Our Sexual Adventures – Part II

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Our Sexual Adventures – Part IIJane and I met in a downtown bar in a small Midwest town. Our first date had gone well and after a good night kiss, we went our separate ways. I so wish I would have fucked her that night, but since I wasn’t invited in, I thought the feeling was not mutual on her end. So, I was surprised when I heard back from her the next day inviting me over to her house for dinner over the weekend. Of course I said yes.I’m glad to say that both of us never followed the dating rules. We always have and still do say whatever it is on our mind. For us, it works well and on those occasions when we end up having an argument or a fight, the make up sex soon after is even greater!So I made my way over the Jane’s house Saturday evening with a bottle of wine in my hand. She answered the door and was wearing casual, nothing fancy, which I liked. After we finished our amazing dinner that she had cooked, we sat down in her living room couch just talking about stuff and getting to know each other. After a couple of bottles of wine, I think we were both tipsy and neither one of us made the first move. So after talking for a very long time, I found Jane to be a very nice girl with her feet firmly on the ground. She was, of course, gorgeous, tall (we both are about 6 feet) with an awesome body and cute tits, which I was dying to see. In my experience sexy gorgeous girls are not necessarily great in bed. One thing that I have come to realize with my past relationships is that sex is a very important in a relationship. I could not wait to get her naked and enjoy what she had to offer. I am a shy guy, and of course Jane was too much of a lady to make the first move that night. Don’t let that fool you folks. She is a lady in the street, but a horny slut in bed, and I love that about her!So after we downed our last bottle of wine, I was tipsy, but she seemed to handle her alcohol well. She got up and said “I’m going to clear the table” and I said that I would help. Because I was a bit drunk by now, Jane just got up and went ahead and I was slow on my feet. She was gathering the dishes from the table and at that time I thought it was now or never. I slowly walked up behind her, moved her hair to the side to expose her neck, wrapped my arms around her belly and kissed her neck. She stopped what she was doing, turned around, wrapped her hands over my shoulder and kissed me. That was the first time, I ever felt weak at the knees when I kissed another girl and I am so glad that it was with a woman I would later marry. AS we are making out, I slowly move us towards the wall. Now keep in mind that this was in the dining room, the windows all-open and the lights all on so anyone who looked in this general direction could see us. I asked her if we should draw the curtains, and she said naaa. That was hot and I thought to my self ” Wow, she is an exhibitionist”, kaynarca escort such a turn on for me that I got a hard on instantaneously and since we were so pressed into each other, I’m sure she could feel my hard on against her. As we were making out resting against the wall, every now and then I would go to her neck, kiss, nibble and sometimes lightly bite her neck. She was moaning ever so sexy that it was really turning me on. She was saying all the right thingsÉ So I took a step further, I stepped back and pulled her top off and undid her bra. As her bra fell to the ground I saw her tits. They were the cutest perky tits I have ever seen, her nipples were hard and pointy and I had to touch them. I touched them, sucked them and played with them. Turns out, I could not get enough of them. I am, pretty much a pussy guy, but since at that point in time her pussy was still under wraps, so I went to the next best toy I had available. She moaned and groaned so loud; it made me want to play more and more with her. I focused on one tit at a time and I could have sworn that she had an orgasm because at one point, she was moaning so loud and I could feel her legs tremble. Soon after, she grabbed my hair, pulled me up and said let’s go upstairs. I said Éok.As she lead the way, all that was in front of my face was her cute swinging ass. Dam, I wanted to play with her so bad, I thought to my self. As we got to her bedroom, she practically ripped my clothes off and then I pulled down her pants with her underwear in one clean swoop. She smiled and then knelt and grabbed my jockeys and pulled them down. The bulge that was contained in my shorts sprung up right in front of her face. She reacted like she was surprised. Now, I know I am not big but I am not small either. I am uncut, little over 7 ½’ and thicker than average (she later told me that she had read guys of mixed race on an average have smaller penises and when she saw mine, she was just surprised and glad that it was not small). Once I stepped out of my shorts, she grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with another. She looked up at me, smiled and then stuck her tongue out and ran her tongue all across my shaft. God that feels good I thought to my self. She then stopped, that tease I thought, and stood right up in front of me and kissed me. It was the deepest most passionate kiss I have ever had. Then she pushed me on to the bed and I got myself comfortable, my dick straight up in the air like a flagpole. She moved on to the bed, in all fours moved into position between my legs with a smile on her cute face. She grabbed my cock with her hand and stroked it down to pull the foreskin back. I was raised right, so hygiene has never been a problem and as she pulled the skin back exposing the head, her eyes grew big like a k** in a candy store and I think I lost her there. She buried orhanlı escort her face between my legs and I could feel her tongue exploring the area of me between my ass hole and the start of my balls. Oh boy did it feel good. That is probably the least explored area of my body and she went straight for it. She must know what she is doing, I thought to my self. My eyes were closed and I was in heaven, but something told me that she was not done yet. She then moved up to my balls and took her time sucking and licking each one at a time. I was soo turned on that I started to ooze precum. She then stuck her tongue out and ran it from my balls to the underside of shaft tight to the tip of head and when she saw the precum at the tip, she smiled and licked it all up, swallowed it and then opened her mouth and took my whole cock in her mouth till her chin was touching my balls. Her head down, all into my cock, her hair to the side of her face and her back arched up ending in her sexy ass which was up in the air. I looked at her and it was the most gorgeous body I had ever seen. She continued slowly sucking me, each time taking my dick all in each time, her mouth felt so good and she was the best suck I had ever had. She is good at it and she must have done this before I thought. I like it when A woman knows what she is doing in bed, it just make the sex even more interesting when both are at play than just one.She sucked me so good that night, and she got me to a point when I was just about to cum. I didn’t want to, I wanted to fuck her so I pulled her back. Now, I’m a guy who loves to eat pussy. I love having my face between a woman’s legs exploring every aspect of her pussy, taking my time running around in circles around her clit, flicking it with my tongue, and when I do make a woman cum, I love lapping her cum dripping from her pussy. So I sat up, whispered in he ear ” My turn” and put her on her back. I got over her, kissed her and then moved down her chest and played with her tits for a bit, but was in such a hurry to get down to her pussy that I went for it. Back then she was not shaved yet and when I went close, the aroma of her pussy was heaven! I spread her legs, then her lips and then ran my tongue along the entire length of her pussy. She was so freakin’ wet, I loved it! I went from bottom up, to her clit and played with her clit with my tongue. Now, I like to be attentive and hear a woman as I am going down on her. The sounds she makes tells a lot of what they like and what they love. With Jane, there were a lot of sounds, and they were loud! She was a screamer and oh boy could she scream. As she was getting close to her second orgasm, I could just feel it coming on, she grabbed my head and pushed it deep into her pussy and I just kept going to town on her clit. She soon came and I saw her body twitch and hear her moan. If you tepeören escort ever had a chance to either watch my wife as she is cumming as someone is going down on her or if you’ve been one of the lucky guys fucking her, you would know what I mean when I say she is an awesome cummer.I kept going two more times and after I had made her cum four times that night, she was exhausted and that is when I layed down and took my time lapping up the cum that was in her pussy, she tasted so good, I just could not get enough of her. After licking her up, I knelt in front of her with my head rubbing on the edge of her pussy, just as I was about to slide it in, “Do you have a condom? I’m not on the pill” Shit!!! I thought, I forgot to bring one! That was the most stupid thing I had ever done. “No” I said, with a stupid look on my face. Since both of us were not ready to take a chance, I was for sure and I know she was disappointed that we could not fuck that night. I moved and laid next to her. “It’s ok, Next time, we’ll be prepared” she said and with that she moved down to my dick. Again she grabbed it and started to suck me. Her mouth felt so good. If I have said it before, I will say it again, this woman can suck cock! Soon enough, I was about to cum. Now, I have had woman who love to swallow and then there are some who don’t. Till then, I didn’t know which one was Jane so I gave her a heads up, “I’m going to cum” I said to her. She heard me, the reason I know she heard me is that she picked up her pace. She sucked faster, and harder and deeper. Just as I felt it build up, I dug my heels in, grabbed her head and with each thrust of her head, I fucked her mouth, making her take my cock even deeper in her mouth such that I could feel the back of her tongue on the back of my head and that was the sweetest feeling any man can experience while getting blown by a woman who knows how to take it deep. I couldn’t take it any more and ArrrrgggghhhhhhÉ. I came so hard. I shot my load into her mouth. As she felt my cum, she slowed down, swallowed ever drop of my cum and continued to suck my cock, milking ever last drop of cum out of my dick. And as she finished, she came up to me and kissed me a quickie on my lips. That, was by far the best blowjob I had ever had!Needless to say the next time we met, I had condoms, and we fucked eachothers brains out. She rode me like there was no tomorrow and after that I bent her over, pulled her by the hair and fucked her from behind till she came so hard. She eventually went on the pill and we didn’t need the condoms anymore. The feel of her warm wet pussy around my hard cock never felt so good. Even better was when I came in her. Ever since we first fucked over five years ago, sex has never been better between us. I think it must be her because ever guy who has fucked her, before I came into her life and all the couples we have played with, has always had a blast being sucked by her and fucking her. As always, I enjoy sitting back and watch her play, be it guy, guys or girls, nothing turns me on watching my wife pleasure and being pleasured by another person.More to cumÉ

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