. She let out a yelp and her eyes widened as he barked at her, “Who sent you? Why are you here?”“Hey, chill man! She’s probably part of some commune or something and is out for kicks.”Kurt raised his weapon higher. “We’ll see who gets any kicks around here!”“Stand down!”The two men whirled around to see their slim commander emerging from the tent behind them. Reid Lowry let the tent flap fall behind him, straightened up, and folded his arms over his chest. Reid was in his early thirties and the only one in their group with any actual military training, having served in the reserves before being booted out. Regardless of his discharge, the men looked up to him, and let him take charge. He surveyed the trio before him, then spoke. “Your orders are to alert me to any intruders of our perimeter. Now what’s going on?”“Just detaining this person of interest for questioning,” Kurt said, letting go of her hair.“We were gonna let you know, Reid.”“Were you? Why hasn’t she got any clothes on?”“This is how we found her.”Reid looked from the two men to the girl and asked, “That true?”“I am as you see me.” She cocked her head to one side and began to twist her hair  around the fingers of her left hand. Looking up and down at Reid, a wry smile crept over her face as though signalling approval of what she saw.“What’s your name? And why are you here?”“I’m Courtney. Mathias sent me. To make love, not war.” The girl tried to step towards Reid, but was held in place by Kurt and Spence, each grasping one of her arms.“She keeps talking like that,” Spence said. “I think she’s slipped away from some cult or something.”“More likely stoned,” Kurt said.“Mathias is my drug,” the girl beamed as she looked from one man to the other. “His joy is for everyone. We can all share together.”“That’s enough of that,” Reid fumed. The girl was attractive. Any other day he might be interested in her free love, but not now. He had a campaign to win. The last three were losses and he needed to save face or lose his command. “We don’t have time for this shit. The horn will blow any minute and the battle will begin. Take her inside the tent and tie her up.”She didn’t resist, but they pulled her along roughly all the same, shoving her into the tent. They sat her down in a folding chair and Kurt held her arms behind her back as Spence tied her wrists together. He was careful not to bind her too tightly, not wanting to cut her circulation off. But he knew he had to do a good enough job to pass inspection. He watched as both Kurt and Reid tested that the girl was restrained securely.They all lifted their heads up at the sound of an air horn blasting from far away. That was the signal they’d been waiting for. Reid tapped Kurt on the chest, “You come with me,” he said. He lifted the tent flap and looked back at Spence and the girl. “You watch her. And maybe cover her up while you’re at it.”“Yeah, right.” Spence looked down at the girl, admiring her breasts. They weren’t so small that he couldn’t enjoy looking at them. Playing would be alright too.* * * * *Courtney watched her captor ogling her until his eyes met hers and she smiled at him. She’d sized them up quickly and was happy to be left alone with this one. He appeared to be the most susceptible to her act.The other two seemed like much harder men. Her heart had skipped a beat when she thought they might stay behind instead. They were likely too willing to engage in rough stuff. Not that she hadn’t been prepared for that possibility. She might even have relished giving up control to them had she needed to. But this one would be a good warm up to the main event.“You don’t need to cover me up,” Courtney said.“No?”Courtney ran her tongue over her lips and smiled. She kicked her canvas sneakers off and raised her left foot, resting it on Spence’s crotch. The stirrings of interest were quite noticeable. “You should join me, instead,” she crooned.“Reid wouldn’t like that.”“He’s not here. Besides, Mathias would.”“Yeah, well, he’s not here either.”“That leaves just the two of us.” Courtney had been rubbing the young man’s now healthy erection through Spence’s camo pants with her foot. A shiver ran through her as she traced the thick, stiffening evidence of his desire. She felt her own hunger rise in anticipation of seeing his eager cock set free of its constraints.“I’m not stupid,” Spence said. He glanced toward the tent’s entrance. “You want me to untie you, so you can try to escape.”“Why should I wish to leave? Mathias sent me to serve. Besides, I don’t need my hands to commune with you.”He shifted, moving closer. Courtney kept her foot planted on him and bent her knee until her thigh was against her chest. She smiled as he crowded into her. His rough, calloused hand brushed against her skin. He stroked her leg and she parted her lips, opening her mouth suggestively.  “It’s a fine morning for feeling fine,” she said. “Let me take care of you.”“Yeah?”“Go ahead,” she rubbed his crotch gently with her foot. “Take it out and show me. I won’t bite.”“Got something else in mind, then?” Spence pulled at the zipper on his pants. “You gonna show me some of that lovin’ you were talking about?”“We’re all put here for one reason. Bring that here and I’ll show you.” She dropped her leg and bent forward, touching the tip of her tongue to her lips.Spence slid his pants down. His erect cock sprang up like a soldier on parade answering a call to attention. He moved closer and Courtney lowered her head and flicked her tongue out to tease his hard-on. She explored the subtle veins and ridges that swelled beneath the smooth skin. Her kisses along his length made him strain for more of her sweet mouth.When she took him, she wrapped her lips around the meaty head of his cock, biting down without using her teeth. She managed to lift her bound arms up behind her, raising them above the chair back so she could drop to her knees on the ground. Her mouth still held him fast and she breathed deep, looking up into his eyes before plunging down on him. She took as much of his hard cock into her mouth as she could, burying her face in his crotch and breathing in the musky scent of his sweat-slick body.Her juices began to flow and Courtney felt her own desire rising within her. As much as she was working to distract this young stud, she knew she also wanted to feel his rough hands on her body. She wanted to turn him on, wanted to feel his desire to possess her, wanted to feel him let go and give himself over to her.Courtney knew she had him when she felt his fingers tangle up in her hair as he cupped the back of her head. His touch was gentle, steadying her, encouraging, yet not demanding. She sped up her efforts wanting to take him to the edge. After a few minutes, his breathing became heavier, his grip at the back of her head became more firm.She pulled back, tilting her head and looking up at Spence. His eyes were closed, his jaw clenched tightly as he enjoyed the attention she was giving him. Her mouth was locked tight onto the thick, spongy head of his cock. She twirled her tongue over the round knob slowly.It would be easier if her hands weren’t bound. She could touch him—stroke the thick length of his hard cock and squeeze him gently with her fingers. There were so many ways she could please him if her hands were free. But maybe he liked it better this way. Maybe he was getting off more thinking he had control over her.Of course, it didn’t matter. Not his pleasure or hers. The main thing was that she had him distracted. She’d practiced being tied up plenty of times before with Matt. They liked playing games and she’d gotten quite good at escapes. In the right moment she could step her feet back between her arms and be able to bring her hands up in front of her.

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